Quotations & Devotionals re A Course of Love


Celia Hales

A Course in Love is believed to answer questions that earnest seekers still have despite careful study of A Course in Miracles.  The framework, a course, is the same; the author, Jesus, the same.  The first receiver of A Course of Love is Mari Perron, and she received for three years around the turn of this century.

Being Who You Are selects cogent quotations from A Course of Love and then reflects upon them in a daybook format designed for devotional reading over the course of a year.  Why is in-depth meditation on these principles needed?

Some of us who have studied A Course in Miracles and emerged with weakened egos have, in the words of A Course of Love, “rejected” ourselves.  We think that to claim our rightful place of identity with the Christ within lacks humility.  A Course in Love (ACOL) says that such an attitude is actually borne of fear:

You prefer selflessness to self because this is your chosen way to abolish ego and to please God.”  (P.20)

But now we approach final learning—

final learning through the realm of the heart.  This is where the confusion ends.  This is why we call this course A Course of Love.  (P.44)

If there is a single difference between A Course in Miracles and  A Course of Love, it is this:  A Course in Miracles, through the Holy Spirit, brought comfort to the mind; A Course of Love seeks to bring comfort to a troubled heart.  And this comfort is by identity with the Christ within, a source not for pride but solace brought to us by Jesus himself who embraces us with love.

The thesis of A Course of Love can perhaps be summed up in the following sequence of ideas:

A wholehearted choice to abandon all ideas of glorifying the separated self and to let the world be what it is, will begin the transformation.  This requires the first unification, the unification of mind and heart, after which unification with God is naturally returned to our awareness, but this unification returns us to the Christ in us and the one mind united with God that we have never left.  Creation’s power then returns to us to help all the separated ones remember union.  (19.4)

Jesus concludes with these moving words: 

“You will realize that you know what to do.  Expect heaven on earth, you were told.  This is what it is.  There will be no doubt, no indecision.  Your path will be so clear to you it will be as if it is the only path in the world and you will wonder why you didn’t see it all along.  Expect this.  And it will be. (E.6)

May these meditations speak–loudly and powerfully–to your heart and mind–as Jesus says, “wholeheartedly.”  Let us claim the heritage that is ours, no longer fearful that we are acting out of ego.  I believe that Jesus saw our weakened egos (a success of A Course in Miracles), but he needs us to truly leave our fears behind and claim our power. 

Then the more widespread Awakening of our world surely might begin.

Being Who You Are is nearly all fresh writing, never previously published.  Only one chapter, the chapter on true reality, draws on my blog, “Miracles Each Day,” and this chapter has been extensively revised and is presented in a new form.


Day 1

Being “Special”

The special relationships of the world are destructive, selfish and childishly egocentric.  Yet, if given to the Holy Spirit, these relationships can become the holiest things on earth—the miracles that point the way to the return to Heaven.  The world uses its special relationships as a final weapon of exclusion and a demonstration of separateness.  The Holy Spirit transforms them into perfect lessons in forgiveness and in awakening from the dream.  Each one is an opportunity to let perceptions be healed and errors corrected.  Each one is another chance to forgive oneself by forgiving the other.  And each one becomes still another invitation to the Holy Spirit and to the remembrance of God.  (ACIM, Preface, “What It Says”)

We are used to thinking that finding our beloved “special” is a good thing.  For those of us (many of us) who have studied A Course in Miracles, we know that finding loved ones “special” is a mistake.  A Course of Love agrees, and so we will start with this quotation from ACIM.

Of course, we care about our significant others more than strangers.  And so the teaching may seem foreign to us. 

What makes the “special” a good thing is not specialness but holiness.  And all of us have the power to turn all of our special relationships into holy ones.  We don’t exclude anyone; we invite all in (though not in a physical or sexual sense).

Special relationships are, by nature, egoic.  My friend Carol once had a very special male relationship that was platonic but very egoic.  She thought that this man had all the qualities that she was seeking in another.  But specialness abounded.  As time proved, she actually wanted his personal qualities in herself, something that epitomizes ego.

We can and must seek to transform all of our special relationships into holy ones.  And, as hard as it sounds, we need to stop believing that without the special, we will be bereft.  Use of others, A Course of Love tells us, is wrong.  And there is a bit of “use” in many of our relationships.  Who will take care of us if not this special other?  How will we manage?

These are very real concerns, very practical concerns.  But we have power.  And, if we believe ACIM and ACOL, we will find love wherever we turn, when our heart opens to reveal the love that is hidden there.

We will never lack for anything.  Help is a call away.  And everything, as both ACIM and ACOL say, is an expression of love or a call for love.  Call today, and so if we are not answered.  Our heart will know the answer.

Day 2

Release at Last

While one special relationship continues, all special relationships continue because they are given validity.  The holy relationship of unity depends on the release of the beliefs that foster special relationships.  (A Course of Love, C:25.11)

We don’t need special relationships, “special” in the sense that they are egoic and different from all other relationships out there in the world. 

Of course, we don’t believe this.  We think that there is nothing wrong with seeing our significant others, our family and friends, as “special.”  But what are we really saying here?  We are setting them apart as being more “worthy” of our love than other people.  Is this not judgment?  And haven’t we been warned not to judge?  Judging keeps us from Christ-consciousness.  Moreover, judging makes us unhappy, for when we point a finger at another, three fingers are pointed back at us.  We damn ourselves when we judge another.

I was once rather judgmental, and I projected these ideas onto Jesus, seeing him as a figure of judgment.  Indeed, traditional Christian theology invites this interpretation.  When I visited the Baptistry in Florence, Italy, where a large mosaic of Jesus looms far ahead on the high ceiling, I saw judgment in Jesus’ eyes.  Or thought I did.  After years of studying A Course in Miracles, though, my judgments had softened, and when I looked overhead on another visit, I saw a blank slate in Jesus’ eyes, ready and willing for me to write my projection there.

There was no judgment in the second visit.  And so there was no “specialness,” even in regarding Jesus.  And this was a giant leap forward.

We are seeking to be united with all of our brothers and sisters on our earth.  We want unity with them, and we can’t have that if we divide others up into separate little parcels.  We can’t fully appreciate all others if we are judging them as less worthy of our love than our nearest and dearest.

Of course, our nearest and dearest have taught us how to love.  And now we extend (not project) this love on everyone.

We don’t make distinctions between worthiness and lack of worthiness.  We know that all are equal in the sight of God, and that all ought to be equal in our sight as well.  Our beloveds will not lose anything.  We will be so love-conscious that they will see a new persona in us.  They will know a love from us that has been heretofore veiled.

Specialness is a limited love.  Holy love knows no limitedness, knows only inclusion

Day 3

Joy Calls

The universe exists in reciprocal relationship or holy relationship, rather than special relationship.  This is the nature of existence, as unity is the nature of existence and cannot be changed and has not changed, although you believe it not.  It is a joyful relationship, as the nature of relationship is joy.  Once you have given up your belief in separation this will be known to you.  (A Course of Love, C:29.17)

Once we give up our belief that we could actually separate from God, and have done so, much good will result.  We will know that holy relationship is the nature of the universe(s), and we will realize that holy relationship does not take anything away from our nearest and dearest.  Holy relationship will expand our love to meet the whole world.  We will not know the separatism that has characterized our various special relationships, relationships that have often ended badly.

My friend Carol knew what it is like to suffer special relationship, and “suffer” is the salient word here.  As mentioned, she once fell very hard into a love that was strong on ego, though she did not realize it at the time.  If the special love had ever been transformed into holy, then her sense of desolation at the end of the “relationship” would have saved her from needless regret. 

There was something eminently good about the love that Carol felt.  It was not a love that would be easily surpassed.  That was the clue that something else was going on here.  She was being led, ever so gently and before A Course in Miracles was published, to give up her interest in being special (and having someone else be special as well).  In retrospect, holiness is the transforming key to relationship that goes sour.  And there doesn’t have to be any continuing contact with the other at all to effect a holy relationship.  Relationship that is holy is thus seen to be mystical.

We are meant to enjoy joyousness is our relationships.  Special love invites the highs and lows of drama, and egoic drama at that.  A holy relationship is one that has been dedicated to the Almighty, a Source beyond just our little personality.  And this dedication to Something bigger than ourselves is what makes all the difference.

When we feel united with all other people, our brothers and sisters, we know a peace that is not of this world.  We are meant to live in unity, and of course, we can see that seeing one small part as more special that another would make this joyous unity impossible.

Ask to see with a greater vision today.  Ask to comprehend as never before what a special love transformed into a holy one can really mean.  There is no comparison, but until each of us has seen the difference for ourselves, we will remain skeptical that we aren’t losing something in the transformation.

Day 4

Journey No Longer

How much time will be saved by an end to empty seeking?  You have already arrived and need no time to journey any longer.  How much time will be saved by an end to the maintenance required by special relationships?  When all relationships are holy, you have no need to maintain specialness.  (A Course of Love, T1:8.7)

Most of us have been seekers for a long time, maybe a long, long time.  Maybe all our lives, more or less.

This search can end now, when we are on the cusp of developing our special relationships into holy ones.  We won’t have to work so hard to maintain our holy relationships.  Our loved ones will just know that they are loved unconditionally.  And, especially, what we have been seeking in special relationships will fall away.

Our seeking has worn us out.  We went from our early religious training, probably to unbelief, and then returned to the fold of spirituality.  But still we sought for yet another piece of information that would be the end that would make us happy.  But nothing can make us happy, can create happiness for us, except ourselves.  We won’t find it in a book.

I sought happiness in special relationships as well as in books.  So my seeking in relationships and books was twofold, as is true for most of us.  It is very reassuring that we have done enough now.  We know enough.  A Course of Love has finished it off for us.  It is simply up to our Christ-Self, from deep within our being, to teach us more.

So now we are hearing that there needs to be an end to seeking.  Jesus, in channeling A Course of Love, declares its information to be an end point.  We have arrived!  He even says that we are The Accomplished.  While we have trouble believing that, we know that we have a peace inside that has eluded us up to this point.  This peace will elude us no more.  We will linger in contentment, sure that we are in the right place, and, now, in the right time.

Our holy relationships will save us; that is why we need seek no more.  Relationship was primary in A Course in Miracles also.  Our relationship to our brother (and sister) would take us home.  Now Jesus is emphasizing this truth yet again in ACOL.  If we love others enough, we will have won the prize, the Holy Grail, of salvation. 

And we will know not only peace, but happiness, as well.

Day 5

Holding Our Breath

Holding on to what you think will meet your needs is like holding your breath.  Your breath cannot long be held.  It is only through the inhaling and exhaling, the give and take of breathing that you live.  Each time you are tempted to think that your needs can only be met in special ways by special relationships, remember this example of holding your breath.  Think in such a way no longer than you can comfortably hold your breath.  Release your breath and release this fear and move from special to holy relationship.  (A Course of Love, T1:9.17)

We have been trying to hold our breath for eons, hoping against hope that what one special relationship did not give us ultimately can be met by yet another.  Our special relationships all fail us eventually.  Love turns to hate, and we know not what we did wrong.  Always we blame the other person for not living up to the unwritten agreement to be there for us anytime, anywhere.  We feel betrayed.

This is a script that has been played out in our various dramas for far too long.  The only true assurance that we can have from another comes when we have let our special relationship to that person blossom into a holy relationship.  Now we know in our bones that this person will never let us down, that love will stay love and not fall into alienation and even hate.  We are holding our breath no longer.  We know that the safety that we long to have in a human being can be counted upon.  We are safe, finally, and we know it to be true.

This is what happens in long-term marriages that stay fresh.  We discover how to mesh our needs and wants with those of another whom we love unconditionally, come what may.  We know that if our marriage should end, the love will not; the love is eternal now, and we have this assurance as we live out our time on earth.  This world can touch this blessing not.  We are living our dream of eternal love, and it is our brother or sister, our partner in life, who makes the living out of our lives truly meaningful.  He or she is our way back to God, a holy relationship that promises all things, and keep those promises.  Our forgiveness even becomes meaningless, for we recognize that there is nothing we need forgive.  The significant other is significant only in that we live in close proximity; we don’t look to the other for outrageous answers.  We live and let live, in the holiness which God intends for us.

All of us have seen this love, but perhaps fleetingly.  We want it for ourselves.  And we can have it when we give up thinking that specialness is our due.  Holiness is our due.  And with our inheritance as favored children of God, all of us are favored in a holiness that does not play favorites.

Day 6

The New Beginning

The new beginning you are called to now is a new beginning that, like all others that you have offered or attempted, will take place in relationship.  The difference is that this new beginning will take place in holy rather than special relationship.  (ACOL, T3:15.9)

We have arrived at a good place now.  We are beginning anew, as we have in the past, but with a difference.  Our new beginning will no longer be housed in special relationships that only promised us the good but did not deliver consistently.  Our new beginning, this time, will come in the warmth of holy relationships.  We have found the elixir, and we will not turn back from its bounty now.

How do we know that we are surrounded by holy relationships?  We are not out for #1 anymore, at least not exclusively.  We love others as we love ourselves, for giving and receiving love is one.  We know that when we reach out, our reach will be met by reciprocation, for holiness invites holiness.  If our reach finds an individual who is as yet only capable of special relationship, we will not be inclined in that direction, because we will know better.  Our reach goes out to holiness, and holiness is returned to us.  There is no better way to live life.

What about rejection?   I have known rejection in my life, but only in relationship that was “special,” in that my ego was attempting to establish a basis for continuing contact that was not the best for either of us.  Of course, I did not know this at the time, and the episode was very painful, frustrating, and humiliating.

Now I know better.  Holy relationship does not hurt.  Its joy is reciprocated, for we know intuitively what relationship to pursue, and which to turn aside.  Our guidance does what it is intended to do:  It guides.  And in the guidance comes a new life of happiness and smooth sailing as well.  We walk a pathway that has no stones that invite tripping ourselves up.  We walk a smooth pathway.

Just as when we pursued special relationships, our new beginnings now are embedded in our relationships.  But what a difference the holy makes!  It is simply all the difference in the world.  We blossom under the tutelage of holy relationships.  And there is never any temptation to return to the special relationship that got away.  This is the advantage in turning to prayer for prompting as to what to do.  Prayer does direct relationships for the good of all involved.

In the midst of a special relationship, I once knew that the object of my affection was a prayerful man.  I had not seen him in a couple of years when I visited one day.  He was a changed man.  When I asked what had made him so solid now, solid as a rock (I said), he responded, “prayer.”  That one word was the best sermon that I have ever heard preached.  I knew immediately the truth of what he said.  It was so evident.  And his prayerful demeanor gave God the means to fashion a future that would be different from what I had been envisioning.

Holiness in relationships allows new beginnings with a flair that we have heretofore not enjoyed.  Our happiness has wings. 

And we know that what God has ordained in relationship, holy relationship, will come to pass.

Day 7

The Holy Joining

The holy relationship has been accomplished by the joining of the mind and heart in unity.  The holy relationship is with the Self, the Self that abides in unity with all within the house of truth.  This relationship makes the Self one with all and so brings the holiness of the Self to all.  (ACOL, T3:15.10)

The first and most important relationship is with the Self–the inner Christ Self–and God Himself (called the Self in Its largest dimensions).  When this relationship is formed anew and aright, it changes everything.  Our heart and mind are melded into one, and this one is the same One with Whom we are merged in the Godhead Himself/Herself.  With this joining of heart and mind, we are primed to have all good things to come to us.  We are, at last, on the right track, “separate” from God no longer, even in illusion.  And we are not in illusion any longer, but the supreme reality, true reality, a reality that does not fade with each passing day.

When mind and heart are joined, I feel a warmth that is not of this world.  I once was accosted at night by a stranger who did not mean me well.  Just before he touched me, I felt a Warmth that gave me a tremendous sense of safety and God-given care.  And this sense carried me through the experience without any trauma.  I ran and I screamed, and he fled.  My voice and God’s grace had saved me.  In that moment, with the warm feeling, I was in unity of mind and heart with that warmth, though this was years before A Course of Love was channeled.  I only knew that God had been very, very close to me in that moment.

How do we invite the melding of heart and mind?  We get quiet, we invite warmth, we invite God.  If we open ourselves to God’s grace, He will descend upon us, prompting us to join mind and heart into a Unity that will solve all problems, release all neuroses, give us a new lease on life.

Be quiet today, just for a moment.  A moment is all that it takes to allow God to speak to us in the Unity in which He abides.

Day 8

Assuming Form in Bodies

These examples of your former ideas about new beginnings have simply been used to demonstrate why you cannot approach this new beginning as you have those of the past.  What will assist you most, as the translation of the old thought system for the new continues, are the beliefs that you adopted with the assistance of ‘A Treatise on Unity:’

You are accomplished.

Giving and receiving are one in truth.

There is no loss but only gain within the laws of love.

Special relationships have been replaced by holy relationship.

What we are adding now to these beliefs is the idea that these beliefs can be represented in form. (A Course of Love, T3:15.14 – 15.19)

We are being led, ever so gently, to a realization that here on earth, in our physical form, with our good mind and heart, we can have blessings that were formerly thought to be ours only after death, on the Other Side.  We can now know Awakening or Christ-consciousness, called enlightenment in Eastern religions.  It is there, out there, beckoning to us.  And it will be a gentle transformation, for Jesus has prepared us, with gentleness itself, in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

Previously I have known two instances of Awakening that, unfortunately, did not last because my ego intruded.  That is the danger for all of us.  We can transition into Awakening, and then have it fail to be sustained, for we are not really ready to sustain it.  We need to approach Awakening with an egoless frame of mind and heart, sure that we will be helped.  We know more now, for we have weakened and then discarded our egos through Jesus’ channeled works.

If we want to recognize we are accomplished, we need only realize that this is the ideal state.  And we have attained it, mystically, before we attain it in form.

As we give, we receive.  The giving comes first, however imperfect it may be in the beginning.

If we want to recognize gain without loss, this is ours when we are immersed in love.  Always love.

Being immersed in love prepares us entirely for the holy relationship.  And it is holy relationship that will ultimately save us.

So these tenets of unity exist in form now.  We can enjoy them this side of death.

And all will be well.

Day 9

Love’s Embrace

Now you must forget the idea of needing to maintain specialness.  A key aid in helping you to put this temptation behind you is the idea of the holy relationship in which all exist in unity and within the protection of love’s embrace.  (A Course of Love, T3:16.15)

Let us realize that being special, even to ourselves, never gave us anything that we wanted.  A few others may have found us special also, but most everyone else resented the competitiveness that thought that we were superior to them.  This competitiveness has to go.  We are reassured on a daily basis when we cooperate with others, when we recognize that others, and we, are on the same wavelength, that we are equal in the sight of God as His children.

I used to be quite competitive.  I remember telling a friend at work, after lunch one day that we had enjoyed together, what my goals were in work.  They were ambitious.  She responded, “Don’t get too far ahead of us,” meaning the others in the reference unit.

She was right, because she sensed that my ambition would be a divisive factor in our close-knit working group.  And I never did fit in well with that particular group.  I had to go on to another before I found acceptance and peace in my working environment.  And get more steeped in A Course in Miracles.

When we recognize that all of us are held in an embrace of love and unity, as One, we are recognizing what is true.  And this truth will save us.  Our relationships, holy now, will give us solace and keep us safe.  Competitive no longer, we join in a camaraderie borne of cooperation.  We are finally living right, and our comrades in work (and elsewhere) recognize this change in us.  We are one of them, in every sense of the word.  When we acknowledge equality, we are accepted and even loved.

This does not take away from the fact that we may have experienced Christ-consciousness, and not all others in our circle will have done so.  This only means that we have walked a little farther along, not that we are better than another.  It is necessary that we share what we have discovered as soon as our brothers and sisters express interest in knowing what makes us different.  Holy relationship invites sharing.  And we feel better for easing another’s way, even ever so slightly.

Day 10


There are many lesser conditions that are nonetheless extremely transformative, such as the replacement of special relationship with the devotion of holy relationship that we have already spoken of.  (A Course of Love, D:Day7.12)

Here we see that the turning over of special relationships to oblivion does, in fact, constitute a tremendous transformation when the replacement is made by a holy relationship.  We feel contented and safe, something that special relationships could never give us.  We know, in our bones, that this one—this holy relationship—will continue eternally, if not in physical form then in ethereal.  Even if the relationship should end, we would know that it wasn’t a real ending.  In A Course in Miracles, Jesus says that all who meet will meet again.  And we can understand that this is on the Other Side, or, if we believe in reincarnation, then in another life.  This can give us some of that content that we long to have, for we long for permanence in a changing world.  Eternity gives us that permanence.

If we long to be content in this world, what are our options?  We must indeed turn over everything that has disturbed ongoing content.  And special relationships are at the top of the list.  We know this intuitively, though we may still think, with our superficial mind, that specialness gives us something that we want.

It doesn’t.  Specialness only disturbs our peace.  And it is peace that augurs content.

Be glad to transform all relationships to holiness.  We will never regret this action of the will.  When it is done, completed and finished, we will know that we belong to everybody, and that this connection takes nothing from the significant others with whom we share this lifetime.


Day 11

Choose Love – Not Fear

“All feelings you label joyous or compassionate are of love.  All feelings you label painful or angry are of fear.  This is all there is.  This is the world you make.  Love or fear is your reality by your choice.  A choice for love creates love.  A choice for fear creates fear.  What choice do you think has been made to create the world you call your home?”  (ACOL, C:1.180)

So we are off on an adventure, a decision to shed fear for the much better value of love.  The question in the quotation begs itself, for we know that previously all of us, encrusted with an ego that is destructive and violent, have chosen fear as our guide to walking through this world.  We don’t have to make this choice anymore.  There is another way, outlined in A Course of Love, scribed by Mari Perron, just as Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford chose another way that way culminated in A Course in Miracles.

We want our reality to be love, whether or not we are thinking about this all the time.  We often make decisions that are steeped in fear, thinking that we are making a choice for love.  Our special relationships are the most obvious example of this dynamic.  We find a “special” someone, we fall “in love,” we think that we cannot live without this lovely thing—for the person has become a “thing” to us.  We want to possess the other individual for ourselves, but we are fearful about losing this precious object.  What do we do now?  How do we find a way out of fearing and loving, seemingly at the same time?

This is the dilemma of our world.  And , in taking a look, directly, at love and fear, we will be directed to a new and different, never way tried by ourselves before.  It is a fabulous journey without distance to a goal that has been ours for eons.  We just didn’t know it before.

Day 12

A Course in Miracles Sets the Stage

“The further teachings of the original Course were designed to turn fear into love.  When you think you can go only so far and no further in your acceptance of the teachings of the course and the truth of your Self as God created you, you are abdicating love to fear.” (ACOL, P11)

Many come to A Course of Love from A Course in Miracles.  And Jesus has made clear that A Course of Love is a continuation of A Course in Miracles.  Here we find the continuity that Jesus wanted.  Here he expresses this continuity in terms of love and fear.

We are told, in no uncertain terms, that when we feel that we cannot fully accept A Course in Miracles (and, by implication, A Course of Love), we are “abdicating love to fear.”  (ACOL, P11)  We think we don’t know how to live a life fully in love; we don’t dare let go of fear.

What is this but the ego talking to us?  It is nothing but:  It is pure ego. 

We have such a problem in letting go of the fear-ridden ego in favor of the heart-felt place of our love.  We think, wrongly, that the ego has protected us from unnamed disasters—when it is actually just the reverse.  We are abject cowards in the fact of the loud voice of the ego that we hear shouting to us to be careful.  We think that if we don’t heed these shrieking sounds, we will be lost.  But it is actually the reverse.  We will be lost in a hell of our making by refusing to listen to the still small voice that whispers of Love.

So let us take a look at what we are really meant to be, the person that Jesus sees in us.  The person who chooses love over fear, consistently.

Day 13

The Embrace

“To know who you are and not to express who you are with your full power is the result of fear.  To know the safety and love of the embrace is to know no cause for fear, and thus to come into your true power.  True power is the power of miracles.”  (ACOL, C:20.28)

Seeing that we don’t express who we really are out of fear, let us contemplate what we might do to turn this situation around. 

Jesus includes in A Course of Love a sensitively-written passage in which he takes us into his arms and embraces us.  The passage exudes warmth, peace, and safety.  Here is the most cogent part:

“This is a call to move now into my embrace and let yourself be comforted.  Let the tears fall and the weight of your shoulders rest upon mine.  Let me cradle your head against my breast as I stroke your hair and assure you that it will be all right.  Realize that this is the whole world, the universe, the all of all in whose embrace you literally exist.  Feel the gentleness and the love.  Drink in the safety and the rest.  Close your eyes and begin to see with an imagination that is beyond thought and words.”  (C:20.2)

This reassuring passage is emblematic of the tone of all A Course of Love, for ACOL looks to the heart, first of all, to entice us to give up the false values of the ego, the false identity to which we have clung for so long.

In letting this memorable passage fill our minds, we are led beyond the bounds of the fear-ridden ego.  We will know that we want something different from what we have had all of our lives.  We know that the enticement that Jesus represents is the true value of love, the way that we will come home to ourselves.

When we come home to ourselves, we will be fully powerful for the first time, and who among us does not want a right sort of power?  The egoic power that we have known previously has given us flights of joy, but evermore it has dashed our feet on stones, and prompted tears of grievous regret.  We can be finished with these tantalizing fits.  We can stop sensing electric joy that dissolves into abject misery.  Jesus is showing us the way out when he encourages us to be who we truly are.

When we don’t fear anything, in the embrace, we are primed to come into our real power.  We are primed to be who we really are, in love with the whole world.  And for this miracle, we need give up nothing!  Nothing at all, for what the ego has given us has truly been nothing.  The ego gives but to take away.  And, even the giving is time-bound to be of short duration.  The “gifts” of the ego don’t satisfy very long at all.  Then we are off to a new goal.  And, ultimately, what we have accumulated becomes ash and dust at our feet.  No joy in the “everything” at all, for the everything is not enough.  “Is this all there is?” becomes a legitimate question for the vast majority of us.  And that is because we are looking for love in all the wrong places.

The best place to look for love is within the miracle.  Both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love say a great deal about the power of miracles.  We aren’t to decide personally what miracles ought to be done, because we would be misguided if that were our attitude.  Jesus makes clear that he decides when and if a miracle is timely, because he is in charge of the Atonement.  But when we ask for something, such as love and the centrality of love in our life, we can be sure that Jesus is right there with us, cheering us along.  We can’t know how the miracle will happen, only that it will.  We are asking in God’s will for the relinquishment of fear and the shift to love in all our dealings.  Prayers such as these do not go unattended.

The power of miracles is said in A Course of Love to be the true power.  Would any of us want any other power?  We need and want to be reverent in our asking, supportive of whatever guidance we get.  We don’t need to launch into pipe dreams that become meaningless.  With the attraction of true power in our minds and hearts, we will know Love sooner rather than later.  And the fear that has hampered all our doings for many years will gradually fall away.

Day 14

Tension of Opposites

“As a separate being, you have been in a relationship with fear.  This relationship with fear is all that has provided the ‘I’ of the separated self.  But because you exist as an extension of love, you have always held within you the Christ, who is the relationship with love.  This is why individuation has become the conflict between, or the tension of, opposites.  Because you have relationship with both fear and love.”  (D:Day40.22)

We need to have the fear fall away, but we are doomed from that prospect as long as the ego rules and separation from God rules.  We are heading into a new dimension of our personhood, a Christ-consciousness that will mean that we occupy a physical form in this world, but our minds and hearts are elsewhere, in a new consciousness that means that we live very much in the present.  But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

For eons we have been in a relationship with fear, because we were governed by a false view of self that has come to be known as the “ego.”  This relationship with fear meant that any pain was very likely to turn into suffering, and more pain, and disaster, even.  To rescue us from this dismal situation, Jesus has channeled both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, the former to dislodge the ego, and the latter to establish a new identity.  To establish a new peace.

We have never really snuffed out the Christ within.  This is our true Self, the entity that is one with God, Who also dwells within.  But our relationship with this false part of ourselves called the ego has meant that we couldn’t sense the Christ, and we couldn’t live well, and all in all we have been in a bad way.  This is because we have been attached to fear rather than to love.  And now is the time to remedy that.

Love and fear do not mix very well.  Love is harmonious and kind, as we know, but love is not just an emotion.  It is truly what we are, what we are meant to be.  Fear, on the other hand, is the great pollutant of what we are.  Because we bought into fear through the self ruled by the ego, we have never really stood a chance to be happy. 

The ego gives but to take away.  We have had flights of fragile joy, but egoic joy is never the real thing.  And just as soon as we experienced one of these joyous flights, we were hurled downward, face on the ground, to a devastating sense of doom.  It is clear that we can never enjoy peace of a lasting nature when this is the reality in which we live.

Is this not the way that we have experienced reality?  But this is not genuine reality.  Jesus is telling us now, in ACIM and ACOL, how to so live that we are in peace and happiness continually.  If we heed his words, we will live in what is true reality.  And we will have a calm peace that remains undisturbed by outward events in our physical and emotional world.  We will truly have learned how to live.

And we will be who we truly are.

Day 15

Only Two Emotions

“You label love a feeling, and one of many.  Yet you have been told there are but two from which you choose:  love and fear.  Because you have chosen fear so many times and labeled it so many things you no longer recognize it as fear.  The same is true of love.”  (ACOL, C:2.3)

We have been pretty mixed up.  We have, all too often, confused fear with love, labeling them both two of many other feelings.  But we learn from Jesus that there are only two emotions—love and fear—and that all other emotions are variants of these two.

This simplifies life for us.  But how do we move away from fear, toward love?

We need help, and it is help that Jesus is giving us.  We have confused fear and love, often making choices that gave us fear when we were seeking to experience love.

This dynamic is especially true in special relationships, those relationships in our lives in which certain other people are emblazoned, by our ego, with qualities that seem to set these people apart from all others.  This is especially the case with romantic relationships, which nearly always start out as special.  We think that he or she is the best thing that we have ever encountered, and we want to appropriate these good qualities to ourselves.  We complete in the presence of the other.  We feel joyous.  And we feel a sense of grandeur that is perhaps as yet unparalleled in our experience in this world.

But such thoughts are actually a grandiosity.  And these feelings do not last.  Our special person is found to have feet of clay, and we fall away disillusioned—sometimes almost immediately, sometimes years later.  And then we often turn away, for we feel that we have somehow been misled.  We misconceived what was before.  He/she was not “special” at all.

But that other really was special.  The problem is that we didn’t realize that we needed to turn the special into the holy, something that Jesus counsels us about.  Ultimately, he tells us that none of us is special, or, conversely, all of us are—for we are no different one from the other.  (Only in time do we differ, and time does not really exist; we live in eternity only.)  We need to make an end, as A Course of Love counsels, to the whole idea of special relationships.  They will never bring us what we want.  And in turning from the special to the holy, we will finally know genuine love for the first time.

The special relationship fosters fear, for we sense that we “need” this other person for our completion.  And we fear, rightly, that he/she may not always be there for us.

Relationships are the primary way that we confuse fear and love.  A particularly poignant way that actually holds great promise for us.  But only when we take away the fearful aspects of our relationship to another.  And it is hard indeed to do that, when we are new to Jesus’s channeled teachings.

A Course of Love counsels us that we must indeed give up special relationships, but also that we will not really lose anything—for special relationships are nothing, being borne of fear.  We will transform these relationships with particular others into a holy experience, and then we will know true love for what it is.

We have not heretofore recognized that fear is predominant in many of our relationships.  We have had our eyes blinded.  But now we can come to know.  We recognize that feeling uncertain in relationships fosters fear only, not love.  And we want love, the real thing. 

And we can have love. 

                                                                        Day 16                                       

To Separate or to Remain Whole

“You have been told there are but two emotions, love and fear.  What this is really saying is that there are but two ways to respond to what you feel—with love or with fear.  If you respond with fear you expel, project, and separate.  If you respond with love you remain whole.”  (D:Day16.10)

What is the difference in reacting between these two emotions? 

Fear is always separating, removing us farther from the sense of God’s Presence within us.  Love allows us to be whole, at one with God, with others, and with ourselves.

When we are caught in the egoic fear that has engulfed us for so long, we project a fearful world.  We project that which we believe to be true about our world.  But this projection is all coming from within a fearful self-concept, and so this projection is really a nothing, dressed up in clothes that make it seem something important and right.  But it is never right, and most of us are tired of the same old world of fear.  We need a new attitude, a new projection, a projection of love.  And this we can have, when we follow the guidance of Jesus in these examples of channeling.

So let us decide, once and for all, that we will respond to what we see with love.  This decision changes everything for us.  Not only do we forgive, but we see with the eyes of love.  And our little world changes accordingly, for (as A Course in Miracles makes clear) projection makes perception.

Day 17

Two Choices

“The choice that lies before you now concerns what it is you would come to know.  The question asked throughout this Course is if you are willing to make the choice to come to know your Self and God now.  This is the same as being asked if you are willing to be the chosen of God.  This is the same question that has been asked throughout the existence of time.  Some have chosen to come to know themselves and God directly.  Others have chosen to come to know themselves and God indirectly.  These are the only two choices, the choices between truth and illusion, fear and love, unity and separation, now and later.  What you must understand is that all choices will lead to knowledge of Self and God, as no choices are offered that are not such.  All are chosen and so it could not be otherwise.  But at the same time, it must be seen that your choice matters in time, even if all will make the same choice eventually.”  (T4:1.11) 

We choose between love and fear always.  And in the coming to know of our true Self, the inner Christ Self, we are choosing love.  Many have made this choice throughout time, some directly to know God and some, directly, through the Holy Spirit.  We are led to approach God through the Holy Spirit when we are too fearful to approach God more directly.  This choice evolves at the conclusion of A Course in Miracles, the conclusion of the Workbook, as well as in A Course of Love.  Love wins out, finally, and we no longer fear God.  We are not traumatized by Him.  We can go to Him, be heard, and come away with the softness of love experienced.

We are always choosing between truth and illusion, love and fear.  Love is always the way of truth; fear is always the way of illusion.  There are no other choices.

We who have been caught in illusion for eons do not really comprehend, in the beginning, what is being asked of us.  We are being asked to turn aside from illusion in all its guises.  And with this choice to turn aside from illusion, we know truth in the form of love always.  We cannot, on our own, turn aside from illusions.  In A Course in Miracles, our guidance—which we always need to follow—was seen as coming from the Holy Spirit.  Now, Jesus says, we have left the time of the Holy Spirit, and we are in the time of Christ, and so our guidance will be perceived in a new and different way.  The all-encompassing Christ Self, which engulfs all of us, is the means that we now are encouraged to address.  We are encouraged to listen to this inner Christ Self, to follow the guidance that comes from within.  It is important to realize that we may not actually feel much difference in where our guidance comes from.  And that is not too important.  We know when we are following guidance, just as we know when we are turning aside from it.

And happiness comes with the choice to follow guidance.  In doing so, we are choosing truth in our daily lives.  And we are choosing love.

Day 18

Love or Lack of Love

“The heart of the body is the altar at which all your offerings to God are made.  All offerings are love or lack of love.  Lack of love is nothing.  Thus, all offerings made from a place other than love are nothing.  All offerings made from a place of fear or guilt are nothing.”  (C:1.2)

Our relationship to God undergoes a change when we read A Course of Love.  He is no longer seen as Someone to Whom we pray for blessings, someone outside of ourselves Who hears our prayers.  This type of supplication doesn’t work when we realize that God is within, that we are part of God.  Our heart within the body is where our prayers properly reside.  This is totally within ACOL’s emphasis on the heart as the center of our new being, the Self.  If we are fearful or feeling guilty when we approach God in this way, we are sacrificing our best interests, for we need to approach our inner heart, the God within, in a spirit of love. 

Love and fear, the same two emotions that we are considering, become pivotal here.  If we approach God with fear, we don’t receive the whole blessing, for we are caught in our ego-mind.  The Christ Self does not know fear, for this Self knows only love.  And when we are in our right minds, joining mind and heart to form what ACOL calls “wholeheartedness,” we are living in love.

That is the only way to be, the only way to be who we are.

Day 19

Lack = Fear

“All feelings of lack are synonymous with feelings of fear.  Where there is fear, love is hidden.  Love is rejected when a choice for fear is made.  You cannot be without love, but you can reject love.  When you reject love, it is hidden from you, because receiving completes giving.  Each of your brothers and sisters are love inviolate.  What each gives is incomplete until it is received.”  (ACOL, C:25.5)

Loving each other, and giving and receiving as part of the same continuum, are mandatory in this world we hope to inhabit.  If we are feeling in any way lacking in something that we need, we are in a fearful state that is best left behind.  We have everything that we need, for our needs are met at the point that need is first recognized.  The universe does provide; the only missing part might be that we don’t recognize that our needs are provided for.  This would be a recognition of lack, and lack means that fear has the upper hand.  Not something that we want; we don’t want to go there.

We are meant to share with each other in relationship one to the other.  This naturally means that nobody will experience lack, for the giving and receiving that we do ensures that our needs are met.

Our brothers and sisters embody love.  When this is all that we see in them, we will have walked a long way on the pathway back to God.  We don’t need to see weaknesses and a sense of misplaced trust.  These are egoic structures in others that are actually illusory.  All of us are strong in the Christ Self.  And it is this strength that we draw on when we relinquish fear in favor of love.

Day 20

Love = Everything

“Love is the name you give to much you fear.  You think that it is possible to choose it as a means to buy your safety and security.  You thus have defined love as a reaction to fear.  This is why you can understand love as fear’s opposite.  This is true enough.  But because you have not properly recognized fear as nothing, you have not properly recognized love as everything.  It is because of the attributes you have given fear that love has been given attributes.  Only separate things have attributes and qualities that seem to complement or oppose.  Love has no attributes, which is why it cannot be taught.”  (C:2.4)

We have confused love and fear, and in A Course of Love, we are told that love is everything, fear nothing.  Love and fear are the two emotions, and love is fear’s opposite in every way.  But understanding these points is not enough, for we have called “love” much that we actually fear. 

This is most important to note in regard to special relationships, a topic of great interest in A Course in Miracles also.  We actually find fear in our special relationships, the particular others that we seem to love better than other people in the world.  These special relationships we fear to lose, for they seem to be everything to us.  And this is where the fear is seen most strongly.  Only when we have transformed the special into what Jesus calls “holy relationships” do we see our mistakes in making “special” anything in a relationship.

In A Course of Love, Jesus indicates that the time has come to give up our special relationships.  They have never brought us anything that we truly wanted.  They were flawed, borne of fear in a fear-ridden world.  Holy relationships, though, are filled with true love.  We know that regardless of how much a person might reject us, we will keep on loving.  And love all we encounter, though not in physical or sexual terms, obviously.  There is a place for discernment, still, in our relationships.

Day 21

Expressions of Love vs. Expressions of Fear

“There is only one distinction that need be made:  what comes of love and what comes of fear.  All expressions of love are of maximal benefit to everyone.  While you may, for a while yet, not see that all that are not expressions of love are expressions of fear, I assure you this is the case.  Thus any behavior, including sexual behavior that is not of love, is of fear.  All that comes of fear is nothing.  What this means is that cause and effect are not influenced by what comes of fear.”  (T3:19.8)

So love is everything and fear is nothing.  If behavior is not of love, Jesus says that this behavior is based in fear.  He specifically mentions sexual behavior, and we know that much of our sexual lives have heretofore been more or less a “secret” from God.  Not really, but we like to think so.  Jesus brings this secrecy out into the open, letting us know that we are not getting away with anything.  Our fearful sexual behavior, that is, our sexual behavior that is not love-centered, is actually nothing.   It doesn’t amount to anything in any substantial way.  It is just a lesser way to spend time. 

We are encouraged to let our actions and our behaviors come out of love always.  Then we will have no reason to regret.  We will be home free in sexual behavior, in particular.

Day 22

Love Is What You Are

“You feel you are capable of loving acts of heroic proportions and fearful actions of horrific consequence, acts of bravery and acts of cowardice, acts of passion you call love and acts of passion you call violence.  You feel unable to control the most extreme of these actions that arise from these extremes of feeling.  Both ‘ends’ of feelings are considered dangerous and a middle ground is sought.  It is said that one can love too much and too little but never enough.  Love is not something you do.  It is what you are.  To continue to identify love incorrectly is to continue to be unable to identify your Self. (ACOL, C:2.6)

We know from the title of this book that being who we are is very important in A Course of Love.  And what and who we are, are love.  We sometimes see this love as passion, and that is not wrong, just incomplete.  We have sometimes engaged in extreme forms of behavior due to our passion, and we have sometimes been fear-prone when we have been doing so.  Pure love is not drama; we make a mistake in believing that it is.  We think that if we love in an all-embracing way, we will be embroiled in a drama that will take us outside of ourselves.

Love is not something that we do.  Instead, it something that we are.  We won’t succeed in identifying our Self if we continue to think in terms of doing rather than being.  And identifying our Self is what A Course in Love is all about.  We are trying to establish a new identity, and the new identity is the source of our being one with God.  We have left the illusory separation behind, and we are at one with God, no longer afraid of Him.  We don’t have to fear a traumatic experience in those times that we approach God.  Like A Course in Miracles says, we will instead have a beatific experience.

Day 23


“All fear ends when proof of your existence is established.  All fear is based on your inability to recognize love and thus who you are and who God is.  How could you not have been fearful with doubt as powerful as this?  How can you not rejoice when doubt is gone and love fills all the space that doubt once occupied?”  (C:4.5)

We have often doubted God, and not just in our youth, when many of us became agnostics and atheists because the chronology of Genesis did not jibe with evolution.  We have doubted that there could be a Higher Power Who could hear our prayers.  We wanted to be intellectually honest, but we didn’t listen to our hearts.  Our hearts knew all along that we weren’t alone in a fearsome universe.

A Course of Love questions, “How could you not have been fearful with doubt as powerful as this?”  (C:4.5).  This lack of love that we felt when we were being intellectually “honest” is a reason to feel fear.  What better reason could there be?

Now that most of believe in the Other Side, that channeling is possible and also probable, we are in a different place.  Our doubts have subsided, but we still are living the remnants of too much fear.  Fear has become a habit for us.  And this has to change if we are to live full lives in a new world that we are seeking to create.

When we put away our doubt, we will make substantial progress.  Just give the heart a chance to speak to you.  You will not be disappointed.  This may be the first indication that the Christ-Self is coming into its own, in us, in all of us.

Day 24

Joining Jesus in Christhood

“The Christ in you is wholly human and wholly divine. . . .It is this joining of the human and divine that ushers in love’s presence, as all that caused you fear and pain falls away and you recognize again what love is.”  (A Course of Love, C:5.1)

We are indeed blessed now!  When we recognize the Christ in us, we are recognizing a joining the human and the divine.  And in this joining, we are told, love reigns, “joining. . .ushers in love’s presence.”  (C:5.1) All that has caused fear and pain drops away, and we finally recognize what love really is.  This is the celebration, when we recognize the Self within, the Self no longer a captive of the ego. 

The Christ in us is wholly human and wholly divine, not omniscient, of course, because of our humanness.  We are ready to experience true reality in the fullness of the Christ-consciousness (Awakening) that now engulfs us.  We may as yet have captured only glimpses of this Christ-consciousness.  But the purpose of A Course of Love is to lead us to understandings that will cause the impediments in our psyche to drop away.  Jesus wants us to reach Christ-consciousness.  A consolidation of awakened individuals is the best hope that we have for a world in disarray, lost in pain and suffering, lost in conflict of one brother and sister against another.  But God, we might add, is the omniscient Presence that makes the decision of when we are ready.  Thus, there is an indecisive quality about Christ-consciousness and its coming that we can’t predict.  Only the omniscient God of us all knows when any one of us is truly ready.

There are things that we can do.  Things we must do.  We must give up judgments, one of the other.  We must give up fear (a biggie).  We must give up attack and planning that is not the direct result of guidance.  A Course of Love highlights the giving up of judgment and fear; A Course in Miracles highlights the giving up of attack, judgment, and unguided planning. These directives are meant to remove impediments to the coming of Christ-consciousness, and we can all recognize how difficult these directives will be if we don’t have divine help.

We do have divine help.  We need only ask.  The part of ourselves, the inner part, that is God, will respond.  Angels will also come to our aid, for we are not all alone in the universe.    Those of us who are in close contact with the Other Side will also come to recognize other entities that move to help us, though Jesus does not point this truth out, in so many words.  Jesus has said that he is always with us, always guiding us by the hand.  He is our rock, our salvation to a higher world in this world.  We do not have to die to enjoy the benefits of a higher presence directing our efforts.

Day 25

Feelings Come from Love

“Your feelings in truth come from love, your response to them is what is guided by fear.  Even feelings of destruction and violence come from love.  You are not bad, and you have no feelings that can be labeled so.  Yet you are misguided concerning what your feelings mean and how they would bring love to you and you to love.”  (A Course of Love, C:5.11)

Jesus forms a startling assertion about love and fear, one that we wouldn’t expect.  He says that all of our feelings come from love, in essence because we are not “bad” (C:5.11).  A Course in Miracles says that we have the “innocence of God” (T-III.17:2), and so Jesus is here asserting to the same thought.  How our feelings of destruction and violence can come from love may remain nebulous to us, but Jesus believes that we have just misunderstood ourselves.  We have been misguided about how to bring love to ourselves.  So we have made wrong choices in our love, choices that gave us destruction and violence.

Do we not often noticed that nobody who is embroiled in violence and destruction thinks that he/she is at fault about anything that is bad?  History is replete with wars that were fought in the name of God, believing that one is doing God’s will in the antagonism.  This is one way of looking at love gone astray.  This is one way to realize that fear has done nothing, that it is only our misperceptions about love and how it ought to be expressed that have done us in.

Our feelings are not bad, Jesus says.  We only need to channel those feelings in the right direction, seeing love where it really is, avoiding feelings of destruction and violence, pain and suffering.  Then we will find love’s fruits to be our chosen just desserts.  We will have taken another step on love’s pathway.  Another step toward Awakening/Christ-consciousness.

Day 26

Real Love

“The desire to protect is a desire that arises from distrust and is based totally on fear.  If there were no fear, what would there be to protect?  Thus, all of your love—the love that you imagine you keep within yourself, and the love that you imagine you receive and give—is tainted by your fear and cannot be real love.  It is because you remember love as that which kept you safe, that which kept you happy, that which bound all those you love to you, that you attempt to use love here.  This is a real memory of creation that you have distorted.”  (C:9.3)

We are not able to use love to protect us, although we often try.  The desire to protect ourselves is a fear-based motivation, one that can’t be what it tries to do, keep us safe.  We are already safe; we don’t need anything extra to make ourselves so.

We have, Jesus says, a memory of love from eons ago (as the world judges time).  Love at the beginning, before the illusory separation, kept us happy and kept together all whom we loved.  Somehow, dimly, we remember this true event, and we want some of that same feeling now.  We try to find it in fear that comes from distrust.  If we didn’t think we were in danger, why would we think at all about being “protected”?  We would know that there is nothing that we need protection from, and we would be at peace.  So this desire is wholly fear-based.  We do love a disservice when we attempt to “use” it at all.  Love cannot be used, just as we would be wise not to use each other for our own ends.  We are safe, we have always been safe, and sooner or later we will all realize our safety is a God-given gift.

When love is tainted by fear, it is not real love.  Unfortunately, most of our love in this world is tainted by fear, and thus we need another way to view love.  We need to realize that it is part of the long-ago memory of Oneness with God.  Only our attempt to separate from God, with the concomitant rise of the ego, has kept us from real love.  Let us decide today that we will be done with all of this foolishness.  Ask to experience real love, remove our mind from attempts to use this love to protect the physical body, and see if a better day doesn’t dawn.

Day 27

Love or Fear Seen in the World

“Think you not that reason opposes love, for love gives reason its foundation.  The foundation of your insane world is fear.  The foundation of Heaven, your true home, is love.  The same world based upon these different foundations could not help but look quite different.”  (C:14.9)

We don’t have to have blind faith in the precepts of A Course of Love.  We are told, “love gives reason its foundation.” (C:14.9) We are further told that the foundation of our insane world is fear.  And the foundation of Heaven, our true home, is love.  It is strongly implied that the way that we look at our world determines whether it is hell or Heaven.  The way that we look.  That is perception, and we know from A Course in Miracles that projection makes perception.  What we feel inwardly will determine what we see in the outer world.  And if we are feeling fear, we will see an insane world that is violent and destructive.  If we are feeling love, we will see Heaven.

Is this too simplistic?  Is this even true?  Can the same images that flow before our eyes seem fearful or loving, based on what we are projecting?  Yes.  For the fearful mind sees more reason to fear, and the loving mind sees only that in its sight are lamentable things, but no cause for fear.  The loving mind does not reject the outer world of insanity as not there; it sees that it is there, but it is only illusion, the illusion of insanity.  And so it gives that outer, violent and destructive, world no credence.

“The same world based upon these different foundations could not help but look quite different.”  (C:14.9)

 Yes!  This is the secret for staying in this world, but seeing it differently.  This is the secret of having peace in the midst of chaos.  Choose fear or love, and all the world will change according to the emotion that is chosen.

Day 28


“Only your heart can lead you to the forgiveness that must overcome judgment.  A forgiven world is a world whose foundation has changed from fear to love.  Only from this world can your special function be fulfilled and bring the light to those who still live in darkness.”  (A Course of Love, C:16.8)

It is a good question to wonder how we can change from love to fear in our thinking.  And the answer is one word:  forgiveness.  Forgiveness will overcome judgment, and above all we need to overcome judgment of ourselves and our brothers and sisters

We don’t really have anything to forgive, for we are looking out on a world of illusions.  Nothing has actually happened at all.  We are living a stage play that has no repercussions on our inner essence.  Only those things that come from love are real, for God is Love, and His reality is the only true reality.

In the ethos of A Course of Love, we let our hearts find the forgiveness that our minds might deny.  Spend a while today in your heart, and see if it doesn’t make a difference in how the day is viewed.  We will, if we let our hearts make the decision, find forgiveness of ourselves and others, and thus look out on a forgiven world.

There is no better way to live.  Just recognize, when someone attacks you, that they are being insane, that their reaction is pure insanity.  And one would not blame a certifiably insane person for the strange reactions that that person exhibits.  We would know that the person is not fully responsible for words and deeds, and we would forgive easily.

Our brother or sister who is certifiably sane is due the same response.  In the opinion of both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, the attacking brother or sister is not actually sane at all, but mad in a mad world.  And so forgiveness becomes easier for us.

Day 29

Effortful Living Transformed

Even the most loving parent, like unto your most loving image of God, having brought a child into a fearful world, became subject to the tests of time.  Thus did the world become a world of effort with all things in it and beyond it, including God, weighed and balanced against the idea of fear.”  (A Course of Love, T4:3.6)

We were raised in a dysfunctional environment—all of us, regardless of how loving our parents tried to be toward us.  They too partook of fear, and thus we were nurtured in fear.  The world became a place in which we sought the approval of our parents, and this approval became something to earn, something about which we must exert effort.

Our relationships continued from this first one, of parents to children (us).  We sought to grow through achievement, our own efforts, and the world became a fairly grim place indeed.  We projected this fear upon our image of the God within, though we didn’t know that He was within.  Most of us saw God as an external Creator, someone, something like Santa Claus, who knew everything that we thought and did, and weighed it in the balance to decide if we were good little boys and girls.  This is indeed a fearful way to view God, and we imagine that this might indeed hurt Him (if the Creator were to have an ego such as we have, which He doesn’t).

So we grew up, supported by our fearful ideas of this world.  Only religious convictions can actually save us from the dilemma in which we find ourselves.  And these do not necessarily have to be of a traditional sense.  God is God of the secular as well.  And He will provide.  We need only ask, though we are apt to forget the asking part when we are fearful. 

Day 30

A World of Love

“Now, as we reverse this set of circumstances, and replace the world of fear with a world of love, there can be no more weighing of love against fear.  God did not create fear and will not be judged by it.  All judgment is the cause of fear and this effort to weigh love’s strength against fear’s veracity.  While you chose to believe and live in a world the nature of which was fear, you could not know God.  You could not know God because you judged God from within the nature of fear, believing it to be your natural state.”  (A Course of Love, T4:3.7)

We thought that it was protective to have fear in our arsenal of defenses.  But did it ever work very well?  We got anxious often, but did this really protect us?

We don’t need fear’s protection.  We don’t need protection at all.  We have no need for defense against anything.  We will be warned when we need to do anything to “protect” ourselves because we are in danger of some kind.  God does not leave us defenseless; He is our defense, if we ever need to have a defense in this world at all, and that is debatable. 

Defenses do what they would protect against. 

We thought that fear was a natural reaction, not realizing that it was, instead, evidence of living insanity.  We need to replace this world of fear we have made into a world of love, and only then can we relax in the grace that God gives us.  We need to make a definite decision to give up judgment, and this much we can do.  We can determine that we will not judge ourselves, others, or God, and we can stand by this as a promise.  The world will never again look as dismal.  We will have found means to emerge from a world of insanity.  We will walk into the light.

Day 31

Loss of Love the Greatest Fear

“And all of these, those who would admit to fear, and those who would not, would still believe that love exists despite fear’s claim upon it, and think that they are lucky to have found a love to shield them for a little while from all the other things they fear.  And yet the greatest fear of all is that of loss of love.  You who have given everything to be alone and separate fear most of all that which you have given everything to attain.  For what is loss of love but confirmation of your separate state?  What is loss of love but being left alone?”  (A Course of Love, C:14.21)

We thought that we wanted to be separate from God; this is part of the theology of traditional Christianity as well as A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.  Separation would be that we would be independent, on our own, isolated.  Yet in the illusory actuality (for we could never actually separate from God, being part of Him) we have been the most afraid of being alone.  Try as hard as we can, we still cling, desperately, to the special love relationships that would save us from ourselves—or so we think.  So the living out of isolation has actually been the source of our greatest fears.

We fear being alone more than anything because somewhere in our deluded minds is the certainty that we are living amiss, and that a furious God will take revenge on us for denying Him.  This is as true for atheists as anyone else, for each of us of whatever persuasion has a religion in which we put our faith.  If this religion is ego-tainted, we will fear all the more, and what religion in our world is not ego-tainted?  It is only in giving up our false idols of isolation and separation that we come even close to finding our way safely through this world.

We find our way safely in this world by acknowledging what our heart tells us.  And this heart does not require “proof” of God’s existence.  It is rightly said that there are no atheists in foxholes (a somewhat outdated reference recalling the first world war).  When we get scared about our predicament, we do turn to what we hope will save us.  And A Course of Love proclaims that this is the saving grace for what we understand to be our heart.  It alone does not seek to have divine proof; it simply knows that we are not alone in all the universe.  We are not isolated and independent; we are meant to share our living with others.  And A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love call these relationships, the “holy” relationships.

Most all of us have experienced loss of love in some form, with somebody.  Somebody let us down, we cry.  We think that if only this special someone had loved us for ourselves alone, we would be saved.  This makes of love a mockery.  And it places in our midst a scavenger that would devoir true love.  We do not have to pin our hopes on one someone (or several someones) who can save us.  We need only rest in the knowledge—and it is knowledge—that we are never meant to be alone, that divine love is there to protect and keep us safe.  And once we give up the attributes of specialness, our relationships one to another will indeed be holy.  We have to give up specialness in relationships, we are told.  But the relationships will not be snatched from us, to leave us cowering in the dust.  The special relationships turned holy will be a foretaste of Heaven, right here on earth.

Day 32

Listen to Our Heart

“Uncertainty will not now come to teach you lessons you have already learned but will only visit you as an echo from the past.  It is a habit, a pattern of the old thought system.  All you must do is not listen to it.  Its voice will not be gentle or full of love.  Its voice will hold the unmistakable edge of fear.”  (A Course of Love, T3:10.11)

When we refuse to surrender to divine love, we are racked with uncertainty about life and everything in it.  We are like wind socks, buffeted about by the breeze, a gentle breeze that we mistake for the direst emergency.  This uncertainty will fall away when we know enough to surrender to God.  What uncertainty still plagues will only be a “echo” (T3:10.11) from the fear-ridden state of illusory separation.  This echo will be fearful, and this fear is the way that we will recognize that it is a lamentable part of our past.  It cannot do anything to us now except to make us uneasy.  But it can and will do that, until we give up separation and its concomitant independence as a bad idea.

Don’t listen to uncertainty about anything in our lives.  Let guidance from within give us the certainty about what to say and do and even think.  The heart’s advice will stand us in good stead now.  Listen to that which calls to us. 

Listen to our heart.

Day 33

Separation / Fear

“Your attempt at individuation and extension, an attempt consistent with the nature of your being, failed only because you experienced separation rather than differentiation, and fear rather than love.”  (A Course of Love, D:Day40.6)

What, eons ago, were we trying to do when we enter physical matter on earth?  We were not at risk of avoiding God, as long as we didn’t think that we needed separation from Him.  We needed only to be differentiations—individuations—of God, experiencing physical form in this new environment, new for souls such as we.

But we did think that we need to experience what life was like to be separate from God.  This is why this experiment, at first, failed.  To live without God, without communing with God, we needed to construct a separate existence ruled by a separate thought:  the ego.  And so we dropped into pain and suffering, for nothing that deems itself apart from God can survive well in such a harsh climate as we have found ourselves. 

We fell into fear rather than love, and that has made all the difference.  We didn’t known what we were getting into.  Long have we rued that day, though we didn’t know what we were rejecting.  Our attempt at individuation thus became known as the “fall of man,” and we have since struggled mightily to find our way back to our Maker.

It is important to note that extension into physical form was not the problem; it was only how we lived it that was (and is) the problem.  Now we need to recognize that Awakening to reality is what we need.  We have taught ourselves not to commune with God, and this is a most unnatural way to live.  In our finite minds, we can’t know what best to do next.  Only supernatural help will guide us rightly.  And this supernatural help is right within us, in the Christ mind that dwells within.

Let’s make the right choice today, and seek the guidance that only communing with our depths can bring about.

Day 34

Wisdom that Has Not Come Before

“How can what continues to give in to fear know love?  All your reasons for fear-based living have been discounted one by one.  And yet you dare not try to live without it.  Why?  Because of the thoughts of the ego-mind.  The ego-mind is concerned only with its own survival but it has you convinced it is your survival that depends on it.  How can you be convinced to live as if the truth were otherwise?  For only if you begin to live as if the truth were otherwise can you see that it truly is otherwise, or based on a wisdom other than what has come before.”  (T1:3.5)

We tremble in fear when we make short forays in to trying to live without fear.  Fear seems a given, something that will protect us.

We are misinformed.  Fear is not necessary for our continued survival in this sometimes harsh world.  The reason that we think that fear is needed is the lingering influence of the ego-mind, the insane part of us that continues to dwell just below the surface of our good sense.

The ego is gone from us when we have assimilated the truths of A Course of Love.  We may not realize this, we may still struggle.  But the ego only has a residue of false thinking that continues to infiltrate our moments of reflection.  We have always thought with the ego-mind, and so to hear Jesus say in ACOL that we are done with the ego is immediately enough to raise doubts in our minds.  How can we be done with the ego?  We see its influence constantly.

We need to let go.  We need to trust what Jesus is telling us.  If he says that the ego is no more for us, then let the mind rest in that knowledge—for it is knowledge, not perception.  Just rest.  And the truth of the elimination of the ego will dawn on a calmer mind in ourselves.

A greater wisdom is available to us, and we ought to take advantage of that greater wisdom forthwith.  Let the smudge of ego on our minds be lightened by our prayer consideration that perhaps the ego is just a mirage, seeming to be ahead of us on our pathway, but actually not representing anything but illusion.

Day 35

From Ego-Self to Christ-Self

“I repeat, and will do so again and again, that the ego-self is gone from you.  Whether you fully realize this or not matters not.  This A Course of Love has accomplished.  Now the choice is before you to do one of two things. . .to proceed toward love or fear.  If you proceed with fear you will assemble a new ego-self, an ego-self that perhaps will seem superior to the old, but which will nonetheless still be an ego-self.  If you proceed with love, you will come to know your Christ-Self.”  (T3:4.8)

Yes, the ego-self is gone from us.  The first book of A Course of Love accomplished this, making us The Accomplished.  It is not ego that says this.  It is the unparalleled good sense.  Jesus says it.  Can we not believe it?

If we continue to walk with fear. we are in danger, for we will be tempted to form a new ego-self.  Jesus says in fact that we will form a new ego-self, if fear intrudes on our peace.  We need to get rid of the fear, for our right minds depend on it.

On the other hand, if we proceed with love, we will come to know our Christ-Self, the inner essence that is our real Self. 

We need to make the distinction between fear and love to make the right choices upcoming.  We need to know that we are safe in this world, that nothing can harm us, that the blood that we see is merely catsup, and that illusions are not reasons to be frightened.  We need to see reality, and reality will launch us toward love.  We see reality when we trust, for, as A Course in Miracles affirms, trust is the bedrock of our new thought system, the thought system of love, of the Christ-Self.  We give up fear when we recognize how divisive a force it has been in clogging up our minds.  Our minds are precious indeed, but we have walked with a demented mind.

Now we can walk with a sane mind by listening to our heart.  Our heart is our saving grace in this new reality in which we find ourselves.  Only our heart can save us now.  Let us proceed by listening to our heart, a part of our being that needs no proof of God.  In our inner essence, we just know that we are not all alone in the universe.  That we have an indwelling spirit that means us well.  And that that indwelling spirit is God Himself.

Day 36

Displacement of Love with Fear

“The displacement of the original intent, while it did not change the original cause, formed a false nature for the personal self.  This displacement of the original intent can be simply stated as the displacement of love with fear.  It is as simple as that.  Yet the way in which each of you have interpreted this displacement has come to seem quite complex.”  (T4:3.4)

We think that we live complex lives, and, indeed, the ego has reveled in that thought.  But the only thing that happened, the detour into fear, was a shift from love to fear.  We may this transition as quite young children.  And we are led down a path toward living in fear that has always been hard to reverse.

Now we have a way, and it is simple in the extreme.  We simply learn to listen to what our heart is telling us.  Our heart always opts for the love that is hidden away deep within it.  Our heart always knows how to guide us.  In this time of Christ, the heart is our beacon, for the Christ-Self is within, like the heart.  Of course, we don’t mean the physical heart.  “Heart,” as used in A Course of Love, is a metaphor for the deepest feeling part of ourselves.  We feel rather than think, and in that shift, a shift in consciousness comes slower or later.

We can hope for sooner, for those of us reading these words long for Christ-consciousness (if we have not already reached this).  We long to live serene and awakened lives, sure of ourselves, sure of our brothers and sisters, and sure of God.

When we occupied physical bodies, we made a mistake, a mistake that could not happen but did.  We opted for separation from God by feeling a tiny bit of fear that grew into an almost all-encompassing fear.  This situation does not have to go on.  We can retreat from fear into our real essence of love.  At any time.  And the transformation will be arresting.

Day 37

 Love’s Gifts

“Loss of love comes from only one source.  Call it fear or call it separation but it is still the same.  For in your separated state you ask that love make you special to someone else, and that one special to you.  You think this is what love is for, and so you make of it something it is not and only call it love.”  (C:14.22)

“If you do not believe you can reverse or ‘turn back’ to the state in which you existed before the original error, then you never shall.

. . .

“This space you can turn back to holds no judgment and no fear, and so it is the repository of all that has proceeded from love.  There it keeps all love’s gifts safe for you.  Love’s gifts are gifts of creation or extension, gifts you have both given and received.  Each act of love is added to the space in the universe that is yours and has become part of the whole along with you.  All that has proceeded from fear is nothing, and has no existence apart from your own thoughts.”  (C:17.12, C:17.14)

Within the separation, the illusory separation from God that hasn’t actually happened, it is impossible for us to be contented aside from special relationships.  And, of course, these do not content us long, for we ask both too much and too little of them.  Special relationships are fraught with fear.  We fear being alone again, that this special one will love less (or leave), or that we (even though together still) do not love equally.

These concepts are all meaningless to a holy relationship, which seeks never to take, but always to give—though we know that giving and receiving are one in love.  We will be contented when we give up the idea of having special relationships.  Not that these relationships will be snatched away from us—no, never—but that we will never be happy on a continual basis until we have transformed our loves into holy loves.

Fear then will slip away.  We know that if we lose one form of love, another will take its place.  While we do not try to substitute loves for one another, we do recognize that it is our internal love that is most important.  And this means that all Selves are One, all loves are One.  Fear has no basis for gaining a foothold when ideas such as this are given sway in a life.

Day 38

Returning You to Your True Nature

“You may not feel that you have ever intended to live in fear.  But the displacement of the original intent was so compete that each life has begun with fear and proceeded from this beginning continually reacting fear.  While the original intent remained within you and caused you to attempt to express a Self of love despite your fear, fear has thwarted your every effort and caused the very effort that has continued the cycle of fear.  To have to try to be who you are and to express who you are is the result of the displacement of the nature of love with the nature of fear.  What we now are about is reversing this displacement and returning you to your true nature.”  (T4:3.5)

We had an “original intent” eons ago, and that was to live in love—not fear.  But fear intervened, and nothing has ever been right since.  This is the crucial, central feature of our lives.  We have displaced love with fear, and then we have lived in this egoic state of fear.  There ought to be a better way.

And there is.  We can learn, and not necessarily by traditional means of study, to displace fear and the egoic self with the Self of love.  This change will make all the difference.  And A Course of Love is showing us how to effect this change.  It is true (as A Course in Miracles says also) that God makes the final decision of when we are ripe for Christ-consciousness or Awakening.  Then he metaphorically reaches down to us and lifts us up.

Yet there are things we can do to remove blocks to the awareness of love.  This in itself will ease our way, and give us a happy experience.  We need to get the idea of suspiciousness out of our minds; we need trust above all else.  And trust we can have; just a decision to have it is enough to bring it to us.  This does not mean that we will be gullible.  We have our own good sense, and this is sense of the real Self, not the ego.  When we place our faith in the inner Christ Self, we are far more likely to be right than to be wrong in our evaluations of others.  Note that this does not mean “judgment” of others, for judging keeps us from attaining enlightenment.  We need to simply rest in the assurance that if we are encouraged to avoid a particularly situation (or person), we will know how and where to do so.  That is all.

Day 39

Return to Relationship

“In seeing the self as separate you have known fear and have been forced to reconcile fear with love.  Now, in coming back to relationship and union with me you have realized that you are not separate and now have striven against the ‘opposing’ force of separation.  With the acceptance of the Christ in you, you are returned to relationship and need no longer strive against the ‘opposing’ force of separation, for you no longer know it.”  (D:Day40.8)

As we turn from separation, we turn from fear to love.  We may even strive actively to turn from fear to love.  We have realized that we aren’t separate (as we could never be, for we are part of God), and we have striven to get past these ideas of the ego with every force of our personality.  When we accept the Christ in us, we understand that we have returned to a relationship that has long eluded us, and now we no longer need to strive against separation.  We know intimately that we are joined with the Christ Self; we know intimately that we are “separate” no longer.

Day 40

Self in Unity

“The only replacement that can occur that will accomplish what you seek is the replacement of illusion with the truth, the replacement of fear with love, the replacement of your separated self with your real Self, the Self that rests in unity.”  (C:9.24)

We see that A Course of Love makes parallels of illusion and truth, fear and love, and the separated self with the real Self, saying that a replacement of illusion, fear and the separated self needs to be made—with truth, love and the real Self.  This is salvation, this is the coming to know that we will find in fullness in Christ-consciousness.  Until then, we can see only rare glimpses, some longer than others, but still temporary.

This is the only accomplishment that we seek, and on some level it has already been accomplished, for Jesus says that we are The Accomplished.  But not in any egoic sense, of course.  We have walked the whole pathway, and now we find our way back to retrace our steps.

It doesn’t have to take long in the life of any individual, though the return may take a very long time for everyone on earth.  Make no mistake:  This is what we are about, the eventual return of everyone to full sanity, which means that we are in communion with our Creator and we have walked into the real Self through Awakening.

Day 41

Love Is Welcome

“You exist, quite simply, because of your relationship with love.  Love is the unity you seek.  In having chosen separation over unity, you but chose fear over love.  When you let go of fear and invite unity to return, you but send out an invitation to love and say you are welcome here.”  (C:11.18) 

Being welcome is an attribute of friendship, and being “friends” with love is something that we all can do.  We need to realize that we are one (unity), and in this realization we are inclined to love more than fear.

Of course, we can’t always banish fear.  We are particularly prone to fear’s ravages early in the morning, when the whole day looms and we are apprehensive about what lies ahead.  At such times we need to make a determined effort to calm ourselves down.  Over time, we have developed some of these techniques:  writing in a journal, meditation, deep breathing, quiet conversation with your significant other (if time permits), petting a beloved animal.  All will make small increments to erode fear.  And, as time passes, fear will become more of a stranger in our lives.

We feel ourselves separate and alone when we face the day with apprehension.  We are living our comfy homes for a sometimes terrifying outside that seems to wish us no well.  These are the types of thoughts that replace love with fear.  And it need not be so.  The outside world is as much in need of our love as are our nearest and dearest.  Give a helping hand to those we meet outside our homes.  And then they will seem much less the bearers of bad tidings, or, at the last, uncertain tidings that give us cause for fear.  Love with a whole heart, knowing that we actually are safe when we set our minds to creating a beloved world.

Day 42

Loving Freely & Without Fear

“You who do not know how to trade your separated state for that of union have still done so when you have loved freely and without fear.  In this state your memory returns to you of who you are, and you are innocent and joyous and one with love itself.  That this memory does not last, and these feelings seem unsustainable, is the result only of that which does discard and replace.  As we have said before, there are but two emotions.  One is love, the other fear.  Fear, through your own choice, replaces and discards love.  Fear is always strongest when you value something that you feel may be threatened.  Love threatens most your specialness.  Before your conscious mind has any awareness of what is happening, your memory of love, of innocence and of joy, threatens your specialness, your ego, your separated self who quickly rushes in with love’s replacement.  Nothing but fear could take the memory of love from you, or replace so quickly the glory that is your nature with the specialness that is not.”  (C:14.28)

Fear is of the ego, and fear is a game changer in the hope of reaching Christ-consciousness.  We cannot, in fact, reach enlightenment when we still entertain fear.  But, the rub, how to stop the fear that so often threatens to engulf us?

Prayer is one answer, in all likelihood the best answer that we could ever devise.  And it is not our idea, but an intuition and an experience that comes from God.  Our prayers put us in alignment with something greater than we are, and this Someone has the power to right our little world immediately.  We don’t have to suffer anxiety any longer; it just dissipates when we start to pray.

Meditation is similar, of course.  We go into a zone-type of thinking that eases our minds.  We don’t actively think at all; we focus on a sacred word or our breathing.  And the miraculous effect takes over.

Talking with a treasured friend is yet another solution to fear.  Others have known the same fear that we dread, though often we think that we are all alone because they haven’t told us about their anxieties, wanting to appear strong and solid to us.  This is a fallacy, of course, which we will come to see when we converse intimately.  All short of enlightenment are victims of the fear mongrels that rob us of peace of mind.

Think a bit of the practices that have given us peace of mind in the past.  Of course, like all things, this fear, too, shall pass.  But there are a myriad of practices which can speed fear along its way, never to return in quite the same way again.

Trust that guidance will lead us out of the darkness of our anxieties and our fears.  Trust that choosing to be unity one with another will be an almost magical solution to an intractable problem.

Day 43

Living in Unity

“In unity, all that you desired was participated in fully by a mind and heart combined in wholeheartedness.  You knew your Self to be the creator, and loved all that you created.  You did not desire and fear something at the same time, and your desires did not change from moment to moment.”  (C:18.14)

We are now living eons past the time of “first” unity.  This first experience of unity cannot really be recaptured as a sense impression now, but it can be recaptured as we move farther along the pathway back to God.  We lived eons ago in wholeheartedness, knowing ourselves as a creator, a co-creator (if you will), of God Himself.  But because of something that couldn’t really happen, but did (the “tiny mad idea” that A Course in Miracles discusses), we fell from grace into an adolescent rebellion.  We weren’t patient enough to come into the fullness of our Being, our Self.  So we coalesced around a false persona, driven by an ego that we made ourselves, and we fell into deep despair as a result.

We can return to the unity that we have forgotten.  It takes patience and abundant willingness to capture what we have lost, but the recapture is God’s intention for us, and so he is right there helping us every step along the way.

Don’t get depressed that the way seems too long and tortuous.  It may be long, but the way is not tortuous at all.  Not with all the help that we are being given.  Our way back is assured—indeed, has always been assured, from the beginning.  God’s will only takes time in the working out, and time does not really exist, for we live in eternity.

Day 44

Giving & Receiving as One

“Others represent the accidents waiting to happen, love that is not returned, the withholding of things you deem important.  This fear that you feel in relation to others is as true of those you hold most dear to you as it is of those you would call strangers.  It is the very independence of others that makes your own independence seem so important to you.  Dependency is not consistent with your notions of a healthy self.  What, then is the alternative?

“The alternative is believing in giving and receiving as one.”  (T2:7.2 – 7.3)

We are in unity with others, but we often don’t encourage this unity because of our fear of these same others—even our most significant others.  We think that being independent of needing other people will serve us best.  We think being close with others will lead to an unhealthy dependency.  But is this in line with A Course of Love?

Absolutely not.  We give and receive in tandem when we follow the dictates of ACOL.  We know that independence is not so very healthy, that the opposite of independence is not dependency, but a heartfelt joining of ourselves to other people.  We give them our love; they return our love.  The giving up of our solitary nature is actually a most joyful undertaking—when we realize that we were never meant to be isolated and alone.  We are meant to share with others, to live in a partnership with others.  Why else would the world have so many people?

We are meant to join and to share, giving up our prideful isolation in a choice to give and receive as one with other people sharing our world.  This choice will give us joy.  Can it be so wrong to choose what will make us happy, avoiding the false independent nature that has failed us so many times?

Day 45

Miracles Become Natural Occurrences

“You are a unique expression of the selfsame love that exists in all creation.  Thus your expression of love is as unique as your Self.  It is in the cooperation between unique expressions of love that creation continues and miracles become natural occurrences.”  (C:20.30)

We are meant to live in a miraculous world, surrounded daily by a higher realm that meets our every need with miracles attuned to supply and demand.  We are unique individuals, each of us, but when we live in cooperation with each other, this uniqueness suggest that being different is not so much a fact as is our sameness.  We are all equally special, or, seen in the reverse, none of us are special at all.  We are simply entities of the creative endeavor of a limitless God Who knows no bounds to His loving of us, His creatures, of us, His Sons and Daughters.

We were born of His love, and when we extend the love that is at the core of our being, we soon live a life that is miraculous in the extreme.  We no longer take nature for granted.  We no longer take the dawn of a new day for granted.  We no longer take our health as a given.  We know that the love that sustains us also provides for us. 

And we know that that love comes from God Himself.

Day 46

Laws of the Universe of Love

“This cooperation is natural when fear has been rejected.  You have long embraced fear and rejected love.  Now the reverse is true.  This reversal of truth has changed the nature of your universe and the laws by which it operates.  The laws of fear were laws of struggle, limits, danger, and competitiveness.  The laws of love are laws of peace, abundance, safety, and cooperation.  Your actions and the results of your actions in a universe of love will naturally be different from your actions and the results of your actions in a universe of fear.  You set the laws of the universe when you chose fear.  The laws of the universe of love are God-given.”  (C:20.30 – 20.31)

We need love; it is our very nature.  We have lived for a long time in the “tiny, mad idea” (from A Course in Miracles) that gave us a universe of fear.  We were not at home there; we struggled mightily.  We listened to an egoic persona that did not mean us well, that tried to protect us by isolating us from each other in a cacophony of diverse sounds that spelled “fear” to us.  We never felt safe, because we never were safe.  Our “creations” had come back to haunt us.

But now all that can change.  Now we know better.  In a universe of love, we know peace abundance, safety, cooperation.  Our laws of struggle, limits danger, and competitiveness are not outdated.  What a joy to envision what awaits us in this new age!  We are safe because we are no longer “creating” with the ego; we are working within the laws of God, laws which complement our true reality.  We are homebound, safe in a universe where love reigns and where we have turned aside from the ego and its sad and forlorn dictates.

Day 47

Love / Safety / Trust

“Where you learned to hate, you will learn to love.  Where you learned to fear, you will learn safety.  Where you learned to distrust, you will learn trust.  And each learning experience will be a learning experience because it will touch your heart.”  (C:24.1)

We are thinking about the heart in A Course of Love.  Of course, technically we are thinking about “wholeheartedness,” which is the union of mind and heart.  But we focus on the heart because we have so long neglected that vital center of our Self.  When we were caught by the ego, we listened to what our deluded and insane mind said.  And when we sought to relinquish the ego, we were changing our minds. 

But there is a step beyond that A Course of Love seeks to have us reach.  And this step is reached without words that the mind could understand, or rational understanding that is totally beyond the ego.  This is the realm of the heart, where words fail us and we are at home in God.  We “know” things without having to be told.  We “understand” things without a rational explanation.  Life just “is,” and we are finally and ultimately happy in the “isness” that will lead us to Christ-consciousness.  We don’t ask anymore because we have no need.  We know.  And this knowledge saves us.

Day 48


“While your mind did not accept the truth of your identity or the reality of love without fear, it existed in a reality of fear and judgment, and bound heart and body to this reality.  Your heart has now heard the appeal of this Course and worked with your mind to bring about this acceptance of the truth, a truth your heart has always known but has been unable to free you to accept without the mind’s cooperation.”  (T4:7.5)

This quotation explains the concept of wholeheartedness, that we need to join mind to heart, not letting either take the ascendancy alone.  In wholeheartedness, we give up fear, not with a whimper, but with a joyful shout.  We are free at last!  Fear and judgment go together, and both are anathema to reaching Christ-consciousness.  Our heart has always known truths that our mind rejected because of our intellectualism.  Basically, we didn’t want to be superstitious.  We feared that believing in God was intellectually suspect.

Our heart doesn’t have such misgivings.  Our heart knows that there is a Something—or Someone—More.  And when we listen to our hearts, we are happier.  Would you not take happiness, any day, over intellectual skepticism that locks us in despair?

Day 49


“Rest, when truly learned, is a state of being in which struggle has ceased and peace has triumphed over chaos, love has triumphed over fear.

“You may still see but two choices:  peace or struggle.  But with such an attitude, you would soon be struggling to maintain your peace.  There is another choice, and it lies within.”  (T2:1.6 – 1.7)

We are at rest when we commune with our depths, which is the same as saying that we commune with our God.  He is always there, ready and eagerly waiting to help in any way that we will allow.  He doesn’t interfere if we thwart His ways by not turning to Him; He gave us free will so that we would turn to Him out of our extreme need.

Many don’t turn to God unless and until we are in dire straits.  But what a way to live!  Let intellectual doubts rest in the knowledge from the heart that there is a Supreme Power that dwells in the depths of our souls.  Within and without, He is always there—waiting for our nod in His direction.

We don’t have to choose peace over struggle in some kind of balancing act that seeks to keep the peace and resist the struggle.  We need only rest within, and all struggle ceases easily.  We have peace when we rest within.  And then God reigns.  And all is well in His world—and His world is our own.

Day 50

A New Response

“While God is nothing but the Source of Love, you have, in your doubt, made of God the source of fear.  Pause a moment here and let the enormity of this confusion sink in, for this is the reversal in thinking that will pave the way for all the rest.  Because of this confusion you have responded to Creation with fear.  Is it no wonder a new response is asked of you?”  (T1:4.26)

We fear many things, but we don’t often realize that what we fear most is actually God.  Or our concepts of God, which are misguided and inaccurate.  He is Love—as we know—but still we forget, even when we pray daily.  We think that maybe He doesn’t have our best interests at heart, our best interests as we view them.  We think that what we want for ourselves would be better.  And when we realize that God is in the depths of our spirit, then we can realize how very confused we have become.

God means us well.  Our Depths mean us well.  We don’t have to fear God at all.  It is not He Who punishes us, if indeed we are punished at all.  (And the ego does punish, though we are trying to get away from this concept, this deluded concept.)  Once we are able to fully believe that God is “for us,” then our love for Him can blossom, and our egoic fears will soon drop away.

Day 51

Love in Physicality

“This state you have not even dared to dream of is a state in which only God’s laws of love exist even within the realm of physicality.  What this means is that all that is in this human experience has come of love will be retained.  All that will be lost is what has come of fear.”  (T3:12.7)

We want the elevated Self of form; we want God’s laws to be existent within our lives.  And love will do this for us.  We have not even dared to dream of this new life, for we have feared so much that we haven’t trusted at all (or very little).  But we can have a new life, closeted in physical bodies.  And this will be familiar to us, because we have lived in physicality all of our lives.

Our love will be retained.  Our fear will not.

Day 52

Choice for a Physical Self

“Let’s return a moment to the choice that was made for the human experience, the choice to express whom you are in the realm of physicality.  You were not ‘better’ or more ‘right’ before this choice was made than you are now.  You made a choice consistent with the laws of creation and the steps of creation outlined above.  From this choice, many experiences ensued.  Some of these experiences were the result of fear, some the result of love.  The choice to express who you are in physical terms was not a choice made of fear but made of love.  A physical self is not inconsistent with the laws of God or of creation.  It is simply a choice.”  (T3:12.8)

A Course of Love reassures us that physicality is not a second-best choice.  It is purely within the laws of God, though the way in which this choice worked out for us was flawed.  We developed the ego, and in so doing, our physicality took on a role that has hindered our full development in this world.

Now w e are faced with a new choice:  an elevated Self of form, form without the ego.  And, indeed, the latter half of A Course of Love indicates that we have given up the ego as a bad idea.  And the Self of form will know God in an intimate way that the egoic self never did, never could.

This blessing ought to give us reason to be thankful.  We are not trapped by bodies at all, though we might have once viewed our life on earth in these terms.  We can live well and happily in the flesh.

Let’s set about doing so today.

Day 53

Why Fear Exists

“The life of the physical self became a life of suffering and strife only because the physical or personal self forgot that it exists in relationship and believed itself to be separate and alone.  In its fear, it made an ego-self which, because it sprang from fear, was not consistent with the laws of Love or of creation.  Knowing it existed in a state inconsistent with that of the laws of God, it made of God a being to be feared, thus continuing, and being unable to find release from, the cycle of fear.”  (T3:12.9)

When we “fell” from grace, we decided that we had made God mad with us.  He would then be seen as Someone to fear.  We retaliate when we are hurt, and so we thought that God would do so as well.

How wrong we were!  God let us go, as a parent lets a misguided adolescent go when his/her rebellion is so great.  But we never had anything to fear from God.  We made a personal self, with an insane ego, that could not stand up long-term.  We would eventually seek to right our misguided notions.  The ego-self made us think that we were all alone in a hostile universe.  And we suffered accordingly.

This never had to be.  As ACOL makes plain, a physical self might have grown up well as the elevated Self of form.  We just didn’t do it right.  And now we have another chance.

Let’s make that chance work out right this time around.

Day 54

To Choose Physical Bodies

“There is no reason why the original nature of your being cannot become a being the nature of which is form if you so choose it to be.  There is a reason why the original nature of your being cannot exist in a form unnatural to love.  A form whose nature is fear cannot house the creation of love.”  (T4:3.12)

We must give up fear, or we are lost.  Not forever, of course, but for the time being, what we live now.

And this is not what we want.  Our physical form cannot house fear and hope to know Christ-consciousness.  It is just that simple—and just that complex.  We don’t know how to reach Christ-consciousness on our own, though we are learning something about how to remove the blocks to love’s awareness.  This is all that is expected of us, to remove the blocks.  God Himself will metaphorically each down and lift us up when we have met the criteria of leaving behind fear, and, also, judgment.  These are the two impediments.

And when we rid ourselves, with God’s help, of these two impediments, we will see how rapidly He acts.  We don’t, surprisingly, have to be perfect—for who could be perfect in this imperfect world?  We need simply to choose love in every instance, choose love and watch fear and judgment fall away.

Day 55

Love over the Reign of Fear

“You must realize that here is where fear must be totally replaced by love.  If you fear to go where the portal of access will take you, you will not go.  Thus your desire needs to be greater than your fear.  Love needs to reign.  Love of self and love of your brothers and sisters, love of the natural world, of the world of form that is, love of the idea of the new world that can be, all of these must come together and be victors over the reign of fear.”  (D:Day4.38)

We are set on a road to love.  We are encouraged to love self, others, the natural world, all in the world of form, and this idea we are learning of a new world.  When we love in these particulars, we are moving closer to the Christ-consciousness that will be ours when we have loved most completely.

The new world is ours to create—not “make,” but create.  This is something different, for previously we have learned that we were only “making” illusions in an outer, physical, world.  Now we are really creating, and perhaps we are creating in reality.  That is a bit debatable, of course, because A Course of Love does not make it definite that loving takes us out of a world of dreams into a world of reality that is physical.  The real may be the intangibles of love, harmony, joy, peace—not a physical expression at all.  We just don’t know, and being open to interpretation, we will have conflicts about what A  Course of Love actually means about this.

Maybe we won’t choose love, and then we will be trapped for eons more in this unfortunate place.  But when we choose all those things that make love in the ascendancy—love of self, others, the natural world, the world of form, and a new world—we are making the decision that will bring Christ-consciousness to us sooner rather than later.

When love reigns, we don’t have to work so hard to remove the blocks of fear and judgment.  Fear and judgment just fall away of their own accord.  And we have taken the most important step that we can take to be right with God.

Day 56

Life Now Totally Affirming

“Acceptance of your Self is the precondition for the time of acceptance.  You are no longer denying your Self.  You are no longer denying unity.  You have replaced fear with love.  Love is life giving and life supporting.  There is thus nothing now degenerating about life.”  (D:Day7.3) (italics for time; and for supporting)

We need to accept the Self whom we are—the inner Christ Who supports us in every turn that we take.  This Self is pure, right before God, loving in the extreme.  We need to allow this Self full rein in our lives.

The personal self, or the “little” self, has ruled with an egoic tilt for years.  To eliminate this persona takes some dedication of our part.  Part of us thinks that the little egoic self has served us well.  Deeper reflection, however, will soon prove to us that this is not so.  We have never had anything more than oscillations of mood—from joy to sorrow and back again—when we have been enthralled by the egoic self.  The ego, in its own way, tries to protect us, but, being insane, it doesn’t have the means to do so.  So we live an oscillating drama that never is sustainably peaceful.

We want the sustainably peaceful.  This is why we are here now.  We allow salvation to do its joyful work in us, and in so doing, we recognize a deeper Self who is right there to help, meaningfully, in every instance.

Day 57

Move Forward Only with Love

“If you can move forward without fear, you will move forward only with love.  If you move forward only with love, you will have realized there is nothing unacceptable about who you are except fear.”  (D:Day4.53)

There is something unacceptable about us, but it is not what we fear.  Our essence is imminently acceptable.  It is the egoic fear that is unacceptable.  And when we move forward in love, we come to realize that the only thing from which we have to turn aside is fear in all its forms.  (One of its forms is judgment.)

When we move forward, we need to move forward in love.  We need to ask for help in this, for we have been well-schooled in fear.  This must end.

How do we put an end to it?  The means are many, and they differ with every individual.  A Course of Love offers a great portal to love, explaining as it does that the heart is the way to comprehend mysteries that the mind can never understand.  Others choose other pathways, but if you are reading this, you are interested in what A Course of Love says.

You need only one portal to find love.  And A Course of Love can be that portal for you.

Day 58

Completely Fearless

“A suffering self, held within the spacious Self, exists in harmony with the spacious Self.  Attempts to eject the self of suffering from the spacious Self create disharmony.  It is only by this holding within that the loveless self and the suffering self are rendered ineffective.  It is only in this way that you realize that all exist within.  It is only in this way that you become completely fearless and totally spacious, for fear is part of the density of form, being a lack of love.

“Once fear is gone, true relationship is not only possible but inevitable.  True relationship exists naturally in the state of harmony that is the spacious Self.  This is the state of union.”  (D:Day13.7 – Day13.8)

We need to realize what to do when illness strikes.  If we hold the suffering within the “spacious” self, the self that takes in all, then we hold well.  We are not trying to eject something that is troubling us.  We are, in effect, tending our garden.

The “spacious” self is a concept that needs intuitive understanding more than anything else.  It is just what the term implies:  a spaciousness in our psyche that holds all that we encounter.  By holding within, the suffering self is rendered ineffective.  We have held a loveless self, along with a suffering self, within.  And in the holding within is the answer to our problem of suffering.

This is not magic.  We don’t always get over our illness, but we heal from it, even if the healing is only emotional.  Emotional healing is often the most important kind of healing.  And we get over our fear, for the fear has held the illness in place.  And then we are primed for true relationship one to the other.

Day 59


“Consciousness, or the spacious Self, thus includes feelings of sadness, loneliness, and anger as well as feelings of happiness, compassion, and peace.  Consciousness does not, however, include your responses.  Consciousness thus does not include either love or fear.  This is because love is everything and fear is nothing.”  (D:Day16.14)

We see in some parts of A Course of Love that the spacious self is equated with consciousness itself.  Consciousness includes feelings of pain as well as feelings of well-being.  Spaciousness holds all feelings in the embrace of love.  We do not see consciousness as holding our responses to our feelings; this is a strict definition that takes some explanation. 

Consciousness, the holding within, the spaciousness of self, does not include love or fear.  This is because love is everything and fear is nothing (though we are loathe to recognize this distinction).  Obviously, this definition of Jesus is somewhat different from what we have come to view consciousness.

We have come to view consciousness as the whole of our mental and spiritual powers, our knowledge as well as our perception.  Jesus doesn’t here define consciousness in this broader way.  His definition is narrower, in that he defines feelings of sadness, loneliness, anger, as well as positive feelings of happiness, compassion, and peace as examples of our consciousness at work.  But not love or fear, because one (love) is everything and one (fear) is nothing, and so to think of love or fear as part of consciousness would be both to think of it in too broad a scope (in the case of love) and to narrow a scope (in the case of fear).

Day 60

No Cause for Fear

“You have no cause for self-doubt because you have no cause for fear.  To dwell in fear will end your ability to dwell within the love that is Christ-consciousness.”  (T4:12.20)

Jesus gives me a stern warning about our tendency to think that we can’t do anything about our fear.  He warns us that we can’t sustain Christ-consciousness if we cling to fear.

The antidote to fear is a mellow, as well as a dramatic, love.  The love embraces the whole of our experience, even when our mood is less than mellow and certainly less than dramatic.  We love deeply, even when we don’t feel anything.  And in the deep love we are healed.  We know Christ.  Our Christ Self has come out to play.

We need a certain lightheartedness about the ultimate questions of life and living.  If we take everything seriously, we are catering to the ego, the last thing in the world we want to do.

So:  Love freely, love well, love with a lighthearted spirit.  The benefits are many, the desires are satisfied.  We don’t need to doubt that we can “achieve” this love, for it is not a matter for achievement at all.  Love is our birthright.  We will know when we feel real love that we have felt what we have wanted to feel all our lives.  And our emotional and physical health will take a turn for the better, for love is the greatest aspect in healing, always.

Day 61

Truth vs. Illusion

“The new learning that lies ahead of you now is simply learning in accordance with the new thought system of the truth; accepting the truth and leaving illusion behind.  The new thought system is simple to learn.  What is of love is truth.  What is of fear is illusion.  The temptation to see love where it is not and to not see fear where it is.  But your ability to distinguish between love and fear as cause is all that is important now as you will create the new according to what you believe to be the truth and translate into ideas.”  (T3:13.4)

There are two important sentences in A Course of Love that bear repeating:

“What is of love is truth.

What is of fear is illusion.” (T3:13.4)

Yes!  And we want to walk the way of truth, which is evidential of true reality.  Love finds reality, and when we find love, we are home free. 

On the other hand, when we see illusions, we are seeing a fearful world.  And we are afraid accordingly.

With the ego, everything that we looked upon, whether with the physical eyes or the inward eye of the ego itself, was fearful.  We have moved beyond this truth in reading ACOL.  We have left the ego behind.

Sometimes just habit keeps us going along the old familiar way.  But this is a dangerous way to proceed, because the old familiar way is fraught with the fearful images of the ego.  Let’s quietly turn aside from such images today, right now.

We will never be sorry that we have made the decision for love, for truth, for true reality.

Day 62

No Loss / Only Gain – in Love

“There is no loss but only gain within the laws of love.

“By saying that there is no loss but only gain within the laws of love, you are being told to have no fear.  Fear of loss is a great temptation of the human experience.  If it were not for this fear of loss, you would not find it difficult to live by the thought system of the truth.”  (T3:16.11 – 16.12) 

We have been misled for eons, misled by the ego that we made.  This ego sought to “protect” us, and we believed that unless we were heavily armored with an encasement of defenses, we would be unsafe.

A Course of Love clears away this erroneous thinking.  The ego never protected us very well, something that all of us know only too well.  The ego never meant us well, having been made out of fear and not love.  Only a personal self who is steeped in love can truly protect, and this personal self is always backed up by the Christ Self who is within.

“There is no loss but only gain within the laws of love.”  (T3:16.11)

This quotation says it all, if we can only bring ourselves to believe what it says.  It is not hard to believe when we have let go of the nefarious ego.  And then we have no fears, for we know that we are safe in the arms of truth.  Our thought system is no longer of the ego, a thought system that has been the problem all along.

Day 63

That Kept from Love

“You must not fear the changes that will occur within your physical form as it begins to be guided by the thought system of the truth rather than the thought system of illusion.  You will fear these changes less if you realize that all that has come of love will be kept and that all that has come of fear will fall away.  You have no need to fear that the end of the special relationship will separate you from your loved ones.  You have no need to fear that the joys you have shared with others will be no more.  You have no more need to fear the loss of physical joys than you have to fear the loss of mental and spiritual joys.”  (T3:19.1)

Jesus has a very matter-of-fact attitude toward physical relationships, assuring us that we don’t have to fear that the end of special relationships will end our joys.  On the contrary; we will know much more joy.  We also keep the mental and spiritual joys, and the physical will not fall away anymore than these more ethereal joys.

We are being guided by the thought system of the truth, being lost in illusions no more.  This means that the thought system of illusion has fallen away.  The illusion had been ego-based, and we have left the ego behind when we venture ever farther in A Course of Love.

We will not be separated from our loved ones when the special relationship ends for us.  We will have holy relationships, holy relationships that will be much more satisfying than anything the ego and special relationships ever offered us.  Those egoic relationships were fraught with drama, highs and lows, good and bad, ecstasy and disaster, for that is the way of the ego.  We are heading into a new world, and this new world will offer vistas of which we have never so much as dreamed.  Let us be glad that the special relationships have been transformed into holy.  It doesn’t mean that the physical aspect of relationships is being left behind.  The physical aspect is being transformed into something ever better.

Day 64


“While relationship is what has kept you forever unable to be separate and alone, relationship is also what has kept you seemingly forever unable to return to your natural state of being.  The fear that was birthed along with the erroneously inherited idea that it was your nature to be separate and alone and thus fearful, made relationships fearful as well.  Trust became something to be earned. (T4:3.6)

Our natural state of being includes relationships that are holy.  These are examples of true joining, one with another.  We learn along the way to salvation and Christ-consciousness that we don’t ever need to be isolated and alone, independent, needing nobody.  This is what the ego has told us, but the ego is wrong.  And we are leaving the ego behind.  Our future will be a sharing one, a time of joining.  And we will be the better for it.

Day 65

God of Love

“I revealed a God of Love and the Holy Spirit provided for indirect and less fearful means of communion or communication with God.”  (T4:2.4)

Jesus here speaks very personally about his time on earth, giving us then a “God of Love,” and explaining the purpose of the Holy Spirit.  This is an important message to assimilate:  The Holy Spirit provide indirect and less fearful means of communing or communicating with God. 

In the throes of the ego, we are very fearful creatures indeed.  Now that A Course of Love has allowed us the means to remove the ego from our thinking, we are able to reach God more directly, in an inner direction.  The time of the Holy Spirit is said to have ended, and we are now in the time of Christ.  We do not, therefore, find ourselves so over-awed by God that we are afraid of Him.  So we can commune or communicate with ease.  And we are all encouraged to do so.

Day 66

Time of Holy Spirit / Time of Christ

“Duality and contrast are synonymous.  In the time of the Holy Spirit, you learned through contrast.  You learned from the contrast of good and evil, weak and strong, right and wrong.  You learned from the contrast of love and fear, sickness and health, life and death.  In this time of Christ, such learning is no longer necessary, and so these conditions of learning are no longer necessary.  Thus one of your first acts of acceptance is the acceptance of the end of the conditions of learning.  This does not mean, however, that you accept goodness and deny evil or even that you accept love and deny fear.  How can this be?”  (D:3.6)

Day 67

The Future

“What will the future hold?  It is up to us dear brothers and sisters.  It is up to us acting as one body, one mind, one heart.  It is up to us creating as one body, one mind, one heart.  Because it is the new future of a new form joined in unity and relationship, the only guarantees that are known to us is that it will be a future of love, a future without fear, a future with unlimited freedom.  For what more could we ask?  And what more could be asked of us?”  (T4:12.35)

Our futures are bright.  We are told that our futures will be of love, without fear, with unlimited freedom.  We make the rules, though.  Jesus does not himself know what we will make of our new world.  He does not predict in ACOL.

This new world is one of our unity (as one) and relationship (as the many, diversity).  We will, once we have sustained Christ-consciousness, live in an elevated Self of form, something never before attained.

It is this about which Jesus does not predict.  It is a future of unlimited possibility, truly a new world in all its particulars.

Jesus asks, “For what more could we ask?  And what more could be asked of us?” (T4:12.35)  Indeed, we might say the same.  This bright future beckons on the landscape.  We only, to prepare, must remove the blocks to the awareness of love, and God will do the rest.  He will reach down and lift us up in Christ-consciousness, a worry-free existence, an invulnerable existence, a safe existence.

Day 68

Choice for Love

“What choice have you made my sister and my brother, if you have not made a choice of love?  If you have not made the choice to reject fear?  If you have not made the choice for the new?”  (D:Day4.39)

Jesus constantly contrasts love and fear, even in the final pages of ACOL.  We have made no real choice when we choose fear, for we have chosen what has never been (in actuality) and can never be (also in actuality).  But we have made a real choice, a choice for reality and truth, when we choose love. 

We can all choose to overlook those daily matters which fret us, make us angry, make us want to go on the attack.  Of course, we won’t always succeed in this overlooking, but each moment of falling away can lead into a new beginning.

It is this that we ought to pray for today—that our times of falling into negativity are eased, that we always, always, choose again, for love.  The day that we rued can be salvaged.  And our mind will be the better for it.  We don’t need to muddy our minds with recriminations.  We need to take the high road, always.

Day 69

Resurrect to Eternal Life

“I do not have to spell out this choice for you, for you know exactly what it means.  It means you will be as I am.  It means you will live from love rather than from fear.  It means that you will demonstrate what living from love is.  It means that you will resurrect to eternal life here and now.”  (D:Day4.46)

Would we like to be like Jesus, to live as we presume he does?  This surely means living in love.  This much we know.  But it also means living without any vestiges of fear.  And it mean, by this shift from fear to love, to a personal demonstration of living as life is truly meant to be lived.

We may not make it the whole way, all the time.  Before Christ-consciousness will be sustained, we will see glimpses of this new way, the way of love.  We will be experiencing ecstasy, at least part of the time.  And we will be feeling a joyous love for all whom we encounter.  We will be mellow, at peace, relaxing in pleasure of the company of others, even those we don’t know very well.  The benefits are obvious.  Who would not want to live this way, this way of love?

We will also resurrect to eternal life in this matter of loving.  We do not have to wait for the afterlife to know that we will live eternally, and this assurance starts in this present life on earth.  From now on, we can be free of worry about the future, here in this world as well as in the world to come, after death.  We are blessed with the knowledge, here given to us by Jesus, that our future is as blessed as our knowledge of that future.

The peace of God will go with us daily.  No anxieties, no fears, no worries.  Just peace stretching out before us in a never-ending stream of time.

Day 70

Nothing Can You Back except Fear

“You but think that you can wholeheartedly desire to move forward with love and without fear and that there is still anything that can hold you back.  This is what the time of acceptance was meant to show you!  Nothing can hold you back except fear!  You do not have to be perfect—perfect is but a label, and all labels of any type cause is delay.”  (D:Day4.54)

We need to find a way to move forward without fear and anxiety, for until we do that, we won’t be ready for Christ-consciousness.  Fear, the opposite of love, does, like judgment, bar the door to Awakening.  But so many of us dwell with our anxieties on a day-to-day basis.  We despair of ever giving us the fear that so paralyzes us.  What do we do when immobilized in this way, day in and day out?

We can look to what we do with our days.  What activities are causing disturbances in one’s harmonious living?  Are they something that really need doing, or can they be erased from our daily grind?  If these daily impediments can be erased from our daily walk, let us do so.  Let us do what we must to drop fear and anxiety, not eventually, but right now.  And if we feel that the disturbing stimuli can’t be dispensed with, what then?

There is always some small step that can be taken to smooth out our way.  Everyone, if not too overwrought at the moment, can think of one small thing that will make the day go easier.  And from this small step, once our minds are more peaceful and thinking more clearly, we will think of other steps we can take.

Communication with God is a powerful step that can be taken.  We are no longer afraid of Him, and He is always with us.  The right kind of communion will make a straight pathway to serenity.  Try it and see.  You will provide your own proof.

Day 71

Love is Life-generating

“Love replaces fear and is life-generating rather than life-degenerating.  Your bodies will thus regenerate rather than degenerate.  Love is, of course, not a condition, as it is not an attribute, but the effect of living from love rather than from fear will have a major transformative effect on form in this time of acceptance.  Regeneration is a condition of the time of acceptance.”  (D:Day7.6) 

Would you like to be healthier?  Jesus actually promises this as a by-product of living in harmony with life-regenerating attitudes.  Our bodily forms may actually regenerate to an ever-better form.  This doesn’t mean that aging will cease, but it does mean that aging will be more graceful.  And who among us doesn’t want that?

These new attitudes spring from love lived in the marrow of our bones.  It is the love itself that is life-affirming and life-regenerating.  Our faces will show that we have been to God’s beauty salon.  Our sour expression will alter into a serene countenance, and as a result we will appear younger.  We will also feel younger, and this will be a contributing factor to our new younger appearance.

We are accepting what we see day to day.  It is this time of acceptance, as described in ACOL, that makes all the other life-regenerating aspects of our form take shape.  We no longer rail against our lives on earth.  We take whatever comes, being willing to have it so.  And in the “being willing to have it so,” we have found a great secret.

Life enhancement doesn’t take long to occur.  Accept the good and the bad, though we will still do what we can to alter the bad.  Yet we are told not to proselytize to the tenets of A Course of Love; that is not our function.  When we are seen to live perfectly ordinary, common lives with great gusto and much pleasure, as well as pure joy, others will be drawn to find out what has changed about us.  They will ask, and then we unseal our lips and tell them.  We have accepted others as they are, and they will have seen this acceptance as something profoundly calming.  They will want more of what we have.

And they can have it.  For the blessings Jesus promulgates are the manna given everyone.  Nobody is left out.

Day 72

An In-between Time

“Again let me remind you that you are in an in-between time.  Thus these conditions I have spoken of and those I have yet to speak of, are also in an in-between state.  They exist along with the new you.  They exist in acceptance and union.  They do not exist in learning and separation.  They exist in love.  They do not exist in fear.  Like with Christ-consciousness, you are moving from a place of maintenance of these conditions to one of sustainability of these conditions.  They do not come about from changes in your external circumstances but from changes in your internal perspective.”  (D:Day7.8)

We are moving into a new era, for, for now, as we proceed through A Course of Love, we are in an in-between state.  We have not yet sustained Christ-consciousness; indeed, we may have only glimpsed this ineffable state, fleetingly.  It is up to us to walk carefully through a mine field of emotions and world events that may derail us.  We are surrounded by individuals who still listen to their egos.  This is bad enough.  But we may be influenced to retrieve our ego from the pit in which it has been thrown.  We may be tempted to return unkindness with unkindness.  And in this temptation, our new state of mind is lost.  We barely maintain our new state, and we don’t sustain it at all.

Woe is us!  We need to think, and we need to think deeply.  Is this lower form of reacting, the old egoic mode, what we would have in our days upon this earth?  No!  So let us drop the tit-for-tat interplay of bad reactions, become accepting of all, and give a greater kindness than we have received.  This will mean that the glimpses of Christ-consciousness will gradually lengthen, until one bright day we will realize that we are different.  We have changed, and we are maintaining Christ-consciousness as we wall through this difficult and troubled world.  From there, it is but a step to sustaining Christ-consciousness—a future held out to us as achievable now.  Previously, nobody had actually sustained Christ-consciousness, but, now, in this time of Christ, sustainability of that vision is afforded us, when we meet the conditions.

Ask for this today in your time of communion with God.  Remember that you are asking for what is only in His will for us.  He will act as soon as giving us what we want, and He wants, will lead to nothing bad—but all to the good.

Day 73

Love and the Body

“The conditions that affect life are conditions that affect the body.  Yet it was only your mind’s acceptance of the condition of fear that led the body to exhibit the conditions of fear in the time of learning.  Thus it is the mind’s acceptance of love that will lead the body to exhibit the effects of love in the time of acceptance.”  (D:Day7.9)

Our body follows what our mind says.  We exhibit fear in the body, with all the ills of the body, when the mind has accepted fear as undesirable, but not possible of being overcome.

This is a fallacy.  Fear can be overcome, and it can be overcome today.  As A Course in Miracles says, the solution is always with the problem.  This means that the two, solution and problem, are not separated in time.  We can have what we ask, and we can have it today.  The only reason that we often don’t find solution and problem together is because we doubt that we can have the solution that we ask to have.  Our doubt undercuts our prayer.  This leads to defensive postures, as we seek to overcome the fear that wracks the body.  And we get sick, all to often, for we have damaged the body by what the mind is thinking.

The body will radiate love when the mind has accepted that love can indeed be all that it wants.  The mind does as we bid, and the body follows.  So it is with the mind that we work.  And A Course of Love says that listening with the heart will work, whereas many other solutions have not worked.  We combine mind and heart, with the heart doing the work of transforming our minds.  The solution to our primary problem (fear) is here contained.  And we need never doubt again that the solution is found with the problem.

Day 74

Tolerance / Acceptance

“Will knowing your dislikes cause you to be intolerant?  This is an important question.  You have been intolerant of yourself and it was easy to extend this intolerance to others.  Once acceptance of the Self begins to be practiced, you will realize that the self of intolerance was the self of fear.  Acceptance of yourself, in love, leads to acceptance of others.”  (D:Day8.12)

We need to be tolerant of others.  This is a particular warning for those of us on the spiritual pathway, for a dark side of our progress is that we are inclined to be more intolerant of others, others who don’t think as we do, others who give us a hard time.

We can’t practice intolerance and sustain Christ-consciousness.  It is impossible.  It is hard to believe, but we are actually projecting our intolerance toward ourselves outward to other people.  When we are more accepting our ourselves, our remaining foibles, our remaining imperfections, we will naturally move into greater acceptance of others.  And greater acceptance of others is tolerance, a worthy and necessary goal for all of us—spiritual pathway or not.

Intolerance is borne of fear.  And when our fears subside, our intolerance will go with it.  When we practice love, we will drop the intolerant comments, and with this will go guilt.  We have recognized, often after the fact, when we have exhibited intolerance.  And we have felt guilty about our statements. 

This can all end peacefully, when we mellow out and let love overwhelm us.  There is little that love can’t do.  Practice it today and see.

Day 75

A Word about Gossip

“Thus when you see others gossiping, you are called to see only the truth of who they are—to see beyond the illusion, what would seem to be the ‘fact’ of their gossip—to the fear that feeds it, and beyond the fear to the love that will dispel it.  You are not called to walk away in disgust, showing your righteous contempt for the actions of others, but to accept who you are within the relationship of that present moment.”  (D:Day8.13)

Gossip can destroy others.  And we know this, and we ourselves are less inclined to practice gossip, because we recognize its dangers.  But do we have to self-righteously object to the gossip in which others engage?

No, Jesus tells us.  We don’t have to participate, but neither do we have to condemn.  Indeed, we must not condemn.

Keep in mind that gossip can and does destroy the good feeling among people.  The “in” crowd in regard to gossip may feel momentarily bonded, but this sense of camaraderie is not without its down side.  Even the “in” crowd will have hints of guilt.  And guilt destroys, the ones gossiping and the target of the gossip as well.

Our paths may change if we find ourselves the target of gossip.  We may be perceived as unfit for the job we hold, we may lose our family.  But the high road is still not to return in kind.  Everyone loses when we return in kind.  Keep to the positive, and life will begin to affirm your good intentions.  Gossip will have been defeated by your attitude, for the future looks brighter when one simply turns aside from gossip and gossiping.  Not in intolerance, but in simply choosing another way, a better way.

Day 76

The Prodigal Son

“Think a moment of the story of the prodigal son.  All that the prodigal son was asked to do was to accept his own homecoming.  Do you think he would have considered himself perfect as he approached his father’s presence?  Surely he would not have.  You are asked but to accept your own homecoming.  To leave behind the time of wandering, seeking, learning.  To leave behind fear for the embrace of the love and safety of your true home.”  (D:Day4.55)

Jesus uses the example of the prodigal son to have us recognize that we really don’t have to be “perfect” (whatever that means as a label) in order to get right with God.  We simply need to leave behind fear, a task that may sound daunting.  We leave behind the time of wandering, seeking, learning as well.  We are observing our surroundings with a new eye.  And with this, the seeking resolves itself.  No longer always looking for more, we accept what we have in gratefulness.

The prodigal son would not have considered himself perfect as he approached his father.  And no more do we.  Jesus will correct all mistakes, at the end of the road, that we ourselves could not correct.  He says this in A Course in Miracles, and the indication in A Course of Love that we don’t have to be perfect is a fuller explanation of this sentiment.

Find the embrace of love.  Find your homecoming.  Everything else will take care of itself.

Day 77

From Within Comes the Power

“But these issues, when removed from feelings, still remain issues.  They remain social causes, environmental causes, political causes.  The cause of all these issues is fear.  The cause and effect of love is all that will replace these causes of fear with the means and end that will transform them along with you.  You are means and end.  It is within your power to be saviors of the world.  It is from within that your power will save the world.”  (D:Day10.37)

We can’t save the world if we ourselves are not right with God first.  So many of us have sought to reach outward, when our hearts were not right with God.  And we didn’t make lasting change.  We struggled to be do-gooders, fiercely seeking to right wrongs, but this was the wrong attitude.  We couldn’t walk our talk.  And the world therefore did not benefit from our machinations.

First we must change internally, and then the change flows outward to a new and better world.  This internal change means that we will project something different; we will see differently.  By projecting something different, we see what really needs to be changed.  We are not running around willy, nilly, seeking to right the wrongs that we have previously perceived.  Some of those wrongs, we find, were not wrongs at all, but the beam in our own eye.  When we have a wholeheartedness of mind and heart, we see outwardly in a correct way, no longer misperceiving.

This inner change must come about before our salvation of the world can begin in earnest, and rightly.  Unsaved saviors don’t save anything.  First we must get ourselves straightened out, and then we aren’t seeing with a beam in our eye, trying to correct a mote in our brother’s eye.  We are truly on the beam in the right way.

Day 78

Who You Are

“Forget not that who you are is what you are here to make known and thus you must be a being who knows love without fear, joy without sorrow, and life everlasting.  You must be this.”  (D:Day23.1) 

We have certain obligations put upon us as we progress in the spiritual life.  Now that we know as much as we do, we know to choose love consistently, we are encouraged to know joy without sorrow, and we are encouraged to realize that we do indeed have life everlasting.  This from Jesus at the conclusion of his mountain top experience with us, the ending of the last volume of A Course of Love.

Can we sustain this better way of viewing life?  Can we live without fear, live only with love?  Can we drop sorrow, choosing instead the joy of living?  Can we truly live with the knowledge that we have life everlasting, and so nothing here nor in the next world need preoccupy us?

Yes, we can!  This is the promise of A Course of Love.  We have been made ready, and we are ready for all time and all places.  Let us rest in this sure knowledge, certain that we have our bearings, confident of Jesus’s encouragement of us.  We are God’s children, communing with him, listening to His guidance, as given to us through the Christ Self (the true Self with inner wholeheartedness that we now know).

Day 79

A Being Based in Love

“As a separate being, your attributes were based on fear.  As a being in union and relationship, your attributes are based on love.”  (D:Day 40.12)

We have tried to live independent lives, being certain previously, with our egoic mind slant, that we were positioned to meet life on its own terms, strong in our defensive maneuvers.

This is a myth.  We have told ourselves things that are not true, and now we know better.  We are not meant to be independent of each other; we are meant to join in whole humankind as One (union) and in the diversity of relationship.  We are beings of love, and we are coming to know that as we unite in our various selves, we know no fear.

What a grand gesture it is give up fear in favor of love!  We cannot make this choice just as an independent gesture.  We need others in order to have someone on whom to shower our love.  And we know that in loving ourselves, always being accepting of ourselves, we are in a position to love others—probably, truly, for the first time.

This is the promise held out to us as we live as One in this world and the next.  We are diversified beings, but we share one Self, the Christ Self.  And this holographic truth stands well with us. 

We are embedded in humankind.  And we ought to live no other way.


Day 80

Heaven Is the Natural State of Sons & Daughters of God

“Heaven is the natural state of all the Sons of God as He created them. Such is their reality forever.” (ACIM, Introduction, What It Says)

We are told this wonderful thing in the introduction to A Course in Miracles, in the part that Jesus channeled. Heaven is our natural state, once we assumed the mantle of being “Sons” (and “Daughters”) of God! A glorious thought indeed this is, and it will make us want all the sooner to throw off the little, or personal, self, and to step into our identity at Sons and Daughters of God.

We will be Awakened when we have this characterization. In the meantime, we are separated, personal selves that are seeking a return to the God that we never, in actuality, left. The separation is an illusion, but for us it seems abject reality, and we must work with our beliefs. We need to make the “journey without distance” (from ACIM) back to God. And let us begin today.

It is our reality, the one to which we are returning, true reality. We can make small steps everyday, and larger ones on some days. We need to realize that we won’t make the decision of when we are right with God, when we are ready for Awakening. God alone makes this decision. It is up to us, though, to remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s meaning. And of this we can do much.

Ask and the way will be shown. Even today.

Day 81

We Dwell in the Reality of the One Heart

We dwell in the reality of the One Heart, creation’s birthplace, birthplace of the new. (ACOL, C:1.12)

“The heart that is the center of your being is the center of everything that exists. This is reality. None of these things make you less than what you have perceived yourself to be, but they do make it impossible for you to be separate.” (C: 6.2)

A Course of Love recognizes that our minds get us into trouble. Our minds need all kinds of proof that God is good. But our heart knows the truth, the true reality, without the kind of proof that cannot be forthcoming because it is beyond our world.

In the One Heart, we are back at the beginning, where creation occurred, and we are seeing that our future will be like our past; our future will be “new.” We are living in the One Heart in the birthplace of the new.

We are interdependent, wholly joined one to the other, not separate in the least. We have so tried, and failed, to be separate. Only in illusion were we ever separate from God, because we are a part of Him and so it is impossible to be separate from our Source.

We recognize that our heart is the center of our being. We have always known this. We know, without being told, what to consider when we are asked to look to our heart as the source of credence, belief. The heart is our true reality. The heart knows without asking a lot of meaningless questions. The heart will enable us to find our way back to the God that we never actually left at all.

Day 82

Joining One with Another Is Real

‘When two or more are joined together’ is not an injunction for bodies to unite. It is a statement that describes the truly real, the only reality that exists. It is the joining that is real and that causes all creation to sing a song of gladness. (C:5.6)

When we find our brother in a holy relationship, we want to join with him. This can include physical joining, but often it does not, and the sense of joining that we get can be as overpowering as the physical joining to our spouse. Physical joining is not what Jesus is talking about in this quotation. He is describing the unity that we share with our brother or sister in a holy relationship. Unity and relationship, the hallmark words of A Course of Love. We are part of the One, the All, but we have individual parts within that One, and these individual parts, or entities, are in relationship one to the other. Essentially it is a mystical view of true reality.

When we join with our brother or sister, we know a joy that we cannot know when we hold ourselves apart and isolated. We are not truly ourselves in isolation, though we may hold ourselves apart to avoid hurt or pain, thinking this isolation will save us from suffering.

It won’t. We are the most protected from suffering when we join with another, for then the burden is divided, and therefore lessened. The burden may even drop off entirely, because we have a kindred spirit in the other person, in our brother or sister.

Day 83

What We Join Becomes Real

What you join becomes real. As you take it into your Self you thereby make it real because you make it one with your real Self. This is reality. All you do not join with remains outside and is illusion, for what is not one with you does not exist. (C: 5.17)

When we join with another, we are no longer in illusion, separated (in illusion) from our real Self.

There is a popular children’s story called The Velveteen Rabbit, which takes place in a child’s playroom. The toys talk to each other, and the rabbit eventually learns that a toy becomes real when it has been loved by a child. Love makes real. In the joining of ourselves to others, we are making real as well. We are loving in this joining.

In true reality, all is One. There is nothing outside that is not illusion. And we create the reality when we join. So we have a part in making true reality actualize.

We do not achieve anything alone. We are in a world where we are meant to be companions one to the other. We try so hard to be independent, not to need anybody, but this avails us nothing, because it is against God’s divine intention for His children. No longer fiercely independent, we see for the first time the interdependence that this world affords. Our selves encased in physical bodies have blinded our eyes to this truth.

But joy is found in recovering the union that we all are meant to have with our brothers and sisters.

Day 84

One Unity in a Diversity of Relationships

Your brother does not exist apart from you, nor you from your brother. This is reality. (ACOL, 6.2)

This quotation builds on the idea of joining with our brothers and sisters, One unity in the diversity of different entities in relationship. Here we learn that we do not actually exist separately from our brother or brother at all, but are One with him or her. Jesus says simple, “This is reality.”

This is another way of saying that God is not existent in separate realities in a pantheistic universe, with little gods in everything. We believe that we are part of God, that He differentiated His “God-stuff” into all that exists. And we in turn are meant to be co-creators with Him.

We were not designed to be alone, and that is one reason that the egoic choice was so destructive to us. The ego wants us alone, ourselves against the world, One in nothing. And we suffer in this pseudo-independence, because it is not a state of reality at all. It is a false concept of reality that will not hold stand up to testing. We know intuitively that there is another way, a better way to live, and when we are joined one to the other, we know that we are right in this knowledge.

So we are to join in holy relationship with each other. Never meant to be separate from our companions, we cease trying.

And we are much the better for giving up what would never work, any

Day 85

Our Mind Is One with God

Your mind is not contained within your body but is one with God and shared equally with all alike. This is reality. (C:6.2)

This concept, that our mind is not contained within our body, is part of the theology of A Course of Love.   We don’t have to understand the concept fully to entertain that what Jesus says just may be true. If our mind is part of Mind, the Whole, the All of God, then we are not limited to a finite, physical form that we call the “body.” The body is the home of the ego, but we are no longer ego; we have left that concept in the dust behind us as we walked into the sunlight with God. We are the Self that is joined, is One, with God.

The mind thus becomes a much larger concept than we have known previously. We are not fooled any longer by illusory form. Our mind will survive our body (this another implication of what this quotation says).

The mind that is One with God is not meant to be weak and frail. It is only the body that can ever appear weak and frail, and these characteristics of physical form are finite. They do not survive the grave. This in itself is comforting, for we can know that our mind will live on. We may not be certain of what overcomes death, but we can be certain that it will be good.

God makes the good on this earth as well. When we know that we are mind rather than body, our health does not so much concern us. We no longer believe the lies of the ego, which would say that we are bound by the body. We are independent of body, and, as mind, we are joined with each other—no longer a separate, finite, spot of illusion that knows not where to go or what to do.

Day 86

Make a New Choice for Unity/Union

Make a new choice! The choice that your heart yearns to make for you and that your mind is finding increasingly difficult to deny. When you choose unity over separation, you choose reality over illusion. You end opposition by choosing harmony. You end conflict by choosing peace. (C:6.5)

“You are creating the state of unity as a new reality for your Self even though it is actually a return to what has always been.” (C: 6.9)

“This somewhere else we have defined as your true reality, the reality of union. Living in this reality, the reality of certainty, is the only key to abundance.” (D:Day 3.47)

Reality is union or unity. We are One. We are part of God, Who is One. Our heart knows this, and it is only our mind that has doubts. Our mind will find it increasingly difficult to deny this new reality—a reality of harmony and peace, ending opposition and conflict.

We are leaving illusion behind now that we have come to unity. And we are returning to what has actually been true all along, a “return to what has always been.” We have never actually been in illusion; we just imagined ourselves to be in that state, a state that we thought was separate from God.

Our desire to experience separation from the whole drove us to make the ego, which accentuated the divorce, presumed, between God and ourselves.

Now we know that we are returning to the true reality. We are returning to God, to “know the place for the first time” (T. S. Eliot).

We have need for nothing when we are in the state of unity, knowingly. We don’t pretend to be able to go it alone. We don’t even try. And we want for nothing as a result. Our needs are met by the union in which we reside.

Others reach out to us, others with whom we are in relationship. This is the “responsiveness” of the relationship that is unity. Others know that we cannot provide everything that we need for ourselves. And as we reach out to others, they reciprocate. There is only unity, a Oneness that ensures that no want will long exist for anybody. We meet each other’s needs. And all is well.

In union, we are certain—no longer afraid, no longer alone and lonely, adrift with needs that seemingly have no solutions. We are abundant, for we have found the key to abundance. We live in the reality of union with our brothers and sisters, and with God, and with our Self, and we know peace for the first time. We have every need met at the point of articulating that need. Indeed, no need is not met.

What more could we ask to experience?

Day 87

World of Unity

It is the world of unity, the true reality, through which your desires are responded to. (D: Day3.42)

In unity, perfection is the reality. Your reality is union. Thus no striving for either unity or perfection is necessary. The ‘answer’ for those in need of challenges, is the challenge presented in the call to reside in unity and to express the divinity of their nature through sharing in union and relationship. (A.25)

Our desires are also answered (not just needs), as this quotation makes clear, when we live in the world of unity. Unity is the true reality, the place that we have been longing to find but without knowing where to look.

We are perfect in this new world. Oh, we may not recognize our perfection. We may even think it scandalous to say that we are “perfect.” If we get angry often, we can turn aside from this. If we attack often, we can turn aside from this. Jesus shows us the way to the innocence in which we were born, the same innocence that newborn babies exude.

We do not have to look for challenges beyond the simple fact of living in unity with our brothers and sisters, distinct from us and therefore possible of knowing in relationship. We have a divinity that has eluded us until now. We are meant to share, and share we will. This sharing, Jesus says, will satisfy the yearnings of our heart to have more challenges.

The ego set such challenges before us. Unfathomable challenges. But that way of life is behind us now, and we can celebrate. It is enough to know that we will stay in unity with others, that we are no longer alone in a cruel and dark world. The day will brighten as we see the truth of these statements. As we share, we are given. As we love, we see God’s mission accomplished through the tasks that we assume that are meant just for us.

Day 88

Walk into Your Natural State

This faulty perception of union would keep you from the goal you seek, the goal that is no goal but your only reality, the natural state in which you exist but for your decision to reject your reality and your true nature.  (C:8.12)

When we seek to reach union by way of having the upper hand, the power, in our relationships, we seek amiss. This is the “faulty perception of union” to which this quotation points. Our true nature is found not here, but our true nature is our reality. And that nature is a Self that knows no judgment, no attack, and who seeks to love always. This true nature is the nature that we embody when we have changed consciousness to the consciousness reflected in Awakening. But we are not able to make this shift in consciousness solely of ourselves.

God makes this decision, of this we have been told often. We need to realize, though, that Awakening is God’s will for us, and thus our own will as well—for our two wills are actually one, always and forever. We might think that we are not worthy of God’s action toward us in Awakening, but this somewhat misstates the case. We have to let go of all things that stand in the way of Awakening. Only this much can we do. We cannot reach Awakening from a force of personal will.

We need to give up planning, to give up attack, to give up holding judgments one against the other.

Our planning now becomes only that which we deem in our deepest heart to be needed. This is the directive that comes from the inner Self, the guidance that is internal. Previously we relied on the Holy Spirit, and He is within as well, but we nevertheless saw His guidance as standing apart from our deepest Self. It was not thus, but we were not yet ready to conceive of the Almighty in any other way. This was the way of A Course in Miracles. Now we walk the way of A Course of Love. Where before we looked to the Holy Spirit, now we look to our inner Christ Self. The time of the Holy Spirit is ending, and we are in the time of the second coming of Christ. Hence the terminology differs.

Similarly, we also give up attack and holding judgment one against the other. The two concepts are usually linked in our minds, for we attack that which seems to be difference, and inferior, to ourselves, something against which we can judge as being “wrong.”

It is not really thus. The way that we are looking upon may be less enlightened than we wish to be, but we are actually all equal in the eyes of God. Only time separates us, and time does not really exist.

So if we do these three—give up planning against contingencies to come (as a defense), give up attack, and give up judgment—we will have done quite a lot to remove the barriers that have kept God from moving in our direction with Awakening. We cannot do this alone, though—never alone. We need His help, and His help is only a heartfelt request away.

Day 89

Glimpses of Christ-consciousness Will Offer Invulnerability

An attitude of invulnerability is necessary now. It is not arrogance or a means by which to flirt with risk and danger. It is simply your reality.  (C:25.13)

We are invulnerable, though we have seemed to be anything but, so far in our experience on earth. Our reality is a reality of invulnerability, for when we are in our reality, nothing can harm us. Illusions no longer have any punching power. We do not cringe in the face of denunciations from the outside, for we know that we would be cringing in the face of illusion, and illusion can do nothing to us.

We do not test out God by getting in situations that put our physical form in harm’s way. This would be arrogance and a flirtation with risk and danger. We do not tempt God. We simply recognize that invulnerability means that no longer is struggle our way. Struggle is not the only way to growth, though it is the way that we have used heretofore in our illusory world. We grew mightily when pitted against forces greater than ourselves.

Give up this old way of reacting. We can grow easily and effortlessly, for we are not complete in all particulars when we have reached Christ-consciousness. God will still fill us out with new gifts. We will do more, not less. But we will do so from a place of repose. God seeks our rest, our relaxation, not our fervent pushing of the rock of Sisyphus up the mountain, only to have that rock fall to the foot of the mountain once again—with the process to be repeated. This is the way of the ego, which would have us seek and seek, never to find.

So ask God for invulnerability. He will respond. And in the invulnerability we will, once again, get a glimpse of the way that he would point out to us, over and over, until we get it right.

Day 90

The Time of Christ Arrives

The time of the Holy Spirit, or the time in which communication was needed between the illusion and the truth, must end in order for the truth to become the one reality.  (T3:17.8)

Truth is the one reality. And it comes, for many of us, now, after the time of the Holy Spirit and in the time of Christ. We thought that we needed an intermediary, and indeed we did. We would have been too terrified by a direct approach to God, a course that Jesus says would have been more traumatic than beatific. So, at the point of the illusion of separation, God created the Holy Spirit, an intermediary between Him and us. We are not afraid of the Holy Spirit. We do not feel uneasy in this manner of communication.

But now we are moving beyond, into true reality. We are in the time of Christ, and we listen to the indwelling spirit, the inner Christ Self. This form of guidance can less be seen as exterior to ourselves (though in truth the Holy Spirit also is not separate from us).

In the time of the Holy Spirit, He mediated between illusion and truth. But we are heading into truth without mediation now. We are strong enough to do so. God knows His children. We will head into our true reality with the strength that only God can imbue in us. And when we are strong on the inside, invulnerable, we will know the Christ Self for the first time.

Day 91

Do Not Blame the Victim

No victim is to blame for the violence done to them. No sick person is to blame for the illness within them. But you must be able to look at and see reality for what it is. Just as we are telling you that new beliefs and ideas will lead to a new reality, old beliefs and ideas let to the old reality, a reality that will still exist for some even after it changes completely for you. (T3:19.12)

This is Jesus’s definitive answer to the question of “blame the victim.” Intuitively, we have known that to blame the victim is wrong, but perhaps, with all the talk about our “creating our reality,” we lost touch with the idea that to blame the victim is misguided. We are heading into a new reality, a reality without victims. The old reality had victims, sometimes desperately so. But we need to realize that the new reality will leave aside such desperate means to an end. Our ego will have fallen away, and with it the harshness of everyday life.

What does it mean to say that we heading into a new reality? Our new reality will be salvation personified. We will know what it means to live by the intuitive guidance that comes from our inner Christ Self. We will not think of this guidance as somewhat external to ourselves, as we (erroneously) thought of the Holy Spirit. We will know that the new way that we live is coming from our essence, and that this essence is in a bonding with God, for we are a part of Him.

True reality brooks no delay in coming. It is important that we remove the blocks to Christ-consciousness, or Awakening, so that we can get on with the business of this new reality. The world needs us to remove the blocks keeping us from attaining our real potential. The world is in desperate straits. Let us act today to stop judging, stop attacking, and stop making meaningless plans.

Leave behind fear, for that was a symptom of egoic living. Walk onward, along our paths, and know that Jesus is there with us. He is there with all of us. We cannot understand this, but I personally do believe it. He can clone himself into as many parts as are needed, with his entire essence being in each part. An example of a hologram.

So we walk forward with a clear mind about what “creating our reality” really means. We don’t harbor dark thoughts that the sick did this unto themselves. This frees us to be compassionate. And we need compassion, along with love, more than anything.

Day 92

Living Our Christ-conscious Self

We discuss being what you represent in truth. We discuss the elevation of form. And what we have discussed thus far is the acceptance of form as what it is. This is the new reality you have desired. To live as who you are in form. (D:5.19)

Jesus describes in A Course of Love that it is entirely possible to live in this world in our bodies as our real Selves. He calls it occupying the “elevated Self of form.” This is a condition that is ego-less, in that we are not living the little, or personal, self that is ruled by the ego—but instead living as our Christ-conscious Self, the inner Christ Self whom we all have in our depths.

At one point Jesus talks about this situation as a new choice, never made before in our world, and he says that he will not predict the future, that he does not have the means to know what we will do with this new embodied Christ-conscious Self in form (in body).
This new choice is probably welcomed by many of us, for we are used to the physical body and have difficulty imagining ghost-like embodiments, such as we might enjoy after death. We like our bodies. We don’t like our separated state, embodying an ego that doesn’t mean us well and leads us into suffering.

The good news is that when we eliminate the blocks to love’s awareness, we can come into our own as Selves. We can be Christ-conscious, which is another way of saying Awakening or enlightenment. This new state, never before sustained, is the aim at which A Course of Love moves. A new identity. And all of us need to give up attack, give up judging, give up planning (unless guided to do so), and give up fear/anxiety. These are barriers to the new reality.

Day 93

Take the First Step into Shared Consciousness

Take the first step outside of the known reality of your conscious awareness, the learned reality of your separate consciousness, and into the realm of shared consciousness. (D:8.12)

We are not meant to be independent, as much as that flies in the face of the conditioning that our culture has given us. Our culture welcomes the gradual growth of young people, believing that when we as a young adult are standing on our own two feet, independently, we have arrived at a certain level of maturity. And we make our own judgments. Both the thoughts of mature independence and the thoughts of personal judgment are erroneous, if we believe anything that Jesus is telling us in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

We are not meant to be separate from one another in independence that increases our isolation; we are to share with others in a shared consciousness that we do not, as yet, even fully comprehend. We have psychic attunement with each other, and this is a sign of our shared consciousness. We don’t make our own decisions, our own judgments; we listen to guidance—in the case of ACIM, from the Holy Spirit; and in the case of ACOL, from the inner Christ Self.

This shared consciousness, once we are aware of it, will mean much to our progress in a new reality, a true reality. We are herein invited to take the first halting steps into that new awareness, this new business of sharing with others. Our minds, under egoic influence, want to be separate, and believe that a shared mind is infringement of our liberty. We need to think again. How nice would it be to know that others are there for us, in our deepest understandings, as given us not only by our mind but also by our heart?

We don’t have to stand in “splendid” isolation. We are not meant to be alone. Our brothers and sisters are given us in this world for a purpose, and that purpose is the communion of their spirits with our own. We have less to worry about when we know that we are not required to be isolated in independent living. We need each other. In our heart of hearts, we know this already, and now we can act on it, knowing that we are moving into grace when we do.

Day 94

You Are Never Alone

You must forgive reality for being what it is. Reality, the truly real, is relationship. You must forgive God for creating a world in which you cannot be alone. (C:6.1)

We thought that we wanted independence, autonomy. We thought that it was right and good that we stand on our own feet and make our own lives, to “do it my way.” But has this made us happy? And happiness is a function for us, as described in A Course in Miracles. Our “splendid isolation” has brought us nothing but grief. There must be another way (as Bill said to Helen, shortly before ACIM was channeled).

It is a startling idea to read that we must “forgive God for creating a world in which you cannot be alone.” We don’t realize that we have, in a sense, blamed God for the failure of our egos to establish our happiness as independent creatures, creatures not even needing God.

But it is also reassuring to know that we don’t have to struggle in isolation. We were never meant to be alone. We were meant to be sharing individuals in a caring world. This is our inheritance when we see aright. This is where we are heading as a world. To get there may take a very long time, but once begun, the end is sure.

So this definition of true reality tells us that it is relationship. Our holy relationships one to the other, I might add. This is what we will enjoy when we have given up the primacy of special relationships, relationships that are actually filled with the fear that we will be left alone and isolated. In the holy world, filled with our holy relationships, we are never alone. Others are there for us, and God Himself becomes Someone Who is not fearful to us, and so we can touch His Essence as well. Our inner Christ Self is joined to God, and with this sure foundation we walk a good earth.

Day 95

Walk into a New State of Being

A new state of being is a new reality. It is linked with your notion of who and where you are, for who you are and where you find yourself, and experience yourself, are your reality. (D:Day 29.7)

Which of us would not sometimes want a new reality? A new “you”?

I venture that this receding mirage is in a dream in all of us. And the surprising thing is that here A Course of Love says, Jesus says, that this new state of being is a new reality, a new reality that we are can have, indeed are entitled to.

What a blessing! (I say that so often,  for there are so many blessings in our reading of ACIM and ACOL.) This new reality will be one, according to ACOL, of the heart—or the heart and mind joined in twain, wholeheartedness.

This wholeheartedness is such a comfort on rainy, gray days. And even a sunny day can take on the dreariness of a gray day if we are not cognizant of our many blessings. We can have this new reality. I don’t think that the new reality comes just as we awaken; I think that it comes prior to that. In A Course in Miracles, we hear of the “happy dreams that the Holy Spirit brings,” and we are comforted. In A Course of Love, we are bade to listen to the inner Christ Self, and to be comforted thereby. (We have been told that we are living now in the time of Christ, that the time of the Holy Spirit is past.) Would it not make sense that the Self could and would comfort even before Christ-consciousness descends upon us.

I am a case in point, because I have not yet awakened. I sometimes wonder how I can help others if that is my situation, but when we are in the same boat, that help comes easily. I know where you are coming from. And some of that is frustration, for we want it all—not in an egoic sense, but right in line with divine wishes for us. Yet if we have not yet awakened, there is a reason, just one that we don’t yet know. And we can reach out and speak to those in a similar situation. We can be patient, learning through observation, vision, and revelation (from ACOL).

Day 96

Every Day in Every Way Better as We Walk into Wholeness

This change is predicated on all the changes that have come before it, including, and most particularly, on that which was most recently spoke of, that of apprehending the new reality of wholeness. It is not wholeness that is new, but the reality of wholeness that is new. The reality of being able to experience the variability of separation from within the state of wholeness is what is new. (D:Day28.8)

Have we really left separation behind? Yes, we have, though in the beginning of sensing wholeness, we will still know some of what is in the house of illusion, and that is the “variability of separation.” A Course of Love indicates that we are in the house of truth, but outside the house of illusion—because the house of truth encompasses the All, the house of illusion as well.

We don’t try to go back in and pull out those who are still trapped within the house of illusion; that is not our task, our role. We witness from the house of truth. And that is all.

Wholeness is a blessing that ought to be sought, for our sight is much keener when we are seeing the whole. What does wholeness mean? It seems to me to be the last step on the pathway to Christ-consciousness, surely the greatest wholeness of all. If we see in totality, we see accurately, but this does not mean that we are still always lost in illusions of what true reality really means. We have moved beyond that, and we have indeed made great progress to have done so.

We are after true reality, and the reality of wholeness is new to us. This creation of the new is a major theme of A Course of Love. We would leave behind our leaden feet as we walk sprightly on, with Jesus holding our hand. He will do so, though no one on earth can imagine how that might be. Perhaps he clones himself; perhaps souls that are very advanced can do such things. Seeing and sensing Jesus have been reported by many in traditional Christianity, and so this assertion (which occurred in A Course in Miracles) does seem more plausible than not.

The means are there for us. We need only ask for help. And then the reality of wholeness will be a surety for us. We will not wander, aimless and alone, in a forest of malcontent. Every day will get better, an improvement over the one before.

Day 97

Feel Your Heart’s Leanings

Now this power is available to assist you in accomplishing the final joining, the joining that will end duality and return you to wholeness—to who you truly are—in the reality in which you truly exist.  (D:Day29.3)

We are joining with the inner Christ, the Self with a capital “S.” Is this so hard? I think not. We begin to look within for our answers, we begin to look within for our guidance, and we don’t sway back and forth between egoic leanings and true leanings, the latter being leanings that are encouraged by the Self.

Much is said in A Course of Love about being who we truly are. The final parts of the Dialogues, the concluding book, say this, over and over. Being who we are is not any harder than joining with the inner Self. But it does take some practice, because we are so used to living a persona that satisfied the ego. We have to realize, once and for all, that we have left the ego behind now. We are living better, we hope. We are thinking better, we hope. The world, including our world but not limited to it, depends on our moving beyond the ego to loftier concerns.

Joining with the Christ Self may take some praying, some communing with God. Jesus says in ACOL that the miracle is the prayer. And miracles are not specific, but all-embracing. We think so much in specifics, a habit left over from the ego, and to think specifics is often wrong-minded. Enlarge the scope of your mind to include the heart, and watch the specificity drop away. It will.

And we will have a better day for living in a heartfelt manner

Day 98


This is no more complicated than ending the rift between mind and heart. You have accomplished that and you can accomplish this—in your reality. As you realize by now, all this talk of accomplishment is merely about bringing forward what already exists into the reality in which you exist. Another way of saying this is bringing who you are into wholeness, which can be interpreted both as bringing all that you are into existence and as bringing all that you are into existence in union.  (D:Day29.3 – 29.4)

This quotation says it all in succinct fashion. But it takes some rereading. We are joining mind and heart into wholeness, what Jesus calls “wholeheartedness.” We can accomplish this; it is within our power. We are trying to move toward union one with the other, and one with our inner Self. The two are not contradictory or even diverse in meaning, for we are One with ourselves as well as One with others, including the God who encompasses everything that exists.

We need this union. We will be bereft until we have it, even though we may not now recognize what is missing. When we join with our significant others, don’t we feel a blessing? Don’t we recognize that we are coming home? It is just this way with the inner Self. And we are now The Accomplished (from ACOL), which says that we can and ought to make this transition into true reality.

Day 99

Sense the Vibes

Imagine the air around you being visible and your form an invisible space within the visible surroundings. This is the reality of Christ-consciousness. Consciousness may seem to be embodied by form but the reverse is true and has always been true. (D:Day12.2)

The assertion in this quotation may seem very strange indeed. But there is a Oneness to reality that we often miss. The Self that we are exists out in the open; inside, we all too often miss the mark, especially if we haven’t yet opened to the inner Christ. Our little bodies don’t keep the Self apart from our environment. Intuitively we know this, for do we not sense “vibes” that are seemingly outside of us? Of course, we all do sense these vibes, though we may not, until later on, put much credence in them.

Now is the time to put credence in vibes. We will live much better, for these psychic attunements are evidence that we are opening to a larger reality.

So consciousness is outside of our physical bodies, our physical form. We are a solid mass of physicality in our bodies, but we exist in the ether. We are not isolated, encased in bodies. When we think about this a little, we will be reassured.

Despite what the ego used to tell us, we don’t really want to be so independent of each other. We know, somehow, somewhere, that we are mean to be in concert with one another. This sharing of being is what life is really all about, what life is about when it is truly lived.

Let’s truly live life today, sharing and in concert with one another.

Day 100

Our World Has No Boundaries

Through this transparency, the reality of the One Self being also the many, or the all, is apparent. The spaciousness of love, the lovely complexity of form, the awesome majesty of nature, all are visible within the One Self because of the invisibility of the one boundary-less Self of form.  (D:Day13.6)

This quotation is part of the theology of A Course of Love, and it needs some context. We are said, once we reach Christ-consciousness, to live in a “spacious self.” This spacious self, encompasses areas outside of ourselves, enfolding others, whether they be exhibiting positive or negative traits. But others are not badly influenced by this enfoldment; they are helped by it, for we are all One Self, One with God. Our Self is therefore “boundary-less,” even though we have form, physical bodies.

We see many other bodies that don’t all look as we do, and this is part of the “complexity of form.” But we don’t make judgments, as did the ego, about these other bodies that are diverse. We welcome such complexity, some diversity, yet knowing all the while that we are really One with others, One with God, and One in our innermost being, the inner Christ Self.

Don’t let the theology throw you. Jesus doesn’t require that we understand with our thinking mind. He wants us to experience with our open heart. And in the openness of heart, we will come to experience and to understand.

And that is all that is required.

Day 101

No Longer Isolated, We Are One in Relationship

Relationship is the invisible reality only expressed in form.  (D:Day14.9)

We are individuals meant to be in relationship one to the other; we don’t have to imagine that the best way is to be isolated, alone, independent, doing it “our way.” We are meant to share with others this existence on earth. We were created for each other. That is why there are so many of us.

So: Relationship is the reality, expressed in form. If we didn’t have our physical bodies, our forms, we would be less inclined to imagine that we ought to remain concretely separate. Since we do have form, but we know that we are really One in unity with the All, then it is in relationship that our identity is best expressed.

This assertion, in the quotation above, is a milestone in our attempts to understand what Jesus is saying in A Course of Love. If we can understand unity (we are One) and relationship (we are nevertheless many), then we will have solved a great puzzle. And we won’t stand independent and isolated, by choice, any longer. We will know that we were created for each other.

Day 102

The Detour into Fear

Thus, the son’s participation in the idea of separation seemed to bring about a completely reshaped life, a destiny different than that which had already been written. Yet this participation could not but proceed from the original idea and could not proceed in reality but only in the external aspect of life that preceded it. The idea of separation changed nothing in reality, but became a drama acted out upon a stage so real that it seemed to be reality.  (C:12.22)

We are, like Shakespeare said, characters in a dream, writing and carrying out a drama in which we star. There is nothing wrong with play-acting, but we have hurt ourselves in the process of following illusions. We don’t realize that we are in a make-believe situation; we take it all so seriously. And that is part of our problem. We are in a “drama acted out upon a stage so real that it seemed to be reality.”

Let’s try to be cognizant of the drama so that we will be in a preparatory state to awakening from this insane play.

Day 103

Reach Out to God

To know what you now know, and remain aware only of the reality of the separated self, would not sustain Christ-consciousness in form. (D:3.16)

We need to reach beyond just the separated state, for awareness of a mistake is not sufficient to get us out of that mistake. We need to reach out to God, immanent in ourselves as the inner Christ Self. We also need to see Christ in others, for we are not separate from them anymore than we are separate internally.

This created the separate and the unloved in your perception, and your perception created an unreal reality of the separate and unloved, often referred to as hell or hell on earth.  (D:Day16.15)

Are we really living in a hell on earth? In some respects we are.

But we can walk out of this hell by following guidance of the Holy Spirit (ACIM) or the Christ Self (ACOL). Our days will be brighter. We will be happier. And we will come, eventually, to know separation no longer. For it has always and alone been illusion. Our own delusion about reality.

Day 104

We Are Not Isolated Specks of Darkness

You learn your concept of using others from the reality you have made in which you use the body that you call your home and identify as your own self.  (C:9.32)

We ought not to find ourselves in other people, taking from them what we think we don’t embody. And all of us have done this. In fact, it is the principal thing operating in a romantic relationship that seems to hold out the promise of “everything” to us. We are seeing in the other what we think we lack, and we reach out and try to grab.

This will never work long-term. Only when we realize that the romantic relationship is destined to become holy, not special, are we on the right road.

Day 105

Recover What We Have Lost

Your Self and God will be but memories to you while your reality remains that of the physical experience and the personal self.  (T3:13.2)

We are remembering when we reach back to the Self and God, for once we knew what both of these entities meant. We need only recover what we have lost, and all will be well. While we seek release only in the physical experience, we won’t remember accurately. We will be lost in a personal, “little,” self that is a pale shadow of the Self who we really are.

And we deserve better. Jesus would have us experience better. And we can do so when we reach the elevated Self of form, a form that embodies the Self as well as physicality.

There is not better way to recognize that form has always deceived than to be lifted up to the real Self. Then the form has a glorified purpose. Then and only then are we on the right track.

Day 106


Mary is called upon now as the myth to end all myths for in this example life alone is the key to the riddle provided. (C:8.11 – 8.12)

Mary gets a lot of attention in A Course of Love. She is said to have lived a life of “being,” not “doing,” and this is said to be the wave of the future (not an exact quote). She was an example life, just as was Jesus.

When we contemplate the myth/truth of Mary, we come closer to understanding why the Atonement happened at all. Not the crucifixion, but the resurrection. This was Jesus’s most important contribution, and never does he say in A Course in Miracles or A Course of Love that the resurrection never happened. We are left to wonder “how.” And in the wondering, we rise above doubt and embrace truth as we see it.


Day 107

Do Not Judge

To realize the difference between truth and illusion is not to call one right and the other wrong but to simply recognize what they are. This is an important distinction that must be kept in mind as we proceed so that you are not tempted to judge those living in illusion or their reality. Their reality does not exist. Believing in the reality of illusion will never make it the truth.  (T3:11.13)

Many are still living in illusion. All are living in illusion until the truth dawns. And then things are never the same again. We are freed to live in reality.

We are not to judge others. This is traditional Christian thought, of course, and Jesus says the same in the Treatise on the Personal Self, in ACOL. If we give up our judgments, we will be removing one barrier to coming Christ-consciousness.

Need we not to make this choice today?

Day 108

Turn Aside from the Mind to the Heart

What is learned by the mind only rearranges reality. The mind then holds to the new reality as a new set of rules without change. It sees reality through these new mental constructs and calls this way of seeing new. In order to support its new reality it must insist that others follow these new rules.  (C:1.2)

All the mind can do is rearrange reality and hold it still and captive and rule bound.  (C:1.5)

We must understand that A Course of Love downplays the mind, in large part, I think, due to the fact that the mind has previously been ego-oriented. ACOL emphasizes the heart, which doesn’t get changed by the egoic mind, and which often gives us the solace that the mind cannot. We do learn, as we get deeper in A Course of Love, that the mind and heart need to combine into a state termed “wholeheartedness,” because we cannot function without the mind and heart working together. Our mind is now pretty much free of the ego, if we have been faithfully reading and taking to heart the instructions in ACOL.

Thus we learn at the beginning of ACOL that the mind is dealing in constructs that mislead. We also want others to follow the rules that our mind has laid down.

Quickly we can realize that this won’t work, not long and not well. What are we to do, but deemphasize the mind as we move farther into A Course of Love?

The mind only rearranges reality.   Is this anything that we would want?

Day 109

 Mind vs. Heart

The mind will attempt to understand with its own logic and fight the logic of the heart. The mind will see new rules and perhaps be willing to rearrange its reality once again.

The mind is its own reality. You cannot escape the mind’s reality with the mind. You cannot learn how to escape the reality of the mind with the mind’s pattern of learning or of logic. You cannot live in a new and fresh world and retain the mind’s reality.  (C:1.8 – 1.9)

These quotations do not say so, but the way to turn aside from the mind’s view of reality is to trust the heart’s prompting. We have to get outside the mind to see what it is really doing. It won’t destroy its own constructs about reality. We don’t want to destroy anything, because violence makes what we would eliminate. We simply gently turn aside, basking in the warmth of the heart’s inner knowing.

And by so doing does our little world come around alright again.

Day 110

Choose the Joy of Heaven Every Day

You can label joy heaven and pain hell and seek the middle ground for your reality thinking there are more than these two choices. A life of little joy and little pain is seen as a successful life, for a life of joy is seen as nothing more than a daydream, a life of pain a nightmare. (C:2.7)

This quotation is only a partial quotation, but the entire passage indicates that Jesus here is not advocating a middle ground. We don’t want to be halfway between heaven and hell. We want to be entirely in heaven, and this is not something that has to wait for the afterlife, the Other Side.

We can know joy here, joy to a substantial extent that blesses us with each and every day. We may not always have positive things happen to us, but although we may know some pain, we don’t have to see this escalate into suffering. Our attitude is everything. We can see the joy in the midst of any adverse life circumstances that come our way. We don’t have to choose the middle way of little joy and little pain.

There is some magical thinking going on in our minds when we select the middle way. We think that if we don’t reach too high, the gods won’t strike us down. But we don’t believe in plural gods. And God Himself doesn’t punish, though we probably were brought up to believe that He punished us if we did “bad” things.

Get this egoic thinking out of the way. Choose joy today. Pray for a more positive outlook for whatever circumstances surround you in your life.

The way to see life as heaven is mapped out for us in A Course of Love.  We need look no farther for the newest revelations in our spiritual lives.

Day 111

Misery and Despair Are Madness

If you believe even the tiniest fraction of what is true, if you but believe you are a small part of God no bigger than a pinprick of light in a daunting sun, you still cannot believe in the reality of misery and despair. If you do, you believe this is the state of God as well.  (C:2.12)

We are one with God, and so in this context the quotation makes sense. We need to realize that the misery and despair that we wallow in is insanity, nothing more. But insanity is very hard to overcome, and the solution does not always come easily. The solution is Awakening, or Christ-consciousness, and not many people have currently reached this state. I, for one, have not, though I long for this place of “carry water, chop wood” that the Eastern religions extol.

We must realize that our misery and despair are insanity, and when we do believe this, we are on the road home.

Nothing bad has happened to us except that we dreamed a bad dream, and we continue to sleep in bad dreams. Happy dreams will come before enlightenment, and it is these that will save us now.

We are part of God, and so with communion with our depths, our way out is assured. Cling to this in the hard times. God is a very present Force in our lives, and the nearer we get to enlightenment, the more real He becomes. A Course in Miracles recommends the Holy Spirit as a Mediator, but A Course of Love indicates that, no longer afraid of God, we can approach Him more directly.

And this direct approach will take us out of any and all misery and despair. Approach God and see if this is not your truth as well.

Day 112

Struggle Is Not Meant to Be

Just as you eat to still your hunger only to become hungry again, so does the rest of your life need constant maintenance to retain the reality you have given it. ‘Struggle to succeed and succeed to struggle yet another day’ is the life you have made, and the life you fear heaven would replace.  (C:6.13)

We have made such a mess as we sought to make the reality that we wanted in this world. How many of us really are addicted to struggle, think that it is virtuous?

I think many of us are. We think that hard work is its own reward, but, oh, are we so wrong. Life is not meant to be a struggle. We are meant to live peaceably and in contentment. Until we change our goals, we will not understand this directive. We will think that we are missing the mark if we drop struggle, because the ego made everything a struggle, as though we wouldn’t measure up unless we constantly worked.

Day 113

Remembering Creation Falsely

And yet the very reality that you have set up—the reality of not being able to succeed in what you must constantly strive to do—is a situation set up to provide relationship. Like everything else you have remembered of creation and made in its image, so too is this.  (C:9.26)

We still find ourselves in relationship one to the other, even in our egoic state of mind prior to getting a glimpse of true reality. We have “remembered” part of what creation really meant for us, but we have remembered it in only a pale reflection of what it is. This remembering is commonplace in our world, but we don’t normally recognize what we are remembering—that we are seeing a pristine world prior to the fall into insanity.

We can let ourselves off the hook. We have so often chastised ourselves for failing. But this is not the issue. Our egos have set up the world for us to fail, because the ego is constantly being undone. If the ego were not being undone, we would ultimately be lost, seeing no way out. That the ego fails repeatedly is a lesson that we will one day come to see, and this lesson offers us the first glimmerings of our way out—our way to salvation.

Choose a day without struggle. If there is something that you don’t want to do, but think you should—just choose not to do that activity. Find out from your reticence what is going on is this non-productive state of mind. You may find that you have been walking along the wrong pathway, and your true reality is trying to let you know. You can always try this activity tomorrow if the experiment proves unfruitful. But I think that you will learn great things by listening to the small Voice that warns against the activity for which you have no motivation. There is a reason for no motivation. Listen and be forewarned.

Day 114

The Ego Is Best Left Behind

This is your reenactment of creation, begun each morning and completed each night. Each day is your creation held together by the thought system that gave it birth. To observe this is to see its reality. To see this reality is to see the image of God you have created in God’s likeness.  (C:8.24)

The word “ego” is not used in this quotation, but that is what I think is meant. When we live with the ego, we reenact creation, but in a skewed way, to our detriment. We have images of ourselves, other people, and God. And these images are idols. Let’s give up this foolishness now. Let’s listen to A Course of Love when it tells us, metaphorically, that the ego is dead in us. We are proceeding as Jesus encourages, leaving ego behind, developing an identity with our inner Christ Self. This Self will then direct us, just as the Holy Spirit did in the last era. We have, according to ACOL, moved out of the time of the Holy Spirit and into the time of Christ. Let’s act as though we believe this. The action will then lead to the belief.

So true reality is definitely not the ego’s frame of mind. This is something that we have known now for a long time. But, because we are mortal, and fallible, and subject to making mistakes, we forget, and we fall back into egoic ways of thinking. Then we backtrack, losing our place on the pathway to enlightenment, for there can be no compromise with the ego that leads to Christ-consciousness.

How do we leave the ego behind? The most forward-thinking action is to consciously do nothing that is egotistical. “Ego” and “egotistical” do not quite mean the same things, but there is a close relationship. The ego is the persona that we have adopted, whereas egotistical thinking and actions play out that persona in our everyday world.

We don’t have to live this way. There is a better way, outlined in ACOL. Let’s take steps along that better pathway today and every day. Let nothing dissuade you. This change of mind, and this listening that we are giving the heart, is far too important to the future of the world to let ourselves backslide.

Day 115

In Separation from God, We Have Distorted Reality

Is it so impossible to imagine that what God created was distorted by your desire to have your reality be other than what it is? Have you not seen this kind of distortion take place within the reality you do see?  (C:9.28)

Eons ago, when the “tiny, mad idea” (from A Course in Miracles) took hold, we thought that we would make a world that we would like better than the one that God envisioned and created for us. This was indeed madness. But, like adolescents, we forged ahead, and he made the decision to let us exert the free will with which He had endowed us. And what a mess we made for ourselves!

This was the detour into fear, the detour from true reality. And it is only now, in Christ-consciousness, that we have a chance to recoup what we have lost—the true meaning of reality as God intended it for us.

We know that this world is a place of madness. We know this if we have even an inkling of how badly things have gone for us. We have pain that escalates into suffering, and we feel so alone in all the world.

But now we are finding our way back, making out way back on the carpet laid out before us. We are heading backward into time (an ACIM concept), to the place that we left. And we tell ourselves that everything will be better this time. We know better now, we know better from hard experience. We cannot get along without God, as much as we might think we can. He made us to commune with Him, our Maker, and the extent to which we do so fuels the pace at which we right our world again.

Don’t be satisfied with a partial world of adolescent rebellion today. Free will is a great gift, but not when it is misused. Ask deeply, today if you like what you have made. The answer, if asked honestly, will be “no.” Then set about to get the guidance needed to create as elevated Selves of form with the God of our greater imaginings.

He will be there waiting for our return. He has never left us. He has always been waiting for our return to sanity. And that sanity is now beckoning us for a great Awakening.

Day 116

Prayer Says Good-bye to Fear

To use prayer only as a means of reaching out to a god seen as separate is to attempt to use what cannot be used. . .Prayers such as these emanate from either heart or mind and have not the power of the wholehearted. Prayers such as these emanate from the state of fear that is the reality of the separated self.  (C:6.5)

All of us have prayed as though we were in a foxhole. These are the desperate prayers, when we are very vulnerable, for whatever reason. And all of us grew up seeing God as an all-powerful Eye Who could see anything that we were doing, and Who would mostly punish us if we did something that was “wrong.”

It is impossible to avoid these concepts of God. But the time has come for a more mature concept of the Deity. We believe, if we follow A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, that God is within, that we are all “God-stuff,” and that when we turn inward, we connect with Something both very deep and very high. We see this illusory world as a product of projection from within, yet we sense also that there is a Higher Reality, a reality that we long to experience.

When we turn inward and pray real prayers, our prayers are heard, but by a God Who does not feel inspired by our illusory fear. He will still listen, of course, but we are in a compromised state of mind and heart when we pray out of fear, and we often feel that our prayers have not reached the ceiling, that we have not been heard. This is because fear is a barrier to touching the Divine. It keeps us from what we most want.

There is a way around this. First, calm the mind and heart in whatever ways you have discovered work for you. For some, this is meditation. For some, it is reading the Workbook lessons that are a part of A Course in Miracles. For some, it is as mundane as deep breathing. But unless the mind and heart are somewhat calm, our prayers convict us of things that we think we have done wrong. And this isn’t a fruitful state in which we touch God.

We aren’t reaching to a God beyond the stars. It is nearer than our breath. And always there. He does not punish, however much we think that we deserve punishment. He is always present to listen. But from deep within us. Not outside.

Day 117

We Have Existed in Fear

While your mind did not accept the truth of your identity or the reality of love without fear, it existed in a reality of fear and judgment, and bound heart and body to this reality. (T4:7.5)

This is the old way of thinking, a way that ACIM and ACOL sought to dismantle. We used to fear mightily, and we may still have flights of fear, but there ought to be some lessening by now. Our egoic mind is falling apart, finally, and we are living in a better personal world than we have ever known before. We may still have painful elements to our world, but the suffering (you may have observed) has lessened. This is because the ego has smelled defeat, and while the throes of the death process may be acute, they are not unending.

Leave behind fear and judgment as a decision of the mind and heart. Walk into the sunlight of a new world created by a loving God Whom we are coming to recognize, often for the first time.

Day 118

We Are “Enough”

You may have left behind aspirations of wealth, and replaced them with ideas of having more time, more fulfilling work, simpler pleasures, and yet you still see your new state as one that does not touch upon this aspect of ‘reality.’ The better life you might attain will be a by-product rather than the effect of Cause.

Here is the real of the old ‘reality’ most solid and unrelenting. Not having “enough” is the
“reality” of your life because it was the reality of the learning life.  (D:Day3.22 – 3.23)

There are several ideas in this quotation that need some explanation. Surprisingly, perhaps, A Course of Love says that we are heading away from the time of learning through intermediaries, especially the reading and studying that we have done. We are heading into the place of observation of the world and what it contains, and then discovery of reality. We, we are told, are living in the time of Christ, and we need no intermediaries, not even the Holy Spirit, for the time of the Holy Spirit has now passed.

Of course, we may not even know from whence our guidance is coming. I have friends who still hold dear the Holy Spirit, and I don’t think that Jesus would downplay their inclinations. The Holy Spirit is a part of the Trinity, which includes the inner Christ Self we are to follow now. So as long as seek mightily to follow the guidance that we ask to receive, I think that we will be alright.

Why do we think that we don’t have “enough”? Is it not lingering fear of what the future will bring, whether or not we will be taken care of in this problematic world? Our unreal reality is of a world that doesn’t give us what we need, but we have to bear part of the blame for this, because we have been looking in all the wrong places. We are now to look outward at a new, true reality, one that doesn’t seek for inferior goals. We don’t necessarily need the soft life that we may have replaced the goals of ambition.

Our true reality is yet to be written. Jesus says, toward the end of A Course of Love, that he won’t be predictive, that not even he has the knowledge to know where we are heading, what we can create. But one thing is sure: The transformation of ourselves to a more perfect, elevated Self, is inevitable once we seek out the answers, answers that are there in our given world to observe and to discover. Look around you today, and see if you don’t notice a clearer world than you have previously observed or discovered. The clarity is God’s gift to us as we walk ever farther on the pathway home.

Day 119

A New Choice

A choice for a new kind of experience that has led to the creation of an unreal reality so populated by the god-like and the god-less, so near to replacing creation with destruction, so hate- and pain-filled, that you have been moved to a new choice.  (D:Day36.15)

What a promise this quotation holds: a new choice! We don’t have to live such a pain-filled life ever again; we can so create that the lamentable happenings of the past are a distant memory, never to be revisited.

We have made a god who is god-like (because we have some dim memory of what God is really like), but who is really god-less. And we have made a world of destructive tendencies, hate- and pain-filled, because we were living insanely. Nobody in their right mind would make the world that we have had to live in; certainly our loving God did not create it.

This belief is central to A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, that God did not create the world that we inhabit. Not all of us are ready to accept this idea yet, but as long as the germ of an idea is planted, we may come further along to this point of view in time.

God is here to rescue us, though. He never left us all alone in an illusory, mad universe. He always stood ready to retrieve us for a real world of joy and harmony. And it is this reality, this true reality, before which we stand poised today. We cannot give up the pain-filled illusion without realizing that someone quite out of their mind made this insanity. And God is not insane. Our new reality rests on a solid Foundation.

Let us make the new choice today. Let us look within for guidance as to what type of true reality we wish to inhabit. And then take the steps given us to create that new peace in a new world.

There can be no better way to spend today.

Day 120

Sharing Is Better than Splendid Isolation

You must forgive God for creating a shared reality before you can understand it is the only one you would want to have. You have to forgive this reality for being different than you have always imagined it to be. (C:6.1)

We often want things for ourselves alone. We don’t want to share.

This attitude probably came from childhood, when our parents tried to get us to share with our brothers and sisters. Children don’t like to share. Now that we are adults, we often feel the same way. We want mine!

Sharing is the way of God’s world. We are not independent creatures, set in isolation in this world. We are amid many, many other individuals, our brothers and sisters, with whom we share our experience here. We need each other. This is a sometimes disturbing truth about our lives. We don’t want to need others. We think (along the ego’s thought lines) that if we are autonomous, we will not need anybody else. We will stand on our own two feet, independently; this is, we think, for maturity is all about.

But we are wrong. And when we recognize that maturity doesn’t demand autonomous living, we will open our hearts, at first ever so little, to other people.

We will live better when we have opened our hearts. Indeed, the heart is the way that Jesus is reaching us in A Course of Love. The heart knows truths that the mind cannot fathom. And we know better how to live when we let the heart guide.

Try sharing just a bit of yourself today. If this seems too threatening, tell yourself that it is just an experiment. See if you don’t have a day that flows better.

Sharing works.  Sharing with our brothers and sisters is the way that we are meant to walk in this world. We don’t lose anything by sharing; all gifts belong to all of us, but nothing is taken from any one.

God will bless you when you reach out to others, giving your gifts freely to others, even as you enjoy those gifts also. The way back home is walked two by two, holding our brother’s hand, holding Jesus’s hand. There is no better way to live maturely.

We have truly grown up when we recognize that keeping our gifts close to our chests does not help anybody, lest of all ourselves.

Day 121

Listen to the Holy Spirit or Christ Self as True Reality Passes through You

It is in the passing through that creates the intersection. Everything within your world and your day must pass through you in order to gain reality. While you think of this as everything outside of yourself, please, when thinking of this, use the words I have provided: everything within your world. In the act of pass-through you assign meaning to everything within your world. The meaning you assign becomes the reality of the object you have assigned meaning to.  (C:22.9)

Reality must “pass through” us for us to understand how to create a new world. Jesus uses the example of the sections of an onion to make his point, though the point is somewhat difficult to follow and needs some explanation. When everything in the world comes to our attention, it “passes through” us, and we assign meaning to it. This meaning now seems to encapsulate everything that the true meaning really is. But we may be wrong.

The fact that we may be wrong about what passes through us is cause for pause and reflection. Even if wrong, the meaning that we assign to something seen as external is all the meaning that, to us, it is going to have. Consequently, we make a world. The world may be illusion, though. And Jesus is here introducing his thought that we will eventually want to live in a new world, a new world that we have created freshly. And this new world will be true reality.

What passes through is given a kind of reality, even if the bottom line is that this “reality” is actually illusion. We would have meaning assigned to true reality instead. We would look at our outer world and give no credence to those egoic aspects that entrap us so. We would seek the evidence of true reality in the projections that we make from within. These projections will then take on the hue and color of true reality, and we will be at home in a world that is no longer mad.

Day 122

Use Imagination to Create a New World

Still you find it difficult to believe that what is possible depends upon what you can imagine being possible. You must cease to see the difficulty and begin to see the ease with which what you can imagine becomes reality. (C:23.17)

A Course of Love takes us from a different place than A Course in Miracles. In many respects, A Course of Love is a continuation, as the book says,  of ACIM, and we have grown through our understanding of ACIM to stand at a different place, a better place in our search for salvation.

We can use our better vision to imagine a better world. And Jesus says that these imaginings will bear fruit. We easily create a new world. We don’t have to struggle ever again. The way is clear, the way is safe. We are walking a safe earth.

We earlier might have thought that it would be a lot of work to move into a new world. But Jesus says that this difficulty is not there. We can imagine with ease, and in the imagining we ourselves take ourselves, through the Self, to a better world. Our work is not finished, but just begun—yet the way does not seem long to us, and the way seems joyous to us. We are following a higher plan to create a better world. We change ourselves internally first, of course, for nothing born of the ego can change meaningfully. When we have divested ourselves of the ego, we will move swiftly into a new creation. And we will move with ease, as this quotation says.

Day 123

Mindfulness Shows the Way

The very word “remember,” as well as the concept of memory, implies mindfulness and the ability to reproduce or recall both what has been learned and what has been previously experienced. This reproducing and recollecting are acts of creation. They do not bring back a reality that once was but transform that reality into a present moment experience.  (C:1.4)

We are remembering what we have always, on some level in our minds and hearts, known. The way back to God is a retracing of our steps, and this retracing is the memory that comes back to us. Our reality is not from the past, though, but a present moment experience. We live in the Now.

We are creating when we remember. We are living in the present moment, creating. This way of living is joyous in the extreme, for we do not dwell on past follies. We move ahead to a better future.

Jesus says that the retracing of our steps, as though on a carpet that will be rolled up, taking us back in time, is necessary to our transformation. And he corrects all mistakes that we, in this procedure, cannot correct. His way shows us the way. We recollect or remember what we need to recollect or remember in order to move forward into a new world, a new world that we are creating each day that we live.

We are to be mindful in our days. This mindfulness will pave the way to a better future. Just think about what you are doing as you walk through your day. Don’t do anything on automatic pilot. This exercise will give many blessings, the least of which is a better day, the most of which might be the bestowal of Christ-consciousness.

Ask today to have Jesus show you the way. He will not dally in answering your request.

Day 124

Knowing Does Not Entail Belief

Thus the absence of good health is disease; the absence of peace is conflict, the absence of truth illusion. This belief does not accept that there is only one reality and that it must exist where you are.

We are moving you now away from all such beliefs to a knowing that precludes the need for belief at all.

Yes, I have said that contrast is a favored teaching device of the Holy Spirit. But I have not yet said that the time of the Holy Spirit is ending even though I have stated that the time of second coming of Christ is here.  (C:7.2 – 7.4)

Nowhere in A Course in Miracles nor A Course of Love does Jesus promise his physical return, through reincarnation or any other means.  But he does say, adamantly, that the time of the Second Coming is now.  What does he mean by this?

We can be assured that we are living in resurrected times, in the time of the resurrection.  This is another way of saying that our time to reach Christ-consciousness is at hand.  And we can also understand from reading ACOL that it is easier in this time to reach Awakening.  Others have longed for the time that we have now.  The “celestial speedup” that A Course in Miracles inaugurated is well underway.

So the bottom line is that we don’t know for sure what Jesus really means.  We must turn to our inner Christ Spirit to know if we are on the right track.  And keep in mind that we may be surprised by the ease with which we reach Christ-consciousness in this new day.  This may be the second coming of Christ that Jesus is talking about in A Course of Love.

We who live in the time of Christ, now, are living in the one true reality, a reality that exists where we are. We don’t have to learn by contrast any longer, though that was often the way of the Holy Spirit (whose time is past). Contrast highlighted the difference between the egoic way of life, and the way of life of the truth. The ego was not the truth, never and always. The way of the truth is the way of the wholehearted joining of mind and heart to a new reality of peace and contentment. We live in that reality that we choose, and choosing anew will benefit us mightily.

We can have good health, peace, and truth in our experience. We don’t have to experience the opposite of these blessings to experience fully. We can just know. And in the knowing we have found our way back. We are living the truth of existence once again. Never fear that we will be led astray, for such is not possible if we listen to the Christ Self who dwells within each of us.

Just as the Holy Spirit used to guide us, now the Christ Self does so. The Self is also internal, just as the Holy Spirit was, and the change in terminology is a bit obscure. But the reason is that we are incorporating ever more closely the matters of God. We are joined with God, and we talk to Him without fear. No longer do we need an intermediary (Holy Spirit) because of our fear.

Our lives are certain now. We are contented. The drama of the past is over, and with good reason, for we have walked into the future with Christ. Our time of Christ has done this for us.

Day 125

Miracles Appear Right before Our Amazed Eyes

Miracles create an out-of-pattern time interval. Thus living in a state of miracle-readiness is the creation of a new reality outside of the pattern of ordinary time. Although this state exists as the already accomplished, it is up to you to create it for yourself.  (C:6.9)

This quotation, about miracles, is part of the theology of A Course of Love, but it builds on the theology of A Course in Miracles. The salient point is the “out-of-time” aspect of miracles. Jesus first said in ACIM that he would arrange space and time to allow us to work the miracles that he picked out for us to work. Not any of us understand how he can do this, but he has said many other things that strain credulity, and I trust him on this. He follows up the ACIM assertion with this point in ACOL: “Miracles create an out-of-pattern time interval.”

What are we to make of this? Miracles are outside time and space. By the very nature of their occurrence, miracles are a one-time thing. And we don’t always know when we have performed a miracle. The miracle may mean something to somebody else, but with a lost meaning on us.

The time of that miracles take thus creates another reality, a new reality outside, as we have said, ordinary time. We must agree to work this new creation. We are not left out of the equation.

This state of miracle readiness is already accomplished, but our cooperation is necessary for the miracle to work. We have to be there. Then we will see changes in our world that we never dreamed of. The new world will be created right before our amazed eyes.

Day 126

Turn Aside from Illusion in Favor of Truth

Now you must imagine yourself walking outside of the doors of this house of illusion and finding a completely new reality beyond its walls. . . .Yet you soon will find that this new reality is known to you and requires no new learning at all.  (T3:9.3)

Jesus goes into great detail about the house of illusion and the House of Truth, saying that the house of illusion (where we have been living) is always contained inside the House of Truth. Now that we are emerging from the house of illusion, we note that there are explosions within, that its foundation is crumbling. Once outside, though, we are encouraged (really told point blank) that we should not attempt to reenter the house of illusion. That is finished for us now, even though our loved ones may still reside there. We are to help while outside the walls of the house of illusion, residing in the house of truth.

Day 127

House of Truth

These words, truth and peace and love, are interchangeable in the house of truth as their meaning there is the same. These words, like the words House of Truth represent an awareness of a new reality, a new dwelling place.  (T3:11.3)

How then, do you access and live within this new reality, this new beginning? Through living by the truth.  (T3:15.12)

Living in the House of Truth, we know truth, peace, and love in a way that we never have before. We are indeed in a new dwelling place and a new reality. We are living in a new world that we have helped to create.

Our lives will never be the same.

            Jesus says a great deal about the “truth” in A Course of Love, but what he means may at first be obscure to us. He is setting truth aside, and opposite from, illusion. And we are very familiar with the concept of illusion, for we have lived this way for eons.

We live in this new reality, this new beginning, when we set aside illusion for all time. We are getting a fresh start.

And Jesus is right there by our side, helping us.

Day 128

We Have a Loving and Compassionate God

Remember, the heart must abide in the reality where you think you are. Only through your mind’s acceptance of your new reality has the heart been freed to exist in the new reality that is the state of unity and relationship.  (T4:4.16)

Jesus stresses “unity and relationship” repeatedly in A Course of Love, so much so that we are apt to forget what he is really saying. We are One with All, but we are differentiated into parts, and these parts have relationship with each other. This includes everything, living and dead, but Jesus usually refers just to living things when he talks.

Our mind has been tutored by the heart, and therein a change has taken place. No longer egoic, the mind now joins with the trusting and loving heart to form what Jesus calls “wholeheartedness.” Our mind has thus accepted a new reality, and this new reality we all know in the fullness of unity and relationship.

Day 129

Our Natural State

As your natural state returns to you through a heart and mind joined in unity, your body too will exist or abide within this natural state. It cannot help to, as it, just like your heart, exists in the state or reality in which you think you are. The only thing that has created an unreal reality for your heart and body has been the inability of the mind to join the truth with your conscious awareness.  (T4:7.5)

Your heart knows the reality of this truth, knows that this new reality is real and different from the reality of old. Ideally, mind and heart in union together accept this new reality and, with this acceptance, the heart is freed to dwell in the house of the Lord, the new world, the Kingdom that has already been prepared and so needs no preparation.  (D:1.6)

Our bodies are form, but they too join with us in unity and relationship. We heretofore lived in illusion, and there is some question about whether the physical is still illusion once we have reached Christ-consciousness, are seeing with new eyes, and living with unity and relationship. Certainly we have the reality of harmony, joy, peace, certainty, in a way that has been denied us previously. And these intangible blessings are not illusion.

We are encouraged, once we have reached this new level of salvation, to accept our new reality. The heart, in particular, we see, is dwelling in the house of the Lord, of the House of Truth. And we are living in the new Kingdom of God. We don’t have to prepare to live in this kingdom, for it is our inheritance, saved for us for the days beyond which we will walk without the ego’s dragging us backward.

Day 130

Without Effort or Striving

Like all that was taught within this Course, this is a matter of all or nothing. You cannot accept part of one reality and part of another. You cannot accept, for instance, the compassionate and loving benevolence of the universe, of God, of the All of All, and still accept the reality of lack. You cannot accept that in the reality of unity all things come to you without effort or striving except money.  (D:Day3.59)

Jesus talks about money in A Course of Love; he gets very practical. We can even, in the new reality, have financial means without effort or striving. If this seems to be “pie in the sky” thinking, reflect upon who it is who is saying this. And most of us trust Jesus to know what he is talking about.

We do not have to accept lack. The Kingdom of God, the House of Truth, is compassionate and loving. It bodes no ill for us. And in this new day, we find new ways to improve our financial situation, new ways that don’t include a struggle. Be alert to intuitive glimpses of what to do, where to be, and what to say. These will lead you to financial independence and a new day in money, so that lack is no more. We have learned all that we need to learn from lack. The universe is prompting us now to rest in its beneficence.

Day 131

Jesus Points toward a Truly Spectacular Future

This reality begins with awareness of what is beyond body and mind, form and time. It proceeds to this awareness being accepted, adopted as an ability, and then to becoming your new identity. It proceeds to the transformation we have spoken of, to the act of becoming the elevated Self of form. (D:14.15)

The elevated Self of form is part of our new inheritance from God. What does it mean? We live in Christ-consciousness, in peace and love, in the House of Truth, in the same physical structures that we have called home during the period of the ego. These bodies become somewhat transformed, though, for we are encouraged to believe that they will be less prone to illness. We will be living better, without stress, and this goes a long way toward ensuring that we live comfortably in our form, our physical bodies.

We can choose to move into a reality that knows no bounds, all within the physical body. We can choose it for eternity if we wish; Jesus makes this assertion (in slightly different words). Not all of us would choose to live in physical bodies for eons, but there is that possibility. It is a new choice, a choice blessed by God, to know physicality without the false steps the ego led us down.

Jesus says that he doesn’t know what this future will bring. He doesn’t have those answers, because probable futures differ, and he has set his mind in A Course of Love not to be predictive.

At least as long as life holds for us, we ought to be glad of our physicality. It was a new choice, and now we are led to understand that we can not only maintain, but also sustain, Christ-consciousness in our physical bodies. The pages of the future that we will write will be all new.

It is indeed a truly spectacular future that Jesus points us toward.

Day 132

We Create Our Own Reality

You are thus, as always, the creator of your reality. (D:Day29.8)

You started with what you believed you had been given, the self that you saw yourself to be—the self you considered immutable and unchangeable—and proceeded from there. Yet you created in response to ‘reality’ rather than creating reality. Now you are called to create reality—a new reality.  (ACOL, Dialogues, Day 36, 36.5)

Jane Roberts, back in the sixties, began channeling, live channeling, an entity who called himself “Seth.” Jane was one of the forerunners of the New Age movement. A principal feature of Seth’s teachings was the idea that we created our own reality.

This seems to be a cornerstone of New Age thinking now. And here Jesus affirms the same idea. We are said, by Jesus, to be “creators” now, not “makers” of an illusory reality headed up by the ego. We are living in the time of Christ, which allows the reality that we create to be true and good.

When we made a false reality, we remembered, however vaguely, some of what true reality was really like, even though hoodwinked by the ego. Now Jesus wants us to create a new reality, a new world. He doesn’t want us just to “change” the world, though some of us will do that. He holds out to us the better reality of creating a new world. And he also tells us that he doesn’t know what form that new world will take, because he is not being predictive, he doesn’t have these answers.

Day 133

A New World

Can you not see that if you can create your experience you can create a new reality—a new world? Can you not see the difference between creating as a separate self in response to a ‘given’ set of circumstances in a ‘given’ world and creating your experience as a creator who has realized oneness and unity—who has realized a new reality? The old reality was that of separation. The new reality is that of union. It is new only in that it has gone uncreated.  (D: Day36.8)

This quotation is near the end of the Dialogues of A Course of Love, and the Dialogues are the third and final part of ACOL. It is good that we read and reread this quotation, for much is dovetailed in a few simple sentences.

We are to create a new world. We are creators who can do this. We have realized oneness and unity, and in this realization we have seen a new reality. The old, false illusion of separation is no more. The new reality is one of union, and its newness is only because heretofore this new reality has gone uncreated. Now is our chance to create a new world. To walk into the future holding Jesus’s hand.

In this section on true reality, we have seen that we are leaving behind the illusory past of separation from God, moving into unity and relationship, a place that we share with all others living in the House of Truth. We will move into elevated Selves of form, actually one Self, shared with all others. We will either change the world, or create a new world (and Jesus hopes for the latter). Our days are full of promise. Our nights, times for consolation and peace.

True reality is filled with the intangibles of love, joy, harmony, peace, certainty—the very things that we have lacked before. We will not know lack of any kind in this new world. Whether or not the physical is still illusory is a mote point, for to us it is tangible and real. But better, oh, so much better than what we knew before.

The characteristics of reality are many and varied; likewise, the characteristics that are not shared in true reality are also many and varied. We are in a form now that we share everything, for we were never meant to be alone, and now we know this.

The future looks bright to us. Let us never rue a good day. And the future is projected to be filled with good days.


Day 134

Love Is the Unity You Seek

You exist, quite simply, because of your relationship with love.  Love is the unity you seek.  In having chosen separation over unity, you but chose fear over love.  When you let go of fear and invite unity to return, you but send out an invitation to love and say you are welcome here.  What is a dinner party where love is not?  It is merely a social obligation.  But a dinner party where love is welcomed to take its place becomes a celebration.  Your table becomes an altar to the Lord and grace is upon it and the Lord is with you.  (C:11.18)

At one point in A Course of Love, Jesus compares Love to a dinner party where there is a celebration because of that love.  Without love, a dinner party is just a social obligation.  And we don’t want that, do we? 

When we separated from God, we chose fear over Love, and we have now for eons reaped the results, which have not been pretty.  Let us decide now, today, that we will choose Love, and let us use whatever mantras will take us to that end.  In our dinner party celebration, our table becomes an altar to the Lord and “grace is upon it and the Lord is with you.”  (C:11.18)

If we don’t choose Love, we are going to lost for a very long time, still.  It is not hard to choose Love; in fact, choosing Love is the most natural thing in the world.  But we are unaccustomed to doing so, and we think that a skeptical attitude toward the world and its people will lessen our vulnerabilities and make us less prone to be hurt.

This is insanity.  We will live in fear if we don’t live in Love.  And we will live in fear if we separate ourselves from others because we think that we don’t want ever to be hurt again.  Separation is of the ego, and the ego has oscillations of fear and anxiety, oscillations of brittle ecstasy and deep depression.  You know that we don’t want that.

Choose this day which we will have:  fear or Love. 

And if we are choosing the smart option, the choice for Love will be seen as the most natural choice we could ever make.

Day 135

Love Is the State of Unity

Love is the state of unity, the only relationship through which the Self and God become known to you.  Love, God, Creation, are all that remained in union, in eternal completion, when form came into being.  (T4:16.7)

When our form came into being, almost immediately we fell into separation.  But Love, God, Creation remained in union, waiting for our return to sanity.  Love is the state of unity, and in this state our inner Christ Self linked to God within, become known to us.  There is no other way to learn about the eternal truths.  We must return to our Self, a Self that has divested itself of the ego.  And when we do so, we will be ready to create a new world.  We will be in unity once again.

Day 136

No Separation from God

You think that you have changed the nature of the universe and made it possible for life to exist separately and alone with no relationship, no connection, no unity with the whole.  This you have not done.  You have not fallen from unity.  You have not fallen from God.  (C:18.4)

We were never meant to be alone, and we have never fallen, actually, from unity with the All.  This includes everybody whom we touch in any way.  We are One with All, one in love with all.  We think that we separated from the All (God), but we never actually did so, because we are a part of God, and therefore could never separate, really, at all.

This ought to be tremendously reassuring to us.  We have tried to be autonomous in so many ways, for so many years.  But has this independence made us measurably happier?  I think not.  We cling to each other in special relationships, but these relationships always fail us unless we have gone on to transform them into holy relationships.  This we can do, and this we are bidden to do.

We need to stop being so self-centered with our relationships.  We need to accept another just as he/she is, just like that.  We need to love unconditionally, knowing that when we give love in this way, the same is returned to us.

God knows best.  And He did not create us to be alone and isolated.  He created us for each other, and it behooves us to reach out to others, to do away with the isolation, today, now.  Yes!

Day 137

The World of Unity

The idea I am trying to open to you here is the idea of a responsive relationship with unity that does not exist only within the mind of the wholehearted.

It is the visible world, the outer world, through which your wants find provision.  It is the world of unity, the true reality, through which your desires are responded to.  This does not mean that the place of unity is a place that does not interact with the place of form.  It is interacting with the world of form through you.  (D:Day3.41 – Day3.42)

We do have our place in a world that is responsive to us.  We are in relationship to that responsiveness.  And it does not exist only within the minds of the wholehearted.  The unity is all-embracing for all who live in this world.

We live in form, physical form, of course, and it is through physical form that many of our wants find provision.  We are experiencing unity in an abstract, intangible, way, but also in a very tangible form that is as tangible as our physical form.  The place of unity interacts with the physical form, giving us solace as we head into an elevated Self of form.

Union exists, lives, in the relationship that we have with our inner Christ Self, with God, and with others.  It also exists in relationship to the illusory world of which our bodies are a part.  This all-embracing nature of union prepares us well for the next step—a wholehearted declaration of love for all creatures, great and small.  When we unite, we live in love.  And we cannot really live in love until we have united.

Day 138

Place of Unity

Imagine this wisdom not as being stopped by the layers of thinking and feeling that we used the onion to illustrate, but as a point of entry and pass-through.  What comes of unity enters you and passes through you to the world.  This is the relationship you have with unity while in form—a relationship of intersection and pass-through.  (D:Day5.21)

Jesus compares our place in the world of unity as the layers of an onion which a needle might pass through.  We intersect and then pass through this world.  We do not stay caught.  We get an inkling of the unity that is ours by passing through this “onion” of true reality.  Then we share with our little section of the world.  We keep our physical form as we pass through the unity that we all share, and this form, being illusory, does not slow us down.

Day 139

Full Access

When you think of breathing, you may think of inhaling as taking in air, and of air as something that is not ‘of’ you.  But the air you breathe is ‘of’ you.  You may think of the air you exhale as being more ‘of’ you, but there is no more or less to the relationship of entry and exit.  You are in continual relationship with the air you breathe and in continual relationship with unity.  It is a constant exchange.  When you are fully aware of this is when full access is attained.  (D:Day5.26)

We breathe in and breathe out; we don’t hold our breath.  And this is our relationship to unity.  We embrace it, and then we let it go.  When this full acceptance is fully embraced, then we have full access to unity.

Day 140

Brothers and Sisters

The separated self cannot relearn unity except through union.  Here, union is achieved in relationship.  To see your brothers and sisters as those of long ago saw me is the way to achieve relationship of the highest order and relearn communion, the language of the heart.  This is why you have been asked to experience the spirit of your brothers and sisters rather than simply relating to their bodies as you always have.  (C:19.10)

A Course in Miracles counsels a holy relationship be borne out of the special relationships that we have always pursued.  A Course of Love counsels that we focus on the “spirit” of our brothers and sisters, because we get caught when we seek to see their bodies.  Bodies are illusory, and the spirit is true reality.  Hence the difference in emphasis.

The relationships that we have that are holy are seen in ACIM as our way home, our way back to God.  Here ACOL says the same thing, but in different words.  We are to accept our brothers and sisters, and in this acceptance we find our way back to God within, to our inner Christ Self, and to the right kind of relationship with our brothers and sisters.  We are no longer lost in a maze of illusion, of dreams.  We are home free.

The language of the heart is communion, and we are encouraged to commune not only with the inner God, but always also with our brothers and sisters who are likewise One with us.  We may not have previously understood communion.  But when Jesus makes appeal to the heart, we are reassured as never before.  Just to say the word “heart” to us conjures up an understanding that has previously been missing.  We know what the heart means, and we are warmed by our hearts when we come to understand the tenets of Love that A Course of Love makes clearer.

We can only understand Love in union, and here we learn union through our union with our brothers and sisters, our counterparts in this world.  This is the important aspect of relationship here on earth.  This is the way that we find our way back to God, our inner Light.

Day 141

Live in Peace

Now your final instruction is here.  You who have found peace—live in peace.  You have been given the Peace of God—go in Peace.  Spread peace throughout the land.  Go out in peace and love and service to all.  For in this going out you come home and bring with you all the brothers and sisters you have brought to peace.  Go in peace to love and serve with all your heart.  Thus are we one heart, one mind, one unity.  Thus are we one in relationship of love and peace that is our eternal home.  Welcome home my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Welcome home.  (T1:10.15)

We always have a peaceful preference in regard to our decisions.  When we listen to our heart, we know what that peaceful preference is in every case.  Only if we are conflicted are we in doubt.  Only in doubt are we entertaining the ego.  And in A Course of Love, we have left the ego behind.  Jesus says this.  Let us make his statement real in our experience.

We are to spread our peace outward, though we are not to proselytize.  We are to find our way home by this peace, drawn by this Love that accompanies the peace.  And in this relationship to our brothers and sisters are we certain to find our way surely.  We are One in unity with our brothers and sisters, One in unity with the inner God, One in unity with the inner Christ Self.  And when we have found that unity in all these ways, we are home once again:

Thus are we one in relationship of love and peace that is our eternal home.  Welcome home my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Welcome home.  (T1:10.15)

Day 142

Share with Our Brothers & Sisters

What could be more looked forward to than the chance to create the new through sharing in unity and relationship with your brothers and sisters in Christ?  (T3:12.18)

We are encouraged to “share” with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We are encouraged to be in “unity and relationship” with these brothers and sisters. 

The unity is the fact that we are One; the relationship is the fact that we are differentiated into entities that appear separate, though they are not.  Without the appearance of separation into different entities, we couldn’t experience the One of unity.  It is just that simple, though this is a theological construct that needs grasping.  When we share in unity and relationship, we have holy relationships with others.  We are not alone any longer.  We are the One of unity, of union, the One that allows us to share with the many.

Day 143

Shared Consciousness

As much of what you read in these dialogues comes from your own heart and those of your brothers and sisters in Christ as it does from me.  It comes, in truth, from our union, from the consciousness we share.  This shared consciousness is the source of wisdom because it is shared—shared in unity and relationship.  (D:Day10.24)

Jesus says a very surprising thing, at first glance, when he tells us that the message of A Course of Love comes as much from us as it does from him.  The message comes from our own heart, for we are One with All.  We share a consciousness with Jesus, and it is this shared consciousness that allows us to contribute to the message as equal partners.  In the third and final part of A Course of Love, Jesus in fact resigns as our teacher, but remains our companion.  He rejects the notion that he ought to predict the future, for he says that he does not know what we will create anew in this new world.  He doesn’t know what the elevated Self of form will create.  I’m sure that he hopes for the best as we share his consciousness.  He hopes for no more return to the egoic mind.  That may be one reason that he stressed the heart so very much in ACOL.  The heart doesn’t lead astray as readily as the mind, because the mind seeks to have proofs that the heart does not need and does not ask for.

We have, therefore, a shared consciousness with Jesus.  This should not lead to an exalted, egoic, notion of ourselves.  We share alike in unity and relationship with our brothers and sisters, and Jesus is one of those brothers.  The shared consciousness is the source of wisdom in trying to come to know, to know what to do and say next.  We won’t go wrong when we question our heart and not our mind.  The heart has never had an ego with which to contend.

Day 144

Mind vs. Heart

Those who do not enter unity and relationship cannot be helped, fixed, or shown the inaccuracies of their perceptions.  Their perceptions will remain true for them because their minds have told them they are true and their belief in the supremacy of the mind has temporarily overridden the openness of their hearts.  (A.17)

If we don’t enter unity and relationship with our brothers and sisters, then we are not ready for the message of A Course of Love.  We would still be lost in a perceptual world, a perceptual illusion.  Unity (being One with all) and relationship (being diverse entities as a part of that One) is our path home.  Unity and relationship speaks to our heart rather than to our mind, and if we turn to our heart, we will know what the two words—unity, relationship—really mean without trying to define them each time they appear in ACOL.  We will get the sense of their meaning without a tedious telling.

The heart is always open; the mind is not, at least not always.  If we think that the mind is superior to the heart, we will think awry.  And our desire to understand ACOL will be hindered.  We won’t know what to make of much that is said, for understanding hinges on a heartfelt connection.  The openness of the heart is a great blessing.  Just rest in this knowledge—for it is knowledge, not perception.

If the heart is open, the way back is assured.  This is one of the primary promises of A Course of Love.

Day 145

Time of Tenderness

While we are moving away from subject/object relationships to the relationship of unity, the idea of one who is devoted, and of those for whom devotion is practiced, is useful during the time of tenderness.  It will lead to the understanding of oneness as completion, an understanding of giving and receiving as one.  (C:25.8)

There is a “time of tenderness” when reading A Course of Love, a time when we are particularly sensitive, made sensitive by the words of the Course.  At that time we are moving away from seeing individuals as separate, to a relationship of unity.  Devotion is then practiced as a union of subject and object.  Oneness is where we are heading.  And we are also heading to an understanding that giving and receiving are one in truth.

This time of tenderness can make us feel like weeping.  And that is not bad.  It is a poignant time, a time of receptivity to what Jesus is saying.  Our unity one with another is what keeps us in line now.  We know that subject and object (we and others) are not separate, and we long for the time that union will be all that we know.  We know that this union is destined for us.  And we are made glad by this realization.

Day 146

Release Beliefs of Specialness

While one special relationship continues, all special relationships continue because they are given validity.  The holy relationship of unity depends on the release of the beliefs that foster special relationships.  (C:25.11)

Holy relationships depend on unity of the one to the other.  And, Jesus says, as long as we retain even one special relationship (as special), we will be stymied in our progress toward ultimate salvation.  We will have given special relationships validity, and this will hinder the formation of all holy relationships.  We need to realize that we no longer need special relationships, but this does not mean that our understanding of relationships is diminished.  Nor are we saddened by the loss of special relationships.  The holy ones that we form now are ever so much more intimate than anything we knew in a special relationship.

Special relationships foster drama, because we are constantly in an oscillation of highs and lows in the relationships.  We think he/she loves us, and then we aren’t so sure, and then we are sure again.  What kind of stability is possible with such thinking?  None, of course.

Our special relationships will not be snatched from us, leaving us bereft.  They will be, when we are on the pathway home, transformed into holy encounters.  And these holy encounters will offer all the intimacy that special relationships seemed to promise, but which they did not deliver.

Day 147

The Self Abides in Unity

The holy relationship has been accomplished by the joining of the mind and heart in unity.  The holy relationship is with the Self, the Self that abides in unity with all within the house of truth.  This relationship makes the Self one with all and so brings the holiness of the Self to all.  (T2:15.10)

How do we transform a special relationship into a holy one?  We simply listen to what Jesus has been saying about wholeheartedness:  We join the mind to the heart, in unity, and we are then primed to transform many things in our lives, including our relationships.  Our holy relationships will be the catalyst that changes everything.  In A Course in Miracles, our relationship to our brother was our way home to God.  In A Course of Love, our wholeheartedness toward our brothers and sisters comprise the same central position in our way home.

We are abiding in a house of truth, which is Jesus’s explanation for where we will be when we have attained wholeheartedness.  We have a holy relationship with the Self, a Self who includes all others, and this makes us one with all.

Day 148

Forget Specialness

Now you must forget the idea of needing to maintain specialness.  A key aid in helping you to put this temptation behind you is the idea of the holy relationship in which all exist in unity and within the protection of love’s embrace.  (T2:16.15)

We think that we will be bereft of something very precious to us if we lose specialness in our relationships.  But we can love everyone!  Is this not a good exchange for loving just a few?  And the few always had dramatic highs and lows, whereas a holy love does not.  We don’t oscillate between love and fear in holy relationships.  We are at peace with the world and everyone in it.

We don’t “need” to maintain specialness.  It has never given what it promised.  We can have just as close a relationship when the relationship has turned holy, even more so.  We will be in true intimacy when our relationships have become holy, and is this not what we have been seeking, for all time, in the special?

We crave intimacy, though we often don’t know what to do with it when we have found it.  Holy relationships will pave the way for us, showing us how to achieve true intimacy. 

And we will find that we have only given up the negative when we give up the special.

Day 149

Self Is Integral

This establishment of your identity that we seek to do here is not just so that you can better understand yourself or your world, or even so that you can bring Heaven to Earth.  Although these are complementary goals, as stated before, these are goals that you cannot accomplish ‘on your own’ or with the concept you now hold of yourself.  Just as you can look about and see that no two bodies on this earth are exactly the same, the Self you are is a unique Self.  A Self of relationship does not imply a Self that is the same as all the rest.  But it does imply a Self that is integral to all the rest.  (C:27.11)

            Our identity is all-important.  That is what “being who you are” is all about.  Our Self is merged with God, and, as such, though still finite the Self knows more than the personal self, the “little” self.  We need to be aware that we are able to draw on knowledge beyond our little self.

            When we know this, we glimpse intuitions that smooth our pathway, virtually all the time.  We live a different way, letting guidance be assumed in our daily trek.

Day 150

The State of Union

The first accomplishment of your learning about your Self was the return of unity and relationship to your mind and heart.  This returned to you your ability to recognize or identify your Self, as other than a separate being, and led the way to your recognition of the state of union.  From this recognition of unity and relationship the production of unity and relationship and true meaning will be revealed.  (T3:10.10)

We need to combine heart and mind in order to know union, union which is our pathway to salvation of the highest order, the Christ-consciousness for which we all long.  We are united to each other, to God, to our Self within, and in the union of all of these aspects of reality we are at peace.  The Self, we must note, is not separate, but a part of God Himself, and in knowing this we have reached a great milestone.  We will move on from this knowledge to an understanding of true meaning in the world around us.  This is true reality; this is the way home to God.

Christ-consciousness is not always some ineffable state that we move into.  It can be the gentlest transition to a new world of seeing what is, rather than what we wish to imagine that we are seeing.  Reality, in other words.  When we have wholeheartedness, the union of mind and heart, we are well-situated in our quest for Christ-consciousness.  We know, and in the knowing, we have removed the blocks that stood in our way.  We are ready for God, and soon we will discover that He is ready for us.

Day 151

Expression of the Self of Love

Expression of the Self of love is the natural state of being of those who have moved beyond learning to creating through unity and relationship.  (T3:10.12)

It is a strange and new idea that we need to move beyond “learning.”  Whatever could this mean?

We have read and reflected, seeking, for a very long time—at least most of us.  There has to be a stopping point, and Jesus declares that we have reached that stopping point.  We see that we are One with everybody and everything, and we are differentiated into distinct beings that engage with one another in relationship.  This new way, of unity and relationship, is the means that we will create a new world.

Jesus is asking us to create a new world.  Not that we don’t want to do so.  We have long tried to change the world into something better, but we were not prepared mentally to really do that.  We weren’t changed on the inside.  But when we open up our hearts, and let go of the egoic mind, we are in a better place—finally.  We will know what we need to know without seeking any longer, without straining for that elusive bit of learning that will make it all make sense.  We will live in unity and relationship, which we have repeatedly defined, and in the dyad, we will know, finally how to create a new world.

And we will live in this new world.  And so we will be blessed indeed.

Day 152

Paradox Uniting Form & Spirit

Because we are one heart, one mind, one Self, we can only know our selves through sharing in unity and relationship.  We could only share in unity and relationship through a seeming separation from the oneness in which we exist.  This is the great paradox that unites the world of form and the world of spirit, the world of separation with the world of union, even while it does not unite the world of illusion with the world of truth.  Sharing in unity and relationship is the way and the means to see past the world of illusion to the truth of the union of form and spirit, separate selves and the One Self.  (D:Day11.2)

We are finding a way to live in a physical world without giving up things of the spirit.  Our Self is soon to be “elevated,” which is the realm of Christ-consciousness.  And this Self, because it is in relationship to the All, can know the All in a way that we never did before.  If we were just caught in unity, the One would not be individuated, and we, paradoxically, could not know anything.  The All, even God Himself, cannot know anything without simultaneously to the All, being the many.  One part sees another, and therefore knows something of the whole.  But not all of it.  This is God’s province alone.

We are a part of God.  We say this over and over, and we know that it is true.  But what does it mean?  We are part of Life itself, the omniscient Being of the Highest.  We ourselves are not omniscient, but we have glimpses of the psychic beyond our everyday personas.  We live in a better world because of this movement into the beyond.  And God Himself will invite us into His house, the world that we inhabit now, the world anew that we will create.

Day 153

Christ Self

Holy relationship is relationship with the Christ in you—the bridge to unity.  (D:Day37.28)

Holy relationship is not always with another person.  We first seek a holy relationship with our innermost being, the Christ in us.  This is the Self who has been waiting for us to give up the insanity of the ego.  The Self who we really are.  The Christ in all of us.

When we develop a holy relationship with the highest and the best that is within us, we are then in a position to be able to reach beyond the boundaries of our physical body to form relationships that are holy with others.  They will know that there has been a change in us.  They will appreciate this change.  They will ask questions.

This is when it is alright to share our experiences of unity in this world.  The God within.  The Christ within.  The unity and relationship that is the crux of the change that has been wrought in us.  Even if we have only seen glimpses of Christ-consciousness (and all of us have seen glimpses), then we are still able to share.  Once we have developed this holy relationship internally, we will know more about ultimate reality than we have ever known before.  The ways of God will begin to open to us.  His faith in us will grow, though of course we aren’t privy to how or why.  God Himself is pleased when we emerge from the cocoon of the egoic mind.  He welcomes a better place for all of us.  And He reaches down and lifts us up to Christ-consciousness, first maintained and then sustained.

This is Jesus’s wish as well.  He says in A Course of Love that never before has Christ-consciousness been sustained by anyone in this world.  But now we can.  Circumstances have changed for us in this time of Christ.  And we need to ask how and why. 

We will be answered, though our personal answer may be different from another’s.  We remain individuals, seeing things differently, even though we are bonded in union.

When we have bonded with the Christ in us, we have moved into unity.  And with this movement comes great change for us.  Pray that all of us are ready.

Day 154

Creating Anew

You can learn about who you were and who others were, but you cannot learn anymore who you are or who those are who have joined you in Christ-consciousness, for you have become who you are and move on from this starting point to creating who you are anew in unity and relationship.  (T3:10.14)

We can learn from the past, who we were.  But knowing who we are is beyond learning.  We embody the present, and this embodiment takes the form, as we learn in ACOL, of giving up the old ways of learning.  We cannot articulate who we are by learning about it; we can only articulate who we are by being that person.  And herein lies the rub.

We are moving beyond learning to an experiential form of knowing that comes from living in the present all the time.  Of course, we use time, looking into the past and future, in a practical sense, when we have to make plans to live our life.  But we are in the Now, and living in the Now is intuitive, embodying the Christ Self and not looking either back or ahead.  We simply put one foot in front of the other and walk into the present moment.

There is no better way to live.  And this way does allow us to know who we are, to show others who we are, and to be at peace with that truth.

Day 155

Creators in Unity & Relationship

There is need only for the sustainability of Christ-consciousness in which we exist together as creators in unity and relationship.  (T3:11.3)

The sustainability of Christ-consciousness is a necessity in this new world that we are creating.  How do we do that?  We don’t look behind or ahead, we live in the present, the Now.  We don’t judge or fear; we are beyond those behaviors.  Judging will actually abort the Christ-consciousness we have attained.  And fearful thoughts will also do the same, because one cannot love God in a state of fear.  Fear and anxiety are not true reality, and therefore we cannot entertain such emotions without negating our better mind, spirit, and heart.

Getting beyond these emotions on a constant basis sounds daunting as we move into extending our glimpses of Christ-consciousness to something that we are maintaining and then sustaining.  We can only listen well to our guidance from the inner Self, a Self who will not mislead us ever.  We can hear inaccurately, of course, especially when we want a particular course of action very badly.  We can decide, on our own, just heading out from the ego, that we want to do a particular thing.  And wily that the mind is, it can convince us that the Self is wanting this very thing.  But the Self may not; it may be a lapse into the habitual notions of the old egoic consciousness.

Don’t let these bugaboos hinder you.  Stay in close touch with your innermost nature.  This is the Christ; this is the Self.  Just as we previously listened to the Holy Spirit, who often spoke through intuition, we can listen now to the rejoined Self from the interior.  Our minds have been given back to our hearts.  And in this unity of mind and heart we are assured of the maintenance, and then the sustainability of Christ-consciousness.

Day 156

Equal Sharing

I conclude this Treatise by sharing that which will assist you in sustaining Christ-consciousness.

“As I do so, I bid you to read these words in a new way.  You are no longer a learner here and what I reveal to you must be regarded as the equal sharing between brothers and sisters in Christ, the sharing of fellow creators in unity and relationship.  This is the beginning of co-creation.  (T3:11.4 – 11.5)

Co-creation is an aspect of our creating a new world.  We are creating with others of like mind and heart.  We are sharing with others, always.  And we are sustaining Christ-consciousness, for if we try to create a new world without having sustained Christ-consciousness, we won’t get very far.

This doesn’t mean that if you haven’t done anymore than glimpse Christ-consciousness, you are out of luck.  It does mean that God’s best for us now, in this era, is a transformation of consciousness that leaves the ego out in the cold.  Getting rid of the ego was the purpose of A Course in Miracles, and sustaining a new identity is the purpose of A Course of Love.  In both we were removing the blocks to love’s awareness, and in both we were moving closer to our transformation.

We don’t need to plea for this transformation.  We do need to be patient as we continue to remove the blocks in the way.  We have mentioned that judging and fears will block the way.  And we can do a lot to reduce these behaviors to a minimum.  It will take divine guidance to remove them all the way.  And the total removal won’t happen outside Awakening, or Christ-consciousness.  All of us are making progress, though.  It may not seem like it, but we are.  And the quickest route is a heartfelt encounter with the innermost aspect of our being, the Christ Self. 

Jesus will guide that encounter.  And then we are well on our way to the greatest experience we have ever had, that of transformation, of Christ-consciousness, of Awakening.

Day 157

Dawning of the Consciousness of Unity

Attend to the dawning of the consciousness of unity.  Realize that it is a truly new state, a state that cannot be learned, a state the awareness of which can only be revealed to you through unity and relationship.  (T3:12.25)

All of us who read A Course of Love are encouraged to take heed of a new state of being as we read, that of Christ-consciousness.  This is emblematic of unity, for when we know that we are all united in purpose, One Self in many bodies, we will have moved to a consciousness that is different from anything that we have sustained in the past.  We can’t manage this state of mind and heart ourselves, but A Course of Love indicates that this state is a choice for us.  On the other hand, A Course in Miracles prompted the removal of barriers to Awakening, letting us understand that the miracle would happen when God Himself deemed that we are ready.  A Course of Love seems to be saying that we are all, collectively, ready.

Is this asking too much of God?  We certainly don’t want a demanding spirit, because such a spirit blocks God’s good gifts.  Such a demanding spirit also is querulous and ego-driven, and we will never get far in this new world if we cling to the insane ego.  Jesus says, though, that the ego is gone from us now.  He is talking about his readers of ACOL.  And we can hope that Jesus knows what he is talking about.

Christ-consciousness isn’t a state of mind and heart that is very different from the state that we occupy now, but it is a transformation that will allow us to enjoy God’s gifts with a grateful spirit.  Sometimes our Awakening is very quiet, if we have prepared for it.  Sometimes it is traumatic, entailing a breakdown.  There are a myriad of ways that Christ-consciousness can enthrall us.  One has to open to whatever means God will use to bring us to him in this ultimate way.  We can’t say “no” to an experience of transformation, or we abort the process in midstream.

Day 158

All Is Accomplished in Unity

You matter, and you matter as an interactive part of the relationship that is life.  You are already accomplished as who you are.  All is accomplished in unity.  In separation you merely strive for all that is yours in relationship.  Relationship is unity, and relationship is your natural state.  It is who you are.  (C:27.11)

We find ourselves for the first time in “unity and relationship.”  Truth be told, Jesus uses these this phrase so much in A Course of Love that we may gloss over its meaning.  I think he uses the phrase so often because it is pivotally important to our understanding of the real Self that he wants us to occupy.  We find ourselves, our identity, in unity and relationship.  We are part of the Whole, but differentiated in entities that share with one another.  This is the way of unity and relationship.  We find ourselves anew.  From the vantage point of the Christ Self, we launch into new projects to create a new world.  We don’t just enjoy contentment with no action, though contentment is a big part of what we will find.

Unity and relationship.  We ought to take some time to dwell on Jesus’s favorite phrase in A Course of Love.  The rewards will be great.

Day 159

Heart Knows of Unity

Your heart knows of unity and knows not any desire to be alone and separate.  Your heart understands relationship as its source of being.  You are not separate from your Source.  (C:27.12)

This quotation draws together the twin concepts of unity and relationship, letting us know that we are our best Self when we combine the two.  We don’t want to be alone; our heart doesn’t want this.  As much as we might have thought that being autonomous and independent was “mature,” this is not the way of A Course of Love.  And our relationship to God, our Source, is an inner relationship that gives us our essence.  Relationship, as the quotation tells us, is the heart’s “source of being.”

The heart doesn’t want autonomy and independence, doesn’t know any desire to be “alone and separate.”  If we turn to our heart, we will all know that this statement is true.  Our heart doesn’t have to have proof that this statement is true; the knowing is all-embracing to our very nature.

We are not separate from our Source, God.  Our relationship to Him is the touchstone that shows us the way to enjoy our relationship to others.  That warm feeling that we get, most of the time, when we pray does stand us in good stead now.  We are meant to join with God, and this joining gives us the wherewithal to join with our brothers and sisters.  We know both unity and diversity.  Unity and relationship.  We, the entities that inhabit this world, are meant to help each other, and with the help that we give and receive, we will be partners in salvation.

Day 160

Universe Exists in Holy Relationship

The universe exists in reciprocal relationship or holy relationship, rather than special relationship.  This is the nature of existence, as unity is the nature of existence and cannot be changed and has not changed, although you believe it not.  It is a joyful relationship, as the nature of relationship is joy.  Once you have given up your belief in separation this will be known to you.  (C:29.17)

We need to give up our belief in separation.  Separation from God and separation from others.  Separation from our real Self.  While we never, in true reality, separated from God at all (only in illusion), we have long thought that we had fallen from grace into separation.  And we speculated, big time, about this state of affairs.  Sometimes we thought that we would be punished for this lapse in unity, sometimes we thought that we needed a savor.  And Jesus came to provide for his followers the kind of loving example that we have all needed.  He is still providing for his followers, if we believe (as many do) that A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love are channeled by Jesus himself.  The way set forth in ACOL, what we are discussing now, is the way of listening, finally, to what our heart tells us about ultimate reality.  We are in a universe that exists in holy relationship rather than special relationship.  This is the naure of existence.

Knowing holy relationship will make us joyous.  Once we have given up our belief in separation, we will live the joy.  This new state of being is reached, first, from the happy dreams that the Holy Spirit brings—a tenet of A Course in Miracles.  But we get beyond simply dreams in A Course of Love.  If we hear well, we wake up to true reality.  We move into Christ-consciousness or Awakening, and we live a life undreamed of during the time that we thought we were lost in sin.  Our illusions are over; our time has arrived.  The holy travels with us day by day. 

Day 161

Art of Thought

To acknowledge the relationship and the nature of the gift is to realize unity.  To realize the call for a response is to hear the call to create like unto the Creator.  This creating like unto the creator may be used as a definition for the art of thought.  (T1:2.22)

We need to solidify in our minds the definition of the “art of thought” that is present as a title in one of Jesus’s Treatises in A Course of Love.  The “art of thought” allows creating, as opposed to “making,” creating that is like unto the creator.  Note that here “creator” is lower case, not upper, as it would be if Jesus were referring to God.  We are creators in this sense, and what we create is like unto us—as we think, we create.

Jesus is no longer saying that we are “making” a world, a world of illusion.  He senses that we have moved beyond the illusions to a real world, that we truly are “creating” rather than “making.”

This assertion takes some getting used to.  How can we know that we have moved beyond making illusions?  The proof is in the results of what we produce with our minds and hearts.  Are we living in contentment and even joy?  Are we peaceful?  Are we harmonious on a continual basis?

If we can answer “yes” to all of these questions, above, then we are likely living, finally, in true reality.  True reality makes use of the art of thought.  What we think about that is good and pure manifests.  It is just that simple. 

And life is meant to be much simpler than we have ever imagined.  We ourselves, in the mad complexity of the ego, have complicated our lives, our world, and our relationships with self and others.  Now is the time to let this foolishness slide away, into the nothingness from whence it came.  Use your new power of real thinking, real thoughts, to create a world that you would want to inhabit.  And so it will be.

Day 162

In Relationship with All

Those you would view as others are separate from you.  Those you would view as being in relationship with you are not separate from you.  The relationship is the source of your unity.  That you exist in relationship with all is a belief that you must now incorporate into living.  (T1:7.5)

We are not separate from others.  When we think of our brothers and sisters as “others,” we likely are, as Jesus notes, seeing them as separate.  But we are in relationship with our brothers and sisters, and in this relationship is our salvation.  We are truly One with them, with others.  It is the relationship that saves us, that leads us into Christ-consciousness.

This belief is akin to the belief, first set forth in A Course in Miracles, that our brother is our way home.  We hold his hand and walk along, sure in our confidence, with head held high.  We see our special relationship to him transform into something better, a holy relationship that is filled with unconditional love.  We forgive easily, because we love so freely.  We are finally making our way back to God, and with our brother is the way that we travel.

So cease to think of our brother being separate, even though he stands before us in a separate body, a separate form.  His physical form can be transformed, like ours, into an elevated Self of form, and then the Self whom we all are takes precedence.  We know in a way that we never have before that we are not separate, that our relationship holds all that we want.

And we are home in God, through that relationship.

Day 163

Relationship Makes Interaction Real

There is no function for control in unity.  There is no need for it.  Relationship is the only means through which interaction is real, the only source of your ability to change that which you would change.  (T1:7.9)

Many of us have been control freaks.  But A Course of Love counsels against such nonsense.  Under the ego’s influence, we have thought that we needed to control reality so that we would not be vulnerable and easily hurt.  We wanted to control events, as well as people, rather than have them control us.  The result was a distance between our self and others that was not easily breached.

We now need to realize that the relationships are everything.  The interactions with our brothers and sisters come alive with our interaction.  There is no place in such a scenario for control.  We must give up our neurotic sense of needing to build a fence around other people, a fence that protected us from them.  And we must give up our sense of armor, the defensive mechanism that we use for protection against the slings and arrows of other people.

We are safe.  We live in a safe universe.  And we are in unity with others.  When one is united with another, there is no reason to need control.  Being One, we recognize that what is good for him/her is also good for us.  If there are things that we want to change, we can look to the interaction to change them.  We don’t have to barricade ourselves any longer.  Isn’t this welcome news?

Day 164

We Are Not Alone & Separate

You will begin to truly understand that you are not alone and separate. And that even the coming to know of the state of unity is a shared coming to know, a coming to know in relationship.  (T4:13.8)

Jesus says at one point that we will truly under that we are not alone and separate.  This coming to know may be gradual, or sudden.  The dawning of truth takes different forms in different people.  But when we are in the state of unity, we are sharing with our brothers and sisters in relationship.  Unity is never separate from relationship.

Day 165


“Sharing in relationship is what the state of unity is all about.  It is what it is.”  (T4:13.10)

When we really share, we will really know, for the first time ever, what unity really means.  We will share with others because we will recognize that we are One with them.  The state of unity IS sharing in relationship.  There can be no other definition.

And well it is for us.  We have learned, usually the hard way, that we don’t want to be isolated one from the other.  Being independent has its drawbacks.  We can give up the sense that we are meant to be autonomous and alone in our maturity, and fall back on the grace that tells us that we are meant for one another.  We share one another’s burdens, the sorrows as well as the joys.

And we know the glorious truth that we need never feel alone again.  For aloneness is not ultimate reality in this universe, and maybe not in any universe at all.

Day 166

No Want

When you have felt the reality of union, you have felt the place in which no want exists.  You felt this through the responsiveness of the relationship that is unity.  (D:Day3.39)

Have you ever prayed to God the words, “It is alright.”  Perhaps this is just my prayer, but when I am feeling low or sick, I sometimes turn to God in abject surrender with these words of assurance to Him and me that I am really alright.  No want exists.  This is the reality of union.  And it comes to us in relationship only, relationship to God, to Self, to our brothers and sisters.

When we have experienced union, we will know that we have no wants.  The relationship of unity always provides.  Whether this be a response from God, from our inner Christ Self, or from our brothers and sisters—none of this matters.  The important point is that we are well taken care of, that we have no need or want.

Our needs are supplied when desired.  And we learn in A Course of Love that it is the same with our wants, though we may have to discern what is meant by “want.”  We lack for nothing.  Truly.  We don’t need to pray for materialistic toys, for these do not satisfy in the long run.  We always want more of them.  But the intrinsic values of God’s blessings to us we do need, and we can have.  This is what it means to have no lack.

We experience our needs satisfied in relationship.  Is not this ample evidence that we are not meant to go it alone?

Day 167

Relationship Creates Reality

There is no difference between all and nothing without relationship.  In relationship, the difference is everything.  This same difference is what is meant when it is said that you are one in being and different in relationship.  Without your awareness of unity and relationship, it was as if God was everything and you were nothing, or as if you were everything and God was nothing.  But as with all and nothing, there was no difference between your being and God’s being without relationship.  You could conceive of self and God in different ways, but you could not truly create difference but only perceive of difference.  You thus always remained one in being with God, yet continued to relate only to a world and to experiences you perceived as being either created by a separate God or created by your separate self.  You experienced the power of being because you were a being who existed, but you did not experience being powerful.  (D:Day36.10)

God Himself cannot experience reality without there being differences, differentiations of one from the other in relationship.  Unity, just by itself, won’t do it.

This truth becomes something difficult to wrap one’s mind around, but we don’t have to understand God to recognize that if all was One without any differentiations, there would be no way to experience that All.  There need to be differences in the sameness.  And relationship gives this to us, gives this to God Himself.

Day 168

Dialogue in Relationship

This relationship between Self and Other, Self and Life, Self and God, Humanity and Divinity, is the dialogue of which we speak.  It may seem to suggest duality but it suggests relationship.  The idea of unity and relationship must fully enter you now.  (A.41)

We do not countenance duality in our world or our universe.  We are a part of God, as we have said repeatedly, and we are made of “God-stuff.”  This makes for a oneness that duality could never explain away.  We do have relationship is the midst of our unity, though, and this may be hard for some of us to understand.  Relationship is diversity of the many, within the One.  It is not duality, as though God were a Supreme Being set apart from his handiwork, the world and the universe of which this world is a part.  God is in there with us, through and through.

We enter a dialogue with the Self and others, with the Self and God, and the like.  This solidifies the relationship between any two aspects of creation.  And relationship and unity must be understood, in our depths, before we can proceed toward the Christ-consciousness that we all want so desperately (sometimes).  Unity and relationship become known when we open  our hearts to the concept.  Our minds cannot really comprehend, but the heart leads the way, and then the mind acquiesces.

Day 169

When the Ego Loses Its Power

For only with your understanding that all that is real is shared does the ego lose its power.  The ego was made from the belief in separation and all that followed from it.  Thus your true identity must be recreated from the belief in unity that is inherent in the acceptance that you are a being who exists in relationship.  Separation is all that opposes relationship, and the ego is all that opposes your true identity.  (T1:11.7)

When we really get into sharing, we come to understand that sharing gives us everything that is real.  What is not real is of the ego, and cannot be shared, for we are lost in an illusory separation when the ego has ascendancy.  Our true identity can be recreated out of eons past only by a belief in unity.  We need to dedicate ourselves to this unity, and then all will be well.

Don’t let any aspect of separation still beckon to you.  Separation divides us one from the other; it even divides our personal self from our Christ Self.  Nothing that seems to thrive in separation can thrive in true reality.  And the ego is all that fails to thrive in true reality.  It is all that fails to allow our real identity to shine.

Day 170

Unity Is all

Recognize now that unity is within you and without you, in all you are and all you are in relationship with.  Feel the embrace and the love that is this unity and know that it is you and me and our Creator and all that was created.  (T1:12.14)

Jesus channels a very lovely passage in A Course of Love, inviting us to move into an embrace with him.  To drop our head on his shoulder, to be comforted.  Later on, he expands the concept of the embrace to let us know that it is really unity that we are experiencing when we seek the embrace.  Being all one, we delight in the sense of comfort that we get from experiencing an embrace within this world.  The embrace includes much in its unity:  God, our Creator; Jesus, our savior; and all that was created.  We are feeling love when we let ourselves contemplate this embrace.  And the love is palpable.

Jesus is very picturesque in his imagery.  The embrace is one of the best and most important passages in A Course of Love.

Day 171

A Return

You return knowing you are one in being with your Creator and accepting your power to create.  You return to create unity and relationship, through unity and relationship.  (D:Day35.11)

We are one in being with our Creator.  We haven’t always known this, but most of us know it now.  We don’t have the whole mind of Him, though, for we believe that He is omniscient, all-knowing, and we know that we are certainly not.  We accept the power to create when we realize that we are a part of God.  Creating is part of our inheritance, and we are launched upon this new way as soon as we give up the ego as a bad idea, a false persona.  Our inheritance is to create like unto God Himself, and we start small, with our daily lives.  We make the chances that we see that we can make, having faith that those desired changes will come about.  If we believe, after all, we will have what we will.  If we can’t visualize having, we won’t have; it is just that simple.

Create the day that you want today.  Push aside the impediments to that day in the only way that you know how.  The universe will help.  It will give you insight into God’s Mind.  And with that insight, the creation that you are about will come easily.

Day 172

No Striving

Readers then naturally may wonder what there is left to strive for and in doing so reach again the very difficult transition away from striving.  In unity, perfection is the reality.  Your reality is union.  Thus no striving for either unity or perfection is necessary.  The ‘answer’ for those in need of challenges, is the challenge presented in the call to reside in unity and to express the divinity of their nature through sharing in union and relationship.  (A.25)

We don’t have to strive for perfection anymore when we are dwelling in unity.  Unity IS the perfection.  We have struggled to be better people for such a long time that it becomes difficult to give up the struggle.  But we can rest content in the peace of union one with God, one with our Self, one with our brothers and sisters, one with the world of which we are a part.

In unity, then, perfection is the reality.  We are living in true reality when we find that perfection.  And, as a result, our incessant striving falls away, never to be chosen as a way of life again.

Day 173

The Way of God

Relationship and union are the way of God.  The way of heart and mind, body and soul, heaven and earth.  God is being in unity and relationship.  So are you.  (D:Day37.6)

We are following the way of God when we live in union with others, in relationship with them.  The two ideas are complementary:  unity and relationship.  Jesus stresses this phrase, unity and relationship, over and over in A Course of Love.  He is trying to make the point that we seem to dense to get; he is trying to show us the way home, the way to God.  The God in our innermost being.  The God Who is our Being.

We combine contrasts when we choose unity and relationship:  heart and mind, body and soul, heaven and earth.  There is only the one, non-dualism.  We are not separate from God; He is not separate from us.  This makes for a unity in all the universe, but a unity that is known in a relationship of diverse parts to the whole.

Day 174

God’s Presence

God is being in unity and relationship with everything.  Thus God knows you.  (D:Day37.21)

God knows us, because He is in unity and relationship with everything.  We are part of that “everything.”  And the All is where we reside, in our heart of hearts.

We have only thought ourselves separate from the Whole.  This thought has never been true.

Day 175

God Is the Collective Consciousness

“As one being in unity and relationship with everything God is one with every thought and every feeling.  God is one with every creation.  God is all knowing.  God is, in short, the collective consciousness and the collective consciousness is that which links every being with every other being in unity and relationship.”  (D:Day37.21)

God is the collective consciousness, one with everything, knowing all.  This type of interpretation of God is not new, but it does take some explanation.  In the context of unity and relationship, God is the One with diverse parts; in our world, that is One with diverse forms, for our world is physical, a world of physical forms.  All beings are linked in this collective consciousness, and so we have the potential to know anything that we ask to know.  We are linked with every being throughout eternity.  Our unity with others is played out in relationship to them.

Day 176

A Personal Relationship with Jesus

We have, within these lessons, taken you far from your personal self, and I, as your teacher, have all but discounted the personal self I experience in relationship with you.  Now, in unity, we are ready to be personal again.  (T1:13.2)

Jesus develops a personal relationship with us in the pages of A Course of Love.  This personal contact starts out in the certainty that we must “accept” him.  And this is a stumbling block for many who are not of the Christian persuasion.

A Course in Miracles did not require that we accept Jesus, though he said that if we did, he could do more for us.  A Course of Love is different in this regard.  But what does it mean to accept Jesus?

We are reading his words in A Course of Love, channeled to one of his faithful.  If we have taken him as our leader in our quest for salvation, have we not already accepted him?  Is this not what is meant?

Many others find others paths.  But if ours is A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, we need to think carefully about what we are agreeing to understand.  The one who channels obviously has some interest in our following the gist of what he says.  And accepting the teaching, and then accepting the relationship to him, is paramount to a full understanding of what is being said.  This says nothing about people who choose other paths, other paths that also are legitimate.

But as readers of ACIM and ACOL, we have taken Jesus as our model, our way to come back to God, and this way of salvation is quick and easy.  We don’t have to struggle in Jesus’s way.  He asks so little of us, really, and he rarely gives requirements.  Accepting him is one exception to that rule.

Day 177

The House of Illusion

Ideas of love, or the truth, are joined in unity and exist in relationship.  All of the ideas within the house of illusion were contained within it and held together by the learned ideas of the ego thought system.  Now you must imagine yourself walking outside of the doors of this house of illusion and finding a completely new reality beyond its walls.  (T2:9.3)

A Course of Love develops a very lovely analogy of this world, pre- and post-ego.  We are encouraged to believe that we have lived in a “house of illusion” during the long eons when the ego has reigned, has occupied our holy minds.  But now, ego gone, we are encouraged to step outside the house of illusion into the House of Truth, which is the only reality, the reality where we live in unity and relationship while also living in love.  The House of Truth thus encompasses the house of illusion, but once outside the illusion, we are to realize that we are not to try to reenter it.  This is impossible if we are ever to settle down and create a new world. 

We are told that we will want to go into the house of illusion again, if only to pull others, whom we love, out of the illusion into the truth.  But this is not our function.  People still in illusion will be shaken by explosions in their house that will lead them to exit.  We don’t have to go back into illusion ourselves in order to save them.  Indeed, we can’t, if we are to follow salvation’s path.  We need to walk in truth, for if we do not, who will?

Day 178

Shared Vision

Only from this shared vision, this observation of what is, can you begin to produce unity and relationship through unity and relationship.  (T3:2.18)

When we move beyond learning into observation of the world around us, we are taking a new step into a new world.  It is hard for us to imagine being in a world where learning is not required.  Surely Jesus doesn’t mean this.

But what if he does?  Cannot knowledge come into the mind in ways other than studying?  Actually he doesn’t discount studying at all, but he makes the very important point that observation will be the new way, at least for a time.  (He goes on to other, more advanced, ways later on in A Course of Love.)  We are not encouraged, therefore, to “learn” A Course of Love beyond the first part.  That first part is, indeed, the time for learning.  In it, Jesus recalls to mind some of the concepts of A Course in Miracles.  This prepares the way for those who have not read ACIM, and it gives a review for those who have.  Much there is new, though, especially the concept of embracing Jesus and embracing the world and the universe, the All that is.  We rest in this embrace, and by doing so we open to the heart, the way in which we will come into our own.

We have a shared vision with everyone when we observe.  There is no easy way to understand this, but Jesus does make this point.  Our shared vision is the one through unity and relationship, which we have been so stressing in this chapter.

Observation is our next step, the way that we “learn” without struggle.  We observe what is in our world, and from this we come to love those things and people surrounding us.

Day 179


Observation of what is, is a natural effect of the cause of a heart and mind joined in unity.  This first joining in unity, the joining of heart and mind, joins the physical and the spiritual world in a relationship of which you can be more and more steadily aware.  It is a new relationship.  Unity always existed.  Oneness always existed.  God always existed.  But you separated yourself from direct awareness of your relationship with unity, with oneness, and with God, just as you separated yourself from relationship with the wholeness of the pattern of creation.  You have believed in God and perhaps in some concept of unity or oneness, but you have also denied even the possibility of experiencing your own direct relationship with God, or the possibility that your life is a direct experience of the pattern of unity or oneness that is creation.  (T3:2.22)

I believe that we can experience God directly.  During the time of the Holy Spirit, we were too terrified of God to approach Him without fear, and to approach God with fear would be counterproductive in the extreme.  We were told that the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God, the Universal Inspiration, guided us through a variety of means in our quest for salvation.  Now we have walked farther along our pathway, and our fears, including our fear of God, has lessened.  Our approach to God is not fear-ridden any longer.  We can have a beatific experience, which was not possible during the time of the Holy Spirit, when a direct approach was so threatening to us.

Now we observe with a mind and heart joined in unity.  This joins the physical world to the spiritual world in a relationship of which we are becoming more and more aware.  It is not new, but our observation of it is, and it is this that we want to come to understand.  Our life is a direct experience of unity or oneness, and this unity extends to God.  As we have repeatedly said, we are a part of God.  Dualism does not reign in our world.  God did not separate Himself from His creation, nor could He.  We are “God-stuff.”  And in the understanding of this, we will be home free.

Day 180

Learning to See Anew

Seeing with the vision of Christ-consciousness is already upon you.  You are in the process of learning what it means.  This Treatise is here to help you do so.  Learning to see anew is the precursor of learning to create anew.  Creating anew is the precursor of the coming of the new world.  Remember, only from a shared vision of what is can you begin to produce unity and relationship through unity and relationship.  This is your purpose now, and this the curriculum to guide you to the fulfillment of your purpose.  (T3:2.33)

I ask you to share a vision of what is, the very vision of what is that is Christ-consciousness.  It is a vision of the perfection of creation.  It is a vision of unity and relationship in harmony.  It excludes no one and no one’s choice and no one’s vision.  (T3:6.5)

We are sharing with everyone in unity and relationship as we move into Christ-consciousness.  This vision of Christ-consciousness is actually the true vision of what is.  It is perfection of creation; it is harmony.  It excludes no one at all.

We have often wondered if some are excluded because they aren’t “spiritual” enough.  No!  This is a falsehood.  All are offered the Hand of God in fellowship with Him and with all others.  Anyone can have a vision of what this blessing entails, and this vision will not be excluded from reality if it is true.

If we want to know true reality, we must have a vision of what is, and that “what is” is Christ-consciousness.  When we walk into this vision, we will truly be home.  And all will be well.

Day 181


Once you have attained a state of being able to sustain Christ consciousness, this will no longer be a problem because you will constantly abide in awareness of the relationship of unity.  But until this state is achieved, you will move in and out of states of awareness of the relationship of unity.  (T4:13.6)

When we are living in Christ-consciousness, we will understand what it means to live in unity with all other.  Until this state is sustained, we will move into and out of the awareness of unity.

Let us enlarge this perspective so that glimpses of Christ-consciousness do allow us to be aware of unity.

Day 182

Glimpses of Christ-consciousness

Glimpses of the being you are being when you are in unity and relationship have been offered to everyone.  They have been afforded by willingness.  They come from observation of self and they come from observation of others.  They come from what you are willing to observe.  They become more than glimpses only when they become what you are willing to be.  (D:Day37.32)

When we observe others, we move easily from this state of mind and heart into glimpses of Christ-consciousness.  Only when we are willing to “be” Christ-consciousness do we sustain it; observation is not enough to sustain.

But knowing that observation moves us along the pathway is good.  It gives us something concrete to do that may easily hasten enlightenment.

Observe our surroundings today, the people, the objects, the beauty of this world.  And see if it does not open a window of Awakening.  The observation means that the heart is still, that we are open to a new experience.  And a new experience just may happen.

Day 183

A New Reality

Only through your mind’s acceptance of your new reality has the heart been freed to exist in the new reality that is the state of unity and relationship.  (T3:4.16)

When we elicit the cooperation of the mind, we are giving it what the heart has longed for.  Together we have wholeheartedness.  The heart knows unity and relationship, but it needs the mind to be wholly free within our experience in this world.

Day 184

A Song of God

This could as easily be stated as your being a Song of God.  You are God’s harmony, God’s expression, God’s melody.  You, and all that exist with you, form the orchestra and chorus of creation.  You might think of your time here as that of being apprentice musicians.  You must learn or relearn what you have forgotten so that you can once again join the chorus.  So that you can once again be in harmony with creation.  So that you can express yourself within the relationship of unity that is the whole of the choir and the orchestra.  So that you can realize your accomplishment in union and relationship.  So that you can join your accomplishment with that of all others and become the body of Christ.  (T3:5.4)

This could as easily be stated as your being a Song of God.  You are God’s harmony, God’s expression, God’s melody.  You, and all that exist with you, form the orchestra and chorus of creation. (T3:5.4)

This expressive rendering of where we really are in this world is evidence of the beauty of Jesus’s words.  We are God’s creations, beloved by Him.  And we are perfect as a good song in that harmony of the spheres.  The music is palpable.  And God’s love is palpable.

He wants us to walk into His Presence with song, the song that we own in our very being.  And we can do this, when we put our minds and hearts together in wholeheartedness.

There is no reason to wait.  Why not start this new way of being today?  God will grant us Christ-consciousness when He realizes that we are truly ready.

Day 185

Patterns Old & New

The patterns of old were patterns designed for the optimal benefit of learning.  These patterns were created by the one mind and heart that you share in unity with God.  The new patterns of sharing in unity and relationship and thus creating unity and relationship are only now being created by the one mind and heart that you share in unity with God.  You will be the co-creator of the new pattern of consciousness that is sharing in unity and relationship, as you were once the co-creator of the pattern of consciousness that was learning.  (T3:12.21)

We went through a different consciousness in ages past, a past that focused on learning.  We were creators, with God, of this former pattern.  Now, we are heading into a new creation of unity and relationship, still sharing the creation with God.  In both the old and the new, we have created out of one mind and heart, but the results of that creation have been different.

Learning is not desired any longer.  Why would we seek to understand reality from the statements made years ago by those who were living in a different era?  Their way is not our way.  And our way starts out as the way of observation, just looking at our surroundings and other people with whom we share our reality, and resting in that.

We will learn anew, still in mind and heart, but anew in unity with God as One, and relationship from the diversity of God and our brothers and sisters.

Day 186

Shared Consciousness

The pattern of a shared consciousness is one of sharing in unity and relationship.  There is no pattern within it for learning (which is individual), for individual gain, or for individual accomplishment.  (T3:12.24)

Learning is individual, not shared, and this is another major reason that its time has passed.  We aren’t seeking individual gain nor individual accomplishment any longer.  We are living a shared consciousness with God and our brothers and sisters, and in this sharing, we know unity as well as relationship.

Day 187

A Bright Future

What will the future hold?  It is up to us dear brothers and sisters.  It is up to us acting as one body, one mind, one heart.  It is up to us creating as one body, one mind, one heart.  Because it is the new future of a new form joined in unity and relationship, the only guarantees that are known to us is that it will be a future of love, a future without fear, a future with unlimited freedom.  For what more could we ask?  And what more could be asked of us?  (T3:12.35)

The future will indeed be bright.  We will occupy a form that has been elevated, in Christ-consciousness, with the all-encompassing Self of unity.  This means that other people are part of our Self.  Our sharing will be substantial.  We are One.  Let us take steps to live the life that we would live if we fully understood this.  The understanding will come with the living out of it.

Day 188

A New Pattern

Those who, in relationship with the unknown, through unity and imagination, create the new by means other than doing, open a way previously unknown, and as all forerunners do, anchor that way within consciousness by holding open this door to creation.  They, in truth, create a new pattern and begin to weave it into the web of reality, anchoring it for discovery by their brothers and sisters.  (D:Day19.13)

The forerunners of the New will create from unity, using their imagination, and others who follow them will be the beneficiaries.  This is as it should be.  They will anchor this New in consciousness.  The new pattern will be a new reality, just waiting to be discovered by our brothers and sisters.  The way is blessed for those who are forerunners.  Those who follow will owe a debt of gratitude for the pioneering creativity of the forerunners.  These forerunners will not do so much as be, but the choices that they make will pave the way for a future without shackles of the past.  Their new way is the way of Mary, who represents being as opposed to doing.

Day 189

Being a Creator

Only through unity and relationship are you able to be a creator.  A new world can be created only in this way.  A new world can only be created.  To proceed relying upon anything other than your power to create would be to only attempt to repair or replace.  (D:Day35.12)

Jesus would have us creating a new world, a creation that comes through both unity and relationship.

Unity is oneness of being.  Relationship is different expressions of oneness of being.  (D:Day35.11 – Day35.13)

While Jesus has indicated that some of us will merely change the world, it is obvious from his statement that he much prefers our involvement with creating anew.  He does not particularly want a repair or a replacement, but a New. 

And we can do this.  We need only listen to our guidance to learn how to effect such a transformation.  We have the power to create.  And we ought to use that power very wisely.

Day 190

Original Creation

If creation only occurs through unity and relationship, then the original creation must have occurred in this way.  (D:Day35.17)

The original creation, what we have been living for eons, was also a product of unity and relationship.  But, of course, something went awry when we fell into an illusory separation from God while in form, a form that made a new persona, the ego, that sought to push us around.

We don’t need this erroneous state of mind anymore.  Let’s create anew, but without the ego.  Let’s see that the elevated Self of form creates in a new world, a better place for you and I.

Day 191

Making vs. Creation

Your life as you know it is what you have made.  You will only fully realize the difference between what you have made and what you can create when you have accepted your power and begin to create in unity and relationship.  (D:Day35.18)

We have made our lives, “made” rather than “create,” at least prior to Christ-consciousness.  Jesus uses the term “made” to distinguish what we have done in the ego with what we will do in unity and relationship.  Once we have moved into Christ-consciousness, then Jesus will say that we “create.”  And then we will understand fully, for now we metaphorically see through a glass darkly, and then we will see face to face.

We need to accept our power in Christ-consciousness.  But only when God has deemed that we are ready.  We can’t get impatient, because a stubborn will to move into Awakening doesn’t work.  We can’t get our way by stubbornness and imploring impetuously.  Patience is the only way, patience and removing the blocks to love’s awareness.

Day 192

Create as You Truly Are

And yet you are not being called upon to create as you have been, but to create as who you truly are being.  You are called to nothing short of creating a new heaven and a new earth.  This does not, however, entail specificity any more than the miracle does.  It does not entail choice.  It is a way of being.  When you are fully aware of your oneness of being and begin to create in unity and relationship, you will do so by simply being who you are being, just as you have ‘created’ during the time of your separation by being who you have thought yourself to be.  (D:Day35.20)

With separation behind us, we will create a new heaven and earth just by being who we are, just “being.”  We have often thought that we have to “do,” but this is in error.  If we were doing, we would be thinking of specific tasks to fulfill, and Jesus says that this is in error.  Earlier we also “created” (made), but we were living in separation and so our creations were fraught with mistakes.

We don’t have to live this way any longer.  We can see the light and move into it shortly thereafter.  Be certain that we seek guidance at every step of the pathway.  Then we will let Love guide us, and we will not allow our holy minds to fall, once again, into error.

Day 193


While it has just been said that you will create in unity and relationship much as you ‘created’ during the separation, your creation in unity and relationship will be free of choice.  Creation in unity and relationship is creation within the embrace of the All of All.  How can you choose when what you create is everything?  (D:Day35.21)

To be free of choice is a bit confusing, but when we recognize that we are literally creating everything, we will be at peace.  We don’t choose specifics to create; we choose the good and glorious whole.  We are in the embrace of the All of All.

Jesus says a good bit about this embrace, and he obviously thinks it quite important.  This embrace is, first of all, Jesus’s embrace of us, and ours of him, and he bids us relax in that love that he is sharing with us.  Cry if we want, he says.  Just know that we are supported in our endeavors by a safe universe.

And God holds us in the embrace as well.  He is within, and when we go within, we recognize that we are not alone, that we will not be alone ever, regardless of what transpires in the outer world.

Day 194

Experience & Creation

But our time together is coming to an end and your acceptance of the truth of who you are and who you can be is essential to the accomplishment of our mission—to the creation of a new heaven and a new earth.  The only way to create it is to experience it.  The only way to experience it is to create it.  All that stands in the way of your creatorship is your final acceptance of who you are in unity and relationship. (D:Day36.19)

Toward the end of A Course of Love, Jesus equates experiencing with creation. 

The only way to create it [a new heaven and a new earth] is to experience it.  (D:Day36.19)

What does this mean?  It means that in the experiencing, we are coming into our own.  We are actually creating in the moment of experiencing. 

And that is all.  Our mission is to create a new heaven and a new earth.  We need to do so in unity and relationship, One with God and one with the diverse entities of our fellow men and women, our brothers and sisters.  There is no other way to create than to experience concomitantly.

The end is the beginning.  We are moving into a new era, and it behooves us to listen well to the guidance that we receive as we move into this new era.  We will not be led astray by what we hear, if we hear with a full heart.  We will walk into God’s Presence with grace. 

And all will be well.

Day 195

Sharing in Relationship

Working with what is in unity is not work but relationship.  You are called to realize your relationship with what is given from unity.  It is in that relationship, the relationship between what is and the expression of what is by the elevated Self of form, that the new is created.  What is becomes new by becoming sharable in form—or in other words, what is continues to become through the continuation of relationship and the creation of new relationships.  In this way, sharing in relationship becomes the goal and the accomplishment of the elevated Self of form, the means through which the Self of union is known even in the realm of separation, and thus what draws others from separation to union.  (T4:10.5)

We are meant to live in unity one with another and with God.  This all-encompassing relationship is what the elevated Self of form is about.  Living in this manner will draw others to us, for they will see a Light in us that cannot be hid.  But we will not draw them egotistically, but by the all-embracing power of Love.  We will be God’s representatives on earth.  And our power will be benign.

We are expressing “what is” by the elevated Self of form, letting God come through us in His very own expression.  This is what life in the universe is all about.  There is no other meaning to life than this:  Just let God through to express Himself by experiences which are not of this world.

Relationship is likewise an aspect of unity.  We form new relationships in this world when we are drawn out of ourselves by Love.  We don’t keep to ourselves any longer, nor do we extend ourselves in an attempt to feel better about ourselves (as the ego would).  We are living in the Light, and we relax in the simplicity of salvation.  Salvation, Christ-consciousness, is not complicated.  It is just that there are myriad features of our personality that need to be cleansed, and this takes time.  We are heading into a kind of perfection, but not of the ego.  We are Christ Himself/Herself, and with this transformation our whole world is redeemed.

The blessings that an elevated Self of form can create are yet to be created.  Let us walk into the future holding Jesus’s hand, for he has promised to help us to create anew what even he cannot imagine.  This is indeed a new era.

Day 196

Maintenance at First

And so we begin with the idea of maintenance of your relationship with unity.  You have experienced unity now and wish it to continue to serve you.  You thus must strive to maintain the conditions that will allow it to do so.  (T4:15.19)

We start with maintenance of our new relationship with unity, our new awakening to Christ-consciousness.  Maintenance comes before sustainability.  And though it is sustainability that we are heading into, the simple practice of expressing unity in daily life is an aspect of maintenance of that state of mind.

We have something to do here.  Once the glimpses of Christ-consciousness come, we are encouraged to realize that we ourselves can create the conditions that will ensure maintenance of that new state.  It comes from an open heart, a loving heart.  We don’t have to look outside ourselves for something to change before we can maintain these glimpses.  Nothing outside of us needs to change.  But something internal very much needs to change.  And in patience we will posses this thing, which is an understanding of what Love really means.  God is reaching out from us to express Himself/Herself.  This is what He longs to do, and we will feel the Love also, before we sent it through us and out into this world.  This is when we are truly living the real world, truly living reality.  We have lived an illusion prior to this, and it is this illusion that we would enhance no more.

Day 197

Sharing, Not Learning

All of your images are false images, and when you retain them you do not allow for the time of learning to be replaced with the only replacement that will sustain Christ-consciousness, the replacement of learning with sharing in unity and relationship.  (T4:16.21)

Jesus tells us exactly how to sustain Christ-consciousness, and it is a way that sounds deceptively simple:  the replacement of learning with sharing in unity and relationship.  So reading the old books won’t do it for us.  Hearing what the generations have said won’t.  But if we share with others what we are observing in unity and relationship, we will know the sustainability of Christ-consciousness.  That is what Jesus tells us.

Of course, there is more to it than this, for there are a multitude of levels of meaning in the concept of sharing and the concepts of unity and relationship.  As we have reiterated, we are One with God, One with each other, and we are in relationship as differentiated beings in the “body” of God, differentiated beings that share with one another.  We don’t have to feel alone any longer, fearful to be alone.  There is only us.  We are One with God in the universe(s), and so there is nothing to fear.

We need to get rid of our false images, the false images that we have derived comfort from over the years, but which were derived from myth that no longer will sustain us.  Myths do give voice to what we have intuited, and in that sense myths are good, but they do not point to the future, to the way out.  Jesus does just that in A Course of Love.  He reckons that we will follow him, that we will enjoy creating the new world that he hopes we will envision.  He note that even he does not know what form that new world will take; he does not have the prescience to accurately predict the future, and he repeatedly says that he will not predict the future for that reason.

As Jane Roberts, psychic of the last century, found in her adventures with “Seth,” we live in a universe that welcomes probabilities.  This is why psychics are so often wrong in their predictions.  Our lives branch out into multiple probabilities in which we quite literally become other people.  We retain the same past, but even this is fluid.  And the probabilities of our future are so many and varied that even Jesus himself cannot say what we will do.  In all likelihood, some of our probably futures will follow what he recommends, and some will not.

Let’s inhabit one of the probabilities that will follow Jesus’s advice.

Day 198


The active acceptance of abundance is the way to abundance.  Active acceptance is a way of being in relationship with all that flows from unity.  This you cannot learn but you can practice.  Thus your practice begins.  (D:Day3.61)

We create our reality.  We know this, but we are scared of it.

It is a scary thought.  We intuit from the assertion that if we don’t keep our thoughts positive enough, we will create a world that is damaging to us, unhappy in its implications, miserable in the living out of the future.

And this may well be.  On Day 3 of the Dialogues, Jesus encourages us to learn how we might know abundance in our daily lives.  If we actively accept abundance, we will have found the way to abundance.  Certainly we worry a great deal about money.  And Jesus knows this.  But money worries are no bigger problem to be solved than any other.  When our thoughts about the money in our wallets and purses are changed, the thoughts themselves, we will move into greater abundance.

Spend a while each day in contemplating the best and highest that we can imagine in regard to wealth.  Know that material blessings are not the highest and the best by any stretch of the imagination, but they do represent a point of departure for our experiments in creating the future.  We can practice this exercise whenever our inclination takes us there.  And we will not “learn” this, but we will adopt the practice, and, with our thoughts straightened out, our money woes will diminish.

This will be a small indication of what greater intangible blessings can come our way with the practice of creating a new world.

Day 199


While you have been immersed in one level of experience you have been either knower or known.  This is why experience has seemed to exist apart from you.  You say, ‘I had this experience’ or ‘I had that experience,’ as if you have ‘had’ contact and interaction with circumstances or events that are separate from the self.  In saying this, you express your realization of relationship but no realization of the unity in which relationship exists.  You ‘know’ the experience because you have ‘had’ the experience.  The truth that you are the experience escapes you.  (D:D31.2)

We “are” the experiences that we have.  This is a new idea from Jesus; he notes that we have often said, “I had this (or that) experience,” but we have actually been in a relationship with those experiences.  These experiences thus are not separate from ourselves.  Experiences exist in relationship, in other words. 

We don’t need to let the truth that we are the experience escape us any longer.  We need to be in unity with all that happens to us.  And we have a chance in so doing to experience life at its fullest.  In unity with what is going on around us.  In being the experience.

So:  We are doing more than “having” experiences; we ARE that experience.  The experiences creating us anew each moment.  This is really what is meant, in my opinion.  And we will be the better for the experiences that we have.  Everything is perfectly planned.

Day 200

We Have Been Creators

To have experienced only separation is to have known only half of any experience, to have seen every experience in only one dimension—in short, to have seen experience as happening to you rather than as you.  By realizing the unity of the relationship in which experience becomes manifest, you not only realize oneness, but realize that you are a creator and that you always have been.  (D:Day31.5)

What would it take for us to realize that we are creators, creators of our experience always?  In separation, we thought that the experiences that we had were happening to us, which is one half of the equation.  Not only are experiences happening to us and for us, but we are creating the experiences, so we ARE these experiences.  We can and do  change them all along, and when we don’t like what we are experiencing, we have only ourselves to blame.  We can change the experiences at any time, and we do, but often we don’t change them in the way that we want; they don’t get better.  We can effect positive change by the way that we think, and this happens all the time.  But when dwell on negative outcomes, or what we feel will be negative outcomes, we are ambushing ourselves.  And this is never wise.

Our Self makes these decisions, and so it is not up to us to blame our personal, “little,” self if what we see is what we get—and we don’t like it.  Our Self will choose the right and fabulous for us when we give the nod that that is what we want, and the personal self makes this decision.  Our Self will fall in line with a better future, a glorious and great future that will give us the best and the highest that we would have.

And it won’t take long.  But dwelling on the negative, believing that we have made the bad, is counterproductive in the extreme.

Ask how to think so that we create the best that we can envision.  It is all in our thinking, and thinking is not all conscious, for there is a subconscious component as well.  The subconscious takes its cue from the conscious, though, and when we indicate that we are ready for something better, this something better will show up in our experiences.

Day 201


You keep striving for differentiation in a way that simply will not work—through separation!  And what’s more, you keep striving for differentiation while wanting to continue a certain reliance.  Your differentiation from the being of God can only come through the relationship and unity that you would deny in your quest for separation!  (D:D37.8)

We want to be differentiated from God!  That’s right!  But the way that we seek to find differentiation is to try to separate from God, and this simply won’t work.  We cannot be separate from him at all, but we are part of Him.  We need instead to focus on unity and relationship, which gives love a priority.  Instead of allowing the ego to take hold of ourselves, letting us think that we are lost in separation, we recognize the unity that we have with God, but we know also that we are in relationship to him through our differentiation from Him. 

It is just that simple.  And just that profound.

Day 202

Jesus as the Example Life

Jesus, the example life used throughout this Course, was both man and God.  He was being in unity and relationship.  Being God did not negate his being Jesus.  And being Jesus did not negate God being God.  Jesus could create God the Father, could create a being consistent with his being, because he was a creator.  He was, in short, being in union and relationship.  (D:Day37.24)

Jesus was the first to see God as a Father, as his Father.  Prior to this, God was seen in wholly antagonistic fashion, as a jealous and angry God, because the ego was in the ascendancy.  We see God as we see ourselves.  And people of Old Testament times saw him as a vengeful person, because the insanity in which they were living gave vengeance a place.  The Israelites believed that their warlike God was on their side in their many battles with other people.  And they thanked Him for their victories.

Jesus came with a different message.  Perhaps he was dissatisfied with Joseph as his father figure; I have often wondered if this were the genesis of his desire to see God as his Father.  But we don’t have to psychoanalyze Jesus to see merit in what he says.  He felt loved by God Himself in a way that he had never felt loved before.  And he went forth to teach this new way.

Day 203

Being Known & Knowing

With this ability to individuate in unity and relationship comes the greatest gift of all.  It is the end of becoming and the beginning of being who you are.  With this gift comes the ability to be known and to know.  Can you give up the ideal of your separated self in order to be known?  In order to know?  (D:Day40.30)

Being known and coming to know others comes when we are willing to be exactly who we are.  And being who we are summarizes what Jesus really wants for us.

We may think that we have both known others and been known ourselves for a long time.  But has that not been the egoic self, a self which is only a persona, not who we are at all?  The egoic self is the separated self, at least as we know separation (illusory though it be).  And this self is not like God in essence.  God would have us be like Him in essence.  The statements about being known and coming to know then are an echo of the Bible.  We have been seeing as though through a glass darkly, but let us see face to face, with the smut cleaned off the glass.  It can happen if we are willing to drop our persona, to leave behind the separated, egoic self.

How might we just do that?  Don’t do anything that you can identify as being egotistical.  That is a start.  It is true, though, that the ego in us, being a persona, encompasses parts of the self that don’t necessarily have anything to do with being egotistical.  Being egotistical is just the tip of the iceberg.  More to the point is a decision to live from love in every instance.  Love includes forgiveness of self and others, a first step on the right pathway.  Living in love will soften the heart and make it more pliable to God’s direction.  And it is to the heart that we want to make appeal.

Day 204

Creation of the New

For each, being Who You Are will be an expression of unity and oneness that only you are able to express.  As each expresses who they are being in unity and relationship, creation of the new will proceed and wholeness and healing renew the world in which you live.  (A.44)

This matter of living in unity and relationship, both, is vitally important to the new way that Jesus is pointing out.    It is the way to create the new world, the world that is evidence of our wholeness and our healing.  We have made much progress since beginning A Course of Love.  We are ready now to claim our progress, something that we can do only in unity with God and others, and relationship with God and others.  We are being who we are, an expression of oneness that only we can make evident.

Day 205

The Accomplished

Bring your voice to this continuing dialogue.  This is all that is asked of you.  This is the gift you have been given and the gift you bring the world:  your own voice, the voice of Who You Are.  This is not a voice of separation or of the separated self but a voice of union and of the One Self.  It is how union is expressed and made recognizable in form.  It is what will usher in the new and change the world.  It cannot be accomplished without you—without your ability to stand in unity and relationship as The Accomplished.

Beloved brothers and sisters, You are The Accomplished.  (A.49 – A.50)

We are The Accomplished, for in unity and relationship we have walked the whole pathway.  If this seems extreme to us, then perhaps we need to revisit Jesus’s words.  This voice of who we are is not a voice of the ego nor the separated self, but a voice of union and of the One Self.  We may not have reached enlightenment yet, but we have understood enough that our pathway has been lighted.

The voice of union and the One Self will change the world, but more than change—create a new world.  This is what Jesus is asking of us.  This is his mission in the world now, and he has made it our mission as well.

Let’s not let him down.  He has given much; it is up to us to give much also.  Follow guidance in every instance that we can bring ourselves to do so.  And if we delay, then follow guidance the moment that we give up self-will.  There is no other way to make our way to the new world that we will create, because we are not wise enough to walk the pathway without Someone Else guiding us.  Listen well, for our future, and the future of the world, depends on our listening.

Day 206

The Right Answer

Can students be misguided?  Is there, in other words, perhaps no ‘right’ answer or correction interpretation, but ‘wrong’ answers and inaccurate interpretations?  This is a matter of unity versus separation rather than a matter of right and wrong.  In unity and relationship, each is not only capable but will inevitably receive the answer and come to the understanding or interpretation that is ‘right’ for them.  (A.16)

When in unity and relationship, we will understand our guidance.  Each may receive a different answer, but the answer for each is right for him/her.  This means that what we are approaching is not a matter of right or wrong, but a matter of unity versus separation.

Choose unity each time.  Let separation fall away from us. 

The way is clear.  Let us follow.


Day 207


You will not truly desire to unite your mind and heart in wholeheartedness until you see clearly.  One purpose of the distinctions you have made between mind and heart are their ability to keep one part of yourself blameless.  Whatever happens, your divided notion of yourself allows you to both protect and conceal.  Fault always lies elsewhere.  The guiltless part of you is always free to redeem the guilt-filled self.  This idea of self-redemption has long been a culprit that has kept union, even with your own Self, undesirable to you.  The concept that in oneness there is no need for blame or guilt or even for redemption is inconceivable to the separate mind.  But not to the heart.  (C:19.24)

The heart knows things that the mind does not.  The heart knows that we do not need to blame ourselves or feel guilt, that we are fine just as we are.  Jesus tells us in A Course of Love that we don’t have to be perfect, and surely this assertion is music to our ears.  Our guilty self is actually innocent; and our guiltless Self has always been innocent, and so perceived by us.  We have divided our mind into self and Self, and in that division, we have gotten ourselves into trouble.  Our heart knows that this division doesn’t work, and if we listen to our heart, which always has been One, we will soon find ourselves linking our mind (holding the self and the Self) to the heart, and then living better.  We will realize that there is not reason to feel guilty in either self or Self, and we will rejoice as a result.

When we link mind and heart, Jesus calls what we have “wholeheartedness.”  We can’t just leave out the mind, because we need to make decisions (with the help of the guidance of the Self), and the heart without the mind cannot really act.  So we join mind and heart in this new era.  And we are finally well, healthy in a salvation that is assured, and contented in the joy that has found a redemption that actually never needed to happen at all.

Day 208

In Christ-consciousness, One Christ

Union is not other than you, as I am not other than you.  Union includes you, just as the All of Everything, the whole of wholeness, the one of oneness, include you.  We are, in unity, one body.  We are, in Christ consciousness, one Christ.  We are, in wholeheartedness, one heart and one mind.  (D:12.19)

All are One.  We are indivisible within the physical body, with personal or “little” self and the Christ Self being one.  And we are one in the mind and heart that each of us has.  But more than this:  We are one with everyone, including God (though we are not omniscient, as He is).  The latter concept becomes clear when we have reached Christ-consciousness, a goal of all of us, but a goal that is not time-bound through our actions.  God Himself makes the decision of when we are ready, something that we have stressed repeatedly.  But we can remove many of the barriers to love that stand in the way.

These barriers include fear and judgment, two bears that get in our way all the time.  If we can somehow determine that we no longer want to entertain fear in any form, and we no longer want to judge either ourselves or others, we will have taken a major step.  As a result, nearly always we will see glimpses of Christ-consciousness.  And then these glimpses will lengthen into maintenance of Christ-consciousness, and then, almost magically, we will sustain Christ-consciousness.

In the meantime, we must be patient.  It is not for us to express arrogance by claiming Christ-consciousness before it arrives, for most who have experienced Awakening do not talk about it. 

So, let us do what we can to reach Christ-consciousness, but let us not be preoccupied by this blessing.  Let us live with a conscious awareness that mind and heart are joined in wholeheartedness, that we are One with God and with all others, and that the Christ Self is the One with whom we are joined with God and these others.

Day 209

Path of Unity

You act without unity.  And, just as if you were two people acting on different truths in the same situation, conflict cannot help but continue.  No matter which path you follow, the path of the mind or the path of the heart, you will not get where you are wanting to go until they are joined.  You might imagine three paths—one path representing mind, one path representing heart, and one path representing wholeheartedness.  The path of neither mind nor heart alone will take you where the path of unity will take you, and the journey will not be the same.  (C:21.7)

Unity requires that mind and heart be joined, for just what the mind can do, or just what the heart can do, won’t take us where we want to go.  We need both mind and heart, and we need them joined in what Jesus terms “wholeheartedness.”  Then we will go where we want to go, which is essentially Christ-consciousness that is sustained, and by its being sustained, we are led to know how to create a new world.

This is no small task, of course.  And we ought not to proceed in this direction until we have thoroughly adopted the philosophy of A Course of Love as our own.  Of course, there are other pathways, but if we have chosen ACOL, it behooves us to follow its direction.  And some of us will do good in this world, stopping there, but some others of us will not only change the world but create a new world.

Creating a new world will take time, but we live in an eternity, and so time is not only an illusion but also meaningless.  We take small steps every day, and before we know it, we have made a difference, not only in our surroundings, but in the surroundings of other people as well.  We reach out to others, but not to proselytize them, for Jesus forbids proselytization.  Others will notice changes in us, and they will eventually, in many cases, ask us to explain what has happened to us.  Then and then only is the golden zipper taken off our lips, and we can tell them, from our viewpoint, what has transpired.  If we follow guidance, we will know when to say anything at all.  And what to say.   The guidance is very direct.

Day 210

Joining with Others

Involvement flows form participation and engagement.  While it may conjure up notions of joining movements or parties, or of making social contributions, pure joining is its objective.  The first joining comes from within and it is putting into practice the lessons of joining mind and heart in wholeheartedness.  (C:25.15)

We need to join with others, not in any conspiratorial way, but just in a simple way, with a knowledge that we are really One.  We get involved with others, and in this involvement comes participation in greater circles.  We engage with their minds and hearts, and in so doing, we are able to make changes in the world that we share.

This reaching out to others comes after we have recognized that our own mind and heart is best joined internally (in wholeheartedness).  It is because we have changed internally that we are in a position to join with others and to change the world.  The internal changes always come first, for otherwise we would be unhealed healers, something which A Course in Miracles takes exception to.

So we join internally, and then we join externally, but we are still stressing the Oneness of All.  And in this emphasis comes the crutch of the matter.  We are made ready to create a new world.

Day 211

The Knowing of Unity

You have accepted now, because of whatever experiences of unity you have had, that the knowing of unity is available to you.  You may not have given great consideration to the access through which that availability arose, but since for most of you it has arisen as thoughts you did not think, if you were to make an association in regards to entry, you would likely say the entry point was the mind.  This is, in a sense, true, as wholeheartedness is comprised of the mind and heart joined in unity.  (D:Day3.40)

We get guidance internally, in wholeheartedness and with a unity of mind and heart.  The mind becomes aware of thoughts which it did not think, an infusion of ideas that come from beyond or from deep within.  The Other Side can communicate with others.  We are never alone, but surrounded by angels, who protect us, and guides who reach out to us because of our great need.  We also hear from deep within.  This is knowledge, springing forth from the depths of the Christ Self.  This Self links with God, and He can talk with us without our becoming fearful, for we are living in the time of Christ.  We no longer need the mediation of the Holy Spirit, Who was a Gift given us because we were afraid to approach God directly.

We can, with all of this infiltrating of knowledge, know unity for the first time.  We are One, and whether the new thoughts come from outside our physical bodies or from deep within, we have a surety that we have lacked heretofore.  The Oneness is palpable.  And in this Oneness does unity become a thing we can experience whenever we turn our mind and heart toward it.

Day 212

Heart & Mind Not Separate

Sincerity is synonymous with wholeheartedness—a concept you do not understand for it is beyond concepts.  But now we begin to integrate your learning as we move to wholeness.  The first move toward wholeness is but to understand this:  heart and mind are not separate.  A united mind and heart is a whole heart, or wholeheartedness.  You may ask then why this Course has treated them as separate parts of you.  This is simply because this is the way you see them, and because it has allowed me to address the different functions you have given them.  (C:17.17)

We need to be whole creatures, whole within ourselves (mind and heart united), and extending that wholeness to the way that we interact with others.  With others, this wholeness is characterized by sincerity.  We cannot be truly sincere with others if we are not spreading the concept of our wholeness at the same time.

With others, we show our wholeheartedness as a sincere and respectful attitude. 

Day 213

All Lives from the Same Source

You have previously seen this one aspect of form as separating it from mind, heart, and spirit—those aspects that are not perceptible to the senses.  But let me repeat that all that lives is from the same Source, and there is nothing more alive than mind and heart combined in the spirit of wholeheartedness.  (D:7.8)

We are all a part of God; this is a tenet of A Course in Miracles as well as A Course of Love.  We all thus come from the same Source, and our mind, heart, and our spirit as well emanate completely as One with this Source—God Himself.  We are truly alive when we are combining mind and heart and spirit.  This aliveness allows us to function in this world with a discerning eye.  To have a discerning eye is to be truly alive, awake to our world.

Mind, heart, and spirit are not perceptible to the senses.  But we know that they exist, and in the knowing we may come to realize that there are other aspects of true reality that also can’t be perceived by the senses.  This knowledge opens us up to a world beyond our senses, a world that we can’t see but is nevertheless right with us at every point, in every way.

So let us sense aliveness in our beingness and our doing today.  We will live better.  We will thus have a good day—today and every day.

Day 214

One:  Mind & Heart

It can come as no surprise to you that your mind has ruled your heart.  What this Course has thus far attempted to do is to briefly change your orientation from mind to heart.  This is a first step in what will seem now like an attempt to balance two separate things, but is really an attempt to unite what you have only perceived as separate.  If the heart is the center of your Self, where then is the mind?  The center is but the Source in which all exist as one mind.  To say this to you before we loosened some of your perceptions about the supremacy of the mind, however, would have been folly.  The one mind is not as you have perceived your mind.  The one mind is but a mind in which love rules, and mind and heart are one.  We will proceed by calling this wholeheartedness rather than mind or heart.  (C:18.16)

When Jesus sought to tell us about our heart, he deemphasized our mind, because historically the mind had been ruled by the ego.  We needed to loosen that hold in order to perceive that the true mind is actually ruled by the same love that rules the heart.

The heart is the center of the Self, but the center is but the Source from which all exist as one mind.  This understanding combines mind and heart into wholeheartedness.  And, as A Course of Love proceeds, Jesus stresses wholeheartedness above all else.

Previously our mind had ruled our heart, but we are not letting this happen any longer.  The two, mind and heart, in their joining, give us a taste of what true, rightful, living entails.  We don’t really live as long as the mind, or even the heart, vie for ascendancy.  We need both, and it is this in the early pages of ACOL that Jesus is teaching us.

Day 215


Learning from unity requires an integrated mind and heart, or wholeheartedness.  A half-hearted approach to this learning will not work, nor will the attention of a split mind.  (C:18.9)

We need, in the early pages of A Course of Love to learn from unity—an integrated mind and heart, or wholeheartedness.  And we also need to release the ego, for the ego makes for a split mind, and a split mind cannot truly learn the new way.  We need to give our whole being, mind and heart, to these early lessons.  We need to realize that nevermore are we to be inclined to let a false persona rule our days, a false persona that is the ego.

When we learn from unity—wholeheartedness—we have moved beyond the ego.  And it is there that we must stay.

Day 216

Devotion to Learning Complete

This learning, then, must be seen for what it is.  It is the holiest of work and the final evidence of means and end being the same.  Your devotion to this learning must now be complete, your willingness total, your way of learning that of a mind and heart joined in wholeheartedness.  (T1:11.9)

Our learning, early in A Course of Love, is a holy work, the holiest indeed.  We must be devoted to our new learning, and we learn through mind and heart combined into wholeheartedness. 

Jesus often tells us that means and end are the same in true reality.  But he doesn’t often explain the context for this statement.  The mind and heart join, and in the joining do the means and end come together.  We are taking a path that will lead us ultimately to Christ-consciousness, to the sustainability of Christ-consciousness.  No longer ruled by the ego, we are being primed for this new way of living.  And in the new way, we will soon come to see that means and end dovetail. 

Day 217

Eons Ago

Once an idea is born, it exists in relationship to its creator.  All that remains now is a choice of participation.  In unity, all that you desired was participated in fully by a mind and heart combined in wholeheartedness.  You knew your Self to be the creator, and loved all that you created.  You did not desire and fear something at the same time, and your desires did not change from moment to moment.  (C:18.14)

When we join mind to heart, into wholeheartedness, and we will understand what we have done, we will participate in what we learn through this unity.  This wholeheartedness is a new idea, born in relationship to true reality.  We have newly created this idea in ourselves as our Self, our Christ Self.

Eons ago, before the advent of the ego, we did not desire and fear something at the same time, and our desires as well did not change from moment to moment.  We were stable, and this stability is something we want to reintroduce into our living.  With wholeheartedness, this stability is again possible.  No fear and desire that conflict, no desires that change frequently in oscillating fashion in a world we cannot fathom.

We are safe in this world when we view it in wholeheartedness.  Our fears are falling away, and our desires are at one with what Jesus would see for our best living.  He is giving us the tools to create a new world.  Only stability will allow us to live in that new world.

Day 218

Brothers & Sisters

Your belief in your brothers and sisters will not be total, however, without the reunion of mind and heart that produces the state of wholeheartedness.  This state was not achieved at all times by those who believed in me—and perfection is not asked of you.   As can be clearly seen from the records left to you, the apostles did not, in fact, achieve this state during my lifetime, for they looked at me as different and looked at me for power.  Only after my resurrection did the Holy Spirit come upon them and reveal their own power to them by uniting mind and heart with belief.  They were then reunited with me as they were united with the Christ.  You thus must learn to see yourself as you see your brothers and sisters, and place your belief not in differences but in sameness.  (C:19.12)

We must join with our brothers and sisters when wholeheartedness is the state of mind and heart that we are experiencing.  We cannot, indeed, join meaningfully with them until we join in wholeheartedness.

We are not asked to be perfect about this wholeheartedness.  But we are asked to see our brothers and sisters as we see ourselves.  We are far more the “same” than we are different, and it is in this sameness that we need to believe, that we need to focus upon.

In Jesus’s lifetime, his apostles did not follow unity in all ways.  They saw Jesus as higher and better than they, as more powerful, and thus did not join with him in wholeheartedness.  But we are asked to see our brothers and sisters as the same that we are, and we therefore will not put them on a pedestal, or, contrarily, look down upon them.  We will then be in a position to join wholeheartedly with all those we look upon.  Our eyes will see truly.

Day 219

You Would Not Be Other than Who You Are

You would not be other than who you are.  You may know that this is true or you may dwell in fantasies, desiring what another has or some success, fame, or riches that seem impossible for you to attain.  And yet, whether you know it is true or not, it is true:  you would not be other than who you are.  Herein lie your peace and your perfection.  If you would not be other than you are, then you must be perfect.  This is a conclusion both logical to the mind and believable to the heart, and its acceptance is a step toward wholeheartedness.  (C:20.42)

We are “perfect” just as we are.  Jesus’s message in A Course of Love is ever reassuring, that we don’t have to change drastically, but just to accept ourselves as we are.  We would not be other than who we are. 

Oh, of course, sometimes we long for what another has, but in our essence we know that we like what we have, that we like the person whom we are.  It is in this stasis of focal point that we rest.  We would not be other than who we are.  Here we find peace as well as perfection.

This conclusion is logical to the mind and believable to the heart, and its acceptance is a step toward wholeheartedness.

Day 220

Choosing Unity

As you once chose separation you can now choose unity.  Not knowing that unity was a choice prevented you from making this choice before now.  Now I tell you clearly, the choice is yours.  Choose once again.

As you make your choice, remember your choice must be wholehearted, for it is in wholeheartedness that the power of choice exists.  A split mind and heart can prevent you from utilizing the power of choice, but it cannot prevent you from claiming this choice as your own.  Choose anew and let the power of heaven come together to seal the rift between your mind and heart, and make you whole once again.  (C:29.19 – 29.20)

Eons ago, we know that we chose separation from God, choosing to rebel against His choices for us, because we thought we could make a reality that we would like better than His.  This didn’t work out so very well.  Lacking a Center in God, we had to make a persona that put ourselves at the center of the universe.  This persona, the ego, made out of hate, make out living a living hell.  God did not interfere, knowing that our will, which He had created, was very strong.  We were in what might be called an “adolescent” rebellion.  And God let go.  He chose for us to live out our wishes, yet always being ready to show us the way back to a better reality.

We are tired now of the ego.  We have learned that it didn’t work for us.  We are ready to stop living from a mind that has been consumed by this ego of ours.  And so we turn to our heart to right things.  And then the heart turns back, in unity, to the mind, and says, in effect, “Have you had enough now?  Are you ready to let the ego go?  Are you ready for God’s great blessing of Christ-consciousness?”

And we say a heartfelt “yes.”  We are no longer living with a split mind, a mind split between the persona of the little or personal self and the Christ Self.  We have chosen the Christ Self as the way that we want to go.  And with the mind whole again, we can unite, in blessedness, with the heart.  And then all is well.  We have chosen again, and in this choice we have made the only choice that matters, the decision to be reunited with our God, who dwells deep within everyone.

Day 221

Split Mind

Devotion cannot be split and must be total to be at all.  Thus while you believe you are devoted to the thoughts of a split mind you are devoted to nothing.  This is why so many attempts at understanding fail.  Trying to come to understanding with a split mind is impossible.  Impossible learning goals lead to depression.  This is why we must learn anew with a mind and heart joined in wholeheartedness.  (C:31.13)

We need to be devoted to wholeness again, having given up the split that did occur in our mind.  When we think with a split mind, we really don’t at all; we think of nothing.  And having this impossible learning goal, the goal of trying to understand when we can’t, is depressing.  Both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love tell us that impossible learning goals lead to depression.

So we give up the impossible task of learning when our mind is split.  We move into wholeheartedness—mind and heart joined—and we learn again what really living well is.  We can understand our ways and means!  We know that our previous attempts to understand have failed because of our split mind, and we can gratefully assert that our mind is no longer split!  We are living in one mind, one heart, and the unity that the two of them comprise together (wholeheartedness).

Day 222

Wholeheartedness vs. Split Mind

While A Course of Love has led you to a state of wholeness of mind and heart, or wholeheartedness, your realization of this state of being requires further guidance.  Thus this Treatise will attempt to give specific examples of what to look for as your learning continues, or how to identify wholehearted responses from those of a split mind.  Its further purpose will be to identify the serve that you can provide once your wholeheartedness is completely realized.  (T1:1.2)

When we move into the art of thought, we are moving into the enlightenment that can come to us when we think with a whole mind, a whole mind informed by the heart.  We need new responses to our world, and the art of thinking in a new way gives us just that.

Day 223


Thus we end this Course with love given and love received in truth.  You are the learner here until you realize that you are Love.  You then become the teacher of what you are.  Your mind and heart join in wholeheartedness in the embrace.  You are home, and there you will forever stay.  (C:32.3)

Once we learn that we are Love, we can give up learning, because we have arrived.  The goal of learning has always, unbeknown to us, been to give it up as no longer needed.  We move into observation of the world surrounding us, and then we move into a discovery of that world with a wholeheartedness that gives us great pause.  We are happy again, for who could not be happy when Love encompasses their being?

We are home in God, where we will forever stay.  We have made our experiment to leave God, we have found that it didn’t work, and we are glad to back in the embrace.  All of us are in this embrace, for we embrace God, we embrace Jesus (who brought us this learning), and we embrace other people.  Our wholeheartedness consists of the embrace.  And consists in being home free.  The experiment is over, and we are very glad that it is.

Day 224


Mindfulness and wholeheartedness are different expressions of the union of mind and heart.  Mindfulness will aid you in remembering.  Wholeheartedness will aid you in reconciling the laws of God with the laws of man.  Through mindfulness you will remember who you are.  Through wholeheartedness you will be who you are.  (T1:5.14)

Jesus counsels mindfulness in A Course of Love, the expression of which will lead us to remember who we are.  This recollection is pivotal to our new life in this world.  Mindfulness, he further tells us, is akin to wholeheartedness in that both mindfulness and wholeheartedness are expressions of the union of mind and heart.  While mindfulness leads to recollection of who we are, wholeheartedness allows us to be who we are.

Day 225

Prayer & Miracles

Prayer and miracles work hand-in-hand once both are seen for what they are.  Do not forget what union is.  Union is the mind and heart being joined in wholeheartedness.  It is your union with your Self.  Union with your Self is union with God.  Thus your concentration must not stray back to old concepts of prayer or of reaching God through the intercession of prayer as if God were separate from you and accessible only through a specific means of communication.  You can see, perhaps, how this attitude toward prayer came about, as it is, like much you have learned, close to the truth without being the truth.  (T1:6.4) 

Union with the Self is union with God.  He is not some far-off, distant Entity, but One right with us.  We are a part of Him, something that is stressed repeatedly.  When we have united mind and heart into wholeheartedness, our Self is One with God.  So prayer may seem different to us.  We are not praying to an external God Who hears prayer as an outside Entity.  We are communing with our depths, where God is.  So we form our prayers differently, perhaps.  We know that deep within, where God dwells, is where prayer is answered.

Prayer works hand-in-hand with miracles.  When we pray, we ask what miracles we are to perform, and then these miracles come about effortlessly.  Jesus, in A Course in Miracles, indicated that we are to ask him which miracles to perform; this save us needless effort, and it means that our actions will not be misguided.  He arranges time to accommodate what we are trying to do in a miracle.  This may seem implausible, but then there are many features of the supernatural about which our science does not know.  We best take Jesus at his word in regard to both prayer and miracles.

Our supplications to an external God, then, can cease.  We can reach deep within, and this is the truth.  Our Self is joined to the Deity.

Day 226

Christ Mind

The Christ in you is the Self who you become when you have united heart and mind once again in wholeheartedness.  Thus the union of mind and heart is, as was stated previously, the first union, the union that must proceed all the rest.  You are in a state of unity when you have achieved wholeheartedness.  You are in a state in which you are able to learn.  I am here to show you the way to the Christ in you.  I began my teaching by appealing to your heart so as to ready you for the return of wholeheartedness, the state of union I which all that you learn is shared, first by mind and heart, and then in unity with your brothers and sisters.  You achieve this state only by listening to one voice, or, in other words, by ending the separate state which is the state in which the ego exists.  The end of the separated state or the ego, is the beginning of your ability to hear only one voice, the voice we all share in unity.

This voice speaks to you in a thousand ways.  It is the voice of love, the voice of creation, the voice of life.  (T1:10.13 – 10.14)

We are listening to a new voice now that we have merged mind and heart into wholeheartedness.  This new voice is the voice of love, the voice of creation, the voice of life.  It is not the Holy Spirit, per se.  It is the Christ Self who is within us.  It is the Self joined to God, internally.

We are in a state of union with the Christ Self when we have achieved wholeheartedness.  Here we are able to learn in the right way.  We are integrated internally, and then we turn outward, to our brothers and sisters, still being integrated.  We share with our brothers and sisters, and in so doing we are leading them home.  But we don’t proselytize; we must keep emphasizing that.

We must end the separate state in which the ego has dwelled.  And wholeheartedness has no place at all for the ego.  When we have ended the separate state of the ego, we will hear the voice of unity—the voice coming from deep within in wholeheartedness.

This is when events become quite good for us.  We are reaching home.

Day 227

Christ Self

One of the primary ideas that will assist you in leaving patterns of thinking behind is the idea that thought as we are describing it, the thought that is not really thought but the way of coming to know of the Self joined in unity, enters you through the place of mind and heart joined in wholeheartedness at the center of yourself, a place that has nothing to do with the body.  That you listen, hear, and respond may at times be of the body, but it may also at times not be of the body.  (D:12.13)

The body is secondary to the Christ Self.  We sometimes listen to the body, but other times we are listening to something that is of spirit only, not of the body at all.  Our new thoughts will enter us in the place of wholeheartedness, this place at the center of us, where God is.  Where the Christ Self is.  We are here joined in unity.  And when we reach out, we are still in unity, for our brothers and sisters partake of this same Oneness.

We are not really thinking in the old accustomed way.  We have a new way of thinking, a new art of thought.  We are listening to our real interior Being, the Christ Self.  And, as a result, we will never be the same again.

Day 228

The Art of Thought

So what we are attempting to do is to open the mind to the wisdom of the heart with these dialogues.  As the mind opens and accepts the new, the art of thought will become your new means of thinking.  What has been learned will become an ability to think wholeheartedly, or with mind and heart in union, and then that ability will transcend ability and wholehearted will become what you are, and wholeheartedness your sole means of expression.  (D:8.9)

Wholeheartedness is a great blessing.  We transcend thought that used to be, by taking on new thought, the art of thought.  We are no longer listening to an old ego; we are listening to the wholeheartedness of the Christ Self.  Wholeheartedness thus becomes our sole means of expression.

We have opened our minds to the wisdom of the heart in reading A Course of Love.  As we have noted, this heart is joined to mind, because the mind still thinks, albeit in a new way.  We will become wholehearted in this new era.  And in so doing we will walk serenely along our pathway home.  The art of thought has become our new way of thinking, wholeheartedness our new way of being.

Day 229

Elevated Self of Form

Your self will no longer be divided into a spirit Self and a human self, living under different conditions, at times complimenting and at times opposing one another.  Just as mind and heart became one in wholeheartedness and ended the conflict induced by their seeming separation, the spirit and the human self now do so also.  (D:Day29.2)

          The spirit self, or Christ Self, is now one with the “little” or personal self, the human self.  In this joining we walk with brisk steps back home.

          The human self is the one that we present to others, but it is no longer the egoic self.  It is instead a mirror of the Christ Self, but intended for the world.  This personal self is still a persona, but a persona that is rid of the ego, and therefore rid of what held us back.  We walk home in wholeheartedness, sure of our destiny as we have never been sure before.

          Our hearts are serene now.  We are listening to our hearts for the first time.  And joined to the mind, what we can accomplish becomes very great indeed.


Day 230

Living in the Time of Christ

You have completed God’s act of choosing you by choosing God.  This is all the chosen people are in time—those who have chosen God as God has chosen them.  That you have chosen God and chosen a new means of coming to know the truth—the means of Christ-consciousness, is what has ushered in the new time.  (T4:1.18)

We are now living in a new time, the time of Christ.  And in this time, for reasons that we are not fully known, it is easier to reach Christ-consciousness.  We make a decision about wanting to know God, choosing God above all else, and this primes us for the great blessing of God’s reaching down and lifting us up.  This decision has ushered in the new time of Christ, according to A Course of Love:

That you have chosen God and chosen a new means of coming to know the truth—the means of Christ-consciousness, is what has ushered in the new time.  (T4:1.18)

We need to be aware of what is going on in our minds and hearts during this new time.  We need to understand what our wholeheartedness has brought to us.  And when we truly understand, we will be very grateful.  This gratitude will open up showers of blessings, for God does not hold back when he sees that we are ready to receive.  Then we give as we have received, and the circle is complete.

Day 231

Our Children

What has grown in you has grown in your children and they are not only ready, but also demanding to learn through observation and direct communication or experience.  Many not yet grown to maturity have been born into the time of Christ, and do not fit within the time or the consciousness of the Holy Spirit.  (T4:1.24)

A Course of Love tells us that we are living in the time of Christ, the time of the Holy Spirit having been superseded.  We aren’t told exactly what this means, but we know that our children are growing up under different conditions.  And one of these conditions is an aversion to traditional book learning in favor of direct observation of the world, and direct experience within this world.  We see it in our children, their eagerness to reach out to the world, to experience the world in fullness.  We ourselves grew up with the book learning with which we all became enthralled.  We may have a harder time than our children in letting go of these old ways of seeking.  We may want to retreat to what others have written, long ago, rather than find our own answers in a new world.

Our children, on the other hand, are eagerly demanding direct observation of this world and direct experiences within this world.  We need to adapt to their needs and desires as well as our own, and let go of what has served the past well—but is no longer so well serving us nor our world.

Day 232

 A Polar Reversal that Is Happening Worldwide

Outward seeking is turning inward.  Inward or internal discoveries are turning outward.  This is a reverse, a polar reversal that is happening worldwide, externally as well as internally.  It is happening.  It is not predictive.  I have never been and will never be predictive, for I am Christ-consciousness.  Christ-consciousness is awareness of what is.  Only an awareness of what is, an awareness that does not conceive of such as what was and will be can peacefully coexist with the unity that is here and now in truth.  (T4:2.1)

Jesus is not predictive in A Course of Love.  He notes what is happening now, here and now.  Christ-consciousness is knowledge of what is, and he does not concern himself what might be.  He knows that probabilities in our world differ.

Seeking is undergoing a polar reversal in these times.  Outward seeking (we are so good at that!) is turning inward, and inward seeking is looking at experiences of the outer world, in observation.  This transformation is all to the good.  We will stop reading the book knowledge that has enveloped us for years, turning inward to the Christ Self to gain our understanding.  And, when we turn outward from that inward orientation, we will do so from the new habit of observing experiences in the outer world.  This observation replaces learning, as we have seen.

And it is all a good thing.

Day 233

True Vision

Examine what you may have felt the onset of true vision would mean.  Have you considered this question?  Have you expected to see in the same way but more lovingly?  Have you thought you might begin to recognize those who, like you, are joined with me in Christ-consciousness?  Have you suspected that you might see in ways literally different?  That you might see auras or halos, signs and clues previously unseen?  (T4:2.31)

When we begin really to see, to see, then we will have embodied Christ-consciousness.  The horizons are boundless when this occurs.  We will see more lovingly, for starters.  We will more immediately recognize others who have reached the same state of transformation.  We may be more psychic, seeing auras, observing signs and clues previously unseen.  This is true vision, and when we experience it, even in glimpses, we know that it is all that we really want.

God needs to become primary with us for all of these changes to occur.  Jesus wanted God above all else in his lifetime on earth.  Sure, he felt a calling, a destiny, but do not all of us have a calling?  It will not be as great as his, of course, but our calling will be something that grows from our background, particularly suited to our talents and experience.  We will achieve without effort.  The calling that is suited to us doesn’t take work, but it does take dedication and persistence.  And then the blessings of carrying out that calling accrue to the vigilant.  And God will be right there in the midst of our minds and hearts as we go about these new tasks.  No struggle required.  God fits our tasks to what we can do best, and we know a joy in the doing that makes everything else pale in comparison.

Day 234

Seeing with the Vision of Christ-consciousness

Seeing with the vision of Christ-consciousness is already upon you.  You are in the process of learning what it means.  This Treatise is here to help you do so.  Learning to see anew is the precursor of learning to create anew.  Creating anew is the precursor of the coming of the new world.  (T4:2.33)

Many of us who read A Course of Love will find vision coming to us, seemingly unsought (although we have actually been fulfilling the requirements almost unawares).  This vision is the harbinger of sustained Christ-consciousness.  At first it comes in snatches, when we are particularly mellow and receptive.  These are the glimpses that so many of us talk about. 

We need to see anew, because it is the precursor of learning to create anew.  And creating anew is the precursor of the coming of the new world.  Jesus never takes his eyes off the culmination of where A Course of Love is heading:  to the creation of the new, the creation of a new world.

Not all of us will create a new world.  Some will stop short, and will be satisfied with changing the world.  But Jesus is not satisfied with just this.  He sees the problems in our current mess, and he wants to help.  He believes and teaches that change in individuals is needed first.  We cannot rush out, willy-nilly, as do-gooders, to sacrifice and alter the status quo when we ourselves are unhealed.

So our healing comes first.  And then the next step, and the next, is taken by transformed minds and hearts.  People who live their inner Christ Self in transformation.  These are the real movers and shakers in the world of the future.  And great can be the contribution of these individuals who love in depth and love aright.

Remember always that we need to be healed first.  So our own devotionals must take place on a daily basis.  It is possible that we would reach Christ-consciousness, but fail to sustain it.  And this would be sad indeed.  A tragedy for our world.  We must not backslide.  We must keep the faith.  And in so doing, we stay close to our God and to the Self Who touches Him.  We sustain Christ-consciousness, and then the bounty arrives.  Our ship comes in.  And not just our ship, but the ship for all human beings whoselives we touch, for there can be no stopping this new day.

Day 235


Once vision and Christ-consciousness has returned to you, the means of life-everlasting will be understood as a choice.  Because there was no relationship save that of intermediaries between the human and the divine, there was no choice but to end the separated state in order to return to unity through death.  Once the return to unity has occurred in form, the decision to continue in form or to not continue in form will be yours.  (T4:4.14)

Jesus does not suggest that we will have immortality in the body, on earth.  But he is very plain about our having an eternity in which to live.  And we can start enjoying that eternity now, not after death—enjoying because we are living with vision and Christ-consciousness.  Things are never the same ole way after Christ-consciousness has descended.  Even glimpses of Christ-consciousness are welcomed occurrences.  And Jesus says in A Course of Love that all of us—all—are having glimpses, right here in everyday life.

The present and future look bright to us with promises such as these.  Vision and Christ-consciousness will smooth our pathway in life, and set the stage for an eternity that surpasses our wildest imaginings.

Day 236

 True Identity

Although this discussion is likely to cause many of you serious doubts about the truth and applicability of this Course, this discussion is necessary to your awareness of Christ-consciousness.  To believe that you are mortal is to believe that you must die to the personal self of form in order to be reborn as a true Self.  This is an old way of thinking.  Have we not worked throughout this Course to return your true identity to you now?  (T4:4.16)

The purpose of A Course of Love is to give us guidance to drop the ego and to establish a new identity, an identity that is described as the Self (with a capital “S”).  When we read along in ACOL, we eventually find the assertion that we have indeed ended the reign of the ego.  What awaits us then is the Self, Who is the inner Christ Self living in physical form in our physical world.  We do receive a warning that we might reestablish a new ego if we are not careful.  And this would be a deplorable turn of events.  But we are saved from such a fate when we allow the Self to form a new persona, a persona that is a personal self shown to all of our brothers and sisters.  That is the only way in which a new personal self is helpful.  Not everyone will realize that we have changed fundamentally by letting the Christ Self reign in our everyday lives. 

So we certainly don’t have to wait until death to know union with God and Christ-consciousness.  God does make the decision of when this gift will be bestowed on us, but we can hurry the process along by removing the blocks to love’s awareness. 

Focus on love.  Thrive on love.  And never look back to old egoic ways of thinking and acting.  Be done with that insanity once and for all.

Day 237

  To Know Your Self

To align your will with the Will of God is to make the choice for Christ-consciousness, to make the choice to be aware of who you truly are.  To know your Self as my brother or sister in Christ; to be the Body of Christ.  (T4:5.10)

We probably realize by now that God’s will for us, and our true will for us, are identical.  We hurt ourselves when we choose an egoic will to satisfy our cravings.  But when we align with God’s will, we are only a step away from Christ-consciousness.  The bestowal of Christ-consciousness upon may still seem to take a long time, but there is no time.  We are right in the middle of an eternity.  Time just spreads out upon our experience so that we can experience.

Christ-consciousness can be thought of as the Body of Christ, the Body that we all share, for Christ-consciousness turns on recognition that the Self is shared with all others.  This does not mean that the body is real, for A Course in Miracles, forerunner of A Course of Love, indicates that the forms we inhabit are actually illusion.  They feel real enough to us, though, and that is the rub.  We inhabit true reality when we live love, and we can experience true love in form as well as in spirit.

Day 238

   To Sustain Christ-consciousness

You can exist in Christ-consciousness, as have many others of the past, and through your existence in Christ-consciousness, affect much with what you envision, imagine and desire, in love, without changing the world and the nature of the human being any more than have those who have come before.  The changes those who have existed in Christ-consciousness have wrought have been great, but they did not sustain Christ-consciousness, primarily because they were unable to share Christ-consciousness directly due to individual and collective choice. (T4:6.7)

We need to share Christ-consciousness directly with each other.  This is an imperative for creating a new world.  There have been others achieving Christ-consciousness in the past, but they did not sustain it (Jesus tells us), because it was not shared.  It did not become stronger, invincible, because it was not shared.

With God’s help, we can do better now.  With God’s help is the crucial point.  We can do little or nothing on our own.  It is the God, the part of our Self Who comes out from the depths, Who will make the difference.  This is the part that we need to understand.  This is the way that we win, and win big—not only for ourselves but for the world at large.

Previous generations, and the people in them who achieved Christ-consciousness, did not create a new world.  Now we are, however, on the verge of doing so.  A new world is not a little gift; it is the harbinger of times ahead that will give everyone a new lease on life.  No longer will people feel defeated; no longer will they cry out for help that does not seem to come.

Help is here.  We are making much progress as a people.  And A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, along with other channeled writings from Jesus, are pivotal in creating the change.

Day 239

   Refrain from Judgment

Christ-consciousness will be temporary or sustainable depending on your ability to refrain from judgment.  What is flows from Love and knows not judgment.  Al that you envision, imagine, desire with love must be without judgment or it will be false envisioning, false imagining, false desire.  This simply means false, or not consistent with the truth.  It does not mean wrong or bad and is itself no cause for judgment.  It is simply an alternative that will draw you out of Christ-consciousness and not allow it to be sustainable.  (T4:7.1)

Jesus does not “judge” us for our judgments.  But there are universal laws in place that do, in a manner of speaking, “judge” us.  We can’t, for example, sustain Christ-consciousness if we ourselves are judging others.  If we attempt to envision what we desire and it is fraught with judgment, we will be engaging in false envisioning.  And what we want may come true, but it won’t satisfy us.  We need to be free of judgments if we are to succeed in appropriate envisioning for the present or the future.

So how does this jive with the judgment that keeps us from sustaining Christ-consciousness?  This, we may believe (though Jesus does not say so), that this is God doing the judging, a right that he has but we do not.  We learned in A Course in Miracles that judgment belonged to the Holy Spirit, not ourselves, and the Holy Spirit is a part of God as well as a part of our Self (the One we share with the All, including our brothers and sisters).  For a judge to judge accurately, He must know All.  And we can believe that both the Holy Spirit, as a part of God, and our Self, as a part of God, does know the All.  But this Self is not omniscient while we are on earth.  We have finite minds, and our hearts feel, but not in an all-encompassing way.  We are still limited by our sojourn here on earth.  So we don’t properly judge.  We cannot.  We are not privy to all circumstances—past, present, and future—that would give us proper judgment.  But God is.  So His judgments are sound.

Day 240

    Consciousness of the Truth

But consciousness of what is, the Christ-consciousness that allows you to be in communion with God, is not a static state.  While consciousness of the truth is never-changing, consciousness of the truth is also ever-expanding.  (T4:8.14)

Creation is not static, consciousness of what is, is not static.  Creation is ever-expanding.  Truth is ever-expanding, though never changing.  What does this mean?  It means that God Himself is constantly expressing Himself in ever-expanding ways.  Constant Self-expression falls to us as well.  The universe, ever-expanding, is being born anew right before our very eyes.

In Christ-consciousness, we are in communion with God whenever we wish to be.  We only need be attentive.  This communion tells us what is in our world, what is in our minds and hearts, what is right with God.  We know truth when we are in communion with God.  And this truth will give us better days, always.

A better day is often desired by us.  Is it possible to have all the time?  I think so.  This has to do with expectations.  If we expect a good day, a self-fulfilling prophecy will be much more likely to be triggered.  And, with this, an ever-expanding goodness will prevail.

True reality is not a hard thing to experience.  Truth reality heals and blesses.  Let us pray for this harmony, joy, peace, kindness—all to engulf us today.

Day 241

   Doubt about Yourself Is Fear

The only thing that is going to hold you back from your ability to sustain Christ-consciousness is doubt about yourself.  You must constantly remember that doubt about yourself is fear, and reject the instinct, so engrained into your singular consciousness, to let doubt of yourself take hold of you.  Even though you are abiding now in the state of Christ-consciousness, the pattern of the old thoughts will continue until they are replaced by a new pattern.  (T4:12.20)

One aspect of fear that is little understood is the place that doubt holds in its characteristics.  Jesus even says at one point that the only thing that will hold us back from sustaining Christ-consciousness is doubt about ourselves, and this is fear.  The pattern of this old way of viewing ourselves will keep us tied to a lower state of mind and heart, unless it is willingly given up.  If we follow God’s guidance, we won’t have any reason for doubting ourselves.  We will know that we are taking the highest and best road home to Him.

Jesus doesn’t spell in out in so many words, but self-doubt is a judgment on ourselves, and so judging does come into play as well.  If we think that we need to be unsure of our thoughts, words, and actions, we won’t walk in confidence.  And this, in turn, will feed into fear.

Self-doubt can be seen as an umbrella term that overlooks both fear and judgment, though fear and love are elsewhere, repeatedly, said to be the two emotions.  We need to commune with God so that self-confidence replaces self-doubt.  And this new (for many) self-confidence will take us a long way in this world, a long way in this world, and a long way in the new world that we are creating.

Day 242

   Christ-consciousness Is Unity

The singular consciousness would act like a computer with a full drive and reject the information or be overcome by it if such were possible.  Such is not possible, because Christ-consciousness is not available to the separated self.  Christ-consciousness is the consciousness of unity for unity is what is.  (T4:12.23)

Christ-consciousness is not even available to us if we try to remain separate, in a solitary consciousness.  The knowledge that Christ-consciousness would bring is too all-encompassing for a finite mind to encompass.  Jesus says that to try would “act like a computer with a full drive” and “reject the information or be overcome by it.”  (T4:12.23)  But, he goes on to say that this is not even possible, forChrist-consciousness does not descend on those of us who want to remain isolated and alone.  God will not give us more than we can enjoy and live with comfortably.  And if we insist on going it alone, with autonomy that does not embrace others, we will cut ourselves off from this great blessing of Christ-consciousness.  It won’t even be an option for us, and that would indeed be a pity.

Day 243

  Free Will

Free will continues in the pattern of Christ-consciousness.  Love continues.   The individual or singular consciousness that was appropriate to the time of learning does not continue. (T4:12.28)

Lest we think that sharing with others would affect our free will, we need to be reassured that free will, as well as love, continues once we have reached Christ-consciousness.  Our consciousness as a singular being, though, does not continue, for we are sharing on an ongoing basis. 

This sharing may take many forms, and we do not always have to be in the room with somebody else to share.  When we commune with our depths, we are communing with the shared Self, the Self Whom we share with all of our brothers and sisters.  We can be fear-free in this state of communion—for what, truly, is there to fear?  We have left fear behind, and only a pattern of it may continue to linger.  And this pattern is easily ignored, for it is only a pattern, not a truth.

Lingering patterns are the only thing that will trip us up now, for lingering patterns recall the ego—something we would be free of.  When we choose to have a closer walk with our Self, these patterns are quickly left behind.  If they recur, we just repeat what we did before:  We develop a closer walk with our Self.  And then all is well.

Day 244

   We Have Found What We Sought

If you do not realize that you have learned all that you need to learn, you will retain the consciousness of the separated self rather than sustaining Christ-consciousness.  (D:2.9)

When we seek to keep learning, we are continuing to be seekers, instead of recognizing that we have found what we sought.  Jesus tries to reassure us in the final sections of ACOL that we have indeed found what we sought.  But we may be so trapped by the patterns of the ego that we don’t recognize what we have found.  So we embark on yet another useless journey.

We need to be on the journey without distance.  We need to know that miracle-minded thinking, informed by the heart, and sanctioned by prayer, will save us now.  Learning was needed in the time of the self separated from God, but now we are in a very different time.  We, in the time of Christ, are moving toward Christ-consciousness, a state of mind and heart, a state of being, that comes (usually) at first in glimpses.  As time goes on, and these glimpses are lengthened in time, then we begin to see that this new state could be sustained, day in and day out.  Then we really see our way out. 

We don’t do this alone.  We reach deep within, to the God Who dwells within, and we activate this new consciousness by listening to that part of God called the Christ-Mind.  And the heart is never far behind, for it is the heart that leads us truly, without the intellectual doubts that the mind is liable to throw up.  The heart knows whereof I speak; let our heart speak to us now, now and throughout each and every day.

Day 245

   We Are One with Jesus

To know what you now know, and remain aware only of the reality of the separated self, would not sustain Christ-consciousness in form.

This is why I will often repeat that I am no longer your teacher.  You must realize your oneness with me and all that was created and you cannot do so while you think of me as teacher and yourself as student.  (D:3.16 – 3.17)

In the Dialogues of A Course of Love, Jesus resigns as our teacher, telling us that the student – teacher relationship cannot sustain Christ-consciousness.  We can sustain Christ-consciousness only when we recognize that we are one with Jesus and all other living beings.  We must not concentrate any longer on the separated self, the egoic self that longed to drive us to its own ends.  We must concentrate instead on elongating the glimpses of Christ-consciousness that we get, and, as has been stated, the way to do this is to banish fear and judgment from our dealings with ourselves, with our God, and with our brothers and sisters.

Fear may seem difficult to dismiss; likewise, judgment.  We are so used to both of these emotions that we don’t feel safe without them.  But the truth is that we cannot feel safe WITH them.  Fear builds on itself, as stress overwhelms the physical body, and brain chemicals are released that cause us to feel overwrought.  Judgment, in contrast, is likely to cause anger to arise in us.  Brain chemicals are released then, as well, and the picture is not pretty.

Make a determination to give up living with both fear and judgment!  A simple declaration of intent is enough to start us on the road to leaving behind the egoic, separated self, and embracing Christ-consciousness.  We know that we can’t feel Christ-consciousness when we are not in harmony, and fear and judgment make feeling harmony impossible.  Relax into the Love that will surround us in warmth from the heart of our Christ-Self.  Be not resistant, for in resistance emotions, especially unwanted emotions, become strong.  Just turn aside from fear and judgment, gently, but with finality.  And if these emotions continue to know on our heart, we just turn aside again and again, until relinquishment is complete.

Day 246

    Giving & Receiving

What you need remember now is that your separated self already learned this concept of giving and receiving, and that for the elevated Self of form it is simply a shared quality of oneness.  It is not in need of learning or even understanding.  It is.  Awareness of what is, is a quality of Christ-consciousness.  Thus you are already aware of the truth of giving and receiving being one. (D:3.21)

Jesus tells us that giving and receiving are one, and that we even learned about giving and receiving when we were trapped in the egoic, separated self.  So it is easy now to transfer this to knowledge (and it is knowledge) that actually giving and receiving, because all of us are actually one, is also just one.  We may think of it as something differentiated when we are in physical form, because the “other” seems very real to us.  But we need to put aside our emphasis on viewing the physical bodies in our world, and realize, with vision not of physical eyes, that we are indeed all one.  Our Christ-Self is one with all.  Our God, deep within each of us, is one with all.  This concept can actually be very comforting, for we know that what we give another is actually what we give to ourselves.  The way back is easy when we join with our brothers and sisters in a oneness that cannot be denied.

This is something that just “is.”  And recognizing what is, is an attribute of Christ-consciousness.  We live, immersed in reality, when we are living in Christ, in that consciousness.  We don’t need to puzzle over what reality actually constitutes.  We know, with our heart, what it all means—for the first time ever.

Day 247

   New World Offered

Each of you who have entered Christ-consciousness has had the cell door and the prison gate thrown open and a new world offered.  If you do not ‘accept’ this opportunity, you remain incarcerated in a system that tells you when you will awaken, how you will spend your day and when you will retire.  (D:4.5)

Jesus tells us that in the separated, egoic self, we have actually been in prison, a prison that is of our own making.  But there is a way out, when we accept the opportunity of Christ-consciousness.  This acceptance needs to be a deliberate decision.  Then events will unfold that allow us to experience this state in all of its fullness.  Seen at first in glimpses, the state of mind and heart becomes, gradually, to be our chosen state at all times.  And we are no longer incarcerated in a “system that tells you when you will awaken, how you will spend your day and what you will retire.”  (D:4.5)

Day 248

 The Self

The self of form, as form, could never truly experience the All of Everything that is the natural state of the formless.  But the true Self cannot cease to experience its natural state, the state of Christ-consciousness, sharing in unity, the All of Everything.  So these two states, the state of form and the state of unity, are both in existence right now.  In the state of unity, your true Self is fully aware of the elevated Self of form and is fully participating in its experiences and feelings.  The elevated Self of form, however, being a form that still exists in time, must realize the consciousness of the true Self in time.  What this means is that the elevated Self of form may still need ‘time’ to come to know the changes that only occur in ‘time’ although they are already accomplished in unity.  (D:6.27)

We have had a Self who existed outside of time; we still do.  And now this timeless Self is joining with the form that we occupy to give us a new experience of living, a new experience of life.  This will not happen all at once.  It may take time for the formless to join with the form, for the elevated Self of form to fully know what the selfless form knows so well.  And we may never, on this earth plane, know it all.  We are attempting to join with the All, with God Himself as the All, and we just may not be able to do this while in physical form.  Yet physical form, when becoming the elevated Self, knows much more than we knew heretofore.  Our new vision will show this new, true, reality to us.

We previously were just in form, without unity very much at all.  Now, when we join with the One, the All, we experience unity.  And this is a blessing indeed.  In time we must experience the most of the timeless Self that we can.  Though we may never know it all, we can make a good start.  We can intuit the rest, and so the elevated Self of form will truly have joined with the timeless Self when we have so intuited.  This is a mystical understanding, a mystical understanding that will stand us in good stead as we seek to live with and sustain Christ-consciousness, and as we seek to live with and sustain a newly created world.

Day 249

   Time & Timelessness

Time is not an aspect of eternity or of unity.  Time is thus what has separated the self that exists in form from the Self that exists in union or the state of Christ-consciousness.  In becoming one body, one Christ, you have accepted existence as a non-particular being in a state outside of time—you have accepted existence as a new Self, the Self of elevated form.  You just do not yet understand what this means.  (D:7.18)

We are moving into the timeless when we approach unity/Christ-consciousness, letting our Self evolve into an elevated Self of form.  We don’t understand all that this means, what it will bring about.  But the seed of the future has been planted, and we would be wise to spend some time trying to understand.  It will make all the difference.

When we were exclusively in time, we were in the egoic state of mind, the separated state.  While we did not actually separate from God (for that would have been impossible, because he lives through us), we did think ourselves separate, and we felt guilt because of this presumed separation.  We thought that we had done unforgivable things—maybe lies, may abuse, maybe anything that we knew was wrong at the time.  Our consciences were not fully developed, as they too were part of the presumed separated state.  But the guilt from the conscience that we had was very real.  And it made the sense of separation from God ever greater.

Often we did not feel justified in reaching out to God for solace.  How could he love someone so lowly as ourselves?  How could he love a liar?  An abuser?  You get the picture.  But we know now that these negative behavior/thoughts were done in innocence, that we have never left the state of innocence; we have just made mistakes.  When we seek forgiveness for these mistakes, we are walking above ground again, with sure-footed steps, on the pathway back to God.  Our days smooth out, and we know real peace for maybe the first time in our memory.

The days of childhood are recognized as innocent by most people.  But at some point, the age of accountability, we decided that we weren’t good enough for God; we had not been “perfect” (whatever that means).  And so we moved in the only direction that seemed open to us, to form a persona around an ego, an ego that seemed to promise to keep us safe.  The ego did never keep us safe, but we thought that it did. Actually the ego fueled agitation, making us feel less safe the more that we depended upon it.  And so the long trek into egotism was begun.  We didn’t know enough, then, to turn aside from the ego.  We didn’t know how.

Now we do know how.  Jesus has made plain our pathway in the New Testament, A Course in Miracles, The Way of Mastery, A Course of Love, and, we may imagine, other avenues, some channeled and some not, just inspired.  For those of us reading A Course of Love, Jesus is our chosen leader, and so we turn to him, accepting him wholeheartedly.  And once this decision for wholeheartedness is made, we are saved.  We are heading for ultimate salvation in Christ-consciousness, Awakening, enlightenment (for all these words mean the same).

Day 250

   We Are in an In-between Time

Again let me remind you that you are in an in-between time.  Thus these conditions I have spoken of and those I have yet to speak of, are also in an in-between state.  They exist along with the new you.  They exist in acceptance and union.  They do not exist in learning and separation.  They exist in love.  They do not exist in fear.  Like with Christ-consciousness, you are moving form a place of maintenance of these conditions to one of sustainability of these conditions.  They do not come about from changes in your external circumstances but from changes in your internal perspective.  (D:Day7.8)

Our internal perspective is what needs to change, and when this change has come about, we will be home free—sustaining Christ-consciousness, experiencing unity with God, ourselves, our brothers and sisters.  Our external circumstances do not first change, for the inner causes the outer.  When our inner world has changed to one of peace, then our outer world will also change.  And this holds for everybody in our world who is going through this radical transformation.

We are yet in an in-between time, ripe for change but not experiencing the transformation that has been promised.  As we follow through the 40 days and 40 nights, it is hoped by Jesus that we will move out of the in-between, the becoming state, into realization of the elevated Self of form and, with it, the realization of Christ-consciousness.

We may not be able to hurry this process, however much we might wish to do so.  If the change happened faster (as it does with a few people), then our adjustment to this change would be precarious.  But the way to transformation, as pointed out by A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, is slow and steady, a gentle pathway.  And we are being prepared for this transformation every step on our pathway. 

Be glad that the way is gentle.  Then we will see a new world in parts, and then in full.  We are being prepared in the best way.  And we are fortunate to have Jesus as our companion.

Day 251

    The Embrace Is Christ-consciousness

When you remain in the present moment you remain within Christ-consciousness where all that is exists in harmony.  To embrace is the opposite of to escape.  To hold all within yourself in the embrace of love is the opposite of holding onto what you have already responded to with fear and made separate.  There is no escape for there is only the embrace.  The embrace is Christ-consciousness.  (D:Day16.10)

There is a lovely passage in A Course of Love in which Jesus invites us to come into his embrace, to rest our head on his shoulder, to let the tears fall.  He expands on the comforting image of the embrace throughout the whole of ACOL.  Ultimately, he says that the embrace IS Christ-consciousness.  We are in harmony when we sense the embrace that is enfolding us always.  We live in peace and we live in Love.  This Love is the evidence of things unseen, our Divine Maker, the Godhead Who created us.

When we remain in the present, we are far more likely to remain in peace.  It is only when we look back in regret, fearing to repeat the unfortunate past, or we look ahead in anticipatory fear, fearing that an uncertain and hostile world will engulf us, that we fall on our face.  When we live in the present, we are safe.  We know God’s peace and harmony as only living in the present can show these to us.

Day 252

   What We Know through Relationship

We have spoken of Christ-consciousness as the awareness of existence through relationship.  We have spoken of life-consciousness and Christ-consciousness as the merging of the human and the divine into observable form.  Thus there must be a difference between life-consciousness and Christ-consciousness, since you have been life-conscious without being Christ-conscious. (D:Day17.1)

Christ-consciousness is described as the “awareness of existence through relationship.”  (D:Day17.1)   Of course, we have already reached unity when we have reached Christ-consciousness, the heart and mind have been united; the complete Self has been united with the personal or little self; and we are united once again with God, the Deity deep within us.  But we know this through relationship, because each of the parts that are united were once separate, and now they have a relationship to each other.

The theology gets very deep sometimes in A Course of Love.  But we need not fret; we don’t have to try to comprehend it all.  Just living from our united heart and mind, in wholeheartedness, will be enough to take us home to God, to grant us Christ-consciousness.  Once we have brought up to the surface all subconscious hindrances to our loving each other and God, we will be brought home by God Himself.  He reaches down and lifts us up, but of course this is a metaphor.  Our God, deep within our mind and heart, emerges from the Unconscious, and we know peace in Christ-consciousness.  For this to happen, we must be free of fear and judgment, and we are fast reaching that pinnacle of achievement.

Day 253

    Seeing Others with the Eye of Unity & Relationship

Because my state of consciousness, a state of consciousness we are calling Christ-consciousness, allowed me to exist in union and relationship with all, I could see my brothers and sisters ‘in Christ’ or in their true nature.  I saw them in union and relationship, where they saw themselves in separation.  (T4:2.28)

When Jesus was walking the earth, he saw others with a fresh eye, the eye of unity and relationship.  He knew all were One with him, and he knew that he was associated with each individually.  They, on the other hand, with eyes unopened, saw in separation—and misunderstood much that he was trying to tell them.  His state of consciousness was indeed Christ-consciousness.  Knowing this, and knowing that he wants us to reach the same state (and sooner rather than later), we can anticipate that we too will see our brothers and sisters with a fresh eye when we have been touched by God.  God will take the next step, reaching down to life us up as transformed beings.  Our physical forms won’t matter so much to us then, though we will still have them, in elevated form.  We will embody the elevated Self of form, for we will touch the Self that has been hidden in our minds and hearts for ages.  We will touch the real being who we are.  And this change will be cause for great rejoicing.

People who have reached Christ-consciousness no longer fret so much about everyday life.  Their worries just seem to melt away, along with their fears (for all worry is a form of fear).  We may not recognize these transformed people, though we live among them.  They are not self-seeking, and so they may, paradoxically, seem to merge into the woodwork.  But when asked about their beliefs, their faces shine brightly.  They probably won’t proselytize, but because we have asked, they will respond, and eagerly.  The results of an exchange with these people is tremendous.  We will want what they have.  And they will give us pointers about how to achieve the same state, though it doesn’t take work and it doesn’t appear in any proscribed way. 

Jesus knew when he was living 2,000 years ago that what he had was something to which everyone would one day, far in the future, reach.  His lament, and ours, is that it is taking so long, while suffering continues to drag down the spirits and the bodies of individuals living on earth.

Remove our own blocks to love, and the miracle will happen.  And sooner rather than later.  That is all that we can do to prepare:  Remove the blocks, the hindrances, to love.  This means no more judgment, no more attack, anger that is forgiven as soon as it appears.  We are not, thankfully, asked to be perfect in this world.  Jesus will ultimately correct, he says, the mistakes that are beyond us.  But we have an ace in the hole:  Our love for God, ourselves, and others will save us.  And the more we love, the more we will see is worthy of love.  Love builds on itself.  And then Christ-consciousness appears, at first in glimpses, and then face to face. 

Would that all of us could experience this joy immediately!

Day 254

  Elevate Form

Loosed of the body and the body’s limited vision, real choice has been revealed to those having experienced death.  At that time it is your judgment of yourself and your ability to believe in the glory that is yours, that determines the way in which your life will continue.  The same is true right now!  For this is the time of Christ and thus of your ability to choose Christ-consciousness, the consciousness returned to those loosed of the body by death.  Being loose of the body by death was the chosen means of the time of the intermediary, the chosen means of attaining Christ-consciousness and direct revelation.  The elevation of the personal self in this time of Christ can be the new choice.  (T4:5.13)

We are encouraged to realize that we can “elevate” form, indeed that we ought to do so.  This means that we are working with a mind and heart combined.  These two together allow Christ-consciousness to emerge; we are no longer constrained by the body as a lamentable part of our being.  We see that the body has its good points, though it truly does remain neutral, doing those things prompted by our internal self.  When we inhabit the elevated Self of form, we will immediately know Christ-consciousness.  No waiting for death to free us.  No longer wishing for that which it seems we can’t have.

We are home at last, home in God, home in the Christ-Self Who has been revealed to us by a loving savior.

Day 255

 Creating Who You Are Anew

You can learn about who you were and who others were, but you cannot learn anymore who you are or who those are who have joined you in Christ-consciousness, for you have become who you are and move on from this starting point to creating who you are anew in unity and relationship.  You can learn from the past but not from the future.  (T4:10.14)

We need to join with others who have reached Christ-consciousness, and in this joining, we will see a newly created world.  We will not be trying, in vain, to learn from the past, but we will be learning from the present—that part of eternity that is actually in time, the only part that is in time.  Time is an illusion, of course, but this illusion spreads out experience so that we can actually experience what is before us.  So many of us have sought to live in the past—and in the future—when the only spot of eternity that we have now is the present.  Let us embrace this fact, and move on from here.

When we join with others who are enjoying Christ-consciousness, we are learning from observation and, later, in-forming of the true and good.  We are living in unity as One, and in relationship, as the many.  This oft-repeated phrase, unity and relationship, is a rallying call within A Course of Love for a gathering of all individuals who have experienced Christ-consciousness.  And those of us—for that includes all of us—who are getting glimpses of what Christ-consciousness really means.  The joining is everything, for it is in relationship that anything happens.  God Himself could not know Himself if He were not differentiated into entities that allow relationship to shine through.  The godhead cannot exist without contrast.

Day 256

    Singular vs. Christ-consciousness

In other words, you, as a being of singular consciousness, could learn the thought patterns of a singular consciousness because it was a finite consciousness, a consciousness with limits.  You, as a being joined in Christ-consciousness, must share this consciousness in order to know it.  It cannot be grasped by the singular consciousness.  (T4:12.23)

The singular consciousness has been limited by its finiteness.  We cannot experience Christ-consciousness as long as we remain trapped in singular consciousness, even when this singular consciousness has turned aside from the ego, and is no longer trapped by egoic longings and egoic experiences.  What we are about now is simply too vast to be contemplated by a single, solitary mind and heart.  We must, therefore, join with others to see the real truth that is before us.  We must join with others in a shared experience of true reality.

What a glorious future this promises to us!  No longer alone and lonely, we recognize that independence, autonomy, was never our way.  We thought we had to stand on our own two feet to be able to function in our world.  But, if the truth be told, we never functioned very well when we tried to go it alone.  God did help us, I believe.  But even He needed the hands and feet of ordinary mortals to bring real change to us and to our experience of the world.

If we catch glimpses of Christ-consciousness (and we will), we need to share this new experience the first chance that we get.  It is only in the sharing that the glimpses can come to be prolonged, leading ultimately to sustainability f Christ-consciousness.

The way is not hard when we take the hand of our brothers and sisters.  Then we truly do understand.  Then we truly do know.

Day 257

   Duality Healed

The mending of the rift of duality was accomplished in you when you joined mind and heart and returned to the oneness and unity of Christ-consciousness.  Sustaining Christ-consciousness will accomplish the same thing in your world.  (D:3.5)

We had some duality in this world when our heart and mind were set apart from each other.  A Course of Love counsels listening to the heart, but only so that the heart informs the mind of what it needs to know.  The warmth of the heart will set us on the right pathway, for in this warmth, we don’t need the “proofs” of God’s existence that the mind (and the ego) have always seemed to need and want.

What a relief!  Just to feel the warmth of the heart, and to know thereby that all is well.  Just reading ACOL is heartwarming.  Its words soothe the mind, reassuring it so that any stress is reduced, and we also don’t feel inclined to trust the ego for our protection.  We know that we are safe, even, and maybe especially, in the times of tenderness that ACOL takes us through—and out.  These times of tenderness may find us weeping for the love that we have missed in this world.  Somewhere deep within our minds, I think we remember the Love that surrounded us on the Other Side, before our birth into this torn and troubled world.  We want the warmth of this Love again.  And the good news is that we can have it.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that need separate us from the Love of God while we dwell on this plane.

When we join heart and mind to form the wholeheartedness that Jesus encourages, we are letting go of the ego, for the mind has previously been the locus for the ego.  We are mending duality.

Jesus goes on to say that when we take what wholeheartedness tells us, and reach out to the world in our Christ-consciousness, we will be in a position to sustain that Christ-consciousness.  And this will mend further duality, for rather than sometimes having glimpses of Christ-consciousness, and sometimes not, we will be sustaining this ineffable state all the time.  And that can only be good.

Day 258

 The New You

The new you is the elevated Self of form who you are in the process of becoming.  This time of becoming is the time in between your awareness of and access to Christ-consciousness or unity, and your sustainability of Christ-consciousness or unity, in form.  In your time of directly experiencing the movement, being, and expression of unity, you are being who you are.  At other times, you are becoming who you are.  (D:16.13)

There is a time of becoming before we sustain Christ-consciousness.  We do not normally just jump into this exalted state.  Our cessation of learning, our acceptance and our discovery of what this state really means—all play their part in getting us ready.  We become, though, over time, for though time is an illusion, it is an illusion that we choose to use.  We are first made aware of Christ-consciousness, usually in glimpses, and then we move toward sustainability.  The way is not hard.  It takes a great deal of time only if we think that it takes a great deal of time.

Be sure now that we have lost all fears and renounced all judgment of our significant others, as well as all others with whom we come in contact.  These are the two prerequisites, as we have been saying.  When we have turned aside from these two emotions, we will embody the elevated Self of form.  And nothing will ever be the same again.

Day 259


Surrendering to the forces that move inside of you is surrendering to your own will.  It requires full acknowledgment that you hold within yourself a will to know and to make known.  This will is divine will, your will, Christ-consciousness.  It is alive within you.  All that is required is that you carry it with awareness, honor, willingness.  From this will the new be birthed.  (D:Day23.5)

When we have turned inward, recognizing the inner Christ-Self, and we are in the full acknowledgment of Christ-consciousness, we get our guidance from this inward spot.  We will find that we know what to do.  Second-guessing may still occur at intervals, but by and large it will be gone.  And the more we listen to this inner wisdom, the clearer this wisdom will become in everyday life.  We don’t have to fret nor worry any longer.  We turn within, ask to be shown, and miraculously we are shown.

We have previously prayed to a God Whom we perceived as being external to ourselves.  A Course of Love helps us to see that this God is in no way external, that He is living life through us.  And when we turn within to the inner God, our part of Him, called Christ-consciousness monitors our progress and gives us direction for greater joy in the meandering pathways of our life.

Don’t think that you can’t know, because you definitely can know what to do next.  Test out this knowledge, for we still have finite minds, and we still can get confused about what we are hearing.  Be sure that what you think you are being told is benign to other people and ourselves, will in no way infringe on free will or hurt them or us in any way.  If what we are seeing as our guidance can pass these tests,  we are encouraged to step forward in courage.  The pathway ahead will be smooth.  We will find that every obstacle has melted away before we reach it.  We will find that our way is sure.  And happy.

The inner Christ-Self is our locus for reaching God, deep inside of us.  We need not regret the loss of an external God (Who never existed anyway, because we were mistaken in our metaphysics).  We can still commune with God, Who is nearer than our breath.  And more immediate than when we were using the Holy Spirit as an intermediary because we feared direct contact with the One Whom we perceived as being fearful.

We have left such archaic thinking behind.  And that is ever so good.  When we forge ahead purposefully, sure of what we are doing (because we KNOW), we will have the blessings of all creation for our purpose.  The angels themselves will rejoice with us that we have found the way at last.

Day 260

     Christ-consciousness Is Our Innate Consciousness

There has always been a state of consciousness that we are here calling Christ-consciousness.  There has never been a sustained Christ-consciousness in form.  The Christ-consciousness that has always existed, a consciousness of what is, is an all-inclusive consciousness, the consciousness of the embrace.  It is not a learned state, as was the singular consciousness of the human form.  It is your innate consciousness, a consciousness far too vast to be learned but one easily shared by all.   (T4:12.22)

We have an innate consciousness, and this innate consciousness is exactly what we have been talking about—Christ-consciousness.  We learned the singular consciousness that we dwelled in when we had the ego as our guide.  We were alone, and, often, lonely, for we frequently isolated ourselves out of shyness or other rather detrimental factors in our personalities.  We didn’t share much of ourselves, but now we realize, when we think about it, that sharing is the best way that we can be. 

Our Christ-consciousness is consciousness of the Christ-Self from within each of us, the Self Whom we all share as one.  We are no longer isolated, alone, lonely—we have companions who walk a similar pathway to what we are on.  What a relief this is!  We know intuitively, from revelation from God.  We don’t seek to “learn” anymore, for the magnitude of what this consciousness is, is far too grand to be learned by a finite mind.  But this magnitude can be intuited, and it is this that we will do.  Once we have learned to rely on what we know intuitively, nothing will ever be the same again.

Christ-consciousness has always been around, to be experienced in glimpses by ordinary people, people who aren’t classified, always, as saints.  But Jesus tells us in A Course of Love that there has never been a sustained Christ-consciousness in form, that is in our physical bodies here on earth.  People experienced the larger consciousness when they died, which is why near-death experiences are so life-altering for the person who experiences one.  But now times are different.  We are in the time of Christ, and we can experience things in form that heretofore had eluded all humankind.  Let us prepare ourselves for the comprehensive Awakening that is coming to the earth.  Let us prepare ourselves, and be glad.


Day 261

  The Way of Christ-consciousness

I have always been a proponent of the Way of Christ-consciousness as The Way to Self and God.  (T4:2.3)

Jesus is eager that we reach Christ-consciousness or Awakening (as called in A Course in Miracles).  He believes that this Way leads us to our real Self, and to God.

We literally don’t need the intermediary of the Holy Spirit any longer.  We have grown beyond that.  But we need to listen, still, to guidance, and this guidance now comes from the inner Self.  We are in the time of Christ, and so Christ-consciousness, for reasons that we do not understand, comes more readily and comes more often.

We cannot force the issue, of course.  We cannot be demanding.  (This gets us nowhere, fast.)  But when we have carefully, consistently, removed the blocks to love’s awareness, we will be well on our way to a brighter future.  And God Himself will make the decision to lift us up into Christ-consciousness.

Day 262

 Wandering in the Wilderness

There was no Way or path or process back to God and Self before me.  It was the time of man wandering in the wilderness.  I came as a representation or demonstration of The Way.  This is why I have been called ‘The Way, The Truth, and The Light.’  I came to show The Way to Christ-consciousness, which is The Way to God and Self.  But I also came to provide an intermediary, for this is what was desired, a bridge between the human or forgotten self and the divine or remembered Self.  (T4:2.4)

Two thousand years ago and more, Jesus ushered in a new era.  He proclaimed the new Way back to God.  He was an intermediary, a light-bearer, to find the Self.  And the Self is part of God. 

We have been living a human self in this world.  But Jesus pointed to a divine Self Who could be remembered, even in this world.  He became “The Way, The Truth, and The Light.”  He was actually showing the way to Christ-consciousness, though most then (as well as now) have not taken his words to heart enough to take advantage of what he has offered.

So he tries again, in channeled works, including A Course of Love.  And for those of us who are willing to listen, he points the way Home to the Self and back to God.

Listen today.

Day 263

 Sustain Christ-consciousness

What purpose will death serve when your true Self has joined with your physical form?  You will see it simply as the transformation it has always been, the transformation from singular consciousness to Christ-consciousness.  Form has been but a representation of singular consciousness.  As form becomes a representation of Christ-consciousness, it will take on the nature of Christ-consciousness, of which my life was the example life.  To sustain Christ-consciousness in form is creation of the new.  My one example life could not sustain Christ-consciousness for those who came after me but could only be an example.  What you are called to do is to, through your multitude, sustain Christ-consciousness, and thus create the union of the human and the divine as a new state of being.  (T4:4.18)

We need to get comfortable with Christ-consciousness, for more and more we will encounter it among our friends and acquaintances.  There is a sea change going on.  This union of the human and the divine will be the new, creation of the new.  This is a Christ-consciousness that uses our form to come into full glory.  No longer will we have to wait until death to experience Christ-consciousness.

Jesus knew Christ-consciousness 2,000 years ago, but he could not effect it in all others.  Time had to pass, and now that time has indeed passed.  We are said to be living in the time of the second coming of Christ.  And this is not just Jesus as the Christ.  This is all of us who feel drawn to Jesus’s words, drawn to a new way of life.  We are indeed blessed that this time has come upon the earth.

And we must sustain Christ-consciousness, lest we allow ourselves to lapse into egoic centering.  Of course, there is no true centering with the ego, for it knows only the drama of highs and lows.  The ego is constantly being undone, for it is representative of a false persona.  We will develop a new persona, a new personal self, as we progress along life’s highway.

The way is clear now.  Let us proceed by removing the blocks to the awareness of love.  And when we cease to feed the ego, it will be gone from us, and love will enfold us, wrap around us a mantle of caring that will sustain us and Christ-consciousness, too.

Day 264

Probable Futures

Your state of consciousness, literally or figuratively, is a part of the consciousness that is Christ-consciousness.  This is why you hear differing reports of the after-life from those who have experienced temporary death.  It is why you hear differing words and scenarios attributed to me and other life-giving spirits, both historically and currently.  What you envision, imagine, desire, hold as being possible, is possible, because you make it so.  It is your interaction, both individually and collectively with the consciousness that is us, that creates probable futures rather than guaranteed futures”  (T4:6.1)

Jesus talks about “probable” futures just as did Jane Roberts’s Seth.  He indicates that what we envision, individually and collectively, leads to the future that we will inhabit.  This is why prophecy does not always work.  If we move into an alternate probable reality, we won’t experience this world the same way that another might. 

It behooves us to envision good futures.  It is necessary that we do so.  If all knew this secret, what a transformation our world would see!  The word is getting out now, and this understanding, now, is a great blessing.  We actually have it in our power to create a new world, a world unlike what we have seen in the past.  This envisioning is powerful mind stuff.

Reports of the afterlife after temporary death differ.  This is because expectations differ, in addition to probable realities.  But we all share one Christ-consciousness, and as many branches as come from that, it still is the same, a part of God Who dwells in each of us.  This part knows love in a way that we have not heretofore.  And we don’t have to have a temporary death to experience love as Christ-consciousness seeks to give it to us.

Day 265

 Vision of the Perfection of Creation

I ask you to share a vision of what is, the very vision of what is that is Christ-consciousness.  It is a vision of the perfection of creation.  It is a vision of unity and relationship in harmony.  (T4.6.5)

A vision of the perfection of creation is something that Jesus asks us to develop.  This will mean moving into probable realities in which this blessing develops.  We have little to fear—actually, nothing.  We are on the home stretch to this blessing now.  Envision, using visualization exercises that envelop one’s whole Self.  Don’t allow doubts to encroach.  This works.  It is the only thing that reliably will work.

We will have unity when we envision together.  We will be in relationship to each other, but still One in unity.  We will be at peace, strong in our Self—Who is One with all.

We do not have to doubt anymore.  These are assured promises of a better present and future.  Just listen to the small whispers that occur to us.  Just listen to our guidance.

And all will be well.

Day 266

Jesus:  “I Now Willingly Resign as Your Teacher”

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, as you once willingly resigned as your own teacher, I now willingly resign as your teacher.  In unity there is no need for teachers or learners.  There is need for the sustainability of Christ-consciousness in which we exist together as creators in unity and relationship.  (T4:11.3)

Toward the end of the Fourth Treatise, Jesus says, startlingly, at first, “. . .as you once willingly resigned as your own teacher, I now willingly resign as your teacher.”  (T4:11.3)  He goes on to say that he doesn’t have the knowledge that he would need to continue as our teacher, for the future is yet to be written.  Yet to be written, and he is not predictive; he is Christ-consciousness, the I Am of reality.

Of course, Jesus can’t be predictive, because we reside in probable realities, realities that differ from one individual to another.  This does not have to be an unusual idea, though it may appear so upon first hearing it.  This means that our very Self branches out into new realities all along our pathway back to God.  And this has been happening all of our lives, but of course we had no way of knowing (and still don’t).

Jane Roberts’s Seth makes a great deal of emphasis upon probable realities.  And now Jesus is saying the same thing.  We need to pay attention, see what this new way of understanding reality is all about.

And we can.  What we envision comes true, for we create our own reality.  If we envision a world where all things, large and small, go wrong, then it is very likely that we will suffer pain that may turn into suffering.  If we envision a world where all things, large and small, go right, then it is very likely that our pathway will be smooth, and we will be happy—free of pain and suffering.  What a great deal we have to say about the situation!

Day 267

 Jesus Shares with Us

Thus I will conclude this Treatise with a prelude to the sharing that is our new means of communicating and creating, a sharing that replaces learning with what is beyond  learning.  I conclude this Treatise by sharing that which will assist you in sustaining Christ-consciousness.

As I do so, I bid you to read these words in a new way.  You are no longer a learner here and what I reveal to you must be regarded as the equal sharing between brothers and sisters in Christ, the sharing of the fellow creators in unity and relationship.  This is the beginning of our co-creation.  Do not seek for me to impart knowledge to you in these concluding words.  Absorb the following pages as a memory returned to your reunited heart and mind.  No longer regard me as an authority to whom you turn, but as an equal partner in the creation of the future through the sustainability of Christ-consciousness.  (T4:11.4 – 11.5)

Jesus places himself as an equal partner with us in the creation of the future through the sustainability of Christ-consciousness.  He no longer teaches us, but shares with us in this great future.  He knows that we are beyond learning now.  We are simply observing from our day-to-day interactions.

And this is well, for we need to move rapidly along the pathway set before us.  We no longer need to learned wisdom of the past, for we are creating a new world that these authors could not have envisioned from where they sat.  But we can.  That is the beauty of these assertions of Jesus.  We can and live create anew.

Day 268

 To Birth the New

Welcome, my new brothers and sisters in Christ, to the creation of the future through the sustainability of Christ-consciousness.  Today we join together to birth the new.  (T4:12.1)

We are newly brothers and sisters in Christ, though we have heard this term many times, and we know what it means.  But now we are rapidly, all of us, moving toward Christ-consciousness, and with this movement comes a new day, a newly created world. Jesus is very insistent that we sustain Christ-consciousness, for just to have glimpses of that state of mind and heart, and then to fall back into unconsciousness, will not provide the new that he so wants for us.  The new that he wants is a new world, a world free of the hostilities and anger of the past, the attack and demoralization.  He wants us to truly know the best that God has ever intended for us.  And this best can come only when we reject a return to fear and judgment, and move into the sustainability of Christ-consciousness.

We can do much to effect this change, though the day and the hour belong to God.  We can remove the blocks to love’s awareness, which are the fear and judgment that have dogged our steps for so very long.  And we do have control over removing these blocks.  We can and must begin to entertain a world free of fear, in that our anxieties are a thing of the past.  And our turning aside from our brothers and sisters, by judging them, is likewise in the past.

When we have dropped fear and judgment, we will be ready for Christ-consciousness.  And when we have sustained the dropping of these two negative traits, we will be ready for sustained Christ-consciousness.

How might we drop fear?  Yes, this is a difficult question.  But it has a simple answer.  Commune with God.  Know that He protects and defends us as the Christ-Self who we are internally.  And His care of us is constant and loving.  If we knew that Jesus held our hand, would we not move quickly to a state free of fear?  Well, he tells us that he is with us, according to A Course in Miracles, from “one unequivocal call.”  This is enough for me to hear.  This gives me the solace that I crave.

Likewise, we can commune with God to get the guidance to learn how to drop our evaluations of our fellow men and women.  Our evaluations are not benign, for psychically others know when we are judging them, and they recoil from it.  This attitude of judgment is not loving—far from it.  And when we fail to act in loving ways toward our brothers and sisters, we fail to know the best and highest that life can offer us.  Our forgiveness of misdeeds needs to be total, for these misdeeds happened in illusion, out of the ego, and they need to be recognized for the call for help that they are.  Give this help.  When the help is given, forgiveness will follow—quickly and meaningfully.

So:  Christ-consciousness needs to be sustained, and this can happen when we are attuned to the best that Jesus tells us.  No longer seeing just glimpses of Awakening, we will be living in the tolerant and loving world that gives us all our due.  And our due is very grand indeed. 

We can have it all—love, harmony, a peaceful world.  We need only listen to the whispers in our minds to know what to do as our part in effecting this change.  The way will be clear.  And easy to establish.  The way will take us home to God, and home to our brothers and sisters, and ourselves, in love personified.

Day 269


What will help you to remain doubt-free and thus fear-free and continually able to sustain Christ-consciousness, is coming to know the new design, and the new patterns that reveal the design.  This new design, and the new patterns that will be helpful to you in its sustainability, are what must be created through our sharing in unity and be communicated through our continuing dialogues with one another.  (T4:12.30)

If we are doubt-free, we will be self-confident.  And self-confidence is the key also to being free of fear.  Without doubt, we are without fear; and with self-confidence, we are free of both self-doubt and fear.  Not a bad exchange! 

We are in dialogue with each other and with Jesus, and this makes for quite a difference in our experience.  We are also in dialogue with the God within, and with the Self within.  So our sharing with perceived others takes many forms.  Of course, we are not really sharing with any “others,” for we are one, and in this oneness we live a contented life.  We are not ruing any day; we accept what comes, and seek to make it better.  And God helps us to do so; our Self helps us to do so.  We are not isolated and alone—ever.  We are embedded in a universe that is friendly, and we have unity with all in that universe.  This alone ought to quell the pattern of egoic fear that remains.  And this assurance alone will quell discontent, if only we will let it.

Day 270

Communication of What Already Is

This is a prelude to but one form of these dialogues.  Sharing in unity is automatic.  It is the nature of Christ-consciousness.  Once you have adapted to this nature you will realize that what is communicated through our dialogues and  those you share with your brothers and sisters, is simply communication of what already is.   (T4:12.31)

We are now living with what is, not imagining those things that scare us.  What is, is friendly.  What is, is a wholehearted sharing as one with all that exists.  This is the bottom line of what is.  We are sharing in unity. 

Of course, to do this sharing, there need to be perceived others.  This is where relationship comes in.  We reach out to perceived others, and in the reaching out, we are in union with them.  There is no better way to live a life.  In fact, there is no other way to live Christ-consciousness.  Our dialogues with each other will show us this truth.  Our dialogues will show us true reality.

When we are sharing with another, we automatically feel good.  Now, if we are introverted, we may not share in the same way that an extrovert would share.  An extrovert gets turned on by the interactions that he/she shares with others; introverts may need to accomplish their sharing by print letter, email, a phone call, or simply prayer for those others.  We do not have to be present with others constantly in order to share.  Our very thoughts reach out to others, for this is an unobstructed universe; we live in glass houses.  So by thinking positive and heartwarming thoughts about another, we can in fact influence how their day is going.  Of course, they may not know this; indeed, we may not want them to know this.  But it is true nevertheless.

Sharing works.  We are not meant to be alone.  True, introverts needs refueling in solitude, but this solitude can consist of thoughts about others that reach far beyond the little room in which we dwell.  And extroverts can share directly, in occupying that room with others that, in turn, bring them out of themselves. 

There is no end to the sharing that Christ-consciousness offers to us.  There is no end to the value that sharing brings to us.

Day 271

 Answers Yet to Be Revealed & Shared

I do not have the answers that would continue to make of me a teacher and you a student.  The answers to the elevation of the personal self and the living of Christ-consciousness in form are yet to be revealed and shared.  This is the time that is before us, the time of creation of the future, the time of the creation of a future not based upon the past.  (T4:12.32)

Jesus is not all-knowing, those his understanding if, we may believe, much broader than our own.  He does not predict the future, for the future is actually many different futures, many probable realities, and those of us reading A Course of Love will occupy different probable realities as time unfolds.

This is why psychics fail us, because they don’t know what reality we will occupy in the future.  This is also why Jesus won’t predict the future for us.  He knows that A Course of Love is available, now, in many different realities, and the future in those different probable realities will unfold in varying ways.

So Jesus says, “I do not have the answers that would continue to make of me a teacher and you as a student.  The answer to the elevation of the personal self and the living of Christ-consciousness in form are yet to be revealed and shared.”  (T4:12.32)

Do we need to lament this acknowledgment on Jesus’s part?  Would he rather know all that we need to know?  Surprisingly, perhaps, the answer is “no,” for our Christ-Self is now in the driver’s seat, making decisions for the good of all that emanate from the Deity deep within us.  The part of God Whom we are is ready to be in charge.  But that doesn’t mean that we forge ahead, wily-nily, choosing ways to go that satisfy patterns of the ego.  We leave behind patterns of the ego, and we become like the wine—ready and eager to change directions as our inner guidance shifts.  We follow what the Self tells us on a minute-by-minute, even moment by moment, way.  We don’t get caught up in trying to ensure that things remain constant, the same.  We want to be like the wind, shifting and turning as we get a scent of something new and different that will mean good things for ourselves, our significant others, and the world at large.

This is the way to live abundantly.  This is the way to live in this new world that we are creating.

Day 272

  Covenant of the New

The Covenant of the New is simply our agreement to proceed together on the palm-strewn path of Christ-consciousness.  It is a path upon which joy triumphs over sorrow and victory triumphs over defeat.  All that it requires is the acceptance of the new and the denial of the old that will allow for the sustainability of Christ-consciousness in form.  (D:3.1)

Jesus offers us a new covenant in this time of Christ, a covenant that in fact he entitles, “The Covenant of the New.”  This is our agreement, with him, with our Christ-Self, with our God, to allow Christ-consciousness to overwhelm us.  And as it leads in peace and harmony, Christ-consciousness will move to sustenance.  Jesus is very keen on wanting this for all of us.  He sees it, I believe, as a way that this deplorable situation in our world can be rectified.  We are moving into creating a world of joy and peace, harmony, and only if we covenant with powers higher than ourselves will this be possible.  Our choice of Jesus to be our leader is one such choice that we, as readers of A Course of Love, are making.  Jesus’s guidance sustains us, even as he hopes that what he has said to us will speak to our hearts and minds and offer an avenue toward Christ-consciousness for all.

His way will work.  We simply need to get our fears and judgments out of the way long enough to allow the ineffable truth to dawn on a newly constituted brain.

Day 273

Live as the Elevated Self of Form

I am attempting to help you to become aware and comfortable with the idea that, released of old patterns, the self will join with unity more and more frequently, until finally you will sustain Christ consciousness and live in the world as the elevated Self of form.  (D:12.12)

When we make the decision to leave the ego behind, releasing the old patterns of being caught up in egotism, we are left, at first, with these patterns.  Yet eventually these patterns will fall away, as we become more comfortable with quiet and calm.  When we are fully comfortable with peaceful ways of living, we will more and more catch glimpses of enlightenment, until finally these glimpses will merge into something more solid.  We will at first maintain, and then (hopefully) sustain Christ-consciousness.  This is the aim of the new identity that we are development, and this new identity is one primary purpose of A Course of Love.

When we become comfortable with quiet and calm, we are inviting our Self, from deep within, a part of God, to come out and live in the world as our true identity, as the elevated Self of form.  This emphasis upon form is a new idea, presented in ACOL.  To my mind, it recognizes the fact that the return to God may take millions of years for all to be made ready.  More and more are being made ready in this age of Christ, though, more than any previous generation.  We hope that the return for everyone on earth will not take millions of years, but we were told in A Course in Miracles that the separation occurred over millions of years, and the return may take a similarly long time, or maybe even longer.

This assertion from Jesus does not have to be cause for lamentation, especially now that we are seeing that our physical forms will be present to lead others back to God.  This is not a second-best situation.  We are encouraged to believe from ACOL that our way will be smoothed as we assume the elevated Self of form.  We will not suffer.  Life will finally be really alright.

Day 274

  Realize What You Know

You have ‘learned’ the distinction between Christ-consciousness and the man Jesus.  You have ‘learned’ the distinction between your Self and the man or woman you are.  Now you are called to forget what you have ‘learned’ and to let all distinctions slip away.  You are called to forget what you have learned and to realize what you know.  (D:Day10.18)

We are encouraged simply to “know” when we have left behind learning.  This knowing comes of revelation from God, the surest knowledge that there is, the surest knowledge that exists.  If we let our minds drift, we will intuit what this knowledge can say to us.  We will know what direction is best.  Simply know.  And in this knowing we will have great peace, a new peace that attracts great harmony and joy to our little world. 

Jesus has guided us, part of the way, as our teacher.  Toward the end of A Course of Love, he guides us as our companion, our partner, and our co-worker in the realm of salvation.  Our little self has been succumbed under the umbrella of the inner Christ-Self, and we are living as the Christ-Self, living in Christ-consciousness, if we are particularly fortunate.  For those of us on the pathway, Jesus also speaks to us.  We must be patient, turning aside again and again from fear and judgment—or these are the only two detriments to our enlightenment.  If it seems that it is impossible for us to let these traits go, then ask for help.

Help will come.  And if fear and judgment return, ask for help again.  There is no limit to how often we can ask for help, no limit to how great that help can and will be.  We will work our way out of negative tendencies; we will know the grace that God grants to all.  Are we so different from everybody else?  No, of course not.  Our pathway is the same, though our timing may be different, and we all know that time is an illusion.

Be gentle with ourselves.  The very gentleness will pave the way for something better.  And that something better just might be Christ-consciousness itself.

Day 275

  Jesus:  Voice of Christ-consciousness

Thus I will speak to you from this point onward as the voice of Christ-consciousness, the voice of your own true consciousness, the consciousness that we truly share.  I came to you in the form of the consciousness of the man I once was because you were, prior to this point, unready to give up image for presence, the individual for the universal, reliance on an outside source for reliance on yourself, Jesus for Christ-consciousness.  You needed  the  reference point of a ‘person,’ of a being who had lived and breathed and met challenges similar to your own.  (D:Day10.19)

At the conclusion of A Course of Love, Jesus speaks to us as the voice of Christ-consciousness, believing as he does that we are choosing to assume that great blessing is ours already.  We don’t need to fool ourselves.  We may not be there yet, but we have made great progress in reading ACOL and learning what needs to be done, for the requirements are.

We need to see that the Christ-Self is a Self Whom we share with all.  Absolutely all.  That is why one person, outside of us, is just another manifestation of us.  We are all attempting to embody our God, and He is One.  We will give up our personas for presence, pure and simple.  And our presence is loving and graceful, feeling internally the grace of God, and spreading that same grace outwardly.

Give up fear and judgment now.  This is the most important work that we might ever do.  And it is imperative that we find a way to effect it.  Jesus needs our help as Christ-conscious beings.  The world needs us, the world we will be newly creating.

Let our Christ-Self tell us what to say and do, even what to think.  The way does get easier as we take palm-strewn steps.

Day 276

Jesus:  Representation, in Form, of Christ-consciousness

This sameness of the person you are and Christ-consciousness, of union and presence, of the individual and the universal, is what the elevated Self of form must encompass.

“I ask you not to give up your relationship with me as the man  Jesus, but to accept that the man Jesus was simply a representation, in form of Christ-consciousness.   I do, however, ask you to give up your identification of the voice of this dialogue as that belonging to the man Jesus who lived two thousand years ago.  To continue to identify this voice with that man is to be unable to recognize this voice as the voice of your true consciousness—the voice of Christ-consciousness.  (D:Day10.19 – 10.20)

Jesus asks us, please, to stop thinking of him as the man who walked the earth 2,000 years ago.  He leads us, gently, into a recognition that his Christ-consciousness and our own are representations of a Self who is all-encompassing, including everyone who has completed the walk back to God.  He came to us as one we could recognize, as the one who lived 2,000 years ago, but if we don’t enlarge our concept of who and what he is, we will be handicapped in our passage.  The Self is composed of all individual Selves; all are One, because all are parts of God, united into One.  And it is this that Jesus would have us understand in the final pages of the Dialogues of A Course of Love.

Do we understand this?  Conceptually, maybe.  But in actuality, we cannot understand without reaching a mystical understanding.  And this will come.  One day will dawn in which Jesus’s words make perfect sense to us.

And on that day we will be home.

Day 277

 Know the Content of Your Self

I have spoken with you throughout this time as the man  Jesus so that you realize that man and Christ-consciousness can be joined.  That you, as man or woman, existing in this particular time and space, can join with Christ-consciousness.  You can be both/and, rather than either/or.  As I speak to you  now as the voice of Christ-consciousness—as your own true Self—you will not have lost Jesus as your companion and helpmate but will only know more fully the content of the man Jesus.  As you join with Christ-consciousness in this dialogue, you will realize you have not lost your Self but will only know more fully the content of your Self.  (D:Day10.21)

When we see Jesus as Christ-consciousness, we are better able to see ourselves in the same light.  He is enlarging our concepts of himself and us, as well.  This makes a big difference in our understanding.  This makes all the difference in the world.

Jesus will still talk to us, communicate with us, as the voice of Christ-consciousness.  But so will we talk to him as the voice of Christ-consciousness.  There is no difference, for we are One, and in the oneness we are healed.

He is still an entity, as we are an entity, but all entities are really One in God.  And there are many ways that different entities communicate with each others, ways that in our limited minds we cannot fathom.  Jesus asks us to fathom.  What we imagine as true, can in fact be true.  He reaches out to us constantly, as his entity can be anyplace at anytime, cloning himself to appear simultaneously in many different places.  This truth is not spelled out in either A Course in Miracles or A Course of Love, but the idea is nevertheless present.  We are told in ACIM to imagine him holding our hand as we walk along, and we are told that this will be no “idle fantasy.”  How could Jesus does this for all of us who ask, unless he were cloning himself?

Day 278

 The Spiritual

There have always been individuals who challenged the predominant patterns of learning because of the strength of their connection to Christ-consciousness.  While no one has more access to Christ-consciousness than another, some exhibited more willingness to let that consciousness be their guiding force—that by which their being gained movement and expression.  Those like Jesus, who fully expressed Christ-consciousness in form did so as individuals, by not negating their being as they realized this connection.  Many others with realization of Christ-consciousness as strong as that of the man, Jesus, did not express that realization but negated the individual in favor of the ‘spiritual.’  (D:Day17.5)

It is wise not to become “too” spiritual.  We need to live full out, but in peace, the peace of God.  Those who try to negate the form, the body, in which they live are making a grave mistake.  The form may ultimately not be real, but we certainly experience it as real.  And it is this that saves us.  We are going to be the elevated Self of form, living the Christ-self in Christ-consciousness, with a heart and mind united in what Jesus terms wholeheartedness.  This means that we don’t overlook the obvious.  The body seems real enough to us, because that is the way that we experience it.  It is particularly bad strategy to overlook the obvious in favor of some spiritual bent that proves not to have feet to stand upon.

Jesus says that he fully expressed Christ-consciousness in form when he walked the earth 2,000 years ago.  He would have us also fully express Christ-consciousness in form, in the newly elevated Self.

Day 279

Christ-consciousness Is the First Coming of Christ

Christ-consciousness is not the second coming of Christ but the first coming—the movement of being into form.  This being was fully expressed by Jesus Christ, who represented, in form, the first coming and who began the movement from maintenance to sustenance of Christ-consciousness.  (D:Day17.7)

We are moving into the time of the second coming of Christ.  The first coming was the budding Christ-consciousness that Jesus embodied.  This began the movement from simply maintaining Christ-consciousness to sustaining Christ-consciousness.

Day 280

 Christ-consciousness in Human Form

Representation of the power of Christ-consciousness in human  form was necessary to complete the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Christ-consciousness was represented not only by Jesus, but by his mother, Mary.  Mary, like Jesus, realized full Christ-consciousness and full expression of Christ-consciousness in form.  (D:Day17.8 – 17.9)

We are told by Jesus that Mary also embodied full Christ-consciousness when she lived on earth as his mother.  She thus expressed wholeheartedness in form, in her body.

This emphasis does place the female expression on a par with the male.  Jesus, who loved men and women in his time on earth, now explains that women have a place in the Awakening.  And Mary led the way.

Day 281

 The Way of Jesus vs. the Way of  Mary

ne way, that of Jesus, was the way of acceptance, teaching by example, and preparing a way for those who would approach Christ-consciousness through teaching and learning and leading example lives.  Another way, that of Mary, was the way of creation, and was a representation and preparation for those who would approach Christ-consciousness through relationship. (D:Day17.9)

The way in which Jesus and Mary expressed Christ-consciousness was dissimilar but complementary.  Jesus was the example life, expressing his being in the way that we can, and choosing teaching as his method for living out that example life.

Mary, on the other, was not as “active” as was Jesus.  She lives in relationships primarily.  We can see this when we realize her contribution was to be mother to Jesus.  What other relationships were important to her are shrouded in mystery.

A Course of Love indicates that Jesus’s way is on the way out, that we will not teach and be example lives in the way that we have been.  Many will take the way of Mary in the future.  It is a way of being rather than doing.

Both ways are needed in this current time.  Both are therefore important for us to know.  But as time passes, more and more people will opt for Mary’s way of being in the newly created world that we are building.  We will “be,” rather than require “doing” of ourselves.

Day 282

God Within & God Without

Mary represents the relationship that occurs within, Jesus the relationship that occurs with the world.  So do each of you.  These two ways also represent God and Christ-consciousness, the extension of God.  God is everything in heaven and on earth and is in everything on heaven and on earth.  Thus, God represents the world without.  Christ-consciousness is God within you, your particular manifestation of God and relationship with God within.  (D:Day18.2)

A good definition of Christ-consciousness occurs almost mid-way through the Forty Days and Forty Nights.  It reads as follows:

Christ-consciousness is God within you, your particular manifestation of God and relationship with God within.

This passage goes on to say that God is everything in heaven and on earth, and is in everything in heaven and on earth.  Thus, God represents the world without.  But Christ-consciousness is a “within” state, within all of us, when the time is right.

Day 283

 Christ vs. Jesus

And then you realize that Jesus was being God and was called Jesus Christ because he lived within Christ-consciousness, or the compassionate consciousness that you share.  You realize that the man, the God, the historical figure who has been called Jesus Christ was not only Jesus but Christ.  Not only Christ but Jesus.  Not separated but individuated.  (D:Day37.10)

We are individuated beings, not existing (any longer) in separation from God, but moving and doing and living as entities that have some autonomy.  We can make our own way, though we make that way ahead easier when we are open to the advice that God within us gives to us.  He is our link with All That Is.

Our entity is like unto what Jesus embodied 2,000 years ago.  He was first in meeting God as cosmic consciousness, but we can follow in each footsteps and learn from what he says.  We follow best if we can believe that he is channeling works of great value to us.  We accept him, accept that what he is saying is true and valid, and we look to his leadership.  This does not mean that we must change religions.  Our understanding can be at variance from his and still be a valid pathway back to God. 

But if we are reading A Course of  Love, and we believe what it says, we would be foolish not to look to Jesus as having a straight and easy pathway for us to follow.  We accept him as our leader.  We don’t have to be timid about this.  We have in him a friend and partner in the future contributions that we will make.  The contribution to a new world that we will be creating.

Day 284

  In Relationship with Jesus

Now we set aside once again the ‘we’ of Christ-consciousness, of our shared being, and enter into relationship with one another.  I ask you  to turn your attention, I ask you  to be attentive, to the relationship that you feel with God.  (D:Day38.3)

Be attentive to the relationship that we have with God.  Knowing that all Being everywhere is God, and that we compose a part of that Being, will mean a great deal to us as we let the truth settle in.  Our true reality comes alive when we are attentive to the God Who dwells within as well as without.  We observe the outer world, and we see ways in which we can discover a better way of living.  This is a step beyond learning from the outer world and from learned authorities.  We are enmeshed in a world that invites our cooperation to see how and why everything that happens to us has meaning, everything that happens takes us closer to God when we are attuned to Him.

Be attentive to our Maker, our Creator.  He does not take us through this world and to our exit from it, only then to explain why everything happened as it did.  He will clue us in as we travel along life’s byways, if we listen to what our inner Self is saying to us.  But to hear, we must listen; and to listen, we must be attentive.  Be attentive today.

Day 285

 Our Expansion

Realize your own expansion, the expansion that has taken place under the tutelage of Jesus, within the dialogue with Christ-consciousness, within the recesses of your heart where your relationship with love has never been severed.  Realize your readiness.  Proclaim your willingness.  (D:Day39.42)

We are ready now to accept Jesus as our partner in the things that we will accomplish in this new world.  We know that his knowledge may yet be greater than our own, but he is not here to “teach” us what to do.  We are deciding together, listening from within in mystical companionship with God Himself.  This link to Divinity is our way of avoiding mistakes, and we know that we have made many mistakes when we failed to listen.  The Divine is for us, both the human and the divine.  This is what the elevated Self of form will accomplish—a blending of human and divine to function in a world that not even Jesus knows the ramifications.

We are on the brink of something grand.  Let’s walk together on the path to full actualization, sustained Christ-consciousness, and let us see if we can’t make something better out of our world than we have never dared to dream.

Day 286

 Jesus Sees Others in Unity & Relationship

Because my state of consciousness, a state of consciousness we are calling Christ-consciousness, allowed me to exist in union and relationship with all, I could see my brothers and sisters ‘in Christ’ or in their true nature.  I saw them in union and relationship, where they saw themselves in separation.  (T4:2.28)

When Jesus was walking the earth, he saw others with a fresh eye, the eye of unity and relationship.  He knew all were One with him, and he knew that he was associated with each individually.  They, on the other hand, with eyes unopened, saw in separation—and misunderstood much that he was trying to tell them.  His state of consciousness was indeed Christ-consciousness. 

Knowing this, and knowing that he wants us to reach the same state (and sooner rather than later), we can anticipate that we too will see our brothers and sisters with a fresh eye when we have been touched by God.  God will take the next step, reaching down to life us up as transformed beings.  Our physical forms won’t matter so much to us then, though we will still have them, in elevated form.  We will embody the elevated Self of form, for we will touch the Self that has been hidden in our minds and hearts for ages.  We will touch the real being who we are.  And this change will be cause for great rejoicing.

People who have reached Christ-consciousness no longer fret so much about everyday life.  Their worries just seem to melt away, along with their fears (for all worry is a form of fear).  We may not recognize these transformed people, though we live among them.  They are not self-seeking, and so they may, paradoxically, seem to merge into the woodwork.  But when asked about their beliefs, their faces shine brightly.  They probably won’t proselytize, but because we have asked, they will respond, and eagerly.  The results of an exchange with these people is tremendous.  We will want what they have.  And they will give us pointers about how to achieve the same state, though it doesn’t take work and it doesn’t appear in any proscribed way. 

Jesus knew when he was living 2,000 years ago that what he had was something to which everyone would one day, far in the future, reach.  His lament, and ours, is that it is taking so long, while suffering continues to drag down the spirits and the bodies of individuals living on earth.

Remove our own blocks to love, and the miracle will happen.  And sooner rather than later.  That is all that we can do to prepare:  Remove the blocks, the hindrances, to love.  This means no more judgment, no more attack, anger that is forgiven as soon as it appears.  We are not, thankfully, asked to be perfect in this world.  Jesus will ultimately correct, he says, the mistakes that are beyond us.  But we have an ace in the hole:  Our love for God, ourselves, and others will save us.  And the more we love, the more we will see is worthy of love.  Love builds on itself.  And then Christ-consciousness appears, at first in glimpses, and then face to face. 

Would that all of us could experience this joy immediately!

Day 287

    Christ vs. Christ-consciousness

What is Christ?  What is Christ-consciousness?  Are they different or the same?

“You have been told Christ-consciousness is neither God nor man but the relationship that allows the awareness that God is everything.  You have been known as wisdom, Sophia, spirit.  Christ-consciousness thus obviously predates the man Jesus, and creation itself.  (D:Day 17.1 – 17.2)

Christ-consciousness predates the man Jesus, though he was known as both Christ and the Son of God, and even God Himself.  How can this be?  No other leader in any faith has been called such things, and it behooves us to try to understand.

The secret lies in the resurrection, which Jesus says happened in a form other than what he lived in while on earth.  If he could be resurrected, so can we.  This is the great promise.  And we are resurrected into the Christ-Self who knows Christ-consciousness.  Our subconscious mind is available to us in this new state of being.  We have learned all that we need to learn; we are now simply either observing or being in-formed by the world surrounding us.  We are discovering, not learning.  And this makes all the difference.

This discovery will go on for eons into the future.  We will be experiencing the love that we have longed to see.  And our new discoveries will be the expression of love—not a bad way to spend eternity.

Day 288

 Life Everlasting Is Now

I am calling you to the new.  I am calling you to transform.  I am calling you to Christ-consciousness.  I am calling you to everlasting consciousness even while you still abide in form.  To be cognizant or aware of everlasting consciousness while you still abide in form is to be fully aware that you have life everlasting.  (T4:4.12)

In A Course of Love, Jesus makes it plain that he is calling us to the new, to a transformed life, to Christ-consciousness.  He makes it plain that we have something to do with the timing, though we don’t hold all the keys to this ultimate in salvation.  We remove blocks to love, and thereby we love more fully.  That is about the extent of what we can do.  As things move along, we live more mindfully in our everyday lives.  We don’t continue to seek for learned answers; we find our answers in the reality in which we dwell.

Jesus also calls this change a change to “everlasting consciousness” (T4:4.12).  The term “everlasting” reminds us that we do have eternal life or life everlasting.  We probably have not always believed this, but here is further evidence that what we have been taught in churches is true. 

We can continue to abide in form, the elevated Self of form.  We can in all likelihood come back many times in this form (Jesus seems to imply reincarnation, though he does not make this statement).  We who are fond of the physical will find much comfort in these statements about form.  We may not, on the other hand, find much to appreciate in a ethereal body on the Other Side.  That lack of appreciation may fall away when we actually die, of course, but for now, it gives us renewed hope to know that physical bodies are not second-best.  We can enjoy form while not being caught up in the egoic augmentation of beauty and brawn.

Life everlasting obviously holds much that we don’t understand, cannot begin to contemplate.  But life on this earth in the form that we are familiar with is not a second-best choice.  And this, in itself, is a blessing and a reassurance.

Day 289

 Feeling Individual

Allowing others to accept you as you are is a gift that releases them from judgment and any notion that may have remained within them that Christ-consciousness is a form of ‘group think.’  Never will you feel more like an individual than when you are made known through the informing of spirit!  (D:Day15.16)

Jesus assures us that we will never lose our sense of ourselves when we transition to Christ-consciousness.  We will be encouraged to share ourselves more and more, much more, of course, than when we were lost in illusion, thinking ourselves separated from God.  But Jesus says, “Never will you feel more like an individual than when you are made known through the informing of spirit!”  (D:Day15.16)  And this despite the fact that we will be joining with others in love that is unlike anything that we have experienced heretofore.

Christ-consciousness does look to a Christ-Self Who is One with all others.  But here we learn that this should not be misinterpreted.  Our individuality, our personality, is still not at issue.  We will remain very distinct people, but it will be a distinction one from the other that is ever-solicitous of the other.  We will appreciate difference, not be threatened by them.

Day 290

  In the Time of Christ

You have the unequalled opportunity now, because you exist in the Time of Christ, to directly share Christ-consciousness and thus sustain Christ-consciousness.  (T4:6.8)

We have a promise from Jesus:  If we directly share Christ-consciousness, we will sustain it, and in the sustenance of Christ-consciousness lies our salvation.  It is the salvation not only of ourselves, but of the world.

How do we “directly” share?  Well, we don’t proselytize.  We as ordinary people share by living extraordinary lives, lives that work, lives that are filled with aliveness.  We are not meant to proselytize, to recruit others to our way of life.  When they are ready to change, they will come to us.  And then we will share, in whatever ways come to us through guidance, the good news of what we are living, and how.

When there are enough people with Christ-consciousness, our critical mass will provide the tipping point that will make everything better.  And this tipping point will sustain Christ-consciousness for all of us.  We will not have to struggle, not have to toil.  The ease with which this new life will come to us is almost beyond belief, standing as we do across the bridge from it.

When we cross the bridge into a new world, many, many of our brothers and sisters will join us on the other side of that bridge.  We will know a joy that has been only mist before the sun heretofore.  We will be sustaining Christ-consciousness, because many of us are helping each other to so sustain it.

Day 291

 Christ-consciousness Is Available to All

Just as in the time of the Holy Spirit the spirit was available to all as intermediary, during the time of Christ, Christ-consciousness is available to all.

Those of you have acquired Christ-consciousness must realize the many choices that will seem to lie before you and your brothers and sister in this time.  (T4:7.2 – 7.3)

Jesus is not to be the only one who reached Christ-consciousness.  He is a harbinger of what we all are to experience, eventually, though maybe not now.  s Christ-consciousness is available to all, though it is not always actualized.  And the reasons, many of them, are not revealed to us.

But we can be assured that we are all equal when we realize that Christ-consciousness is available to all.  It makes us want to go out and love humankind with a big embrace.  And this action would do as much as anything to speed Christ-consciousness on its way.

It was like this with the bestowal of the Holy Spirit upon us.  The Holy Spirit was available to all, but not bestowed on all.  Some of us who experienced this bestowal can name the time and place when it happened.  For others, the sense of guidance and intuition that emerged in our daily life came on gradually, without our conscious awareness that we seemed to just “know” some things that we had no logical way of knowing.

We can pray for both the bestowal of the Holy Spirit and the bestowal of Christ-consciousness.  And prayer avails much.

Just don’t get frustrated if God’s timing is not our own.  He sees an eternity, and we are still, sometimes lamentably, caught in time.  Time is an illusion, though, and so our walk into eternity can happen along the way, catching us up in eternity with a joy that knows no bounds.

Day 292

 Receiving Christ-consciousness

That you are living in the time of Christ does not mean that you will automatically realize Christ-consciousness, just as living in the time of the Holy Spirit did not mean that you would automatically realize the consciousness of the spirit that was your intermediary.  (T4:7.2)

We all realize that not everyone received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Many did, but not all.  But just as Jesus, 2,000 years ago, called down the Holy Spirit on his faithful, now he is calling down Christ-consciousness for those of us ready and able to receive it. But now Jesus says that this same will be true for us in regard to Christ-consciousness:  Not all will receive it.

All are worthy to receive, though, and this is important to realize.  There are still mysteries out there, and we can’t know, actually, why some are ready and others are not.  Some people who do not “seem” particularly spiritual do enjoy the bestowal of Christ-consciousness.  We would be judging if we attempted to come to an understanding of that which is far beyond us.  One thing is certain, though:  When an individual receives Christ-consciousness, that person has removed the blocks to the awareness of love.  That, also, is the only thing that we can do to prepare.  But it is enough.

Sometimes those of us on the pathway get frustrated.  Why, we ask, not me?  Why do I not feel that invulnerability that comes with Christ-consciousness?  Why don’t I feel that peace and sense of harmony?  Not just in glimpses (for we all have those), but sustained, ongoing.

There are no easy answers.  In fact, we will never know for sure.  A glimpse may lengthen in one instance, and in another be gone in a fleeting partial day.  There are no sure answers.

But this much we know:  We can start becoming more aware of love in all of our dealings with God and humankind.  We can and must make this change in our attitude.

And then the blessing will descend upon us when we are least aware.  This is the paradox of ultimate salvation—Christ-consciousness, Awakening, enlightenment.


Day 293

 The Power to Observe

This is the power of the devotion of the observant that you are called to, the power of cause and its effect.  This is the power you now have within you, the power to observe the truth rather than illusion.  This is the power to observe what is.  This is Christ-consciousness.  (T4:2.16)

When we become devoted to observing what is real, we will have real power for the first time since we fell into the illusory separation from God.  We will observe the truth rather than illusion, and this will mean that we observe what is.  This state of mind and heart is Christ-consciousness.

It is a real blessing to cease searching for the truth in the innumerable writings of the past.  The truth can sometimes be found there, it is true, but it is far truer that we stumble upon true reality when we see it in our own little world through observation.  Observation is what is taking the place of the learning that we have sought for so long.  Just live the moment, mindfully.  Notice our surroundings.  This living in the present, with attention, is a secret to hurrying Christ-consciousness.  It may well bring on the glimpses of Awakening that herald the nearness of sustained transformation.  And make no bones about it, it is sustained transformation to which Jesus calls us.

When we pay attention, really pay attention, to our physical surroundings, we reach a sense of immediacy that is lost by inattention.  We get a sense of potential in our environment, the physical as well as the intangible.  And this potential is very heart-warming to us.  In our new devotion to being observant, we touch the heavens.  And then there is no looking back.

Day 294

The Heart Is the Center of Your Being

The many forms are made one body through Christ-consciousness.  The one body is one energy given many expressions in form.  The same life-force courses through all that exists in matter in the form of this energy.  Awareness of this one Source of energy, and thus this one energy existing in everything, and creating the life in everything, is Christ-consciousness.  It is also what we have been referring to as heart, as the center of your being.  What would the center of your being be but the Source of your being?  (T4:5.3)

Our Self, while personal, is also universal.  It is another way of saying “heart,” and this center of our being is shared as well with all brothers and sisters, and this includes everybody.  All are chosen for this experience (though it may take time in the working out).  Our Christ-Self is thus One with the All, which of course is another way of saying God.

There is one source of energy, and that one Source is God Himself.  We are immersed in a field of God-energy, and when we recognize this, we will know that Christ-consciousness is only a thought away.  Time has no meaning in eternity; time is simply for learning, and once we have learned enough to create the new, we cast aside learning in favor of observation, and then in favor of in-forming.  No more dusty volumes of well-meaning commentary.  We will learn through living in the world.  Life itself becomes our teacher.

Day 295

Imagine, Envision, Desire

The realization of unity is the binding realization that will return all as one body, to the natural state of Christ-consciousness.

In this time of Christ, this time of direct revelation and direct sharing, the probable future you imagine, envision, desire, will be what you create.  (T4:6.3 – 6.4)

“The probable future you imagine, envision, desire, will be what you create”  (T4:6.4)  This good news indicates, in the broader quotation, that the words are true now that we are living in the time of Christ. We are living in a time of direct revelation.  And when this direct revelation comes from God to us, we know what life is really about.  We know where we are headed.

We are heading, all of us, toward Christ-consciousness.  And this great blessing will transform not only our personal lives, but the world as well.  The world as a whole, with its many probable realities, will move into a time of greater peace, greater joy, greater tolerance of each other.  This is not pie-in-the-sky thinking; this is a promise from Jesus himself.  And, we may imagine, God as well.

The way back is not hard.  How often have I said this?  We simply have to get ourselves on the beam, living life on a daily basis the way that we would like for it to go.  These small steps, taken daily, will put us in probable realities that will prove to be far better than anything we have experienced before.

Day 296

 Room for Creation

Christ-consciousness is not a static state of beliefs anymore than singular consciousness is.  Christ-consciousness is consciousness of what is.  While consciousness of what is leaves not the room for error that perception leaves, it leaves open room for creation.  (T4:6.7)

We will be creating anew when we have moved into Christ-consciousness.  We will know, as opposed to merely perceive, what is.  And this “what is” is a glorious world, a new creation that the new beings whom we are can and do have the promise of achieving.  As we create, things will grow and change in our world.  Nothing about Christ-consciousness is static.  Creation means growth and change.  But the New is a bountiful state of mind and heart, and the world that we will be creating will likewise be bountiful.

We will not be making errors nearly as often as we did in the past.  There is still room for error to creep in, but as soon as we recognize what is happening, we can ask for correction, and it will be ours.

We are no longer following egoic nonsense, and our egoic leanings have fallen away.  This is blessing enough, of course, but God reaches farther down to give us the best of our Self.  He gives us knowledge of what to do, knowledge that comes of its own accord and not with planning. 

And there are no anxieties about following His plan.  We know from deep within that it will work, and so we walk happily along, creating, singing as we go.

Day 297

The Self-Centeredness

You have no cause for self-doubt because you have no cause for fear.  To dwell in fear will end your ability to dwell within the love that is Christ-consciousness.  As there is no longer any cause for self-doubt there are no reasons for self-doubt.  Do not examine yourself for reasons for self-doubt when it arises.  The self-centeredness of the final stage of learning is over.  (T4:12.20)

We can be too self-centered as our walk continues.  In the early stages of reading A Course of Love, we are encouraged to look inward; this is a part of our learning, especially the final stage of that learning.  But we can overdo it, and once we are catching glimpses of Christ-consciousness, and hoping and being successful at extending those glimpses, we need to just cease our self-centeredness.  So, Jesus encourages us not to dwell on the reasons for our self-doubt—not to analyze ourselves, in other words.  It is enough just to recognize that self-doubt has arisen, and then turn from it gently.  To turn vigorously is to resist, and resistance will actually cement the undesired behavior in place.  This, of course, we don’t want to do.

We have no cause for self-doubt because we have no cause for fear, and, as we have learned, self-doubt is a form of fear.  When we exhibit self-confidence, we are, at least momentarily, shorn of fear.  And we have come to understand that we can be shorn of fear by communing with God, Who is a supportive Agent.  God will let us know in large and small ways that the universe is friendly.  And many of our times of fear are because we wonder if, in fact, the universe means us well.  It does.

If we don’t heed this warning, and if we continue to traffic in fear, we will have to give up those glimpses of Christ-consciousness, and we will have to give up our goal to sustain Christ-consciousness.

The stakes are high.  We just must reside in a renunciation of fear in all its forms.  And this can be done. Our intent, aligned with the inner Christ-Self, will assure that fear becomes a thing of the past only.

Day 298

Abiding in the Consciousness of Unity

Thus the new pattern is one of creation in relationship and unity rather than learning.  What this means will be revealed to you and shared by all who abide within Christ-consciousness because you abide in a consciousness of unity through your choice.  (T4:12.28)

Another way of looking at sharing is the matter of unity.  We are united with each other in a way that we have never enjoyed before, at least not in the eons that the ego held sway.  We have made the choice to unite with our fellow human beings, with our Self, and with God.  And in this choice our lives smooth out.  We know fear and judgment no longer.  We are safe, and we know that we are safe.

Day 299

Learning Will Not Sustain Christ-consciousness

But further learning is not what will complete the transformation of the personal self to the elevated Self.  Learning will not sustain Christ-consciousness.  (D:1.17)

We have long prized learning.  We have temples to learning, called colleges and universities, that purport to develop the best in our minds, so that our world can further advance.  But Jesus tells us in A Course of Love that there comes a time when the learned wisdom of the past will fail us, that we cannot create a new world from doing more and more reading and studying from the best minds of the past.

Why?  We are in a new era now; we are in the time of Christ.  And if we are honest with ourselves, we will know that the best knowledge of the best minds has not saved us from ourselves.  We are sinking deeply into a morass of our own making.

So:  Do what do we turn?  We observe the world with the best eyes that non-physical sight can give us; we observe the truth of our brothers and sisters, and ourselves, and of God acting in the world.  This puts the onus back on ourselves, for it is with the guidance of the non-physical eyes that we will be saved.  God Himself can do no more than we are willing to do.  But we need new knowledge to effect a better world, a new world that will offer sustenance to us as we head into Christ-consciousness, a new way of being that more and more of us will experience, at a faster and faster rate.

Then we are informed by what we see with our new vision.  We change our thoughts, our deeds, and particularly our behavior as we see that there is indeed a better way.  We don’t turn to thinking as we did in the past.  We go beyond thinking to miracles, a state of being that embraces a prayer without ceasing.  This is not a prayer to which we give words.  This is prayer of who and what we are.  And with this change, our world will begin changing for the better.

Learning will not sustain Christ-consciousness.  But the prayer that becomes a constant thing in our lives, and the miracles that the prayer engenders, will sustain Christ-consciousness.  And if we can believe A Course of Love, this is the most fervent hope of Jesus for the people he seeks to save.

Day 300

 Change Within Effects Change Without

Within is where the real world and all your brothers and sisters exist in the unity of Christ-consciousness.  Change within effects change without, not the other way around!  Within is where you look to your own heart, rather than to any other authority, for advice or guidance.  Within is where you find the knowing of Christ-consciousness, the consciousness of unity. . . .Looking within is turning to the real Self and the consciousness shared by all for the creation of a new answer, the answer to the only remaining question; that of how to sustain Christ-consciousness in form.  (D:2.22)

We are encouraged to become very introspective as we seek to enjoy Christ-consciousness.  We don’t have to be introverts, but we do have to turn inward more and more, if we are to catch ever-lengthening glimpses of Christ-consciousness, and ultimately to sustain those glimpses with Christ-consciousness just all the time.  Within is where the jewels are; within is what determines what we experience outside our minds and hearts, even outside our bodies.  Within is the secret to Christ-consciousness.

When we turn within, we will sometimes feel fear, for fear comes up at the point of what needs to be changed.  We are transmuting karma when we feel the fear, really feel it, and then just choose to walk on, to walk through it.  Walking through fear requires that we face up to it, and in the facing of fear we will realize that it is a straw man, nothing that can hurt us at all.  Of course, we can easily get overwrought, but when we pray, asking for help, help always—always—arrives, when we are open to that help arriving.  Even in the middle of the night, when we wake up from a bad dream and think of the worst that can happen, we can realize that we are surrounded by angels, and in that realization find some relief.  We know that God is deep within us, and that He saves us from ourselves.  But sometimes we need someone that we can cling to, someone who does not seem so different from ourselves.  And this is where the angels offer the solace that we so badly need.

Fear does not have to be the boogeyman that it has seemed.  Fear can be our friend by alerting us to the things in our world that need attention.  I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with a worry/concern on my mind.  I don’t ever know how that worry/concern got on my mind, but I suspect that it is my Self trying to get my attention.  Days can sometimes get so busy that we don’t listen to our Self as it seeks to reach out to our minds and hearts from our depths.  At such times, I make a mental note to attend to the matter brought to the surface of my mind, first thing in the morning.  Then I relax in the care of the deep darkness that surrounds me, I pray for God’s protection, and, if I am lucky, I drift right back into sleep. 

Fear can be especially potent in the middle of the night.  But the best of fear is that it is pointing out what we need to attend to.  The best way would be to attend to our needs without the fear, but not all of us are ready for this optimum.  So fear, a pattern of the ego, rears its ugly head to get our attention.  If we attend to the matter being presented, then we will have done all that needs to be done to dissipate that particular fear.  And that is all that is required.

Day 301

 Consciousness of What Is

Because Christ-consciousness is consciousness of what is, we begin with what is, with creation as it was created rather than as you have perceived it to be.  From this starting point only can we move forward to the future we create together.  (D:5.19)

Jesus says a lot about “what is,” but he does not explain exactly what he means by that.  I think that he means true reality, the vision of reality that we do not see with our physical eyes.  True reality is the love, harmony, peace, joy, that we encounter when we are moving into, and then sustaining, Christ-consciousness.  It is an ineffable state of mind and heart, one that allows us to as we were intended by God, the way we were before our illusory separation from Him.  Previously, we perceived, rather than “knew.” 

Now we know, and from this knowledge we move into creating a new world.  All of us together will create this new world, all of us who are on the same pathway (and that is everybody, though many do not know that they are on a pathway).

Day 302

 Oneness & Union

Union includes you, just as the All of Everything, the whole of wholeness, the one of oneness, include you.  We are, in unity, one body.  We are, in Christ consciousness, one Christ.  We are, in wholeheartedness, one heart and one mind.  (D:12.19)

We are One with the All.  This is a point that Jesus makes when he talks about unity and being one body.  Our practical and logical minds don’t understand how we can be one body, but the body is actually a slowed-down form of energy, and energy is everywhere.  We are one Christ, in Christ-consciousness.  And we are, in wholeheartedness, one heart and one mind.  The oneness of All is consistent and all-embracing, a part of the embrace that Jesus offers to us.

So, given this scenario, this true scenario, we can see how when we affect another individual, we are actually affecting ourselves, for there is no difference between the other and ourselves.  Our harsh words to the other revert back to ourselves; similarly, our kind words revert back to ourselves.  Being one, we are a part of all that exists.

Day 303


What you will be coming to know in this new way of discovery will be coming to you from the state of unity, from a state you share with all at the level of Christ consciousness but that may literally not be sharable with those who remain in a separate state except through the sharing of who you are and who you know others to be.  (D:13.2)

Not everybody will understand us as we move into Christ-consciousness.  Our experiences will not be sharable with all.  We will be discovering things that others do not appreciate, cannot understand.  Their obtuseness should not be cause for judgment, and indeed cannot be, for we have foresworn judgment.  Not everybody is ready for A Course of Love.

We can, however, show a true picture of who we are and who we know others to be.  This we can and must do.  Ultimately, all will come to understand, though not in this lifetime.  Their way may be different, but we will all reach the same end eventually.

Be sympathetic to those who don’t understand us.  Be sympathetic when they cry out in frustration, or, worse, ignore us, believing us to be out in left field.  We cannot know how the Self of everyone is directly their lives.  Our Self, though joined with them, may have a very different pathway for us.

But we must share who we have come to be through our new experiences.  And this will be a powerful witness (though Jesus cautions us not to overdo witnessing).  We will be able to see other people in new ways, understand them in ways that they know not.  And this new understanding will be a great help to them.

Just hold our tempers when we get frustrated that they don’t understand what we do.  And don’t feel superior to them, for there is neither superiority nor inferiority.  The way back for all of us is clear, but time, maybe a great deal of time, is needed for everyone to make our way back to God.

Day 304

 The Relationship of Unity

What comes of union is a knowing that exists in relationship.  Once you have attained a state of being able to sustain Christ consciousness, this will no longer be a problem because you will constantly abide in awareness of the relationship of unity.  But until this state is achieved, you will move in and out of states of awareness of the relationship of unity.  (D:13.6)

We will not realize oneness with everyone until we have sustained Christ-consciousness.  As glimpses of Christ-consciousness unfold, we will sometimes feel unity, and we will sometimes not.  This is not something to be deplored, but just something to keep in our awareness.  Our way back is mapped out, but it will take patience as we move along the pathway.  We can’t sustain Christ-consciousness, normally, just as soon as we first want it.

Once we sustain Christ-consciousness, we will be aware of our union with All as a constant state of being.  And this is a state of mind and heart to be much prized.  Much prized, but not envied in another.  They have their timetable; we have ours.

Day 305

  Sustenance of Christ-consciousness

You have been prepared for this by the realization that your thinking mind will no longer be necessary as your access to unity, or Christ-consciousness, is maintained and sustained.  Let us begin with the idea of maintenance and proceed to the idea of sustenance.  (D:15.16)

We won’t be “thinking” about unity to have it a constant state, when we are in Christ-consciousness.  We will have moved, through the art of thought, through prayer, through miracle-mindedness, to a new state of being that is not the thinking mind that we have always known.  Our thoughts will slow down and then cease to be a problem for us.  The content of our mind will seem to be reduced, because we will be immediately intuiting through observation of what is.  We won’t have to analyze our way through life; we will just know.  This knowing may take very surprising turns, and we will delight in those good surprises.  Our way back is paved with roses.

Day 306

Maintenance Will Lead to Sustenance

Sustaining unity or Christ-consciousness is being done with the need to maintain conditions that allow it to be present.  Maintenance will lead to sustenance.  (D:15.20)

Most of us will, first, have glimpses of Christ-consciousness.  Then these glimpses will lengthen, and then we will have maintenance, on an ongoing basis, of Christ-consciousness.  But here we have not walked the whole pathway, for we must sustain that Christ-consciousness, and it is this toward which Jesus’s words are directing us.  We will be giving up thinking as we know it, as we reach the access to Christ-consciousness that we have longed to have.  We will maintain those conditions that allow Christ-consciousness to be sustainable.  And reduced thinking, even all thinking as we have previously known it, will walk us into the sustenance of Christ-consciousness.

We can’t will this to happen.  It is the gift of God, when He knows that we are ready.  We cannot wish for it to happen sooner, and thereby have it happen sooner.  Doesn’t work that way.  But we can remove the blocks to the awareness of love, and in so doing, we will open up a large highway toward our goal of Christ-consciousness.

Day 307

 Sharing in Unity & Relationship

All of your images are false images, and when you retain them you do not allow for the time of learning to be replaced with the only replacement that will sustain Christ-consciousness, the replacement of learning with sharing in unity and relationship.  (D:16.21)

We will replace learning in the traditional sense with sharing with others.  This sharing is because we are One, though individuated into different entities; this is what “unity and relationship” really means.  And we have this unity and relationship, front and center, when we are living Christ-consciousness.  We will soon learn, if we haven’t already, why turning to the learned wisdom of the past is passe.  It truly is passe.  We must just observe what our brothers and sisters are doing, and what is happening in our world, to be led to share with them in the best sense possible.  Our sharing will take us beyond glimpses of enlightenment into the real thing, the sustenance of Christ-consciousness.

Our images of what the world has been like have been false, based on illusion.  And now we are moving into something eminently better—a true reality that is based on love, harmony, peace, joy.  This new world is one that we will create as we sustain Christ-consciousness.  There is nothing that we can’t hope for in this state of being, this state of mind and heart called wholeheartedness (by Jesus).

Now the images we see will not be seen with our physical eyes, for the intangible doesn’t need traditional means of seeing.  Our images will be more real than anything our physical eyes ever showed us; we will see truly, as we have vision that shows us the intangibles, the positive intangibles of love and its many components.

Take a moment out of our day now to contemplate what a great, real change this change will be.  Be glad that we are seeing aright for the first time in eons.  Now we have walked through briars to reach a smooth pathway, a pathway that leads us surely to God Himself.  And our Christ-Self will take us into a new world, a world that we will appreciate and enjoy far more than the difficult world to which we had become accustomed.

Day 308

  Seeing Clearing

You would like to know how, what, when, and where.  While you concentrate on such as these, you impose a function unnatural to this time of Christ-consciousness upon this time.  It is as if you ask to see clearly and then hold your hands over your eyes.  (D:Day4.31)

Naturally, simply because we are residents of this earth, and tangentially because we have lived egoic lives, we want to know specifics in this new time—the how, what, when, and where of living in a new world.  But we ask amiss when we try to figure out this new time in such a way.  All that we need to know will be revealed to us in due course; there is nothing we won’t know, when we really need to know it.

Do not ask for specifics of our world to be created.  Just go with the flow, and, step by step, the new will be revealed to us—at the time that we need to know it.  This is actually a much easier way to live.  When we jump ahead, trying to figure out the future, we just get ourselves tangled up.  Just ride out the wave; be reassured that all that we need to know, we will know at the proper time and place.  And then rest easy in this knowledge.

Day 309

True Self

We now will discuss being the true self while becoming the true self—the time in between your awareness of and access to Christ-consciousness, or unity, and your sustainability of Christ-consciousness, or unity, in form.  As was said earlier:  To realize the state of becoming is to realize that an in-between exists between the time of learning and the time of being the elevated Self of form.  This is what our time on this holy mountain is largely comprised of.  (D:Day6.1)

We will remain in “becoming” for a while.  It is the state of mind and heart that comprise most of the time on the mountaintop with Jesus in the 40 days and 40 nights that end A Course of Love.  We are not to lament that we are still becoming, that we have not fully achieved what we are after, that the Self is not sustained in elevation.  There is a reason for every delay we encounter.  Just as there was a reason behind the madness that we knew as the ego.  (In that, we were fearful for we thought, erroneously, that God had rejected us, that we were separated from him in truth rather than in illusion.)

We will have awareness of Christ-consciousness before we achieve it; this is the truth that unity is still eluding us.  But we can be cheered, for we will not have long to wait.  Christ-consciousness/unity come swiftly once all conditions have been met, and our careful removal of barriers to its approach does in fact speed along the process.  We cannot make the decision of when, but we can remove barriers to the awareness of love, and indeed we must, if we are to be successful in this endeavor.

Ask what more we can do.  Simply ask.  Maybe write an imaginary dialogue with our higher Self, the Christ-Self.  Find out what more we can do. 

And then let it rest.  Know that we will know Christ-consciousness, we will have moved out of becoming the elevated Self of form, when we are ripe for change.  When we are ready.

And knowing that timing is perfect helps as well, even though we may be impatient for more than we have yet experienced.

Day 310

 Reverence Prevails

When your natural state is fully returned to you and sustained within Christ-consciousness, the conditions of the time of acceptance, like the conditions of the time of learning, will pass.  There are no conditions in the state of union as there are no attributes to love.  The natural created Self is all that is.  Reverence prevails.  (D:Day7.16)

When we reach a state of mind and heart in which we feel true reverence, we will have accepted all that we need to accept, learned from the past all that we need to learn.  We will be knocking at the doors of enlightenment, for the reverence that we feel will make us afraid of nothing, and will stifle the judging of everything.

Reverence is a great stress reliever, and of course stress is another word for fear.  If we revere our God, and we revere ourselves, and our brothers and sisters, we will soon realize that the fear that has dogged our pathway has lessened considerably.  We will be on our way to enlightenment, to the Christ-consciousness that Jesus so wants for all of us.  He cannot, though, remove fear for us, for to do so would place him between our mind and its false creations.  Cause and effect would be out of sync.  And so what we need to do is ask for the removal of those things that have caused a state of mind and heart that is less than reverent.  Or that is outright fearful.

Our asking for the removal of these blocks to love’s awareness will actually speed us along our way.  And we will encounter something along the way that has eluded us:  how to let go of fear and judgment.  We need only ask for the blocks to be gone, and they are gone.  If they return, we ask again.  And God never ceases to respond to us.  Our Christ-Self never ceases to respond to us.  Our needs are met at the point of recognizing those needs.

The solution is always with the problem.  Always.  Perhaps we might not recognize that solution, if we have many blocks in the way of clear sight.  But when these blocks are dismantled, we will see that the solution to our problems is right there before us.  We will walk into a new and different world—one free of fear and judgment, one in which all problems, for the moment, have been solved.

We all have problems, and others crop up for us even when we have reached Christ-consciousness.  Christ-consciousness is not a panacea for everything adverse that might happen in our lifetimes.  But problems are met with the whole vigor of the Christ-Self to resolve them.  And there can be no more powerful deterrent to our own weaknesses than the power of being at one with our Christ-Self.

Day 311

 Wisdom, Sophia, Spirit

Christ-consciousness is the awareness of existence through relationship.  It is not God.  It is not man.  It is the relationship that allows the awareness that God is everything.  It has been called wisdom, Sophia, spirit.  (D:Day11.7)

I personally like the designation of “Sophia,” in that Christ-consciousness is therewith given a face.  But the term “spirit” may help us to understand better, for in this we are seeing that the spirit that was of the Holy Spirit still reigns in us.  We have not relinquished anything because we have moved beyond the time of the Holy Spirit.  In A Course in Miracles, the Holy Spirit is also called the “Universal Inspiration.”  So, you see, we are not losing anything.  We are seeing a holy spirit in a new way, through Christ-consciousness.

If we did not have relationship, we could not conceive of God, for in Oneness, the concept of “otherness” is missing.  It is only in the relationships that the whole becomes knowable.  All is as incomprehensible as nothing.  The All must be differentiated to become known, and that means the “separate” parts know one another through relationship of one to the other.  And Christ-consciousness is the awareness of existence through relationship.

Day 312

 Awareness of What Is

Life is consciousness.  Christ-consciousness is awareness of what is.  It is the awareness of connection and relationship of All to All.  (D:Day11.8)

This sums up what Christ-consciousness really is:  the “awareness of what is.”  We have heretofore made illusion in our creations, tangible and intangible, in our world.  Now we are seeking to live, even with what might be unreal, by seeing the true reality that is intangible—the harmony, peace, joy, love that takes us home.  This is “what is.”  And we are thereby connected with all that exists in whatever plane of existence actually exists.  We cannot see or know all these planes, but we can intuit their reality.  And when we do so, we are blessed beyond compare.  Jesus has shown us the way to open our hearts to the All, the One, to God Himself.

Day 313

 Body Enclosed by Consciousness

Imagine the air around you being visible and your form an invisible space within the visible surroundings.  This is the reality of Christ-consciousness.  Consciousness may seem to be embodied by form but the reverse is true and has always been true.  The body is now ready to know that it is embodied, enclosed, surrounded, taken up, by consciousness.  (D:Day12.2)

Part of the theology of A Course of Love is that consciousness is everywhere, that rather than the physical body encasing consciousness (presumably in our brains), consciousness actually encases the physical body.  This would mean that energy pervades the universe.  Consciousness is the essence of God; it is knowing that is everywhere and in everything that lives.  And everything lives, being subsumed by the energy that is existence.

We won’t dwell on these ideas, for in A Course in Miracles Jesus tells us that a universal theology is impossible, but that a universal experience is not only possible, but necessary.  We all have our experiences, and while on an earthly level they seem to differ radically, the bottom line is that we are similar in experiences.  Some are, of course, more dramatic than others.  We each walk our own pathway back to God, and we have something to do with what we will encounter on that pathway.  We do create our own reality, and nowhere is this more evident than when we seek to compare experiences.

Our consciousness is not embodied by form, but our form is the communication device that allows us, in this world, to interact with our brothers and sisters.  We live in a living universe, for consciousness is, as the word says, conscious.  And this conscious awareness is omnipresent.  Is this not the same as saying that God is omnipresent?

Day 314

 The One Self Is the All

The merging of form with Christ-consciousness is this merging of the Self with the unconditional love of the One Self.  The One Self loves Its Self.  There is nothing else to love.  The One Self is the All.  (D:Day12.3)

We have learned that our real self is not a persona, but a Self who is a Christ-Self, the entity that has been deep within us and is only now coming into its own.  Heretofore we had been lost in personas, and lost in insanity, for the insane ego ruled.  Our lives were truly a mess, a mixture of dramatic highs and lows that threatened, constantly, to undo us.  We struggled in vain, for the ego, God had decreed, was constantly being undone, as though to tell us that there was something more that we were missing.  We now know that we are safer, in God’s arms, after we have turned aside from the ego and its futile machinations. 

So we let the Self out to play, and “play” is the operative word here, for we are like children in a universe designed to make us happy.  Our seriousness, previously, had all been of the ego, and we thought that life was very serious business indeed.  Those thoughts are leaving us now, never, we hope, to return.  And those thoughts won’t return unless we form a new ego.  And such a loss that would be.  Jesus does not want it to happen; we do not want it to happen.  And as long as we stay far away from fear and judgment, we will be safe in a new world of peace and harmony.

The Self who we are is actually joined with the Self of all other beings, so that it is all one Self.  This is almost the same as saying that God is One.  The Self performs differently for different people, for each has his own interpretations to apply to reality.  But all of our brothers and sisters are really One with us.  And seeing this all-inclusive Self is fundamentally important to taking our part in a newly created world.

Day 315


All obstacles of form are only real in the world of form, a world that is perceived rather than known.  Christ-consciousness replaces perception with knowing, form with space.  (D:Day12.7)

Our world of form is perceptual, and it does not truly exist.  Christ-consciousness replaces perception with knowing, form with space.  And space consists of the whole Self, all of it, the All of everything.  Christ-consciousness is the space of all that is.

Day 316

 From Observing to Informing

As you are more fully able to maintain Christ-consciousness you begin the movement away from being observed to being in-formed by the spirit which animates all things.  You begin the movement away from observing to informing.  (D:Day15.3)

Just as learning gave way to observation, observation will ultimately give way to the Christ-consciousness, once sustained, who in-forms all things.  In this we have finally moved beyond simply maintaining Christ-consciousness to sustaining it.  This is the goal that Jesus has held out to us.  This is the goal that makes all things right.

Day 317

  Informed by the Unknown

How can the invisible be observed?  From within Christ-consciousness, you begin to be able to know and to make known without observation or observance of the physical.  This occurs through your relationship with the unknown.  You begin to be informed by what is without any regard for your level of understanding or knowing.  You do this by taking what is into your spacious form rather than observing it as separate from you.  (D:Day15.4)

We will develop what may feel like psychic abilities as we grow in grace in Christ-consciousness.  We will receive by revelation from God a “knowing” that will see us through any dark hours that might crop up, and, of course, dark hours will be far less frequent as we envelop Christ-consciousness.  We won’t need to “learn” by observation anymore; we will be in-formed by the grace of God, a transforming grace that will give us all very different lives—much better lives.

Jesus talks a good bit in the Forty Days and Forty Nights about something called the “spacious” Self.  This Self enfolds that which seems to be apart from us.  The spacious Self is a mystical Self Whom we come to know as time passes.  We merge with our environment, and with our brothers and sisters, and with God.  No longer holding ourselves separate and apart, we heal by enfolding.  In this way our contributions to the Sonship increase exponentially.  We are living as the part of God Whom we are, or, more precisely, God is living through us.  We don’t have infinite minds, omniscient minds, but we do partake of the God Who does have that, and His revelations are likely to increase as we become more accustomed to living our power.

Our diligence and understanding must increase in the fearlessness that we embody now.  Forgiveness is seen as wholly desirable, and, with that, judgment ceases.  These two aspects of our being, fearlessness and lack of judgment, prepared us for the great blessing of Christ-consciousness.  Now we will grow in ways that have heretofore been impossible for us.

All will definitely be alright.  All right.  We have stopped imagining that we know better than God how to create.  We have stopped trying to be something that He did not create.  His creation came from infinite understanding of what would work in a universe(s).  Our way could never work, and that is why our way has been mired in illusion and insanity.

Day 318

From Division to Unity

While there is division remaining between the self and the spacious Self, the self and the creative force, you remain in the state of maintenance rather than sustenance of Christ-consciousness.  This is an acceptable state for this time of limited practice with those with whom you are engaged in this specific mountain top dialogue.  It is not an acceptable state for full-scale interaction with the world.  Although this power cannot be misused, to have access to this power in one instance and not another as you move in and out of the state of Christ-consciousness will not serve the purpose of creation.  (D:Day15.11)

Jesus wants us not only to maintain Christ-consciousness, but to sustain it.  When we balk at inhabiting the spacious Self, the Self Who is open to merging with others, and when we balk at remaining separate at all from the creative force, we will not be in a position to sustain Christ-consciousness.  The maintenance of Christ-consciousness will work in the short term, but not in the long-term.  That is why it is so important to keep an open mind that invites revelation from God.

Revelation from God usually comes in calm moments.  When the mind has gotten overwrought, we are all tangled up mentally, and we don’t think well.  Even God normally wouldn’t try to enter our Mind at such a time; He would simply wait until we are in a more inviting frame of mind.  The Christ-Self will patiently for us to relax and rest, to re-surrender to God, and then to open our minds and hearts to His speaking to us.  Go within, in deep prayer, when the things of this world have, once again, infiltrated our struggling mind and heart.  Pray with passion, and all will be well.  The next few moments will then be potent with guidance from the Self.  And we will walk a green earth again—heads in the clouds, but feet on terra firma.

Day 319


What does it mean to practice informing and being informed?  It means to join together with others who have the ability to maintain Christ-consciousness in your company.  This creates the joining of spacious Selves.  It is a joining without boundaries.  You become clear pools flowing into each other.  You make your spirits known.  (D:Day15.12)

We join with others when we have allowed ourselves to be what Jesus calls a “spacious Self.”  He says that we become “clear pools flowing into each other.”  (D:Day15.12)  When this is happening, we are past observation of the outer world; we have moved into informing and being informed by others in our immediate vicinity.  These others are maintaining (or sustaining) Christ-consciousness.  And joining with them in wholehearted camaraderie is necessary for next steps in the process of sustaining Christ-consciousness.

We make our spirits known when we inform through our words and actions.  We reach out, and, wonder of wonders, we find our reaching out is met by a similar reaching out by our brothers and sisters on the mountaintop.  We are experiencing the maintaining, and then the sustaining, of Christ-consciousness.  And well it is with us as we do so.

Day 320


While you are asked to promote wholeness and the sustainability of Christ-consciousness with others sharing this specific means of coming to know you, you are not asked to disregard any other means of coming to know or to see any others differently than you see those with whom you are engaged in this specific dialogue for this specific purpose or practice.  (D:Day15.21)

When we are reading A Course of Love, we have at least tacitly accepted Jesus as our leader, as the one who can guide us to Christ-consciousness.  We will share with others of like mind, in that we are generally sharing in study groups (though this is not the only way).  We need to share, for otherwise we won’t come into our own.  Our Self is one with all living things, and that, of course, includes all of our brothers and sisters.  We can’t know all that we need to know by isolating ourselves.  Even if others in our circle don’t know the blessing of ACOL, we can still share with them what we have come to know.  This is not the proselytizing that the separate self might have sought to be, but a sharing that comes from the Christ-Self that we share with all, and with the All, the One, God Himself.

If we have joined a study group of people who are also reading ACOL, then we are encouraged to share the specifics of the Dialogues with them.  This is a specific means of coming to know Christ-consciousness, and this specific means will serve us well in the days ahead.  Taking Jesus as our leader in A Course of Love is wise indeed.

Day 321

 Acceptance Only in the Present

It is only in the present that acceptance can occur.  There is no ‘going back’ or reliving of the past required.  There is also no escape, however, because in Christ-consciousness, you must become fully aware of the present.  The present is the time of no time, wholeness, where all that is read and all that was ever real exists.  (D:Day16.9)

We are asked to “accept” in A Course of Love, much as we were asked to forgive in A Course in Miracles.  There is much that we accept, that we are willing to “have it so.”  This is the great secret of the equanimity of those who are living in Christ-consciousness.  They judge nothing and no one.  They accept.  And it is to this that we must come if we are to sustain Christhood in ourselves.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t hope for change in others, if change seems to us to be warranted.  But we don’t actively seek to change others.  Our Self just gives a smile, when that is all that will be received by another in good faith.  We don’t reach out to those who are not ready.  We respect their boundaries.

We seek to live in the present in Christ-consciousness, for this is truly the only time (an illusion anyway) that there is.  Living in the present is possible because we trust in events as unfolding in a sometimes difficult world.  This world will, of course, not seem so difficult to us when we are living in Christ-consciousness.  This state of mind and heart gives a peace that is unlike anything that the world can give, the world that previously we had seen in separation from God.  When we are reunited with God, we know that we are creating our reality in the best way possible.  We are in harmony with the Deity within, and we are in harmony with our brothers and sisters—indeed, the whole world.  And living in present time does much to ensure that we retain that harmonious living that grounds us in love—and Love, God Himself.

Day 322

Christ-consciousness—a “Part” of God

Consciousness itself is not knowing but awareness.  God is the creator of knowing because God created a means of coming to know.  This ‘part’ of God, the animator and informer, is Christ-consciousness.  (D:Day17.3)

Christ-consciousness is a “part” of God.  It is the consciousness that is the awareness of what is going on around us and within us.  God created “knowing,” and when Christ-consciousness comes into its fullness with us, we will know things in a way that has heretofore been impossible for us.  Sometimes our intuition will guide us through feelings, but often, now, the knowing will be entirely internal, with no feeling component at all.  Yet it will bring a sureness that has been lacking.  We may not be able to articulate how or why we know, but we will be sure in a way that we are only just now discovering. 

All of us have had this experience, including prior to Christ-consciousness.  Something happened, and we just knew the something more that would occur because of that happening.  We were sure.  And subsequent events bore out our new knowledge. 

Day 323

The Drive to Read A Course of Love

What is the drive that kept you reading this Course, caused you to enter this dialogue, kept you examining, kept you attempting to move beyond learning to a new means of knowing?  Christ-consciousness.  This is why it was said in the beginning pages of the Course that the Christ in you was the learner.  (D:Day17.4)

It is the budding Christ-consciousness that is keeping us reading A Course of Love.  The Christ in us is the learner, though we may have a hard time understanding why Christ needs to learn anything.  Yet our Christ-Self has been veiled for eons, deep within us, and now it is learning how to live, not just survive, in this new world we are creating.  Yes, we have a drive to keep reading, and it is a good drive.

The words that we read will transform our lives.

Day 324

Ability to Represent What God Created

The main ability of the individual is the ability to represent what God created, the means of coming to know—which is Christ-consciousness—through individual choice or will.

Christ-consciousness is your will to know, to be, and to express.  The time of Christ, and the second-coming of Christ, are expressions meant to symbolize the completion of the cycle of birth, death, and re-birth as a means of coming to know.  (D:Day17.10 – 17.11)

We come to know when we are living in Christ-consciousness.  This is beyond feelings that are a harbinger of guidance, intuition.  This is an internal knowing that isn’t articulated, can’t be articulated.  The time of Christ, and the second-coming of Christ, are expressions that symbolize the resurrection—birth, death, and then, the resurrection, which is re-birth. 

The way back is not hard.  It can come suddenly, but more often we feel a growing peace, a mellowness, that elongates as time passes.  Then we move into the maintenance of this condition, this Christ-consciousness, and then, if we are focused, the sustenance of Christ-consciousness.  Sustaining Christ-consciousness will allow us to know, without tedious planning, how to form a new world, a new creation, one that we will do ourselves.

This is Jesus’s great hope for us.

Day 325


Feelings are your awareness of the present and thus of the truth.  They are your means of coming to know.  They arise from Christ-consciousness.  (D:Day18.8)

Many of us have known that we get guidance through our feelings.  This is usually what happens when we having an intuition.  And this happened in the time of the Holy Spirit.  If we acted on these feelings, we knew good; if we were reluctant, we may have experienced what we perceived as bad things happening to us.

Our feelings are our way of coming to know, and they arise from Christ-consciousness.  But when we have walked the whole pathway, feelings may sometimes drop from sight, and we have a simple knowing without words or emotions.

This is the highest kind of knowing.  But feelings, and the recognition of intuition in feelings, have prepared the way.

Day 326

 Reliance upon Yourself

This reliance upon yourself has been expressed as a dialogue taking place within Christ-consciousness, the consciousness you share in union and relationship with all.  (D:Day21.9)

When we listen to our internal guidance, we are communing with God as expressed through Christ-consciousness, held deep within us.  Christ-consciousness is shared with all of our brothers and sisters, but the expression of that shared consciousness, as we do it, is unique to us.  Thus we do not lose our individuality at all.  We are ever more “individual” as time passes.  Never have we felt more like individuals.  We are not sharing to form “group think.”  We are sharing to be at One, but not to have the same thoughts and feelings as another.

Day 327


This awareness of union with God is what is now within you awaiting your expression. . . .

“This awareness is what we have been calling Christ-consciousness, but what you call it now matters not.  (D:Day22.8 – 22.9)

When we are fully aware of being in union with the God Who dwells within us, we are in awareness of this phenomenon through Christ-consciousness.  There are other terms for Christ-consciousness:  Awakening (as Christ-consciousness is called in A Course in Miracles); enlightenment (as Christ-consciousness is termed in Eastern religions.

We recognize that we are in union with God when we experience even brief glimpses of this state of being called Christ-consciousness.  It is an effable state, but we know it when we experience it.  Mellowness is its main component, a mellowness that is a part of deep peace, the peace of God.

This is what awaits us when we aren’t afraid to welcome peace.  Our emotions will smooth out, and we won’t go through dramas anymore.  The highs and lows of emotion will dissipate.  At first we may not know what to make of this change, and we may regret the loss of such drama in our lives.  But what we gain is ever so much more.  And soon we will feel comfortable with this new state of being, and long for nothing different.  We will know great gratitude to God in the midst of these tranquil feelings.

Day 328

Awareness that God Is Everything

Recall what was said earlier:  Christ-consciousness is the awareness of existence through relationship.  It is not God.  It is not man.  It is the relationship that allows the awareness that God is everything.  It has been called wisdom, Sophia, spirit.  It is that without which God would not know God.  It is that which differentiates All from nothing.  (D:Day40.13)

The All cannot know Itself unless It subdivides by individuation (also called differentiation).  This allow one Part to know another Part through relationship.  And so this is saying that God knows us through relationship.  And our Christ-consciousness is the way that we are aware, and this awareness is also through relationship.

This is a hard concept to wrap one’s mind and heart around.  But the All and nothing would know each other not unless there had been relationships created among the various Parts of the Deity.  This idea is also developed fully by Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God.


Day 329

Human Nature vs. Divine Nature

In your acceptance of doing good works and being a good person, you are accepting ministry to those in hell rather than choosing heaven.  You accept what you view as possible and reject what you perceive as impossible.  You thus cling to the laws of man and reject the laws of God.  You claim your human nature and reject your divine nature.  (C:P.11)

Trying, oh, just trying to be a good person won’t work, because it is missing the boat.  As traditional Christianity espouses, we don’t get anywhere by doing good works, meriting our way into heaven.  Even though faith without works is said to be “dead,” we need the faith, and the belief in Jesus’s central place (according to traditional Christian teaching).

A Course of Love takes a somewhat different tack.  While we are encouraged to make a friend of Jesus, and to hold his hand while we go about our daily lives, this is not a requirement for salvation of the ordinary variety or of ultimate salvation, Christ-consciousness or Awakening.  If we can just trust enough, and “be,” rather than “do,” we will see the value in resting in God’s love.  The laws of God allow being as the best way to approach Him.  We rest in His love, sure of our place in His ultimate form of reality.  Our time on earth is blessed, for we don’t try to implore Him to accept us because we are being “good people.”

So we need to invite our divine nature to come out.  And this divine nature is the inner Christ spirit that we all have.  This Christ-Self learns, over time, because it is not omniscient.  But this Christ-Self learns better than our egoic self (which actually learns nothing of value).  Our human nature is mired in ego, until we see fit to thrust the ego off.  Once we have done this, we are well-situated to see ourselves as the children of God whom we are.

We are not ever encouraged to be “do-goers” by Jesus.  Just trying to do good works and trying to be a good person will not allow us access to Christ-consciousness.  Jesus even says that by this idea we are “accepting ministry to those in hell rather than choosing heaven.”  (C:P.11)

Of course, we do want to do good in this world, and we do want to be good people.  But we put the cart before the horse when we cling to these two ideas as the way to get to heaven.  God does not ask anything of us, anything except to give up fear and judgment, and cling to Love as our Answer.  And this is not easy.  Despite much soul-searching, we may still fall into fears.  Despite our best efforts at forgiveness, we still fall into judgment of our brothers and sisters.  When we are enthralled by Love, though, we fall into the right place.  Fear and judgment become something that we can’t even comprehend anymore; we wonder why those two negative traits preoccupied us for so long.

It takes some mystical insight to truly learn how to love.  Our special relationships have taught us badly, for they were made that love might turn back on us, turn into hate.  Only when we transmute our special relationships into the holy will we fully know what damage specialness has done.  And then we will recognize that we do nobody any favors by clinging to them as “special.”  They don’t need our special love; neither do we.  Our holy love embraces all of creation with a passion that is reserved for full understanding, not a passion that turns to hate if our expectations are dashed.

Day 330


Love is not being nice when you are feeling surly.  Love is not doing good deeds of charity and service.  (C:4.11)

Here we see that our preconceptions about love have been all wrong.  Jesus gets right to the point:  Playing nice when we are in a bad mood, “feeling surly,” fools nobody—not our brothers and sisters, not ourselves, not God.  And most of all not Jesus.  And our good deeds are like the “works” that St. Paul said were not sufficient for salvation; he said “not of works, lest any man should boast.”  (Ephesians 2:9, KJV)  And now Jesus is saying the same thing to us in channeled writing of the turn of the Twenty-First Century.  We must be onto something important.

Day 331


You have to forgive this reality for being different than you have always imagined it to be.  You have to forgive yourself for not being able to make it on your own, because you have realized the impossibility of doing so.  You have to forgive yourself for being what you are, a being who exists only in relationship.  (C:6.2)

We are beings meant to live in relationship to each other.  A holy relationship that features love as its predominant feature. 

We have tried, and failed, to be independent, autonomous, needing nobody and nothing.  When we failed at that, we reached for a special someone who would answer all of our needs.  And we failed at that, too.

Now forgiveness is in store, for ourselves and our God.  Our ego got it wrong, believing that autonomy was the way to go.  We are made for each other, interdependently.  If we stop and think, we realize this even on a secular level.  Our society thrives on competition, but this competition, bottom line, means that there is somebody else who is very, very important to us.  The few among us who recognize that cooperation gets us farther in the long run are surely coming to see that we need each other.  And not only for love.  We need each other simply to exist side-by-side in our crowded world.

Day 332

Wordless & Formless

Yet love has often brought you close to a ‘thought-less’ and ‘word-less’ state of being, and it can do so again.  As you join with your own Self in unity, all that in love you have created and received returns to its home in you, and leaves you in a state of love in which the wordless and formless is very near.  (C:19.16)

What we love deeply in the moment, we often don’t want to say anything; we are speechless.  Jesus calls this being “wordless and formless.”  And it comes to us when we are in a state of love.  As time goes by, and we unite mind and heart, this state of being will overcome us more and more.

Then we may just want to say to a significant other who is nearby, “I love you!”  Being enthralled by love in our daily round is something that Jesus is leading us to in A Course of Love.  And the real success, for us, comes when we embody the elevated Self of form congruent with rising to Christ-consciousness.  We don’t “achieve” this, we move into it by rising to our real Self, the inner Christ-Self Who has lived under wraps for so very long.  Now we are finally ready to let that Self out to play, and life will never be the same again.

Day 333

Time Has Ended when Embracing

Time has ended and there is nothing you must do.  Being replaces identity and you say, I am.  I am, and there is nothing outside of me.  Nothing outside of the embrace.  (C:20.9)

The embrace is a mystical Oneness with the All, the God-in-us and in our brothers and sisters—indeed, in everything living.  There is a well-known passage in A Course of Love in which Jesus embraces us to give us comfort and emotional support.  He lets us cry on his shoulder, for the journey has been long and hard, and we are weary and beaten down by the dust on the trail.  He soothes all of that away in his strong, embracing arms.  And we embrace him in return. 

This is true acceptance.  We have come to accept Jesus as our guide and partner in sustaining life that will be in the newly created world, a world that will arise with our effortless work as a result of revelation from God.

Day 334

Being Whole

Being whole is being present.  Being whole is being all you are.  Being whole is being present as all you are.  When this occurs you are All in All, One in being with your Father.  (C:26.26)

“Being whole” is the way that we are heading.  It means being in unity, one as heart and mind joined, one with the Self of unity joined with the elevated Self of form. 

When this occurs you are All in All, One in being with your Father.  (C:26.26)

Being One with God attests to our acceptance that God is living through us, that there is no division between Creator and the created.  And we are the created, something we tend to forget when we are being arrogant.  The “authority” problem, as Jesus describes it, is a main factor in our confusion anyway.  This authority problem is the fact that we consistently forget that we did not create ourselves, that there is a Deity Who did.  And this Deity is living through us, with no division between Creator and created.

Day 335


What was created cannot be uncreated.  Thus transformation is needed.  The miracle makes you fully aware of the embrace and the consciousness of unity and places you outside of time.  In this state, no duality exists.  Doing and being are one.  (D:7.5)

The only circumstance under which what was created would be uncreated is if God ceased to love us.  And this would never happen, we can imagine.  We have never done anything so terrible that He, All Love, would deny us love because we have made mistakes.  We have merely been calling for help in our misdeeds, and a call for help (and love) is met by Love, the greatest Love, from God, that can and does exist.

So, since we are not going to be uncreated, we know that we need transformation.  And this transformation comes in the form of enlightenment, called in A Course of Love, Christ-consciousness.

A miracle will make this inevitable happening come about.  We join in the embrace with the One, and with our brothers and sisters, and Jesus (another brother), and we become aware in a way that we lacked heretofore.  The embrace is called upon many times by Jesus in ACOL.  It is the recognition that we are loved, and that we are held tightly in that Love.  We can appeal for love, we can ask for help, and we can cuddle with Jesus, as we lay our head upon his shoulder.  The imagery is very touching as well as very profound.

When a miracle occurs, we are momentarily outside time.  Outside time is where the Self of unity lives.  There is no duality here, because doing and being are one.  This somewhat mystical statement is not totally clear in this context, but it does reappear often in ACOL.  We are to both “do” and “be,” in the way of Jesus and of Mary, and as time passes, we will move into just being more and more.  We will live as Mary did, deriving our sustenance from relationship.  Example lives such as that of Jesus will then be no longer necessary.

Day 336


Action is the bridge between form and the formless because action is the expression of the self in form.  “Right” action comes from the unit in which doing and being are one, or in other words from the state in which there is no division between who you are and what you do.  “Right” action comes from the state of wholeness.  Being whole is being all you are.  Being all you are is what the elevated Self of form represents.  (D:7.6)

There is a link between doing and being, for all of us.  When we are whole, we are “being,” and in that state of being, we “do.”  This means that we become “who we are,” something that becomes ever more important to Jesus in the last section of ACOL, the Dialogues.  We share with others in this time of being who we are.  We also don’t downgrade ourselves by imagining that we are not perfectly alright just as we are.  We have been shorn of the ego, a learned state that caused much destructiveness to ourselves and others, and we are prepared now to discover (no longer “learn”) what to do and say.  We perform what Jesus calls “right action,” a performance that can only come from wholeness, being and doing as states that we occupy together. 

When we are all that we can be, we will occupy the elevated Self of form, a Self who derives its knowledge from the Self of union, the larger Self outside the dot of the body.  The white space surrounding the dot is, thus, very important.  And this white space (as well as the dot that represents our personal self in the body) is ultimately the All, the One, Who is God.

Day 337


Those of you who are the forerunners of the way of Mary may have felt confusion over your sense of calling.  You know you are called to something, and something important, but it does not have a form within your mind and so you see not how it can become manifest in the world.  In other words, you know not what to do.  (D:Day19.1)

There are forerunners to the way of Mary in our world today.  They sense that, for them, they are simply to “be” in their relationships with others.  Doing is not required of these individuals at all, though they may do much in the midst of being who they are.

These individuals may, in the midst of the busy doings of our world, feel cut adrift.  They may feel that something important is asked of them, but they may be unable to give form and meaning to that conception.  When this indecision happens, we are asked to simply abide in the knowingness that being who we are is all that is asked of us.  This being will inevitably include our brothers and sisters. 

There are some who will be significant others, our relationships, but in the long run, we are in relationship with all who share our Self, for the Self of union is universal.  Be patient with all that is unsolved in our heart, and know that we are on the right pathway, when intuition has prompted a “being” rather than a “doing.”  The rightness of this pathway will be proved by subsequent events in one’s life.

Day 338


You perhaps see no ‘specific’ accomplishment in your future, but see instead a way of living as the ultimate accomplishment.  You see living as who you are in the world as the accomplishment that is needed from you and yet at times you compare yourselves to those who are able to live as why they are in the world and accomplish certain functions within the world.  You perhaps feel function-less and purposeless at times, while at other times, you feel as if you are being exactly as you are meant to be.  (D:Day19.1)

When we are of the way of Mary, and being is paramount, we may feel that we can see no accomplishment in this world.  We can feel function-less and purposeless at times, but at other times, we may be at rest, and we may realize that we ARE doing exactly what we are called to do:  be ourselves, whole and complete, a Self Who has realized completion in the time of Christ. 

Our way of living is the accomplishment, and only if the ego tries to intrude again (though it has been banished) will we doubt our function.  Know that remnants of the ego, its patterns, do still influence our minds, and it is these remnants that give us uncomfortable moments.  We ourselves are just OK as we are.

Day 339

A Way of Living

Those of the way of Mary are content with a way of living.  Yet everyone has a function to fulfill in creation of the new world.  Only those who express themselves are truly content.  (D:Day19.2)

Those of the way of Mary are content with a way of living.  But everyone, everyone, has a function in the creation of the new world.  In being who we are, in living our lives, we fulfill the spirit and law of love—if we are called as was Mary, if we are called now to the “being” mode of Mary.

Those of the way of Mary will still express themselves fully in creating this new world.  It is perhaps obscure to come to grips with how just “being” can effect change.  But aren’t we influenced greatly by the saintly people whom we have known?  And weren’t many of them just “being” in the world?  They may not have even tried to proselytize us; they may just have shined their light of love on us, and by so doing shaped our lives, and were a blessing to us.

The way of Mary is very powerful, for it effects change by just the very way that Jesus keeps advocating:  being who we are, with an emphasis on “being.” 

Day 340

Living as Who You Are

The ultimate accomplishment is living as who you are within the world.  But in what kind of world?  This is the catch that causes feelings of purposelessness in those who are content to live as who they are within the world.  Until they realize the power of reflection, they wonder why they, unlike their brothers and sisters called to ‘do,’ do not have a specific part to play in establishing the world in which all are able to be content with who they are.  (D:Day19.5)

As forerunners of the way that all of us will be later on, those living in the way of Mary, of being rather than doing, will influence all of us for the better.  Jesus discusses the “power of reflection,” (D:Day19.5) which is a mighty power when under the sway of being.  Those of the way of Mary will influence all of us to move faster toward the time when we live in a new world.  If we are called to “doing,” the individuals who are called to Mary will have the solace that they need to carry out their tasks.  Mary’s way is at that point in a supportive role, though that role will not long remain just supportive.

Mary’s way is the way we will all embody later on, once the new world has been created.  We will relax in this new world, content that the weariness of the old egoic way is no longer—for almost everybody.  Of course, there is work still to be done, and Mary’s adherents will effect that work in the most blessed way for the new time and place.  Being who we are, we will transform the whole into something much better.  And Love will have made this difference.

Day 341

As Within, So Without

The answer lies in the simple statement of as within, so without.  By living as who you are in the world, you create change in the world.  You create change in the world through relationship.  All live and create in relationship.  Those called to the way of Mary, however, are called to the creation and anchoring of the new relationship in the new world.  Their relationship of union, upon which their contentment is based, is the birthplace, the womb of the new.  Their expression is expression of this union.  (D:Day19.6)

We want to live as who we are; that is the title of this book, and it is a title that I considered well before choosing it.  “Being who you are” is the ultimate message of A Course of Love.  But it is the real Self, the Christ-Self, who comes to us totally and completely when we have reached Christ-consciousness.  Until that time, we do catch glimpses, and these glimpses are sweet.

If we are called to the way of Mary, we will focus on “being” rather than “doing” in this world.  Many of us, in this new era of Christ, will be a blend of being and doing.  A blend of Mary and Jesus, for Jesus was the “doing” aspect of life in this world.  The example life.  We too can be example lives, though those called to this way of living are few.

Being is more open to us, because we are heading into a world where being will be the watchword.  The way of Mary will emerge in all its glory.  While we may still “do,” (for nobody can live here and not do), our heartfelt joy will be found in the being.  We will anchor new relationships in this world.  We will keep the home fires burning.

Sexist categories will break down, for men and women both will focus on being rather than constantly seek to do in the world.  The way looks bright to us, and indeed it is.  Our hearts more often tilt toward the fact of being, and however warm and fuzzy, mellow, we can be, the better.

Life doesn’t get any better than this.

Day 342

Way of Jesus

Just as Jesus would not have been literally birthed without Mary, the way of Mary cannot be reborn without the way of Jesus.  Both ways arose from Christ-consciousness as demonstrations of ways.  Those who have thought of Mary as an intermediary are as inaccurate in this belief as are those who thought of Jesus in such a way.  (D:Day19.8)

We need active “doers” in the world, just as Jesus, in his day, was an active doer.  His way paved the way for the Marys of the world.  Doing leads to a chance to “be.”  Being thus comes on the heels of the doing that has characterized our world for many generations.

We are moving into a new era, and in this era, being will trump doing.  We have been too captivated by doing; our daily “to do” lists, with their cross-outs, prove it.  We have an addiction to such lists.  While Jesus would not have had one on parchment, he might very well have carried a mental list.  And, like us, he might have gotten satisfaction from mentally crossing off his performed list.

We don’t need to act this way any longer.  As we move into Mary’s way, we still accomplish, but it is a more internal thing.  We don’t feel that outer accomplishments define our worth.  We feel right in and of ourselves.

Mary was a pioneer in her time.  So can we be.  She was not an “intermediary” to Jesus, but a full accomplished being in her own right.  So can we be.

In Christ-consciousness, doing and being are demonstrations of ways of living that we can assume.  Even as we head into Christ-consciousness, this still is true.  Let some balance overwhelm us.  Experiment with being for a while if doing has been our thing.  Experiment.  See what fits us.

We will soon discover that there are advantages to both ways of living.  It is just a matter of finding out what “fits” to our personality.  And then growing into that way that fits most precisely.

Day 343


The way of Mary is not a place or state of non-interaction however.  This is not the state or place of the monks, nuns, or the contemplatives of old.  It is not solitary nor isolated, nor confined to a specific community.  It is a way of existence in which relationship is paramount.  It is not listening to a calling to “do” but a calling to “become.”  (D:Day19.9)

All of us will eventually move into a calling to “become.”  Mary’s way.  But we are not there yet.  In all likelihood there will be a period of merger for both doing and being, with doing predominant in many people for a while.  The more that we can accept our ultimate best choice, though, the more we will realize that “becoming” prepares us best for the future.  A future in a new world that we are creating every day.

The way of Mary does not mean isolation as it did for many of the contemplatives of old.  We reach out into the community, showering love wherever we go, and we thrive in this new way of being.  We are not withdrawn unto ourselves at all; we take our meditative moments, and then we shower them on our friends and family, our significant others.  We have learned, discovered, in meditation, what works.  We have discovered how to love.

Day 344

A New Pattern

All are called to become, but some must ‘do’ in order to ‘become.’  Those called to the way of Mary are not required to do in the sense of fulfilling a specific function that will become manifest in the world, but are required to do in the sense of receiving, sharing, and being what they are asked to become.  This is an act of incarnation, and is a new pattern, a pattern of what can be imagined being made real, not through doing, but through the creative act of incarnating in union with spirit.  It corresponds with the end of the way of Jesus in that an example is provided.  It differs only in that the example is not an example of an individuated life but an example of the union and relationship that is all life.  (D:Day19.10)

This quotation elucidates well the entire concept of the “way of Mary.”  If we think about it, we can see how moving into a new world will require individuals to live differently than ever before.  We will have opportunities that have not been open to us earlier.  We will be so centered in being that our pipeline to God will be reaffirmed daily.

Doing does not have to exclude being.  We have, many of us, been on very busy doings in this world.  Our “to do” lists are long.  We delight in crossing off items.  We even add extra items that we have already done so that we have the pleasure of crossing off another activity.

This is madness!  If we are called to “do,” then by all means let us be sane about it.  And when time passes, and we believe that our doing has been completed, let us move into Mary’s way with alacrity.

Day 345

Acclaim or Obscurity?

This is not to say that those called to the way of Jesus will find acclaim and those called to the way of Mary will find obscurity.  Many called to the way of Mary will ‘do’ much that is greatly desired in the world but what they do will be a byproduct of their way of being rather than a means of facilitating that way of being.  Many of the way of Mary will find acclaim, yet neither acclaim nor obscurity will matter to those following these ways.  Being true to the self and the calling of the One Self is all that matters.  Eventually all will follow the way of Mary and such ideas as acclaim and obscurity will be no more.  But at this time of transition, both ways are needed to demonstrate the means of coming to know, which are what all true expression is about.  (D:Day19.11)

We know that desiring acclaim is often an egoic notion, not based in any real need, not something to really desire.  Acclaim may be a byproduct of doing one’s best in the world, building on what we know to make changes to create a new world.  But just to realize that we want acclaim—with nothing to support it—is to wish falsely.

If we choose to focus on being, we are following Mary’s way, and we might think that acclaim will pass us by.  Not necessarily so, says this quotation.  We may be recognized by others, but here is the salient point:  It really won’t matter to us one way or the other, for when we have moved into Mary’s way, we have moved beyond the egoic.  We will be thankful that our work is getting out in the world, but it will be a byproduct of the process in which we live, the process of accomplishing only for the sake of the work itself.  The process is important, not always the end product.

If we are spending our lives accomplishing things, we are immersed in the moment of that accomplishment, for the end result will come only infrequently, and we won’t rest on our laurels.  We will immerse ourselves in the day-to-day work, slowly adding to our stores, slowing making progress.  We won’t live for the peak moments only; we will live for the daily “grind,” something that won’t feel like a grind at all.

Be in this present moment, accomplishing work, but not focusing on the peak experience of having accomplished.  Live the work, being all the while.  Our doing, as a byproduct of being, will then come into focus with a success unimagined.

Day 346

Mirrors of the Truth

The truth of this way is not discovered through the passing on of knowledge in form but through relationship.  Those following the way of Mary become mirrors of the truth they discover, reflecting the way to their brothers and sisters.  This is why this is not a place or state of non-interaction but of great interaction.  It is a state that facilitates knowing through relationship.  This occurs through the one Self of form.  (D:Day19.14)

In our physical bodies, we engage in relationships with each other—especially true when we are following the way of Mary.  In relationship, we are being our full Self, the Christ-Self, and in interaction with others, our brothers and sisters, in our world, we come into our own.

We teach in this mode.  We reflect what we have learned or discovered (depending on where we are in the process), and in this exchange our brothers and sisters are loved into acceptance.  It is quite easy to love other people into acceptance.  Great love does that, and Mary’s way is nothing if it is not great love.

We set an example in the way of Mary.  And this gracious living changes the world into something new and different.  We are about creating a new world, of course.  And the way of Mary is what we are all coming to accept.  Doing is the way of Jesus, the example life.  And while we may still do much when we are embracing Mary, the doing is subsisted in the being.  Being defines us.

Day 347

The Key to Creation of the New

In this action of joining in union and relationship is contained the key to creation of the new.  It was spoken of earlier as the act of informing and being informed, as the step beyond that of observing and being observed.  It is where creation of the new can begin because it is the intent of creation, rather than the intent of the observer, that is the creative force, the animator and the informer.  Being joined in union and relationship allows for the channeling of creation through the one Self because the one Self is joined in union and relationship.  (D:Day19.15)

We are creating anew when we envelop ourselves in being joined with our Creator as well as joined with other people, in relationship, and in Oneness.  This is when creation itself takes over.  The forward thrust of what we experience powers the very experience itself.  And all is well in our concepts; we are at home in God.

This being “at home in God” is another way of saying that we are experiencing heaven on earth.  Now, not everything has to be perfect, in ourselves, other people, or the world, for us to experience contentment and a euphoric feeling of joy.  When we let our problems drift from our minds, and we start to live in our hearts, we can the end in sight, our desired end, our “at home” in God.  Clearing the mind of problems does take some practice, but this clearing is not difficult.  We simply live on a higher plane, letting our difficulties rest lightly on our minds, knowing that we have a Friend Who will soothe us, comfort us, and provide solutions at the point that the problem is recognized.

Creating a new world is our new work, and every little thing that we do in a positive sense is bringing that world ever closer to us.  A new day is dawning, and we are the harbingers of that new day.

Day 348

Support & Harmony

This is very tricky for those who reach highly individuated states and it is necessary for those of the way of Mary to support, encourage, and reflect the new to those being examples of the way.  This too is tricky for it can lead to judgment.  When there is more than one way, there is always room for comparison and judgment.  Thus it is realistic to see the ways as intertwined circles existing in support and harmony with one another.  As those given specific functions fulfill those functions, they move naturally to the way of Mary.  (D:Day19.16)

We will all be moving toward the way of Mary, in this new age, as we progress along our pathway to God.  In the meantime, there are many still following the way of Jesus, which is more a matter of “doing.”  Mary’s “being” needs to support these perhaps more extroverted people.  If they don’t have support from those who are simply surrounded by relationships, then those who are doing will have nowhere to turn.  We need, all of us, to support each other, but this is especially true of those who have chosen relationships, being, as their way of life—the way of Mary.

We need not judge any pathway taken by anyone.  There is room for all of us.  As Jesus says here, we are “intertwined circles,” and these intertwined circles need to find each other.  Helping each other becomes a mission, a good mission.  And in the doing of it, Mary’s followers also find a bit of “doing” as well as “being.”

Day 349

A Time of Transition

Without those pursuing the way of Jesus, those pursuing the way of Mary would have a much more difficult task.  There would be little space in which to anchor the new.  Those following the way of Jesus create the openness of the spacious Selves who allow for the anchors of the new to be cast and thus to ride out the many storms of this time of transition.  (D:Day19.17)

Jesus’ way is preparing the new, and then Mary’s way embraces it.  The spacious Selves are all of us who open to a greater way, in a “spacious” way.  We are well fixed in this manner of creating a new world, because the ways of both Jesus and Mary make that new world possible.

There are storms in this time of transition.  We need not fear them, for we have been prepared.  Our understanding of Jesus’s message in A Course of Love (and other channeled writings) assure us that we are on the right track.  We rest from our labors when we rest in his mercy.

But now is not the time of rest.  We are working mightily to change things, to create new things.  Ask, inwardly, for guidance as to what to do.  That guidance will be forthcoming; we are promised this.  Our Christ-Self, who has learned much, will now be in a position to make a bridge to God Himself, the larger Self, Who will see that we don’t falter.

Be reassured that all is well.  We will make it back.  Salvation is ours.

Day 350

Coming to Know

Many called to the way of Mary will ‘do’ much that is greatly desired in the world but what they do will be a byproduct of their way of being rather than a means of facilitating that way of being.  Many of the way of Mary will find acclaim, yet neither acclaim nor obscurity will matter to those following these ways.  Being true to the self and the calling of the One Self is all that matters.  Eventually all will follow the way of Mary and such ideas as acclaim and obscurity will be no more.  But at this time of transition, both ways are needed to demonstrate the means of coming to know, which are what all true expression is about.  (D:Day19.11)

We are coming to know in this new world.  And there is space for both being and doing, the way of Mary and the way of Jesus.  Needing both, we cooperate with each other, supporting each other.

The way of Mary seems to be a less obvious way, in that people wonder if any acclaim would be due those who are following this way.  There may be acclaim, as well as much doing, but these will be secondary to the relationships that we will form.  The relationships in this new world are primary, above and beyond all.  We won’t be concerned with acclaim, given or not given, and this will be a hallmark of knowing that the ego has faded away.  We will listen for guidance, deep within, and then make our plans to carry out that guidance.  We are then being true to our self of personality as well as our Christ-Self.  And that will be all that matters.